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  1. Steve D UK

    OCD.....or not ? Synching hands.

    I like to get my seconds hands synched. I know, the minute hand is not hitting the mark in this picture but I've improved since then!
  2. Steve D UK

    Favorite Disco Number

    I used to quite like this one. A couple of well made points in the video too.
  3. Steve D UK

    Wedding watch recommendations

    Maybe he's planning to do some diving on the honeymoon.
  4. Steve D UK

    Wedding watch recommendations

    That would have been my suggestion too. I actually tried one on last night at an AD and compared to my Speedmaster ‘57 it was wafer thin. Could definately be used as a dress watch and will easily fit under a shirt cuff. In view of the new version coming out around August, the salesman said if I was prepared to buy last night he'd offer me a very good deal. He said they had a few in stock but would not be ordering any more of them in. Not in a rush though - my thinking (and I may be wrong) is that the nearer it gets to the release date of the new model, the better deal I may get on an an 'old' one.
  5. Steve D UK

    Jersey watch buying.

    Ah, right. So if I bought one, I’d be expected to pay vat when returning to the UK so no saving. What about when you buy a watch in the duty free shop at Heathrow, take it on holiday and come back with it. Is that the same - do you have to pay the duty on it then? That’s how I bought my first watch, a Tag, when I went on holiday in 2011 didn’t even consider I was doing anything wrong.
  6. Steve D UK

    Hello Hello!

  7. Steve D UK

    Jersey watch buying.

    Either way. Bummer!
  8. Steve D UK

    Jersey watch buying.

    I have an upcoming short break to Jersey in July. What’s the situation regarding watch sales - are they better than duty free or does that not apply anymore? Any vintage watch shops out there that you can recommend?
  9. Hate 'em! Seems like they can’t make their mind up what they want to be.
  10. Steve D UK

    Tyre recommendations, please.

    I find it’s not so much the make of tyre that you need to worry about, rather what you fill them with. I use a special blend of 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. I've been using it for years and it’s never let me down as long as it’s at the correct pressure.
  11. Steve D UK

    Who wants to be a millionaire

    Not sure but I don’t think they actually film one episode each day - the logistics of setting up an audience each time would be prohibitive - I’m pretty sure they film quite a few episodes in one sitting and transmit it on different days so comments on social media will change nothing overnight. More a case of Clarkson settling in to the format as usually happens with new hosts/shows.
  12. Steve D UK

    Who wants to be a millionaire

    I couldn’t stand him on Top Gear but I think he brings a new look to a tired format and I find it refreshing. Makes a change from all the PC twaddle we see but if he isn’t careful, the PC brigade will see him off!
  13. Steve D UK

    What is/was this???

    Found some more remains today! Removed a lower engine cover from a Touran and there was a decomposed rat on top of it.
  14. Steve D UK

    Dieting/losing weight.

    Dragged it out of the depths of the garage today. Pumped the tyres up and good to go.
  15. Steve D UK

    Song Titles Game

    Hit the road Jack. Ray Charles.

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