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  1. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    Even went round the chippie & made tea all day. I know my place.
  2. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    One of the most painful area's to have break...feel you pain. Make sure you milk it with those around you...for at least 3 months.
  3. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    WAUW ? Well as you've asked.....joggy bottoms, polo shirt, gilet, none of them coordinating & No watch. Have been assisting the carpenter working here.
  4. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    It appears to have moved you to tears....bless. Fine timepiece sir.
  5. Unable to access the gallery to upload images......is there a problem/delay ?
  6. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    Are you absolutely sure ? .........she does paint her nails & wears makeup. However, I do confess to seeing her for the slightest malaise.
  7. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    Always a bundle of joy. Look forward to your posts. P.S. My GP is female!
  8. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    Not forgetting......improvement in erectile dysfunction.
  9. Suspect when his username has changed to PeatP he still won't have received it.
  10. Add Your Latest USSR Editions

    1970's Poljot 'Alarm' Cal: 2612-1, 18 jewel. What's different about this one........?
  11. 'Shakespear In The Park'

    Well it's certainly an improvement on the disabled car parking bay.
  12. Right up your street Davey.....enjoy! What a generous member @Jonesinamillion.
  13. Acquired today Omega content

    Great timepiece, would happily have that in my collection. Well done Sir.
  14. Up or Down

    Alpinist for first watch & your confused about your next purchase I waited over 40 years for my Alpinist....
  15. More browsing, but no buying yet!

    Agree Mach.....definitely a visible flaring of the nostrils.