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    I am as unsure as ever. I like the Samun's watch story, but this is not a waterproof watch anyway, am I right?

    About £130 on eBay.

    Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately I have budget for only one.

    I am hesitating between those two, and I wonder which one is more representative: or
  5. Friday 30 June

    This one for me, today. An old Orex with a Sea Gull ST5 movement.
  6. A plea for help

    I suggestion I have is that when you see a list of watches, for example from a year, to also have the price visible. I would also set a powerful search function, with multiple criteria to be selected in the same time, for example to be able to search for watches of the 70's for under £200.
  7. any bikers here?

    And finally a picture:
  8. any bikers here?

    My current bike is Kawasaki ER6N 2012. My first one was Yamaha YBR 125.
  9. Internet speed issue

    What type of cable are you using? It should be at least CAT 5e for gigabit speed.
  10. From Russia With Love

    I just got the green version of it: I'm very happy with it.
  11. Friday 18th Nov Wrist-Wear

    My "new" Poljot:
  12. Amazon Warehouse Deal

    Have in mind that the warranty is just 30 days for this deals.
  13. COFFEE

    I have a Delonghi Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine and I am very happy with it. Relatively expensive to buy, but convenient, and also cheap to run.
  14. Friday 7th Oct Watchathon

    My new J.Springs.
  15. Any classical music fans out there?

    Two of my favourites:

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