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  1. New watch Sunday - the kids are alright!

    I've seen them on eBay from Poland about £80 but on a bracelet. Second hand Different colour to you though. I prefer yours.
  2. New watch Sunday - the kids are alright!

    Ive been contemplating one of those. Recommended?
  3. Still got the blues

    A bit of Bulova blue today today
  4. Two in today.

    Ahem I thought you were getting a stall to sell watches. Not quite grasped the concept of watch reduction have you old boy?
  5. The Bulova "Davey Pee" - A tale of 3 straps

    Very kind sir. Im based near the trafford centre. Ive got a tool myself I just havent got round to changing it. Im still not sure its "me" I find myself humming "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath whenever I take it out of the box. Ill leave it in its box for another couple of months and then see.
  6. The Bulova "Davey Pee" - A tale of 3 straps

    Reminds me I must resize mine....... or sell it i remember when jay first joined and he thought it was "cool" I wore it like that. Where is the forum yank these days any sightings lately?
  7. Rotary Les Originales

    I think I want / need one at least but the two I have bought I have returned. Cant put my finger on it, I just feel they look better on photos than they do in real life!
  8. Today, I will mostly be wearing.....

  9. What have you most of?

    1 rolex 2 g shocks 6 bulova 2 citizen 4 seiko 1 mondaine 2 tw steel 1 timex 1 barbos 1 scurfa 1 certina 1 parnis 1 grovana 1 golana 1 vostok 10 odds and sods *seriously needs thinning out*
  10. Today, I will mostly be wearing.....

    Grafting today so this......
  11. Moonphase watches

    Here's mine. I fancied one for a while, put a cheeky drunken best offer in on the abay and got it for a snip. Really happy with it.
  12. Incoming, outgoing, incoming query?

    Does sit need to be set? Id hate to walk about town with people laughing at me because my moonphase watch was slightly out. 29 1/2? Its like hitchikers guide to the galaxy
  13. Week started with three arrivals from amazon prime day. A Braun, tidal Timex and a Samsung gear 3 smart watch. All swiftly returned from whence they came. Then bought the grovana below. Cheeky bid accepted. Wrist shot now the query. What are the numbers across the moonphase? I assume they are something to do with that, but am baffled why they go to 29 1/2
  14. Amazon prime day next Monday

    If you cleared your browser it should have the same effect as using another computer. Clear the cookies and away you go.
  15. Friday!

    Today's choice a kind gift from Jay, where is he btw? Parnisgate