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  1. Battle of the Crocs: Lacoste, and its Watches

    Great article as always and I have to confess I have been close to pushing the Buy now button on one or two but with no knowledge of the movement or quality.
  2. Big thankyou

    Top man clearly
  3. She's torturing me - new in

    Definitely got to open it to make sure its not a pair of shoes
  4. Plastic Watches.

    A few here too starting with my trusty beater Cheating here as it has gone but it makes me smile, by the way movement is Squeako and its orange juice proof down to half an inch And finally a real oddball
  5. All been said great people on a great forum, lovely watches both of them
  6. Promaster

    Very different reminds me of my Pulsar, well its square anyway and a bit unusual.
  7. The Russians have arrived!!!

    All very nice watches seems ages since I bought a watch who knows what the postie may have soon
  8. This one down to TWF and specifically you as you have one that you endorsed which made me look and then buy, so thank you Rog.
  9. Today I am mostly wearing......

    Strangely nice beater this afternoon as I have to go rummaging in the old cars.
  10. SuperOcean Return

    I normally prefer metal over leather but the leather looks exactly right on one of the nicest watches I have seen on here. Now where's my lottery ticket.
  11. Twit.

    I have swum in our pool (sounds grand but only 6m long so swum is a gross exaggeration) wearing my Ecodrive both Fossils, various Accurists, Seikos and some really cheap ones which claimed splash resistance but they were so cheap I didn't care. One cheap one filled up with water so I took the back off let in drain and used Kate's hair dryer to dry it out. Still going a year later! Kate doesn't know I used her hair dryer so shussh.
  12. Watches and a Sartorial Touch.

    Whatever suits the day, never been accused of being sartorial in my life, I can make a nice suit look like overalls
  13. Please help me

    Because if you dont wear a quartz for a few days the time is still right as is the date, might just be me but autos can be a nuisance.
  14. Twit.

    No Rog you have it all sewed up there
  15. Which one to go for

    Longines but then again I have lots of Seikos so ignore me