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  1. Putting watches into perspective.

    The best legacy that could be left for future generations is them never having war stories to share. Too many brave men lose their lives fighting wars.
  2. Putting watches into perspective.

    A relationship for one generation becomes a story to the next. It is sad but they will experience the same.
  3. Putting watches into perspective.

    That's a rich history, it's a nice thing to have in a family.
  4. Biggar, Halfpenny and Faletau all declared fit for Saturday
  5. Putting watches into perspective.

    He looks proud and honoured in the photo. That day must have meant a lot to him.
  6. Putting watches into perspective.

    May I ask about the photo?
  7. Putting watches into perspective.

    There is an emotional heritage in the watch you bought when his were sold. These things have a habit of being found, life is a funny old game. I hope it turns up.
  8. Putting watches into perspective.

    Losing Dad was hard enough, but the thought of losing mum is terrifying, she's 82, and the sweetest, kindest little old lady you could ever meet. The sort of person that only ever brings the nicest side of you out.
  9. Putting watches into perspective.

    I think you are right, as I move forward in life time will heal the wound, and while still remaining hugely important to me the emotional grip his watch has on me will ease, and I will rediscover what I have always enjoyed about watches. I'm glad to hear your dad's Longines has found it's home in life. Thank you No kids unfortunately. I do have a godson I am very close to, so Dad's jeep and whatever I'm wearing when I go will be his.
  10. HiFi ..

    That's a bugger! Nothing worse than getting a let down like that when you are looking forward to something. But! It will make it even more pleasing when you get it
  11. I have a couple of half decent watches, being a Tag F1 & a Seamaster, as well as a swish Nazumi Chrono that I recently picked up and really like. I have even been contemplating the purchase of a Rolex as a final watch for the foreseeable future. But it all get's put into perspective when compared to my love of a Jeep watch that I have recently inherited. I lost my dad at Christmas, we were all with him in the hospital when he died. My mum took his watch from his wrist and said he wanted you to have this. I treasure it more than any watch I could ever buy, I just can't bring myself to buy something expensive for the sake of it when it won't ever be as dear to me as his £50 Jeep watch is. Maybe this will change as time goes by, I just don't know. I know sentimental value is completely different to the appreciation of a fine timepiece, and I have no intention of selling everything and just keeping his watch, but I just can't seem to find any watch worth buying in comparison. I know grief affects us in strange and irrational ways, but does this make sense? And has anyone else experienced the same?
  12. HiFi ..

    Mcintosh amps look like they could sink the Titanic, never heard one though, nor Accuphase, both have very good reps. I use a Copland CD player & amp, they look like classic silver kit, no frills but sounds lovely.
  13. Surprisingly affordable....

    Treat yourself, it won't break the bank and it sounds like it will bring you joy
  14. Surprisingly affordable....

    I think Rolex ladder was the wrong phrase to have used, it does imply I want to climb up from an Explorer. Whereas in reality it would be pretty much my final resting place in the world of watch ownership. I don't think there is much other than the Rolex models mentioned here, and the Panerai that I always thought would be my end goal that would tempt me to sell my Seamaster. My budget is never going to allow a purchase of anything over 2-3k used. it's probably at 2k as it stands. If I am absolutely honest I probably base my purchases on brand, looks and aspiration more than movement, I know that is quite a crass thing to admit on this esteemed forum, but I would be lying if I said otherwise. That's not to say I would buy something I considered hideous (Hublot anyone?) just because it's expensive and people want them, it's more that I sort of take it for granted that if I choose the right brand what's inside will do the job well enough if looked after.
  15. Surprisingly affordable....

    I think that's spot on, if I sell my Seamaster & Tag, and add a bit of cash too I could get on the Rolex ladder I bought a late 50's Rolex hand winder (6694?) 10ish years ago for under £500, sold it less than a year later, I wish I still had it to sell now.

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