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  1. Saturday 11th November

    Wet and windy in jersey longines for me daytimeblack tie do tonight so ML dress watch tonight
  2. Too much orange

    I quite like orange this is my one
  3. Best Quartz

  4. Sunday Juniors~ Post 1990

    bit of colour on a rainy day
  5. The Saturday watch show

    BreItling colt for today
  6. Maurice-Lacroix

    I bought this one purely as a dress watch. Feels quality and goes well with formal wear. My other half wears a ladies ML Aikon. Both are quartz but not fashion watches
  7. Saturday's watch parade~ 14th October 2017.

    This one today and black tie do tonight so dress watch later
  8. Watch consolidation

    After a house move and clear out of unwanted items, I decided my watch collection could do with a trim down in size and keep my regular wearers. This with a long term aim of adding a couple of quality additions when finances have been replenished. So out of some twenty watches this is all that is left:I’m happy with these but am thinking a speedy or seamaster at some point. Anyone else out there considering a reduction in their collection? The others weren’t really worn much and are not missed
  9. Fabulous Friday WRUW.

    Back in the uk visiting freinds
  10. Got 2 love them both
  11. Sunday upstart's made after 1990

    this one for a change
  12. Saturday Watch Parade 30.09.17

    this one today
  13. Import duty and charges

    No VAT in Jersey so buying from a grey dealer such as Swiss watches direct I get an extra 20 percent off win win!!
  14. Best value 'entry - luxury' (quartz)...

    paid £369 for this 2 years ago ifrom Lettos jewellers in Jersey

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