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  1. Ebay

    Okay thanks for the info. Simple and good working system. Let the clicking begin
  2. Night with.....or without?

    Im sleeping how i was born so... no watch I used to but i hit my girl in her face while sleeping. WIthout watch its hurting less she said :P
  3. Tag Heuer Quartz v Tissot Automatic

    Tissot always looked cheap in comparison to Tag Heuer. IMO of course.
  4. If a Patek Philippe is too common...

    Not my style. For that kind of money it is hard for me to find a watch i like. All cheaper pieces looking better to me. But its not us who make the prices
  5. Ebay

    Not a problem. Every little helps How is it working? Is it just because the link is clicked from here?
  6. Photography Hints And Tips

    It is a Shame i cannot access the page. Looks like a lot of nice information. Anybody have it somewhere?
  7. Hello

    Hi everyone Nice to meet you all fellow watch enthusiasts. I like watches and i can say i am starting the jorney with them. I have Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S (First watch, completely love it, don't wear it often :P), Another Tag Heuer (some simple Autmoatic, ill update later, and a LG Watch Urbane 2 - smartwatch. Helps me at work i need to say. Looking forward to meeting you guys

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