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  1. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    Mines a Shenhua 9259 and as you say cheap as chips but somehow very likeable.
  2. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    Weirdly nice today
  3. Time squared? Incoming.

    Really nice chunky watch love it
  4. Weird Wednesday Cheapies

    Looks nice Mach I like the blue/black bezel against the green, shouldn't work but does somehow.
  5. Waiting in.

    Apparently when I do that I don't give it back so no!
  6. Waiting in.

    I have to wait in tomorrow for a watch Kate has bought me for Xmas that I am not allowed to open and look at. She says it is the same make as something else I have which is fairly meaningless! Now where the scalpel and new sellotape!
  7. Weird Wednesday Cheapies

    Came with my name on it and apparently cost 2€ delivered from Hong Kong one black Friday, I think last year. Lovely textured face and clearly an excellent marque! Genuine shark mesh bracelet, well maybe goldfish mesh to be truthful. Keeps good time amazingly. This one cost 1 € but was not new and did need a new battery for 20p. Still have both just for the novelty.
  8. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    Burei for me today, hands and numerals look black on the image but are blue and very nice too.
  9. Tuesday Wrist Wear 21.11.17

    I have seen those or similar on EBay but was put off by the Sowar which seemed a bit like a Chinese name, do you know much about the company Mach?
  10. Tuesday Wrist Wear 21.11.17

    Nice clear face today, the watch not me!
  11. Avatar Pics

    Our last dog now gone to the big kennel in the sky, sitting on my original lawn tractor in 2007. Nelson came with that name as a rescue dog with only one eye, loved football and is still sorely missed.
  12. A touch of orange just arrived

    Phew, got away with that then
  13. Gigandet.....anyone know anything

    I have two quartz and am very pleased with the quality of both for a sub £70 watch. Can't comment on the autos.
  14. I noticed a while ago when the subject came up that I didn't have a watch with orange on it, no I know nobody needs orange on a watch but various examples did appear. I know Jay loves orange on watches so he will appreciate the subtlety's of this one. I quite liked the Hugo Boss orange ones but they are expensive for what they are so this is close and was cheap. I like the second hand and it is a very comfy strap. Clearly made by the workforce concerned with tunnelling.
  15. Monday WRUW 20.11.17

    Still got the Red Baron on.

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