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  1. ZenArcade

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    Well done Dave, personal insults to someone who actually sympathised with your plight. You do understand you posted your issue on an open forum where anyone is free to comment dont you? So I am stupid? Well im not the one who went on chrono24 saw a buyer he thought was dodgy, wanted him to pay outside of chrono24 ignored the advice of people on the forum and paid six and a half grand for a watch. Watch arrived with marks on the case that looked like someone had been gnawing on it but still kept it because it was cheap and thought he could flog it in the near future at a tidy profit. Found out a few days later the movement was knackered then went on the internet to tell everyone. Didnt like some of the responses he received so started to throw insults at those he didnt like. Wants chrono24 to intervene on his behalf because well "He says so" in spite of them being under no obligation to do so. Glad I am not in your mensa group. But thats fine, have a go at me if it makes you feel better.
  2. ZenArcade

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    Acceptable for who, you or the seller? He has offered you your money back he has adhered to the T&C of chrono24 has he not (You have 14 days to return the item) Seems like thats exactly what you want them to do. He probably wont disclose because 1. He doesnt really have to and 2. Its probably done by his mate in his garden shed (if at all) There is a reason why a watch with a clean service history will be more expensive than one that doesnt have one. One thing I always do when I buy any watch 1. Never assume service history unless its clearly documented by the seller assume it needs a service 2. Get service done sooner rather than later you may well be lining yourself up for a hiding in the near future if you dont. A full service from JLC may cost up to £1500 but for that you will have peace of mind, a watch back up to tip top condition and one that will sell no problem for 8k
  3. ZenArcade

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    I think all of us here understand that you are seeing this as being very personal but speaking for myself only I can only but read all of what you have written and see both sides here. You say chrono24 should have done more, they dont have any obligation to do so anymore than ebay or paypal to twist the arms of sellers and force them into concessions imagine being on the other side of this and the sales platform contacting you and saying "Well the seller wants to keep the watch but wants you to pay something towards the costs so throw in a few quid or we will throw you off chrono24" Why would they essentially try and blackmail a seller because a buyer liked a watch, got it for a good price, says its defective but refuses to take up the offer of the buyer to ether get his money back or have it looked at by the seller in Poland? Chrono24 are there to protect buyer and seller if there is some kind of dispute (dont you have 14 days to return?) and that is what they have done to expect them to chip in on your side to force the seller to make some kind of financial offer sounds like you got a cheap watch you want to get a bit cheaper, keep in mind you are not buying from a mate on a forum you are buying from a stranger on the other side of the continent who is under no obligation to do you a favour. I also look at both sides in relation to getting the watch serviced. You know and trust your guy in England why should he trust him? This is no criticism on the watch repairer at all and I am sure he does great work and has plenty of good reviews but again, look at both sides and unless its a certified JLC service centre why should he accept your offer? Likewise, the fact the Euro has gone down is not his problem or chrono24. I buy from Europe (Though I dont remember it going down so much someone could lose up to £500) and a fluctuating currency is just one of those things you have to take. When I bought my Dornbluth I paid a deposit in Euros then waited for it to be made which took several months, I knew full well that the Euro could go up or down but that was just something I would have to take. There is the old saying you get what you pay for and as you said, you got this for 1500 pounds less than they are normally for sale. Well the reason for that is now becoming obvious because it would potentially cost another 1500 pounds to put it into the same condition as those 8 - 10k watches. The fact that the watch is £6500 should really make no difference in how the deal is conducted or how the buyer and seller are treated there are watches on there for over 200k it would be wrong of chrono24 to treat customers different based on how much they paid for something. As someone else said it was suggested at the time of buying (It may have even been me because thats what I would do) Go over to Poland to look for yourself. For the price of a £40 flight on easyjet and a decent hotel you could have had a night in Poland, inspected the watch and negated all these problems. If I am honest I can see why chrono24 would not publish your review as they have done what they are supposed to as have the seller and there are parts of it that just read like a personal attack on both.
  4. ZenArcade

    Wrist-shot SOTC April 2018

    Yes it’s an ETA and you don’t need to, just drop them an e-mail they will be happy to customise to as you want it. Tourby are a very good company the quality of their stuff is excellent. That being said I still think the Sinn is the nicer option for a GMT for your collection not sure Tourby have one.
  5. ZenArcade

    Wrist-shot SOTC April 2018

    I think it looks a bit cluttered for a GMT watch, the case reminds me a little of the Eterna in house watches. Have you considered Sinn as a better option? I quite like the look of their 6060 world time for example. ***edit*** The Damasko DK11 has a bezel that could be used as a second time zone and also has an in house movement.
  6. ZenArcade

