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    Rolex Air King 5500. Timeless classic, not much to go wrong. Not flash, but watch you don't get burned. But only from a known and trusted source.

    Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    I'd better start wearing this one before the warranty runs out.


  4. Now that you mention it , yes it does. A couple of variations. I like them on leather.
  5. I had one (Divex) and gave it to a friend in need, missed it, so I'll have another. They do wear big. I 'll probably go for the 500m version, and stick it on a steel bracelet. I thrive on being out of place.

    New Arrival

    @PC-Magician how about a wrist shot please.
  7. Like it, possibly the perfect beater. I've got a birthday appearing soon, and I have lusts after a Victorinox, Divex, and or, an Ecodrive. Divex has the edge at the moment.

    Rolex Buddy

    Good memory jog for those who have forgotten, or those who don't know, that today's icons of conspicuous consumption were actually made for a real purpose other than an "investment" .

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    Currently available I think. The bezel has been changed and the bracelet thrown away.
  10. WRENCH

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    Mornin' all. Good show today, as always. Looks like another good day ahead. Vostok.
  11. WRENCH

    What Are You Listening To

    Funny you should say that. I was listening to this last night on the radio.
  12. WRENCH

    New arrival

    @Pete wilding It would look good on a matching sailcloth strap.
  13. Every time I see a thread telling how fragile a auto mechanical can be, I think of this one; My late father-in-law 's watch. It was bought on a trip to the continent in the late nineteen sixties, and worn in a very hard working environment for 20 years plus. Until he retired, and beyond. Used when hammering in posts 8 hours a day, operating all kinds of heavy vibrating equipment etc, and when I found It in amongst a box of stuff destined for the municipal skip after he passed away, i saved it, because of the memory of seeing it on his wrist at all times. It was actually running reasonably when I got it, but the autowind didn't operate, first watchmaker ruined it for £86, second one made it run as good as new. One thing was wrong, it was on leather, and my old pal would only ever have a stretch bracelet. Leading onto a recent post where I mentioned this, @Scottwatch very kindly sent me a nice period, used flexi band. It's ill fitting ends are just the way it was in the old days. So not bad for 40+ year old watch, that's had some serious abuse and only one service. It currently runs +7 seconds, which is no shame. It shall shortly be on its way to a new "keeper" with the instructions "don't change it" to a Great grandson. Thanks Scott.

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