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  1. Friday 20th.

    Now on CW leather bader deployment
  2. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    Irish descent..... There again....so am I.
  3. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    Sometimes, just being able to breathe annoys DC.
  4. New arrival

    Watch & learn Rob....watch & learn.
  5. Automatically Thursday...19.10.17.

    Beautiful Martin, the 'National Geographical' (reptilian) image is the one I favour the most.
  6. New arrival

    Hi Mack Excellent choice.......another discerning owner Wear in good health Sir
  7. No automatics allowed 19.10.17

    How dare you..... the sheer audacity of it All right then.......
  8. Automatically Thursday...19.10.17.

    Morning all 1970's Vulcain 'Exactomatic' GT (Gedeon Thommen) Cal: MSR T56, 22 jewel.
  9. The Worst Abuse......

    I think there should be more stringent vetting on the suitability of moderators....IMO!
  10. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Welcome back Yup, I'm still here.....
  11. Favourite Second Hands.... ..

    Sorry, but that one has only 2 doors.
  12. Favourite Second Hands.... ..

    Is that Russian for Quattroporte ?
  13. Postie Delivers...

    Looking good James Will you be ordering the pink variant next.
  14. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    Personally I would order 2. Saves the hassle next time (for a while).

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