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  1. Karrusel


    Very nice sir Best order another box (or 2)...now. Trust me!
  2. Karrusel

    Not sure I understand

    If only Henry Ford had made watches. "Any Colour You Want As Long As It's............
  3. As you asked so nicely, Phil...
  4. Karrusel

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    Remember the dodgy French watchmaker, the one who took his donkey to the boozer ? Even the most diligent can be duped at times, even Audi driver's with dodgy backs, Sultan!
  5. Karrusel

    'Karrusel' Deed Poll

    Very kind of you, sir When Mr Bonniksen had this picture taken he was actually younger (although not as attractive) than I am now! @Autonomous Keep that image in your mind...made my day! I think so too...
  6. Karrusel

    Wednesday Watches

    Not again! Alright then......it is a beautiful timepiece.
  7. Karrusel

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    I'm firmly with you on this one, Davey I refuse to concede to charlatans, imposters & am always prepared to go the distance in getting justice! Folk only p!ss on my boots once...also have a very good memory.
  8. Karrusel

    Wednesday Watches

    1940's 'PEEREX' Stauffer Son & Co, 15 jewel... What time would you like us to arrive...old 'un ?
  9. I've corrected that for you....thank you!
  10. Karrusel

    Polywatch GLASS polish review

    I concur!
  11. Karrusel

    Watch Makers Logo.

    Wait till you try mains electricity, Phil
  12. Karrusel

    Feeling blue

  13. Karrusel

    Feeling blue

    I'll play! Stone cold sober (so far) with none of this 'assisted trickery' I'm afraid...
  14. OOG 39 Cal: ETA 2824-2 elabore, 25 jewel.
  15. Morning! 1972 9k AVIA 'Olympic' & bracelet. Cal: Peseux 338, 17 jewel.

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