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  1. Rolex as a beater?

    Guilty. I worn mine every day for ten years regardless of what I was doing. Never gave it a second thought. I only had the one Watch! Since I've startecollecting I've changed. A lot. Barely wear it now.
  2. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    So very sorry to hear your news. Awful shock for you all.
  3. More Perfection

    Definately on my List. In fact it may have to be the very next purchase.
  4. Any Golana?

    I like that model. heres mine ebay £35.00
  5. This plus that equals this.

    As an aside this is the watch that sent me over the top. For many years I wore my Rolex, daily, quite happily then a couple of years ago my son bought me a GQ magazine for my birthday. He was only about twelve so cant hold that against him. Inside was an article comparing reasonably priced dive watches. Quick search online, half price sale. Bought. Worn on holiday every day. Next thing I know ive bought over thirty of the bl***y things.
  6. This plus that equals this.

    Not for us I’m afraid. Mine is a bit upset with you!
  7. He’s only gone and done it again!

    I’ve always liked him.
  8. He’s only gone and done it again!

    They are both superb actually.
  9. From this side of the pond, Jay I salute you. The postie has brought me a very nice present from our stateside correspondent. Two very pleasant straps. Sadly my knowledge of straps is slightly less than my knowledge of watches, so I will struggle to describe them, but they will be getting attached to a timepiece tonight. thanks again Jay.
  10. Is JayDeep really santa?

    He spends more on postage to the uk than I spend on watches. This was my very welcome present earlier this year I remember him buying that. I thought it was a cracker and searched myself for one.
  11. Black Friday Thread

    Creation 8% off everything, fell by wayside and bought a kinetic seiko. I was doing so well up and till that moment
  12. Dual Time

    I love this one
  13. It's okay to be white

    My offering. Citizen eco
  14. Another JayDeep giveaway

    My guess.
  15. Heads up....Les Originales

    Back on offer again Leather £119 stainless steel £139. Bought one in the past , took it back, Tempted everytime I see the offer.

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