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  1. dilemma

    I'd go for the blue strap for the jazzy option, or the tan coloured strap above it for a nice classic look. Dependent entirely on the season and your wardrobe of course
  2. Opinions on strap sizing.

    Well, I have decided to keep the watch, I left negative and honest feedback, I've bought a couple of links from ebay that were a bit cheaper than I feared and hopefully 2 will be enough. Thanks to everyone for all the input, I'm just going to get on and enjoy the watch now.
  3. Opinions on strap sizing.

    Thanks for that, I found links on ebay for £20 each, so I bought 2 to see what the fit is like then. It is an F1, the bracelet is the same one he sold links for, I do think the worst in that he sold a link or two to get a few extra quid out of the watch.
  4. Opinions on strap sizing.

    I'm not stubborn or grumpy, I just happen to think that people who sell watches have a responsibility to supply what they advertise, getting picked up on an issue and then saying OK I'll give you a refund let's pretend the sale never took place is an easy out for him not a satisfactory resolution for me. He can advertise whatever he wants with whatever description he chooses, but he should be expected to supply that product, not just choose the option easiest and most profitable for him. I asked for opinions on the listing not insults and snide comments. Feel free to post whatever observation/insult you choose next, the ignore user function will save me the tiresome task of reading it.
  5. Opinions on strap sizing.

    I didn't get a good deal on it because it was missing links, I paid a fair price for a watch that was advertised as fitting my wrist, to buy 3 links will cost me around £90, meaning I have to spend an extra £90 to make it match the specs he sold it as, not a particularly good deal. The seller guessed that he had 7.5 inch wrist and advertised that as the bracelet size, when in reality it was a 6 inch fit. I took a long time choosing this watch, all I want is for it to be as advertised. Why should I send back a watch I want because the seller is either too lazy or stupid to list it correctly. Bracelet size was an important factor in my choice. That is interesting, a pretty good way of squeezing a few extra quid out of a watch.
  6. Opinions on strap sizing.

    Unfortunately he is insisting on me returning the watch for a full refund, he said a £50 refund plus the PayPal fees would mean he only gets 250 for the watch. If I start a PayPal dispute with him having offered a full refund would I get anywhere? All I want is a watch that fits as advertised. Just a small partial refund towards the cost of links.
  7. Opinions on strap sizing.

    It turns out the seller didn't actually measure the bracelet, he just assumed his wrist was around 7.5 inches and as it fitted him that's how he listed it. He offered a refund with all postage costs paid for me to return the watch, but he says he has a single link I could have, so with that in mind I proposed he send the link he has and a partial refund of £50 towards the cost of 2 additional links and I would happily leave positive feedback. I think that was a pretty reasonable resolution.
  8. Opinions on strap sizing.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=wah1111&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 This is the completed listing, for reference in case I really am missing something. It's the one that went for £349. Sound advice, cheers. I am very happy with the watch, I've been after one for a while.
  9. Opinions on strap sizing.

    It's a Tag Heuer WAH1111, links are around £30 on ebay, I would need 3 or 4 I think. Thanks for all the input, I am pretty confident that I have cause to complain, I'll mention it to the seller politely first and see where that gets me.
  10. Opinions on strap sizing.

    It's the built in folding extender that I believe is used when the watch has to fit around a wet suit, rather than an add on extender.
  11. Opinions on strap sizing.

    The pic of the seller wearing it does not show the extender in use, I have looked back at the listing and the pics to see if I had missed anything obvious, but it seems not.
  12. Hi all, I welcome all opinions so I can gauge whether I should kick off or not I've just bought a watch that was advertised as having a bracelet size of 7.5-7.75 inches, now it has arrived I see it actually has a bracelet around 6 inches, the seller has obviously included the extender in the sizing. it is too small without using the extender at the moment, but it would have been a good fit at the advertised size without having to use it. I don't think the extender should be included in the bracelet size, am I wrong? Cheers Rich.
  13. DMC DeLorean watch incoming

    Delorean watches are currently being showcased on ideal world. if anyone is after one.
  14. Thursday Autos.

    That watch is a beauty, but it isn't anywhere near as interesting as why you appear to be wearing a carpet?!

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