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  1. OK 40mm without crown, 46mm spring bar to spring bar and it would have to be a toy car tock tick as this was €51 from a very nice gentleman in Marseille, not new obviously but as good as.
  2. Love it, an impulse buy sort of. I did an impulse bid last night for an Oris big pointer, a watch I have liked for a while, I was highest bidder at £29.77 but somebody sneaked it out from under me at £188, so close!
  3. Cork pulling, all types are suitable.
  4. Yes, both very nice and I edge towards the Seiko but only a little. Relaxer, if Taffyman sends me it I will gladly display it for you completely free!
  5. Lots of straps a bit tight but then I realised it was nothing to do with the strap, I was too big for them. 10kg weight loss ought to do it and won't cost anything.
  6. Now that's just showing off Roger. I have a compromise. Excuse the silly smile I had just taken delivery! Mods will be in shortly as being off topic.
  7. Just in from a guy in France, I had wondered about these for a while and will have to do some research. It has come in at a nice price and I like it so it doesn't matter too much. Just a nice clear face and my size.
  8. This oddball one today, a day off working going out with mates to play petanque or boule as most people refer to it. Freezing at the moment but should be warm enough later.
  9. Well a lovely house lovely garden, watch maybe not so much. Makes my 5 acres of field with the grass cut look a bit more untidy.
  10. My eyes my eyes.... and Roger I would have to get a ride on unless the camera is fibbing.
  11. Would love one, would never wear it or show it to anyone unless I was taking the P out of myself, but just own it....might not even tell myself!
  12. Must remember to set the date. Anybody remember the advert, tick a tick a Timex. Must remember to set the date.
  13. That helps a lot thanks. I might leave it and see what else is around it's at £48 plus £12 postage so getting there on price.
  14. Thank you, SBryantgb was still managing to confuse me!
  15. I think I had meant to look for Oris and got legged up with the name, go on will admit my ignorance, whats a frankens?