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  1. I noticed a while ago when the subject came up that I didn't have a watch with orange on it, no I know nobody needs orange on a watch but various examples did appear. I know Jay loves orange on watches so he will appreciate the subtlety's of this one. I quite liked the Hugo Boss orange ones but they are expensive for what they are so this is close and was cheap. I like the second hand and it is a very comfy strap. Clearly made by the workforce concerned with tunnelling.
  2. Avatar Pics

    Our last dog now gone to the big kennel in the sky, sitting on my original lawn tractor in 2007. Nelson came with that name as a rescue dog with only one eye, loved football and is still sorely missed.
  3. A touch of orange just arrived

    Phew, got away with that then
  4. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    I have two quartz and am very pleased with the quality of both for a sub £70 watch. Can't comment on the autos.
  5. Monday WRUW 20.11.17

    Still got the Red Baron on.
  6. My first two watch purchases

    Sounds like a good start looking forward to wrist shots.
  7. how many is enogh

    10 mediocre watches for £5000 means all mine are less than mediocre at best whatever that may be. If you ask the question Craig not fair play to then criticise peoples choices even by inference. I have 50 I love, ranging from 40 to 300€ none of which do I consider mediocre or worse. I also have a further 20 which I like, some of which are mediocre but by my measure not someone else's. So to answer your question Craig, as many as the individual wants and to whatever standard he can, or at least, wants to afford. After all we are all individuals otherwise we would all be the same.
  8. fossil police or neither

    I have two Fossils and one Police all of which keep excellent time and seem fine on the quality front
  9. Heads Up Braun Fans

    But just think, you know what time it is and you are clean shaven
  10. New in Accurist

    Bargain and very nice indeed, how big is it
  11. Tactics

    Oh this, no it has taken an age to come from China, or failing that never ask what something she bought cost, then when the inevitable question comes, reply I never ask you what ****** cost. Kate is very forgiving anyway so not usually a problem.
  12. Pick me a Seiko

    Just so you don't think nobody loves you Jay I would go for the Padi
  13. dilemma

    Black lizard for me, classy watch deserves to remain classy IMHO
  14. that time of year again

    Oi Pipers, instant gratification is good, and doesn't make you blind!
  15. Outrageous Watches

    That's gorgeous Rog why wouldn't you wear it, just need short sleeves. Mine is this one, attracts ridicule from Kate she says I need a medallion to go with it. I think it would be fine with my tank top and flared trousers! Lots of twiddley knobs.....the watch!!!!!!
  16. 50th post - Exciting for me anyway

    Congratulations now you can aim for the 1000 mark and give the Olum away!
  17. Winter Watch Allowance

    I can't have it because a. I am too young but b because we live in a warm country, it was minus 15 degrees here when the announcement was made that pensioners living in hot countries couldn't have it.
  18. Best Putdowns

    I was once asked why I had so many watches as I could only wear one at once. I was in the friends house and around the walls were about 150 tea pots, so I asked if they spent all day in the toilet getting rid of the tea.
  19. Incoming. Custom-Homage.

    Very nice Trig love the shape
  20. Red Barron has arrived

    Postie turned up today with this one from Amazon. Gigandet Red Barron. Miyota movement, says 6S11/21 on the German Instructions means not a lot to me. Glad its not too complicated as my German is rubbish apart from being able to say I have an aeroplane. 46 mm not including the crown and wears quite big even on me.6 o'clock date window which I think is the first one I have had.
  21. Thursday 16th Nov. Automatics

    Would have been this but it has stopped working, thats two of the autos that won't keep going ... So this instead
  22. Any Watch First

    First watch I won on the Forum, thanks Lovely, watch is nice too
  23. Wednesday Quartz 15/11

    This today as will be at my desk working now I have done cutting firewood for the day. Has to be the most comfortable bracelet of any watch I own.
  24. Surprise gift from the USA

    I would never take advantage of my favourite member on here, such an amazing man ans so full of tact and diplomacy
  25. Limit to the price.

    Red Barron on its way not sure if its the same movement or not

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