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  1. Since the start of the year, 4 in 9 out. New tent is on the horizon so I shall have to allow for that, plus the new Tudor seems to be stopping me from looking at other stuff.
  2. F#!&€%g Chinese fountain pens, now.
  3. I always thought this was a sporting gentleman. It's called a clock. Placed in the correct line of vision you won't have to move a muscle to tell the time.
  4. I like divers watches, most of mine are Vostoks. Never had any problems with bike jackets, I wear a motocross "compression" top covered up with my ancient Belstaff, because I'm a poseur. Plus I usually strap a piece of junk to the bars.
  5. Surfs up in Thurso.
  6. + 1 on the Mido. It's more than stylish enough for the Venetians.
  7. And some have the cheek to criticize Russian durability.
  8. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Some / most of the pre 1960's Breitlings I really like, meaning there is a huge back catalogue of design inspiration. Retro inspired stuff sells, so it would be nice to see some 50's inspired stuff. There is a forum member (I think) with a beautiful two register Breitling vintage chronograph, that would have me running to the shop should a reissue become available. Time will tell.
  9. There is always the homage.
  10. This doesn't look too bad, and after checking, a replacement movement is dirt cheap, and seem to be ok.
  11. I have a similar thing that is cone shaped, somewhere. Like it.
  12. Count out unnatural nauseating thoughts. Seven.
  13. My work watch. in its 1960's protective case.
  14. 24 hours out. And, unusually, left wrist.
  15. Very nice. Hope you didn't buy it off some dodgy geyser.