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  1. Just passing at 00.51 on the way to the w.c.
  2. Should I ever have the necessary.
  3. It's the great mystical world of eBay and all that annoy there. Mind you put the boot on the other foot, it's the same as "fiver off guy". Regardless of what price I ever try and sell anything for "fiver off guy" always appears. Same item whether it be £100 or £150, "fiver off guy" is always there. He knows no value other than as long as he gets a fiver off, then it's a good deal. If I was giving a watch away, he'd want the watch and a fiver.
  4. Sexy thoughts? Usually big boobs. Thing.
  5. I was going to say around £75. £60, and everything ok is very fair. Remember to allow for a service if it's been lying around a while. Even with that on top, it's still an ok deal. You'll probably need to sit on it for a while to get a decent profit on it. I'd wear it for its oddness. I like it.
  6. A lot depends on the watchmaker. All my vintage watches were no trouble until my long time watchmaker retired. Then they became problematic after they were "serviced" by the new guys. A lot of my vintage Soviet watches would stop working properly within months of servicing, and it was always the fault of "poor Soviet matchmaking skills". Yet since I started sending them off to "the motherland" for servicing, they have become surprisingly reliable and accurate again.
  7. Shanghai "East Red"
  8. £15 ZIM does it for me. Off for a service shortly. Should keep it running for another 30 years.
  9. You should have watched what they were eating more carefully.
  10. Motorcycles are therapeutic. Regardless of size. I'm off to have a look at a new RV200, as a hack.
  11. Yep, loads of old British stuff, then Ducatis and Guzzis, a R100s BMW, which was a total pig, several MZs, which once sorted are the best utility bike ever designed. And a succession of Indian Enfields, which contrary to popular belief, were not designed and built by Satan, and can be made reliable, and fast. (And fixed in a shed without the need of laptops) My favorite one after I sold it. Ended up getting broken for spares, shame. 300+ miles per tank, and 300miles in the saddle without a sore @r$e, only bike I've ever owned that was so comfortable. The only reason I knew it had been broken up was because I tried to buy it back.
  12. Cheap and cheerful, fun, reliable and accurate,....so far.
  13. Quartz and canvas Wednesday.