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  1. @KO_81 I have/had a Tissot deployant clasp and they are very poor. I got a couple of replacements under warranty which weren't any better. They eventually gave me a new strap with buckle to match the watch. If the watch is new, get in touch with them and let them know. It's a shame that a decent watch is spoiled by a cr@p clasp.
  2. Ever bought a watch from Switzerland?

    Really? Methinks it's a easy way of collecting taxes. Does the Chancellor of the Exchequer really lose any sleep about domestic resellers ? Such a caring society. Lovely man.
  3. Ever bought a watch from Switzerland?

    Yes. A couple of friends have done so in the past. If your friend is buying second hand, it also takes out the risk of receiving something by post that is not as described.
  4. Just think, in today's world their sponsors probably wouldn't allow them under the same roof together.
  5. Dufrane.

    You are of course correct. A bronze one would look good though.
  6. Nothing hits the spot.

    Cheer up and sing along.
  7. Holiday watch?

    Put a leather strap on your Vostok.
  8. Dufrane.

    I got this in my inbox today. Nice and simple. Anyone heard of them ? Here's the spec. Width (no crown) 42 mm Width (with crown) 45.5 mm Thickness 12.85 mm Height 47.6 mm Inside lug width 22 mm 316L stainless steel Brushed finish Domed sapphire crystal with a/r coating C3 SuperLuminova Screw down crown Spring bars 656 feet water resistance Selitta SW200-1 Movement 26 Jewels 28.8k vibrations/hour 4 Hz Incabloc shock protection Rhodium rotor 38 hour reserve
  9. Nothing hits the spot.

    I seem to remember someone has been on one of these already.
  10. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    My first "decent" watch was one of these. and one of my recent acquisitions was one of these. So pretty dull and boring then. Preference has always been for three hands, no date. Sub seconds a bonus.
  11. Watch / Car analogies .

    I had a similar thing for fifteen years that went on the back of my HI-LUX. Double bed, fridge freezer etc etc. No aircon though. Plenty of room. It's my mates grand daughter's "Wendy house" now.
  12. Song Titles Game

    What Is this False Life You're Leading. Wild Billy Childish.
  13. My first custom modded Seiko

    That's worked out really well. Looks best on the bracelet for me. Hands and bezel look great.

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