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  1. niveketak

    New arrival

    Absolute beauty well found
  2. niveketak

    'Karrusel' Deed Poll

    Mine is my old dog Nelson (died 2 years ago) sitting on my, at the time, proud possession a lawn tractor. He loved to play football but came with the name Nelson as he only had one eye. I wanted to change his name but he wouldn't respond to anything else. Time for a change of avatar I think now.
  3. niveketak

    Tuesday Tickers 19.06.18

    Royal London this morning but beater this afternoon as I will be cutting firewood
  4. niveketak

    Monday wrist attire

    Weird oldy today
  5. niveketak

    Saturday attire

    Well plenty of us bought them so Casio it is. Bracelet is a little sharp but don't notice it in wearing.
  6. niveketak

    Big thanks to Davey P!

    Top man Davey generous too!
  7. niveketak

    Friday's here again...

    A bit of French today
  8. niveketak

    Thursday's Selection 14/06/2018

    Playing boules this morning lots of about about so cheap and cheerful today.
  9. niveketak

    Wednesday watches.

    What it says on the face today
  10. niveketak

    Monsterwatch dial in a SKX007 (Pic heavy)

    Great stuff and am also looking forward to the red bezel though the grey did seem so different to everything else, I liked that too.
  11. niveketak

    Unboxing my first for a while

    I'm not a fan of the skull symbol but thats quite discreet in a way and I like different so I like it.
  12. niveketak

    make a choice

    Pulsar for me too
  13. niveketak

    Tuesday timepieces 12/06/2018

    Haven't got a CW so will stick with the Seiko theme, please excuse the knee.
  14. niveketak

    4 Steps changing a bezel insert

    Very interesting never thought of doing that but opens up the opportunity for buying second hand divers with scruffy or damaged inserts.
  15. niveketak

    Wednesday's Quartz/Electronic WRUW?

    Here you go

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