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  1. Makes a change, the 'expert' I saw had never heard of John Harwood or George Daniels.
  2. Scholl have an interesting range.
  3. It did, that's why I jumped in quick. Chris gave me the heads up..... P.S. Sorry Rob & Chris.
  4. Thanks chaps, a very pleasant day & I did over indulge. My apologies, I had assumed my valet had sought your prior approval. Rest assured, I will be having words with him. The menu, I most certainly did. Hmm.......bitter sweet Mach. Guilty & thank you. George & William do indeed share my birth date. Thank you. Shh, not many folk know my true identity.
  5. Kind & generous gesture, perfect for a new enthusiast of this wonderful hobby (obsession).
  6. Most Sunday's as a family we all go out to dinner, inevitably dad (pensioner) picks up the bill. Today as it's my birthday the kids are picking up the bill, you may wish to now address me as Saint/Bard Karrusel (but I suspect you will find more appropriate terms). Therefore, I am going to fill my boot's. Talking of which. I've had my valet lay out suitable attire for the occasion...... ....one has standards to maintain.
  7. Latest acquisition......... Christopher Ward C5 Malvern MKII Auto (LE). 39mm. Cal: Sellita SW200-1, 26 jewel.
  8. Good Morning campers 1950's Avia. Cal: AS 1002, 15 jewel.
  9. Good Morning The original Bonklip watch strap design (Dudley Howitt, Birmingham Jeweller) had it's patent application lodged in 1930. There are similar types by other manufacturers also available, more often referred to now as Bonklip type. These include:- Krementz, Zenette, Firths, Bentox. Walter Krementz filed a patent application for his design in the USA in 1929. Here's a couple of my examples: Bonklip 16mm gold filled. Zenette 16mm S/S. Hope this helps.
  10. Have to come back to this tomorrow as I'm just eating my pudding. One thing though, my collection started long before I was wandering around in underpants & a top hat. Nurse.......I'm ready now.
  11. Rog needs a consultant to help rearrange his watch storage.
  12. As you say, there are some very competent & creative photos posted by members, something I'm attempting to emulate. Sadly, none of my feeble attempts have knowingly been published. Incidentally, what's happened to @BlueKnight, I do enjoy his picture compositions. Hope all is well.
  13. Bless, bet your a bundle of fun at a party. .........nurse!
  14. Please feel free to introduce your own topics for discussion.
  15. Somehow I don't think Dudley Russel Howitt had intended on some sexual innuendo for his creation.