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  1. I quite frequently leave what I consider to be daft bids on watches on the Bay just for the hell of it, sometimes after a lot of wine! This was brand new, not boxed but still had protective film on back, front and strap. I didn't "love" it when I saw it but I liked it so bid 20 euros including delivery. Well i won it and it arrived today and now I really like it. One of the comfiest bracelet straps I have, good and solid with a nice clasp. Not too big and not too small!
  2. niveketak

    Which watch!

    Given you are on the right track with the two brands go and try some on at an AD (authorised dealer) then you will be able to nail the exact model before weighing up pre-owned or new.
  3. niveketak

    Sell or not Sell.

    Sort of hoarder although saying that 30 have gone, some sold some given away some to charity shop, mainly silly early flea bay purchases when I didn't know any better. There are probably 60 I wouldn't part with and 20 others that may go soon I suppose...but I do like them and they aren't worth much, hmmmmmmm seller - horder, I must be a shoulder!
  4. niveketak

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    Just lovely, just give it to me or I tell everyone about you running round with no trousers on! Damn done it
  5. niveketak

    Thursday timepieces.

    Very sunny and warm here but I will keep with the theme.
  6. niveketak

    Is this a modded Skagen?

    There are loads of original watches on fleabay exactly the same apart from the added Omega, Innotime looks favourite for the make and somebody took off the inno. Doubt it would be a Skagan with the coating coming off.
  7. niveketak

    Wednesday watches.

    Nicely synched Mach
  8. niveketak

    new watch from the other side

    I have a blue on blue but not even Invicta quality
  9. niveketak

    Wednesday watches.

    This today The red dot is the result of a Frelon stinging me, like a wasp on steroids. It got stuck under my watch and took its vengeance. It is now a very thin smear on the patio. My wrist is swollen though it will go down in an hour or two but it leaves the skin a bit sore. Yes I know I could wear a watch on the other wrist but I have tried that before and hate it so naked wrist for a day.
  10. niveketak

    'Thank you Roger (RWP)'

    Isn't this forum wonderful most of the time.
  11. niveketak

    Cool Wrists.

    Carriage returns, are we in the early 19th century?
  12. niveketak

    Tremendous Tuesday Tickers

    This oddball today, a while since I wore it and auto started up just by putting it on my wrist! Old pic as usual one in 31 chance the date would be right though.
  13. niveketak

    JLC landed

    Very very nice, love the opening back and the whole front package though it does seem a little pale IMHO would still love to have one as nothing is perfect.
  14. This Nixon was a surprise when I fitted a new battery, tiny movement, the watch not me, but it keeps good time and the battery did 2 years after I bought it so no real issues, its not as if a big quartz movement would do anything any different.

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