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  1. From Russia with love

    I was reading some twaddle the other day reviewing some watch or other, stating that " a watch with an in-house movement under $5000 in this age is unheard of". ? Vostok's will always have their detractors, but, from another review; "Soviets cared first and foremost about function over form."
  2. Is that a salad dressing ?
  3. Bracelet, bracelet, bracelet.
  4. OCD test

    It replaced this.
  5. OCD test

    This Vostok, surprisingly scratch free at the moment.
  6. the £10-£50 buggey man got me

    Learning curve.
  7. Suggest Me An Everyday Grab-And-Go?

    38mm Hamilton khaki quartz sapphire crystal.
  8. RLT Military....

    I'm surprised its been there so long, save up quick.
  9. Perlon?

    Sorry no pics. I've bought a few from watch obsession and had no problems with stretching.
  10. RLT Military....

    Great watch @brummie1875 I had a variation of it, and similar to;
  11. Incoming!

    They do have a certain appeal, I remember when @Roy used to sell them.
  12. My alter-ego told me so.
  13. No they come in at 92%, turnips are even further down the scale at 42.333% recurring, although this could be open to debate as soil types and climate depending on latitude does play a factor worth considering. The John Innes Institute will be working on these facts at Basilworld.
  14. Did you know 95% of people get heartburn from cucumber whether they own an auto, manual, battery - quartz, kinetic or solar etc etc, watch. Strangely the percentage fluctuations are quite dramatic for key wind pocket watches.