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  1. WANTED: Vostok Bezel Retaining Spring

    I know this is old but, are you still looking for one?? I might have one. Not sure as I can't remember if I gave it away when I sold my Vostok (I had changed the bezel). I will get home tonight and I'll report back once I check
  2. Seiko watch comparison.

    Sweet Jesus, ahahahaha
  3. Casio Vintage Watches

    I don't particularly like them, but you both seem to have a cool collection. If you enjoy it, nothing wrong with that!

    If you are setting the watch in the morning, set the watch at 6am and then adjust the date, if it is during the afternoon, set the time at 6pm and then adjust the time. It sounds obvious but you do not want your watch changing date at noon
  5. New Bremont Blue S300

    Bremont does look very nice though. I love them lugs
  6. Dropping a Watch

    It is like with food, if you pick it up within 3 seconds, you are safe
  7. Interesting Three Handers

    That Citizen looks fantastic as it is
  8. Vostok Bronze

    Looks fantástic, what do you use to strip the case?
  9. Christmas Day Watch

    I am lucky enough to spend Christmas day un Australia so I'll be wearing muy orange skx most likely while sunbathing on the beach.
  10. Buckle arrival :)

    it fits very well
  11. Most Travelled Watch

    Mine have only been to Spain and UK, soon some they will land in Australia
  12. What do you think to this?

    Not very pretty... Also I would never spend that sort of money on Ebay, but each to their own....
  13. Making my Watch Box

    Very good work on those dovetail joints. Looking very good so far. I only wished I had the skills....
  14. That is the one that also cought my eye. Bery nice design.
  15. Confessions of an Omega holic

    Lovely watch, that movement does look very clean indeed

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