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  1. Rose Gold bezel shroud mod for Baby Tuna...

    I have even grown a goatee, or a grottee as Kate calls it, damn I'm a stalker
  2. 1500 Post giveaway

    New giveaway in the giveaway section for anyone interested as I am approaching 1500 posts
  3. View this Giveaway 1500 posts giveaway To celebrate 1500 posts (must get a hobby) I am giving away this Seiko quartz complete with the original Seiko strap. Submitter niveketak Expiration Date 17 days and 8 hours Submitted 13/12/17 Category Giveaways  
  4. Rob Bs Seiko and missing glass.

    Rog, what would you do if someone gave you 2 slices of bread and some ham so you could make a sandwich, take it to the local restaurant?
  5. Rose Gold bezel shroud mod for Baby Tuna...

    Personally, I think the blue looked better and for some reason I keep agreeing with Davey, (must take some more tablets) brushed stainless steel for me but its not my watch and its just my view cos if you love it then its the best!!.
  6. Davey P for Emperor

    Said it before will say it again this forum is amazing full of great people and generous ones too. Top man Davey, should keep Rog busy as he will want to fix them all to swell the collection.
  7. Wednesday 13th Dec watches

    Thought about a diver here, 60 mm of rain in 24 hours but went for Scandinavian instead
  8. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Like everyone, never had the pleasure of meeting him but I know he was on here a lot. My condolences too.
  9. Vostok Bronze

    Yes very nice indeed.
  10. Schoolboy Error.....

    Davey, wash your mouth out with soap
  11. Recent arrival!

    Lovely detail yet simple in style, congratulations
  12. Snupps

    I'm going to find it useful so I can be a young member.
  13. TUESDAY'S tickers.

    Ever reliable ever comfy Pulsar today
  14. Get it Off Your Chest.

    I accept your reasoning without reservation. My point is this. This is a forum populated by people who like and collect, sometimes excessively, wrist watches. I, as you, collect watches to wear on my wrist. My choices may be different to yours for many and varied reasons, however, they are equally valid within the bounds of this forum if not within the accepted aims or horology. This does not devalue my choices as it does not elevate your own, I admire your knowledge and desire, to garner the quality end of our mutual interest, but just as I would not describe someone who would not touch anything below £5000 as a watch snob, then I would not be expected to be derided as someone who collects crap, however semi accurate that may be. We are all posting on this forum expressing interest and opinion and to that end I grant you that your opinion may well be valid. However, comments like those highlighted in my post, rankle with those of my own interest. I do have 3, 1960's manual wind watches that I admire from an horology perspective but do not wear, I do not like the size nor am I enamoured by the look. They were purchased for the interest. I own around 70 watches, many are quartz, some of better quality than others, some automatic the rest quartz, but all with an interest for me. I own 3 Timex watches which some years ago would have been laughed at but in my humble opinion, are interesting and attractive watches. My intention in the reply was not to enter into a validity debate just a comment on phraseology sometimes appearing derisory and that there is room in the world and indeed this forum for watch enthusiasts of all types..
  15. Thanks to Rob.B


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