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  1. Lol. It's still got to come out at some point. Man up i bought an electric guitar once. Hid it in the boot and forgot it was there. She was totally baffled when she found it. Assumed I was having an affair with a rock chick!
  2. I have. "Very" on occasion. Last Saturday for instance. Mornings are much much better if you havent drank the night before.
  3. TImex. Telling me kids are making me late for work. 10-9-8-7.............,..,,,,explosion imminent Apologies for those of you with OCD. Date has now been corrected
  4. Ok so you "just " replace a "like for like" module. I always fear taking things apart as I can never get them back together again.
  5. Probably lost interest in the manual once it started going into how long the light can stay on for. Do you need masses of technical knowledge or is it a quick clean up and a battery change. Is there that much that can go wrong with them? If the screen goes for instance can you replace the screen or is it a bin job?
  6. Very nice mate. May need to be my third G Shock that one. You can turn the automatic light on and off in the settings
  7. Hard at graft amigo
  8. Ill take that as a yes. Almost sorry I asked.
  9. lol Crew. She'd like that.
  10. The Straits are beautiful. If you go through at high tide your fine. Its the "parking" I struggled with. No handbrake. I made her stand at the bow with a Spacehopper sized tender so we could bounce off the other boats on the way into the harbour. From total relaxation to total frenzy in about 5 seconds. Happy days After one "problematic " mooring she threw a drinks cooler at my head. You a landlubber now Seaman Rob?
  11. "Lumpy stuff" Those words bring on anxiety attacks. I had a boat on the Menai Straits, my wife refused to get on it as she thought I was incapable of captaining my own ship. As if! Part exed it for a share in a Racehorse which promptly went lame. *goes to lie down in a darkened room*
  12. 461 Ocean 461 Ocean boulevard is an album by Clapton. Thats more my game. Engines sort of confuse me.
  13. As I said, easy mistake to make.
  14. Your getting mixed up with the 45 Winchester. Easy mistake to make. The 451 Windsor is a type of Cow Both