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  1. Laughing gravy

    Adventures in modding

    I bought 3.5. reading glasses from Poundland. I’m not sure if it was the hand or me. ...... the second went on easily enough when I changed it. It’s a seiko snzh57
  2. Laughing gravy

    Adventures in modding

    After reading on the net about seiko mods I decided to have a bash. I bought some tools from China from the bay, most including free postage and packaging. I contacted yobokies and ordered a face and hand set, and then sourced a seiko 5. yesterday with some trepidation we got underway strap came off easily enough next came the back After a little fiddling the movement was removed. next I removed the old hands using a presto tool. The face came off easily enough and the new one was added its the “ fifty five fathoms “. Based on the blancpain. next disaster struck. I managed to get the new hands on easily enough until it came to the seconds hand. I spent about six hours trying different approaches but couldn’t get it on. In the end I broke it. I thought about having it without a second hand, thought better of it and took one off an old seiko 5 I had. That went on in about ten seconds. Sadly the “gallery “ function is now playing up. -200 error so I can upload the rest of the photos. Stay tuned....................
  3. Laughing gravy

    Modding adventures

  4. Laughing gravy

    Modding adventures

  5. Laughing gravy

    Massive Watches......peanut movements.

    CHanged the battery in this. Felt quite embarrassed when I opened the back.
  6. Laughing gravy

    Cheapo Divers

    I only paid about £100 for this
  7. Laughing gravy

    Longines arrival

    Well chuffed. Very very nice indeed.
  8. Laughing gravy

    Longines arrival

    Cheeky bid on the bay. Here we go........................ the automatic hydroconquest wrist shot
  9. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

  10. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

    Different personalities completely. When they were both younger he liked the Lacoste crocodile on my shirt but knew they were expensive. One day Out shopping I asked if he wanted his own. “Can I have an ice cream instead?” His sister would have said “Can I have four?”
  11. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

    She wasn’t born first as a male. I told my dad I would pass it to our son before she was born. In fairness the mod will be a good one. As soon as I master putting seconds hands on
  12. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

    This is my Rolex. A present from my dear departed Dad. One day to be given to my son. Our daughter will be getting a badly modded seiko 5 A thousand ??? Bloody good effort
  13. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

    Ive not walked away completely. Im not entirely watchless. Still got the trusty old Rolex, 6 Bulovas (inc Birth year watch), 2 Timex, 8 Seikos, 3 G Shocks, 2 Citizens Scurfa and Apex divers, TW Steel and other assorted odds and sods. Temptation is now behind me. Ive discovered NATO straps and they liven up almost anything. Ive recently bought three Seiko 5's I am currently in the process of modding.
  14. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

    Ive been having a look. Factor in a trip to Germany to pick it up. Im getting the buzz.
  15. Laughing gravy

    The Purge

    With a £2k premium though? Im not in a rush . Just had a look. Looks like Im getting into Submariner land two years ahead of schedule.

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