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  1. this one again today
  2. this one for a hot and sweaty dress down day at work
  3. From the album jersey watch album

    Colt 44
  4. Beautiful day in jersey today, longines for me (old picture)
  5. this one today
  6. From the album jersey watches

    Hydro chrono
  7. Glorious sunny jersey so this one today
  8. This for me today
  9. All versions on on Swiss watches direct 2660 and if u have a jersey address get the 20 percent vat off very tempted That makes it 2223 to me including postage very tempted!
  10. Swiss watches direct or precision time, both great reliable dealers
  11. His wife owns the company they also make seapro, di bacarri, and others sold by the v channel. I bought a seapro spx diver 7 years ago, auto mayota movement 200m water res. To be fair has been spot on and keeps good time. Pretty much on par with your £200 divers which are cropping up everywhere. Popular in America and I would say ok at price point
  12. I own some Tags and Raymond Weil which I'm really happy with, and yet negative comments from other members give me doubts in my own mind as to whether I should have bought them in the first place. Comments such as"naff quartz " "bog standard movements " and "over priced" tat spring to mind. Then I think do know what? I haven't asked anyone else to pay for them so if I'm happy b@ll@@@ to you. I think your watches are top banana and the comments are by jealous people that have no chance of owning them as long as they have a hole up there a@@e! Stick with them mate love the Rolex by the way