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  1. Bovet 19Thirty Dimier ........ In white gold hmmmmmmmm would still have change for a Rolex as an everyday beater
  2. Slim2500

    Wedding watch recommendations

    You could try Stowa watches in Germany they have a good selection of watches i think some are made in house and within you're price range add to this they also have custom engraving which is also done in house so you could get your wedding date engraved or something along the lines of this on the rota with a display case back Link here https://www.stowa.de/
  3. Slim2500

    Any Love For Certina?

    i have a Certina Blue Ribbon from mid seventies have to say it is one of the best time keepers i have in my vintage collection
  4. Slim2500

    Any Bremont lovers out there ?

    I am quite like there Boeing range of watches they look pretty cool could be a contender on my list https://www.bremont.com/watch/model-1-stainless-steel/18284
  5. Slim2500

    Sssss Saturday !

    Probably my latest find from yesterday when i head out wearing some seventies goodness
  6. Slim2500

    Reverse Panda Speedy?

    With regards to this post he possibly could of tried his luck in the sales thread and someone who is not wise could of been out of pocket as to say you never know there are some good replica out there
  7. Slim2500

    Tag Heuer - help needed - real or fake ??

    i think it could be a fake like other members have said , i have noticed there is no Swiss made on the dial usually i thought TAG screen print it on the dial
  8. Slim2500

    Finally plumped for a TAG

    clean lines on the watch i like it
  9. Slim2500

    Buying a Watch at Auction

    indeed Slim2500 has been to a few of your auctions in Birmingham seems most of your sales come from the internet from what i saw i could be wrong , but like i said not everyone can attend on the day of a auction but still i shall stick to what i said and leave it there expressing my personal opinions in dealing buying at your auctions through the internet
  10. Slim2500

    Buying a Watch at Auction

    This is a joke right i hope so for most of us on here who can't get to an auction run by Fellows the only options are through leaving a commission bid ( not knowing if your bid will win ) or going through a 3rd party like saleroom once you have put the hammer price of 23% plus VAT lets say a total of just over 27% you then have the 3rd party fee for bidding with them which on average is around 3-6.5% depending on which 3rd you use then you add on Fellows postage which they charged me £20 for a small cardboard box and bubble wrap for a single watch. it's not cost effective at all for someone like myself or others so nearly paying an extra £50 - £75 on top of a watch hammer price when you can get a better deal at your local auction house i really think you are wasting Forum members time thinking that they are going to get a bargain watch or watches at your auctions so lets say you have to pay an extra 35% plus shipping do the maths not good at all i think it's a joke that you are allowed to come on here and advertise your auction not happy ... Rant over And welcome to the Forum ...
  11. Slim2500

    Idiots on eBay

    I have sold a lot of watches through eBay in the past many of them to overseas customers never had a problem with any of them only problems i have had is with UK buyers for some reason one that sticks out in my head was back in 2016 i sold a watch to a person who after 6 days sent the watch back to me and started a claim through eBay said in was non functioning upon receiving the watch and inspecting it i found that the movement had been swapped over had a different serial number to the one i sent out luckily for me i had taken detailed pictures of the watch and had records from my old watch maker took months to resolve the case i got my money back in the end i really could not understand how stupid some people can be . I now sell through my office/shop as also offer watch repairs etc..gave up on eBay and switched over to CataWiki auctions there are lot more strict with regards to buyers and sellers there % is a little higher than eBay but they don't muck around when it comes down to Non payment and you don't get hit with questions from buyers and plus they experts who valuate your watches before going up for auction
  12. thanks for pointing it out ,
  13. very smart indeed not all is lost Always"Watching" i am keeping an open mind on this matter when it comes down choice i am the worst person to deal with when it comes down to money especially when it's my own and also trying to keep away from the most commonly seen brands
  14. i often deal in the used watch market i have handled many brands but the one that stuck out was a ball from a year or so ago the quality and finishing on the watch i would say is on par with the top tier brands i wish i was able to keep hold of it but when you need to make a living then needs must as to say ball have always been stuck around in the back of mind ...
  15. i am sure you are a man of wealth and taste Always watching enjoy your reads from time to time but nothing wrong with being a cowardy custard i shall take a look on the used market when i get a chance @AVO i do recall a friend having the super kon tiki on a mesh a few years back looked the nuts i think they use an in house movement or an adapted movement by Eterna from what i recall from the top of my head

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