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  1. Victor In Coming Knox

    No extras just the plastic guard. Paracord thingy is next on the list
  2. Victor In Coming Knox

    yes No need for protective paper. Its indestructible.
  3. Victor In Coming Knox

    Cheers I shall investigate.
  4. Victor In Coming Knox

    Thank you Mr Magician - £199 Amazon. Surprised it actually turned up.
  5. Victor In Coming Knox

    Good old amazon mighty fine too!
  6. Black and White Three Handers

  7. Mid Week Bargains

    H samuel email flash sale I reckon three £100 Hugo boss watches (for example) now half price , less 10% email discount equals £90! Get ahead of your Christmas shopping by enteringcode 3FOR2 in your basket. Valid 8pm - Midnight!
  8. Good looking G-Shocks

    Mines not bad looking.
  9. New watch design : Charleston Watches

    Boo I think you are wearing it upside down
  10. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    The inebriated wenger. Before it goes back not bad for £65 . Still.............
  11. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    It’s going back. Just ordered an inox. Not had a single drink
  12. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    There must have been over 50 boxes of them. Send what back? Ive forgotten what we are talking about now!
  13. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    Not watch related but I once went for a “ Quick pint “on the way home and woke up in next doors Garden with a black eye, one shoe and a bin bag full of Maltesers. missus was thrilled with me
  14. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    I’ll post some tomorrow, it Is in the office. There we go. A true watch enthusiast!
  15. Drunken incoming. And possible outgoing

    I bought a tortoise once. It was on the lounge floor when I woke up. Just near my head.

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