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  1. Heads up. Les originales on amazon

    Picked this up for £70. Arriving tomorrow along with RWP's TW Steel blue, so much for saving.
  2. Heads up. Les originales on amazon

    Nearly pulled the trigger on two last night, but "saving" for a special one. Probably buy them today instead.
  3. There seems to be a few models appearing which are sub £100 - claims of 60% off. Across a few sellers too
  4. Blagged Four

    Happy birthday
  5. Smaller Swiss Brands

    I like mine
  6. Heads up! Ernest Jones Sale

    I was so so tempted. ................
  7. Regulator Arrived

    An accurate clock you can set your watches to? See how accurate they stay? Id guess
  8. A quick trip to the jewellers

    Id go for the cake
  9. My birth year watch has arrived!

    And for those of us not "in the know" its still pure class. Beautiful
  10. Redheaded stepchildren?

    4 or 5 regular. 25 that have never and I mean never been worn, Madness
  11. Is it Monday yet? Parnis Auto if I can be so bold.
  12. Best value for money watch

    On special offer at beaverbrooks
  13. Best value for money watch

    Which accurist model, I have been looking at their gmt range recently.
  14. Heads up! Another comp' starting soon.

    My head is banging due to a sambuca frenzy, but I would like to be included .
  15. JayDeep giveaway

    Me please. If I win I will have a competiton myself. *im hoping jay is giving away a Patek moon phase *