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  1. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    Someone should by it not pay yeh him a Lesson
  2. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    Yeah I know it's fake the seller clearly thinks it's real, does he really think Rolex make watches this bad? I mean what a state it's a bad copy look at the date, and I'm sure TT on the bottom stands for two tone? Unless I'm mistaken?
  3. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    Nor me I have reported it to eBay it's terrible
  4. Rolex Fake on eBay?

    What's your opinion on this Rolex? I'm 100% it's a fake 253250995616
  5. Considering buying a Tissot

    Awful , not for me.
  6. Goldsmith discount on a Rollie?

    Ive had 10% of a new rolex from goldsmiths several years ago, but I was a cash buyer ive since bought a few watches from crouch interest free over 3 and 4 years without any discount.
  7. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date- no love

    I like it and would love it in my collection.
  8. yet another robbery

    I used to have a gold capped rolex years ago, are they the same thing?
  9. best bargain ever

    That sounds awfully cheap? automatic as well?
  10. What would make you give up watches?

    Just thought of something if my arms were decapitated, then I would not need a watch.
  11. Timekeeping App?

    I will take a look as well cheers.
  12. What would make you give up watches?

    Nothing end of story.
  13. £600 bargain at TK Maxx

    Looks a nice watch for that price.
  14. Omega servicing – result

    That's a good shout have to remember that one

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