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  1. Review: Steinhart Nav-B Chrono II

    Had to have a coffee halfway through and a quick pee, but great review Jay thanks. May stop someone having a nasty surprise buying one on line and it standing off so much, not sure whether it would bother me or not, I think I have one or two that may do it too.
  2. Automatically Thursday...19.10.17.

    This one today, playing boules helps wind it up
  3. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Hello for the first time lovely bunch of watches there very nice
  4. Who does cost matter to?

    I fully agree was a bad title really but it was just a surprise to me how much attention and how many positive comments from people who don't usually notice a really cheap watch got, even Kate said oo I like that is it new!
  5. Its funny, when I post my daily wearer on here, regardless of what it is normally I get my share of likes. Today I posted what I thought was a 4€ watch which was actually 2 when I looked in my little book. It got more likes, maybe because it was a cheapy and while out and about today, DIY store, friends house, garden, more than a dozen people I know commented on the watch that wouldn't normally. Where did you get that?, bet that was expensive looks so clean and simple, really like the watch is it new? could you get me one like it (both male and female) etc etc. This doesn't happen normally so why this watch. It doesn't bother me whether I wear a 2€ or 300€ watch, I like what I like. Whether someone asking me if my big money block buster was new and all the rest of the questions today's watch brought would make me prouder then the 2€ one I don't know. I haven't worn this one in 6 months and it had lost about a minute. Just a thought and if you missed it here it is again.
  6. Black and White Three Handers

    Quite a few There are probably another 3 but I started going for blue or white faces as I thought I had enough black with white.
  7. Wednesday Quartz ~ 18th October 2017.

    4 euros worth today as may be doing some gardening later, still no camera.
  8. Zodiac Anyone?

    Nice Rog very nice and a good splash of orange.
  9. Armida A1 Brass on new strap

    Not for me but I don't like marmite either. I can see the attraction though.
  10. Tissot Tissonic?

    2 am your time Jay this was about 2pm here
  11. Tissot Tissonic?

    EBay France Bugger went for €66 euros when I was answering an inopportune phone call, no idea what the high bid might have been but I went to €65 and missed it. This was it complete with lizard strap, courtesy of EB. I am so annoyed with myself for not bidding more.
  12. Masonic Hamilton

    I note the reference to wanting to know the price in the last post, is the truth appearing or am I being cynical again.
  13. Tissot Tissonic?

    It is the one on the right exactly, if you were looking at 150€ for one not working then the bidding on this one is about to go through the roof. I have just placed a bid and its gone up quite a way will let you know what it sells for, I doubt it will be me so if you want to go for it feel free. He has other different brand NOS ones well in front of this one pricewise
  14. Tissot Tissonic?

    Thanks for that due to finish soon will see how it goes, at £40 at the moment
  15. Tissot Tissonic?

    Ok, the post says 70s and it looks about right for that. Not sure what a F300 is thoughit does say F300 in red towards the bottom of the face

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