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  1. The ones on the telly aren't even like the ones on the telly. My mate queued for over an hour to see the one on Pawn Stars, when he was in Vagas. It was bland, boring and full of over priced $h!te, and none of the telly folk were to be seen.
  2. Ups. Got rid of my last remaining Vintage motorcycle, off to a good and appreciative home, so I'll be able to spend more time this year knocking up some miles around the beautiful countryside. On my remaining bike. Got my tent sorted out and weathered for above trips. Downs. Still got the "lurgie" although it's beginning to shift, slowly.
  3. Welding rod quiver. Perfect for heating pies to optimum temperature.
  4. Have you never had manifold sausage roll ?
  5. I studied something or other, I used to have an old treadle grinder. I sold it along with a load of stuff I have lived to regret.
  6. Go for broke, and down the lot on Fox News.
  7. We're you looking at the bill upside down ?
  8. A flap grinding disc cuts down on the heat generated considerably.
  9. You don't need to.
  10. I have "an arrangement". The other way you can do it is get the required profile roughly cut on a guillotine then complete with a wet grinder.
  11. French psychedelic garage. and anything Mick Collins is involved in.
  12. Cyanide.
  13. I listened and learned from a proper old school knife maker,tool steal, if abused will chip on the cutting edge easily. Re-Profiling old butchers knives (which can be bought in charity shops for around £2) is a better option, if it's a knife you're going to use rather than look at. I've got a friendly machine shop with a water jet cutter, so no heat to alter the stainless steel. It may look rough, but it's an everyday work tool, and you can split hairs with it.
  14. Old rotary mower blades are a good source of steel for making blades, and old Merc van leaf springs.
  15. Here's a bit of "van spring Damascus" walnut handle, blade has still to be profiled.