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  1. Pot kettle black another pot kettle black I see..... Chromejob more like something else job....
  2. Nope but some folk have the basic intelligence to read something, see it’s over a day old and not bother quoting it. Others seem to chip in on anything to get their name on a thread. Guess you are one of them.
  3. This all went on yesterday any reason you decided to chip in?
  4. You know if you actually engaged in watch discussion instead of fantasy (Tea and biscuits with the CEO of Microsoft or whatever new company comes to mind today) and just posted something along the lines of "Found this online what do others think" You may well be taken seriously instead of flying off the handle every time you get called out or throwing wild accusations at people when you post utter nonsense. Do you really think calling someone you don't even know never mind met an alcoholic gives you some kind of moral high ground or something?
  5. Zodiac Sea Wolf.

    I am pretty sure watches of Switzerland had that very same watch and the white dial version a few months back. Someone also had one for sale on the CWF a while back.
  6. Try clarifying what you are talking about instead of trying to divert attention from your lack of intelligent response.
  7. Your point being what? What on earth are you talking about?
  8. Agreed, which is why I said most professions and used the police and military as examples only.
  9. What on earth are you talking about?
  10. Many people and professions simply do not require a watch to be used and if checking the time is needed then a phone is not only more convenient but more accurate. Therefore, a watch that if automatic may be a few minutes out or a quartz that may be a few seconds out is simply a dress accessory rather than a necessity. Other professions such as the military or police for example may well indeed need a watch as I doubt it would be looked upon favorably if someone took out their phone with the screen saver of the kids or whatever when the time is required in a work related situation. It would also probably explain why in both professions the more common watch found is the G Shock as they are generally radio controlled like mobile phones so more accurate.
  11. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    Just been on TZUK and found this in a thread posted this morning. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/artic...wealthy-wrists Hmmmmm so your wife was in conversation at an engineering awards dinner right..........
  12. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    Did your wife have this conversation about 5 years ago? Seriously what are you on about? GS already have AD's in Europe and the US and have done for years now (You have heard of Jura I assume?) Push bigger numbers into the higher price arena, what does that mean? Grand Seiko watches start at around 2k from a UK AD and can go up to 50K depending on the model. Grand Seiko quartz are their entry level watches? That's like saying a quartz Omega is their entry level, by what definition? You have heard of a spring drive right? You are aware that some of their quartz watches cost more than their "Entry level" Mechanicals? You know what a HAQ watch is?
  13. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    Seiko 009 classic watch quartz version worn by army divers and old stormin Norman in the gulf war. Seiko 007, Orient Maco, Citizen automatic diver (also with military providence) Or just get some made in China, quartz movement in an oversized case high street junk at the same price.
  14. Garrard auto watch

    I dont know what the value of the watch is and as for a service it will all depend on what needs to be done with the watch. Sometimes its just a clean and oil but often there may be worn parts that need replacing which will cost more. A 50 year old watch will need a service there is no telling what problems may be just around the corner with it. I also wouldn't worry about the strap. I cant think of the last time I bothered to keep the original strap from a watch usually with a vintage watch I will just keep the buckle as its often gold or gold plated. The vast majority of watches sold are sold without service history, those with a service history come at a premium for obvious reasons. Consider this, you bought your watch for £60 and it cost £100 in service cost and repair. Depending on the watch it may be entirely reasonable to get your money back for it if sold.
  15. Garrard auto watch

    I have a couple of Garrard watches from the same era, can I suggest you get it serviced as soon as possible? Too many people buy a vintage watch from ebay or other places expecting it to be on the same level of reliability as a new watch. Buying a vintage watch always assume it needs a service then you have several years of peace of mind with a lovely classic watch. Worst thing you can do is think "Wow its working just fine not realizing there may be some problem hidden away waiting to go wrong that could have easily been fixed at minimum cost if found. As for considering sending such a watch back, unless it is not as described (For example a working watch that is completely knackered or a dodgy movement) Why send it back anyway?

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