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  1. Lancman

    I need some answers.......

    Trousers (pantaloons) were originally two like things. You put them on one leg at a time because they actually came in two pieces. You put on one leg, tied it around your waist, then put on the other. From the beginning, about the 16th Century, trousers/pants have been referred to as a pair.
  2. Lancman

    Fridays Favorites.

    Hanowa carbon for me today.
  3. Lancman

    Cheapo Divers

    Momentum Torpedo: Got it for £50 from Amazon a couple of years ago. They are around £100 now.
  4. Lancman

    Saturday 21st April - WRUW

    Busy fitting a new bathroom this weekend, so it's a cheapie for me.
  5. Lancman

    Easter Tuesday offerings

    My new favorite, one of my ever-growing 'own brand'* collection. OK, so the picture was taken yesterday, I just never got round to posting it. * My surname is Lancaster.
  6. Lancman

    A Great Watch in a Small Package: My New Casio Marlin

    Looks great on that strap. This watch has something of a cult following in the USA and I never understood why Casio chose not to sell it UK. Glad to hear you had good service from Greatwatches, I've looked at them a couple of times but never come across anyone who had bought from them. Presumably you had no problems with VAT or import handling fees?
  7. Oh YES they are! They come under Fashion.
  8. Hope this hasn't been mentioned here before but as the title says, Ebay are having one of their rare (in UK) 20% off events this afternoon until 6 pm. Watches are one of the categories included in the sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/pay-20-less?_trkparms=%26clkid%3D2681122395825520779 Minimum spend £20, maximum discount £75.
  9. Lancman

    Heads up - Seiko SKX007K2 £122 delivred

    Anybody bought from them before? Not sure I like the look of their returns policy - if the watch arrives with any faults or DOA, you have to pay return postage.
  10. Lancman

    New arrival – from the stone age.

    It's an addiction, I tell you. Still, I can think of a lot worse things to be addicted to.
  11. Lancman

    New arrival – from the stone age.

    You can use your UK account. I have bought stuff from three different Amazon sites without a problem. Sometimes the item ends up being sent from Amazon UK anyway.
  12. Lancman

    New arrival – from the stone age.

    Thanks, see my reply to Canon Man above.
  13. Lancman

    New arrival – from the stone age.

    There certainly are some bargains to be had on Amazon but you have to get lucky and be looking in the right place at the right time. Prices go up and down faster than you can blink sometimes.
  14. Lancman

    New arrival – from the stone age.

    Thanks, it's my own concoction which I call SuperLancmanova. Basically just some luminous powder from ebay mixed with acrylic varnish.
  15. My latest acquisition, from Amazon Italy. To give the watch its full title, it’s a Swiss Military Hanowa Challenge Black Carbon 6-4309.17.003. Phew! Despite Amazon and several other retailers claiming that the case is made from stainless steel, the name Black Carbon does actually give a hint to the fact that it is made from carbon composite. Actually, Black Carbon is a strange name choice since the only part of the watch that is truly black is the crown. The case is more dark grey and even that is mixed with areas of light grey to create an unusual marbling effect. The end result is that the case and bezel look like they have been carved from grey marble or slate (hence the title). A bit different (which I like) but very difficult to photograph (which I don’t). In these photos the surface looks quite rough, whereas in fact it isn't. The finish is matt rather than polished, but is perfectly smooth to the touch. The strap is silicone rubber with a canvas insert, with the ends shaped to match the contours of the case. Nice and comfortable, but only one keeper for some strange reason. This hasn't proved an issue so far, but we shall see. The use of carbon has kept the weight down to 75g, but it’s nowhere near as light as a Luminox (also carbon), probably because of the rather chunky stainless case back. Bezel is 60 click unidirectional with a nice positive action and good grip, but there is a bit of slop. Dial is a dark blue-grey colour and the numbers are applied rather than just printed. Movement is the ubiquitous Ronda 515 quartz. Crystal is plain old mineral glass. Lume is OK, it’s there and it lasts all night but it isn't particularly bright, especially the hour markers. Naturally I couldn't resist adding lume to that bezel, but that has just emphasized the slightly lacklustre lume on the dial and hands, so I will probably have to re-lume those as well now. Doh! Overall I'm pretty pleased with it. Not perfect and not everyones cup of tea I'm sure, but it's a bit different without going OTT and I like that. Given the specs it's certainly not good value at the RRP of around £230 (no surprise there), but at £40 delivered I think I got a good deal.

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