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  1. ......it was inexpensive, second hand and like new and it works fine, and yes it is big 48 mm plus crown
  2. Going up in my opinion Damn that sounds painful
  3. Tuesday timepieces

    It a French SNCF (railway) driver's watch apparently. A French friend gave it to me, he was a train driver and retired 6 or so years ago. The battery had died and I didn't have one as it was an odd size. It took a while to come and he decided he didn't want to bother waiting and didn't want it any more. A week or two later I installed a battery and it works fine keeping incredible time so far. I offered him it back but he wouldn't take it. It came with a Camel Trophy strap which I changed for this one.
  4. Tuesday timepieces

    I have 3 Gigandet quartz and have wondered about the Seaground. How are you finding it quality and weight wise? I have exactly the same watch, enormous but as you say easy to read the time. This for me today
  5. The most iconic hour hand

    Breguet it is then thanks Wrench
  6. The most iconic hour hand

    Has to be the Merc hands but I am with Wrench on the Cathedral hands which are not often seen As a full set though I do like these spyglass hand or whatever they are called
  7. My Seiko Solar alarm pushed the others aside for a while but it takes its turn again now.
  8. End of part one

    I started liking watches but only had 3 until a mate told me about the Chinese Cheapies and we had a bit of a competition to see who could buy the worst, best!, most in a week etc. Was a bit daft looking back but cost very little and kick started my collecting bug which is still eclectic but better quality eclectic (usually)
  9. Young Watch Sunday.

    Fossil Sunday
  10. That is truly the most awful thing I have seen Rog, in fact it is so awful I think I like it...its bonkers
  11. It cant just be me ?

    Fraid so, nurse!
  12. Dress watches?

    These two are the only ones I have that I would consider wearing with a suit, if I had one which I don't. Two different price points but similar in other ways
  13. nice four

    Lovely group, haggis might get a bit smelly after a while!
  14. A while ago I bought this from EBay and it was pointed out on here that the watch was a direct copy of a Dietrich original design. For various reasons I decided to keep it, fear of losing the watch, my money and the price of the return if it went walkies mainly. Having mooched around on the net last week I came across Dietrich watches and decided to contact them to let them know of the Corgeut copy. I sent them the above image .They were aware of another copy but not that one. Anyway, today I got a reply from Emmanuel Dietrich thanking me for letting them know and explaining how difficult it was to stop copies quoting Rolex as an example that if they couldn't stop it nobody could. He offered me a discount on a watch direct from them but they would still be out of my price bracket. I mentioned TWF as being the source of my discovery that it was a copy. Maybe I am easily pleased but I thought it was nice of him to reply.

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