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  1. stairpost


  2. stairpost

    Anyone ordered Stones tickets yet?

    Yep, 4 of us going to the Principality stadium too. I'm looking forward to it. Although it will be very odd not being there for rugby.
  3. It'll be an interesting finish, my money is on Ireland to grab it.
  4. Proper gutted at the result but Ireland did what it took to win. And as for Scotland..... wahoo!
  5. Here we go then, good luck
  6. stairpost

    £100 spare in wages

    I'd probably just keep an eye out on the forum classified section, all sorts of tempting delights turn up there.
  7. stairpost

    The Urban Gentry.

    I can't make out if he is smug or just enthusiastic.
  8. stairpost

    The Urban Gentry.

    Sorry, it really was a half arsed effort to relay info in my first post. I can't remember the thread, it was a vid about smashing a fake Rolex.
  9. stairpost

    The Urban Gentry.

    I caught them all on youtube as 'you might like' suggestions if you search The Urban Gentry on youtube you'll see loads.
  10. stairpost

    The Urban Gentry.

    Good afternoon TWF'ers. I noticed someone posted a link to a clip of his the other day in general chat. I have seen quite a few of his vids over the last few weeks, I'd be interested to hear what people think of him. I can't make my mind up. Cheers Rich
  11. stairpost

    Putting watches into perspective.

    The best legacy that could be left for future generations is them never having war stories to share. Too many brave men lose their lives fighting wars.
  12. stairpost

    Putting watches into perspective.

    A relationship for one generation becomes a story to the next. It is sad but they will experience the same.
  13. stairpost

    Putting watches into perspective.

    That's a rich history, it's a nice thing to have in a family.
  14. Biggar, Halfpenny and Faletau all declared fit for Saturday
  15. stairpost

    Putting watches into perspective.

    He looks proud and honoured in the photo. That day must have meant a lot to him.

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