    Wrist-shot SOTC April 2018

    Never owned one but they do have some in house movements (Damasko DK101 I think is their handwind one) I had a look at these in the past because I liked the idea of the hardened steel case, in house movement, something unusual especially for work as I need a watch that can take a bit of a beating. Online reviews of these watches have been a little cold with the reasons being 1. People struggle to get their heads around a Damasko "dress" watch 2. Their entry level ETA watches are where their popularity is, when they move up in price they start to face stiff competition.
  7. ZenArcade

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    I have to be honest I am not sure what more you want chrono24 to do, the seller has offered a refund on return or to have it serviced in Poland. That you rejected the offer and decided to have it serviced yourself is your decision. I get it you dont want to wait for another model to turn up and the price to potentially increase but that is not really chrono24's problem. Likewise, I understand you don't want to pay JLC eye watering service costs but again, such is life buying a luxury watch. I am not sure if you bought a watch from a shop and found out it was faulty they would accept you having it serviced yourself and then asking them to pay half the service cost. Regarding the strap, how many times I have seen forum sales with the words "Strap is a bit worn but plenty of life still in it" and think to myself "Seriously, who the hell wants some knackered old strap that looks like someone just run the London marathon while wearing?" But then there is the whole "The full set" Thing even though there are aftermarket straps for half the price and haven't been worn by someone in who knows what conditions. So looking at it from Chrono24's position, seller has sold a watch he describes as "mint" a term that is completely subjective anyway (The only one that seems to have any value would be unworn) I have seen plenty on chrono24 that look anything but mint. Watch has arrived and is not as described (The mint bit is subjective but the fact its not functioning is another matter) The seller has been contacted and has offered a refund or to have it serviced by his watch repairer in Poland. Buyer has rejected both and wants to have it serviced himself (Not by JLC but by his watch repairer because its cheaper) and expects the seller to at the very least pay something towards it. Just as you don't trust the Polish guys watch guy why should he trust yours? From the point of chrono24 they have fulfilled their obligation the only way I could see them stepping in would be if the seller refused a refund or to rectify the problem pretty much like ebay or paypal. As for the trusted seller bit, again the seller has fulfilled his side of the obligation so even if the buyer is not happy with what he has received from their point of view why would it be sufficient to remove him as a trusted seller. I understand your frustration in all this but I also see things from both sides.
  8. ZenArcade

    Nearly bought a new watch yesterday!

    Looks good sort of reminds me of brands like Glycine or micro brands. One thing I do notice is it doesn't appear too big in spite of its 44mm size.
  9. any update on a review of the Raketa? As a consequence of these photos I have been having a good trawl of the internet looking up the new Raketa watches there is not much going in the way of reviews but Raketa are certainly trying hard to move up in level of finish for Russian watches. I do like the detail on the movement and rotor on this one and what reviews I have found are all favorable the only gripe being the price (Most people reluctant to pay £650 for a Russian watch which is understandable considering the average Vostok is about £60 and even the more upgraded ones £2-250 at the most)
  10. ZenArcade

    1918 was the year..

    Don't forget forum darling Nomos in that list of zombie companies too.
  11. ZenArcade

    Monday's selection.

    Not found much info on these how do you rate the watch? Looks quite nice.
  12. Looks very nice, I believe Union actually used to use GO movements in the past until they switched to modified ETA movements. I would be interested to know just what modification takes place other than the rotor. You are right though, you really don't see too many UG watches about on forums other than the German ones. The few reviews I have read online compare them to Longines and other mid priced stuff how do you find yours?
  13. Do you or your friend have a copy of the case law they are referring to? I know CPS have a website with quite a lot of legal stuff and there are a few websites that have case law but I assume your friend has the actual case law to hand so it would be useful to read.
  14. ZenArcade

    Some Fun Facts About Timex

    I have a few old Timex watches, I bought a couple of mechanical ones for my kids to get them into using mechanical watches (It worked) Though one of them also has a services watch. They are amongst the most inexpensive vintage watches to pick up these day (Apart from a few rare hard to get ones) Of course I have a modern Timex peanuts watch, would love to own one of the original ones though. Oh and just for all you "Lume" fans out there, the push button on the crown is so the dial glows in the dark. The NATO strap is fantastic (but a little short) for some reason the better half didn't want a Snoopy one to match???
  15. ZenArcade

    Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Does this count? 9ct gold vintage Omega on horween cordovan strap

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