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  1. First Seiko

    Cracking first Seiko , very nice . Will this be the first of many more ?
  2. Our cat has been shot

    How low can some people get ? it makes my blood boil . I really do hope your cat makes a full recovery .
  3. Obris Morgan landed

    An absolute beauty , enjoy
  4. hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum . Nice pair of watches
  5. Happy Birthday Kevin

    Happy Birthday
  6. Zenith just broke the rules

    This video explains it , very interesting .
  7. Hope i am back

    Sorry about your loss . Welcome back to the forum
  8. RIP Basi the Panda

    Very sad news
  9. 'Mystic Mach'

    Happy Birthday
  10. Congratulations Ptgrav , well done
  11. Read the review by Huntley Rog , its informative https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gigandet-Ground-Automatic-Analogue-G2-004/product-reviews/B00851RB0I
  12. New Scurfa Diver One Models

    I like the blue version with the yellow hands
  13. Some new Scurfa diver one models . http://scurfawatches.com/diverone2017 http://scurfawatches.com/diver-one-ms17-limited-edition
  14. Seiko - made in China?

    Found this thread , it could be of interest .

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