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  1. Watches your watching/considering

    I’d like to get a nice dress watch in the new year. Something like that DeVille that was sold on here recently.
  2. Song Titles Game

    I’m a believer. The Monkees
  3. Shhhh! Leave it here. And put me in. :-)
  4. Well, the draw has taken place. 10 entrants so I laid 10 tripe sticks out and let my dog choose. She checked each piece out and chose piece number 8 so the winner is Padders. PM me the address you want it sent to and I’ll get it off tomorrow. I'm feeling guilty than 9 of you missed out but that’s the nature of a lucky dip I suppose.
  5. I’m impressed with my watch's accuracy.

    I’m getting obsessed with it. No practical reason but I like it to be spot on. Luckily it runs fast so to get it back to spot on, I just pull the crown out to stop it, then quickly push it back in almost immediately to give me a sense of 'hygge'.
  6. Looking for advice on watch purchase

    Hello and welcome. It’d help if you told us your budget. Are you specifically looking for new or have you considered preowned watches?
  7. Outrageous Watches

    Now, what did that remind me of? Oh, that’s it........
  8. Editing posts

    Yep, you gotta be quick!
  9. Song Titles Game

    Arms of Mary. Sutherland brothers and Quiver.
  10. Song Titles Game

    Sad Sweet Dreamer - Sweet sensation. - Nice outfits, nice dance.......
  11. Song Titles Game

    Blue is the colour - some obscure football club....
  12. Song Titles Game

    Any old iron. Peter Sellers
  13. Lug gaps

    I may of course be biased, but I think a square strap on a vintage style watch seems to look right. Then again, so does a fitted bracelet!
  14. Song Titles Game

    Man! I feel like a woman. Shania Twain
  15. Song Titles Game

    I'm Free. Mr Humphries Sorry, Roger Daltrey

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