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  1. What the Elle! Small Box - Big Story

    Thanks for a riveting read, good luck and a speedy recovery.
  2. Completely laid back, don't mind who touches, mind you break it and you bought it!
  3. Why are Tissot so Faked

    No idea either but I have nearly fallen into the trap a few times. Prices less than normal or something you can't check up on, very easy to be bitten. Agree, Ebay ought to do something, guaranteeing your money back if you return it is all very well but is a hassle.
  4. Royal London

    I have just the one and I think the quality will stand up to anything else in the price range.
  5. Blagged Four

    Happy birthday and maybe if we buy half the shop each boz and swmbo might think that would be OK.
  6. A 1956 Swiss Senignol manual wind

    Ditto to Rog shear class
  7. Saturday 24 June Watch Parade

    Helping out with a large number of kids this afternoon at a fete so tidy beater time.
  8. Need help on getting my first watch!

    I have had one for 15 years and it has never missed a beat, the dials still reset as they should and the gold plating has never worn off. Good quality watches, not in the Rolex/Omeag league but well into lower Seiko territory IMHO.
  9. Baffled by Seiko range

    Will have to start saving then
  10. Would Dan Dare?

    Deffo a keeper if not sell it to me!
  11. Bulova quartz

    Thats the problem really, no box, no strap and no guarantees it will work, French seller who is a bit vague so decided not to risk it. Nice looking watch though.
  12. Baffled by Seiko range

    I know there are different qualities of all watches but I have taken a real liking to Seikos and some Pulsars too. My question is, how do you tell what sort of quality a Seiko is?.By the model number? I know kinetics and Autos are more expensive generally but am looking at a chrono, 100 m water resistance on a metal strap, new for 48 euros. Its not a Seiko 5 but it seems very inexpensive. Are the quartz ones normally so cheap? I know all a bit vague but before joining the forum I held Seikos in high esteem not this cheap. Its model number is SNDE 23P1
  13. How Useful are Watches

    I did exactly the same after my wrist shot in the restoration post, wore it for an hour up to lunchtime and it had stopped at 9.15.
  14. Sympathetic Restoration How Do You Feel?

    I agree wholeheartedly with that. This is a before and after of an oldie I bought. Face has a few blotches but are not as visible life size. The "crystal" was actually broken as was the black strap. I think it looks fine now.
  15. New in, bit of 'Oriental Indulgence'

    Very nice proportions and a good looking watch, not sure about the green dial would have to have a try on the wrist to make a decision on that.