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  1. More Watch Trouble

    Haven't tried that one. Yet. Mind you, fairs fair, I let my wife wash the windows with MY power washer.
  2. New arrival

    Whisky. Please. Honestly. And don't blame the auto correct.
  3. New arrival

    Save yourself a few quid and view mine.
  4. More Watch Trouble

    Crank cases in the oven, pistons and main bearings in the freezer, luxury you live in, absolute luxury.
  5. Didn’t Realise

    A good idea is to save the forum page with the links to "bookmarks" then edit the bookmark to read ebay & amazon. That way you don't miss it.
  6. I need some answers.......

    Why do people not give a rats @rse ?
  7. Didn’t Realise

    That answers why some come up highlighted as a link then when part of a post ?
  8. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    This is like buying a motorcycle and complaining when it rains. @JayDeep I like your new Steinhart, and I'm sure you'll get the stutter sorted. I wouldn't even have bothered about WR, I've had this for years and i don't know whether it likes water or not. Why are you so bitter "man" ?
  9. Song Titles Game

    Wade in the Water. Eva Cassidy.
  10. Watch lume.

    Can someone possibly tell me what the best currently available lume is for doing hands, and also for external application to a bezel. (And where to get it) Thank you.
  11. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Not a problem. Some of my older watches suffer from condensation if I'm involved in anything vigorous, but apart from that, no. And the ability to time how long it takes the sharks to sniff you out.
  12. No automatics allowed 19.10.17

    My addition to this authoritarian thread.
  13. I need some answers.......

    Why, when you park your car in an empty carpark, are there always two cars parked either side of your car when you come back, and not another car in the park ? Why do families with then worst behaved kids always sit next to me in McDonald's ? Why do public toilet doors always have to be pulled to open after you've finished, and is that liquid on the door handle really water ?
  14. I need some answers.......

    Why do bald people who work in restaurants wear hair nets ? Why does it say "may contain nuts" on a fruit and nut bar ? Why are a pair of trousers one piece ?

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