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  1. 21mm Lugs

    I say, I'll have you know I've just spent a week or so wild camping with a selection of silk, bespoke pocket squares. Even Mears and Baden Powell didn't do that.
  2. 21mm Lugs

    Yep, or "dress" with a nail file.
  3. It's like someone else sitting on my bike and and mucking about with the gears and throttle, grrrr.
  4. Why are Tissot so Faked

    It would be interesting to know 100% fact as to where the cases are made. The practice of fakes coming from factories where the "brand" manufacturer has contracted work out to, has been proven in other instances. It would be wrong to point the finger at anyone without irrefutable proof however, and I am not doing so. A BBC consumer program followed the trail from retailer back to manufacturer of fakes, which turned of to be the brands (handbags) manufacturer based in China, and the difference in quality, if at all, was negligible. I'm not saying the same goes for watches (quality), it doesn't, but anyone outsourcing work to countries for the one purpose, CHEAP LABOUR, runs the risk of this practice.
  5. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    If you'd let me know I'd have sent you some waterproofs.
  6. Why are Tissot so Faked

    Does anyone know for definite where Tissot cases are manufactured ?
  7. Why are Tissot so Faked

    Peevey. That's why I stopped. @Roger the Dodger It makes you a radge.
  8. What Are You Listening To

    and Hope Sandoval is still beautiful. and only a couple of years younger than me.
  9. I got me a collection!

    Try a claw hammer next time.
  10. Here's a link with some pictures to compare it with. http://www.zeitauktion.com/en/hublot-mdm-geneve-chronograph-herrenuhr-stahl-datum-tachymeter-vp-5500-eur-152030 The model number you have quoted is for a quartz watch and this is what (apparently) should be inside. If you're brave enough, or have a decent local jeweller, I'd take the back off for a look.
  11. Blagged Four

    Hurry up then.
  12. york cycle rally

    Three speed Chopper. Stop showing off.
  13. Happy birthday RWP

    Happy birthday Rog.