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  1. Which one

    All recorded in Hansard
  2. Which one

    Correct! Censure by the speaker
  3. Which one

    Possibly, you was always in the opposing division chamber though
  4. 'Under a ton'

    Sorry chaps, couldn't possibly comment as I hate seeing grown boys cry.
  5. Well done @Doolittle Thanks for the opportunity again Roy
  6. My birth year watch arrived today!

    Huh............34? Mere pups, I've got hemorrhoids older than you.
  7. Odd Really

    Where shall we start....... Giovanni Dondi's 'Astrarium' This is a later copy of Dondi's 14th century celestial clock in the International Museum of Horology, La-Chaux-De Fonds, whereabouts of the original is unknown.
  8. Tuesday Timepieces

    Very nice David I'm guessing yours is by Pierre son of Julien ? If so, what a delight to have a piece by one of the great contributors to horology. Mind you, his dad wasn't too shabby as a clockmaker.
  9. Well done @pauluspaolo Generous as ever Roy
  10. Timex T2N884

    Well done @Migzy Congratulations on your milestone & very generous prize Steve
  11. Tuesday Timepieces

    Another one...... 1950's Europa '8 Day alarm' Travel Clock. Brass engine turned case.
  12. Cleaning Bracelets

    Assuming you can't take the bracelet off....... You can try suspending the watch head over a tumbler (or similar) with 'bracelet only' submerged in a solution of coke (fizzy variety ) or with a sterilizing tablet (denture, baby bottles). Over the course of an hour remove a couple of times & scrub with toothbrush (brides preferably), then rinse 'bracelet only' under tap. Sorted
  13. Those Fickle Ladies

    Is the good lady vegetarian ?
  14. Tuesday Timepieces

    Was this produced as evidence in a criminal trial Roger ?
  15. Tuesday Timepieces

    1940's Movado 'Ermeto' travel timepiece. Silver with black lacquered slides.