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  1. TGI Friday watches...

    @davidcxn David, the case on this is remarkably similar to yours above Early 50's 'Mulco' Cal: AS 1361, 17 jewel.
  2. Plenty of prospective clients in the 'Vintage' section.
  3. The New Hublot Big Band Unico TMT Carbon Gold

    At least they've put the price on the back... Too Bl**dy Expensive.
  4. TAG Heuer RANT

    I'm pretty sure he would appreciate being addressed as...'Dr Jean- Claude Biver' if being contacted personally by letter.
  5. Thank You Autonomous

    Indeed he has. Some generous, thoughtful members amongst us.
  6. Wednesday watches.

    Hmm! Moonphase collection creeping up Enjoy in good health, Martin.
  7. TAG Heuer RANT

    I think you did well but not surprised if Mr Biver had sight of your email. Sometimes things go wrong, but it's comforting to see how promptly these incidents are properly addressed. Please let us all see the replacement when it arrives & be sure to let Jean-Claude know personally of your satisfaction, along with informing him of your membership of The Watch Forum!
  8. Buying a Watch at Auction

    @Slim2500 I understand your scepticism but in reality Auction houses are after all a business, with all the associated costs that go with them. Fellows are a specialist auction house & as Padders mentioned earlier, honourable & trusted, also in IMO. When I visit auction house's, (specialist & provincial), dealer's, I always make a point of introducing myself...it does pay dividends. I actually admire Fellows for entering this den of old cynics & similarly^^^^^ others, the blowhards & less reputable will soon get short thrift! Jorden I'm expecting a bacon batch (free) with my coffee next time.
  9. Switching off phone apps.

    Have you allowed for feed cost, Wrench ?
  10. Tuesday timepieces 10/04/2018

    Bit late Rafy, get a grip man. Lack of Sun was it ? He-he-he.
  11. Good Morning Best you put me on your ignore list, my old tat will drive you nuts then.
  12. Buying a Watch at Auction

    I agree. Do your homework & would also recommend viewing prior to auction & registration (if possible).
  13. Wednesday watches.

    Morning all 1936 9k JB 'Rolls' 15 jewel, 2 adj.
  14. Tuesday timepieces 10/04/2018

    Thank you. Completely original, apart from a new crystal & service.
  15. Map of the world in watches

    Here's one... Roy, may have some more ?

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