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  1. Poor Roger, always the tyrant. IDIOT
  2. That was uncalled for Wrench............have I upset you?
  3. I suspect it was all down to the cost of purchasing the pre assembled ebauche's from Switzerland in the earlier days, the varying degrees of shock protection carried a premium. I believe when they opened offices in La Chaux de Fonds (late 60's) shock protection improved. Nevertheless, these pre quartz mechanicals are still worthy of their good reputation.
  4. Daniels & Smith spring to mind. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Nice to see someone else has a rather lowly position on the totem pole.
  6. Be honest........you've escaped.
  7. First time I've heard of it, may give it a go when my existing device wears out. It's a vintage model called DC.
  8. I'm sure we all have that one (or more) item that comes along & ticks all our boxes. That's the pleasure, enjoyment, we can all hopefully agree on.
  9. Cheapskate, I'm sure she's worth it.
  10. Poor printing on 'Renis' dials puts some folk off.
  11. Haven't changed mine for a week.
  12. Have to agree, our dear Rog has become the Matriarch of the group!
  13. None whatsoever. If it's 'quality', affordable, then I buy it.
  14. I propose for the avoidance of any future doubt the 'Rotary Les Originales Super 25 limited Edition' be henceforth known as the 'RWP' Well, @Davey P & @mach 0.0013137 have brand recognition bestowed upon them.