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  1. But vintage always comes with a patina......which is desirable.
  2. Thank you Sir, I appreciate your comment. I'll inform DC as it was a gift from her quite a few years ago (with collusion from the heir hunters).
  3. Hmm......do you think there base been some subterfuge, or even darker forces at play here. ?
  4. What kept you so long. Did you receive instructions on the 'Vintage Rotary Owners Handshake'
  5. Most of the collectors/enthusiasts I know personally have built up records, database, of production runs, movements, dial & hand sets, casement's. In some instances it's possible to pin down an individual watchmaker to a timepiece. In most cases these records have been assembled over many years in collaboration with manufacturers, museums, & private collectors. As I have mentioned before, the information is out there. That's all part of the pleasure this wonderful pastime can provide us with.......you just have to tease it out. Additionally, some long established manufacturers invite devotees (sad individuals) to assist in recording gaps in their patrimony. Failing any of the above............
  6. Pretty (DC words) rather than desirable ? Poljot 'Romanoff' chronograph. Cal: 3133, 23 jewel.
  7. The saviour of the Swiss watch industry. Whose legacy ensures there will be a pool of highly qualified/proficient watchmakers & engineers.
  8. Davey is correct with the dating of this timepiece. My nearest to this date is a JB with a 1936 (N) Glasgow import mark Apologies for poor pic'.
  9. She gives me pocket money, enabling me to purchase more old tat.
  10. DC Roger.................?
  11. ............
  12. Roger, I would have thought you had ready access to 'Gramoxone' or similar, perfect for ridding yourself of unwanted growth.........
  13. I suspect we may be in the minority Mach. The 'innards', development, history, is as attractive & appealing as the timepiece itself.
  14. Something rugged for the heir hunters bun fight later...... CW C8 Pilot Cal: ETA 2824-2
  15. @Shoughie0 congratulations @mach 0.0013137 very generous prize