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  1. I have one Phil......... ......but DC won't let me leave the house in my lycra.
  2. Attempting to return the compliment are we , what with jimbo & Roy last night and the Brass offering.......we will see. Anyway, took advantage of CW's sale today, itch partially cured .
  3. Hi If you come across the symbol 'Pm' (Promethium 147) on a watch dial, this also is reference to another type of lume, used for a short while in the 60-70's. I did post a thread on this subject couple of months ago. Hope it helps.
  4. Hi, welcome to the poor house.
  5. Great find & timeless vastly underrated IMO. I haven't come across cal 6112 either, is it anything like this ? Here's a couple of pic's of my 1970 Record de Luxe, Cal:651, Longines 701 (courtesy of @WRENCH fund raiser)
  6. I do try Rog but the mantle can be burdensome at times. Was perfect but with maturity have become modest.
  7. Your thread title didn't state watches Rog but if you look at the picture there are watchmakers present
  8. Yup..........
  9. Strongly suspect you can Haven't you enough Yin & Yang in your life ?
  10. 'Heads up' Christopher Ward have a new 50% of sale on with some additional new items with old logo Some of you may be interested P.S. Yes I have.......
  11. So far..... I would imagine quite a few of us only 'started' with 1. Enjoy
  12. Steinhart Ocean One Bronze. Cal: Eta 2824-2 Elabore.
  13. Think I've mentioned this before....all my watch movements are in the house.
  14. Here we go again