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  1. Im begging for help.....................................

    Ha ha ha not falling for that one. Again. You still haven’t returned the patek or panerai I was having strap problems with.
  2. Im begging for help.....................................

    Tried this. Put this on. May leave it like this . I bought a decent tool for the job. I can’t use that excuse.
  3. Im begging for help.....................................

    Thank you all . I wondered if the scurfa had slightly thinner end bars but thought I was getting paranoid. Three straps have just arrived from geckota so I think I’ll spend a leasurley evening fettling and see what I can do.
  4. I have a scurfa one diver with a rubber strap. I thought it would be good to see how it looked on another strap but found it quite difficult to fit the new strap. It appears to my untrained eye that the space between the hole and the watchcase is narrower than normal? Therefore the straps I tried seemed too fat. Please Excuse the non engineering terms I decided to put the old strap back on. Im using the same sized springbars but I cant get it secure? When Im sure I have the bar in the holes with a few tugs it pops out again. Is driving me nuts. What could I be doing wrong, I assume I cant use bigger spring bars? Are there any old tricks from the wiser folk on here which may help me in my hour of need? I really am desperate.
  5. New arrival – from the stone age.

    Found it on my iPad. This isn’t going to end well. Victorinox watch in Germany for less than 80euros. Oh dear.............................
  6. New arrival – from the stone age.

    Daft question. How can you buy from Amazon Italy? Do you have to set an Italian Amazon account or can you use your UK account? Ive got my eye on another Grovana watch under £100 in Italy , £500 over here.
  7. I recently bought a mesh strap for my cressi diver. I rather shrewdly bought the wrong size and forgot to return it. I now have a 22mm requirement but a 24mm strap. Rather than let it go to waste I have decided to buy a watch to put on the strap, does any forumite know of any "cressi" style beater divers that would require a 24mm mesh? Any diver under £100? Thanks in advance.
  8. Precisionist battery change?

  9. Precisionist battery change?

    Thanks chaps. Watch my back, I’m going in
  10. Precisionist battery change?

    Do I need a watch specialist or can I just take the back off and throw another one in? What will it cost roughly to have it done for me? Couldn’t beleive when I saw the hands weren’t moving. I stared at it for a while thinking my eyes had gone. Thank you
  11. Daniel Hodge Watches

    Wow. Want one. Now I actually think that’s perfection. Might change my mind tomorrow but for now, perfect
  12. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    Great watch
  13. Strap suggestions

    https://www.watches2u.com/watches/bulova/96a173-mens-dress-watch.htmlBulova 96A173 Ive got one of these. Any suggestions as to a new strap which might give it a bit of a lift?
  14. Your Favourite Bulova

    This or this
  15. Might struggle to pay £8000 extra. Still each to his own.

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