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  1. Longines Lindbergh

    I got a tutorial on how to use the original. Sort of like a 1930's Sat Nav. Bad product placement move.
  2. Longines Lindbergh

    Possibly one of the most overlooked iconic watches of the 20th century considering it's heritage. The original is beautiful in a functional way. The re edition is a bit too "smooth" but still desirable. Quite interesting reading about the heritage of Longines. They were held in higher regard over both Omega and Rolex, at one time.
  3. One on my want list. A close friend has an original " heirloom watch" which I covet. Long thought about a modern one, just wondered if there are any owners here ? Quite large at 47.5mm.
  4. In-coming...Maserati Quattroporte...content

    Nah, this is cheaper than gas.
  5. Romanian Watches 1978-2018: A Singular History

    Another interesting topic @Always"watching" The gentleman who I bought my Seagull ST5's from offered me a couple of NOS Orex with the decorated ST5 movement for £15 each about ten or so years ago. I know I should have bought them.
  6. Tatton owners club

    I got this one off some real dodgy geezer.
  7. It is confession time

    I don't know about that. Seriously, any issues, be it either warranty, or service with either companies have been hassle free. Which for me is worth more than saving a few quid.
  8. It is confession time

    I have discovered the beauty of Seiko/Citizen after sales / warranty, and it will greatly influenced my next purchase.
  9. Difference being you wouldn't get a new one at the end of every match.
  10. You know something, I didn't even know he wore a watch. I was too mesmerized by the "man" to notice.
  11. Chronos without three sub dials

    Old favorite.
  12. I would say most "watch ambassadors" who positively influence watch sales and prices are dead. For example.
  13. Mako XL at Amazon

    Is there duty to be paid on that ?

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