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  1. Gibraltar holiday

    Wish id never asked in not going to bother
  2. Gibraltar holiday

    I only wanted to know what the saving would be buying there I would take a chance if the saving was enough, it's clearly looking to me like it's not worth the risk, even though I know people who have done it without problems, if I was saving around 20% I think it would be worth the gamble as the model I'm looking to buy is a base model nothing flash better save a bit more I think.
  3. Gibraltar holiday

    Thanks all depends on the saving now
  4. Gibraltar holiday

    I just wanted to know what the saving on a new airking that's what I'm after the one with the newer dial.
  5. Gibraltar holiday

    Thats what i meant i was going to carry card and books etc then either get another box( plenty around) or get seller to post on will see, all depends on the price if the risk is worth it.
  6. Gibraltar holiday

    Im thinking of wearing it back? Ditching the box
  7. I bought my wife a rolex two tone date very nice watch not new but second hand she loves it anyway, cant work out how to add picture sorry
  8. Gibraltar holiday

    I'm going on hols soon to the rock, my question is what's the price difference on Rolex watches to the UK?
  9. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    Someone should by it not pay yeh him a Lesson
  10. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    Yeah I know it's fake the seller clearly thinks it's real, does he really think Rolex make watches this bad? I mean what a state it's a bad copy look at the date, and I'm sure TT on the bottom stands for two tone? Unless I'm mistaken?
  11. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    Nor me I have reported it to eBay it's terrible
  12. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    What's your opinion on this Rolex? I'm 100% it's a fake 253250995616
  13. Considering buying a Tissot

    Awful , not for me.
  14. Goldsmith discount on a Rollie?

    Ive had 10% of a new rolex from goldsmiths several years ago, but I was a cash buyer ive since bought a few watches from crouch interest free over 3 and 4 years without any discount.
  15. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date- no love

    I like it and would love it in my collection.

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