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  1. Two new additions (Cheapies warning!)

    Two very nice looking watches , well done .
  2. DC's new Auto.

    Lovely looking watch with a good movement .
  3. 'Big thank you to Christopher Ward'

    That's great to hear
  4. Seiko 5H26-7A19

    Very nice
  5. Nicest Solar

    A fantastic pair IMO , love the Orca especially
  6. New arrival - Independent Watch Diver One

    I like that , very nice indeed
  7. When a Fossil watch is not a Fossil watch

    Very interesting , thanks for posting the link .
  8. Another CW

    Lovely looking watch , enjoy
  9. Well done the winner And a big thank you to Roy
  10. Newby

    Welcome to the forum
  11. I would go for it , its a lovely looking watch
  12. Ridicule my Relic... Hopefully not all at Once!

    Not a bad looking watch for the money . Enjoy wearing it
  13. Introducing the Timex x Todd Snyder blackjack . http://wornandwound.com/introducing-timex-x-todd-snyder-blackjack/