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  1. All my Autos are under 3 years old and in pretty good nick. Most have the ETA2824-2 movement, but one has the Sellita 200 and another has the Miyota 2815 in it. If I put one on at, say, 6:00am (usual getting up time) I will check to see that the second hand is moving. If it is, I then just wear it as usual. If it is not moving I tend to give the crown just enough turns to get it going, then set time and date, and then wear. On a normal day none of these ever go flat while I am wearing them. I tend to move about a fair bit (the only time I am ever really sat still is while driving in for 30mins each way) so this movement obviously generates enough power for the day. Not only that, but ALL these movements can easily be left overnight and still be going in the morning. In fact, I have to leave my watches for a minimum of 36-40hours after a full day of wearing for them to go flat. Now, I have had a few case backs off recently and I have noticed that my Miyota movement is significantly more free than my older ETA. However, I also recognise the fact that some movements will wind clockwise only, some will wind both ways. Perhaps if you have a slightly "sticky" movement that also only winds one way, might the hand you wear it on possibly affect its winding? Lets say an anticlockwise winding movement winds up better on a left hand (with usual left hand movements) than on a right hand? Just a thought. J
  2. Its a nice set, pretty much covers all bases. Enjoy! J
  3. I'm after a few things, aiming to fulfil most of these desires by Easter... Possibly, perhaps...? I'm after, in no particular order, a Seiko "Flighty" SNA411 (or the 413, can't decide on dial colour...) and a mid-sized, Pepsi bezel diver. Perhaps a few others on the radar, but I'll have to shift a few others before extending the collection/hoard too much. J
  4. I hope I've got the day right, early start with this one J
  5. Sir Alan is a member of this good forum and, yes, very chuffed :-) J
  6. True. It's a great watch, exactly the size and aesthetics I was after. I can't take credit for its new look and condition though, that is all down to SirAlan :-) J
  7. Last week I sent my lovely Seiko "Speedy" (7a38-7070) off to Sir Alan for a bit of tlc. It was working ok, but the previous owner had neglected it a fair bit. The bezel was totally, utterly jammed (turned out it was probably glued?), the crystal had a few scratches, as did the bezel insert. Pushers functioned, but were exceptionally stiff, and the battery area showed signs of a possible earlier leak. However, the man is a genius. A very patient genius, with very steady hands, by all accounts. Brand new bezel insert and crystal were sourced, the bezel itself was de-gummed and freed and every single component was stripped, cleaned, lubed (where needed), hands re-limed and everything reassembled. He was kind enough to send regular emails with photos attached at each step of the way. Now it looks as good as new! It's the silly little details, like getting each of the hands to line up absolutely bang on, that make this restoration so brilliant. It is now sitting very pretty on my wrist while I enjoy a glass of red, a chunk of cheese and some fresh, home baked bread. Quartz Wednesday, bring it on ;-) J
  8. Yep. Polished and textured leather (croc, snake, lizard, does not matter) always makes a watch look smarter and more refined. Enjoy J
  9. So, a week or two later and my Seiko Speedy has returned. SirAlan has worked wonders on it. New crystal and bezel insert, a whole load of work on the bezel itself to free it up (previous owner seems to have tried to glue it!) re-lume of the hands and every single last component stripped, cleaned and reassembled. Even silly little things such as getting each hand lined up bang on, it's like having a new watch. The man in a genius :-) Many happy hours it will be spending on my wrist now, it looks as good as new!
  10. I've spotted 3 very fake Omega Seamaster Planet Oceans in the last couple of days. Only spotted them because I have "Seamaster" in my saved searches, just in case.... Each one has looked good enough, just the tiniest hints it's a fake (usually mis-placing of the "Swiss Made" at six o'clock). Each one reported straight to eBay. Each one removed within 24 hours. Me thinks there is a glut of fakes bought for Christmas and people looking to get shot? J
  11. Thanks to a very kind offer from a fellow forum member (and, of course, Roy) one item from my wish list is now sorted. One down, three to go... :-) J
  12. Under current finances I'd be hard pressed to go over £1K, and that would take much saving. In effect I'd probably not go over £500-£700. If I won the Lottery and effectively had unlimited funds available I doubt that I'd still go much over £5K. For me, with my limited knowledge and experience, most of the new offerings over that seem to be more tasteless bling and not much more quality horology. I might go for some specific vintage pieces, antiques, or one-offs, but unlikely anything over the counter because it just does not appeal to me. J
  13. For me it would bo Christopher Ward, Ollech & Wajs and Seiko. These are the brands that I have had most enjoyable, personal experience. I feel that they offer a good variety of models that offer good value for money. J
  14. Some things are worth the time and the money. And I'm sure that to you this watch is worth far more. Enjoy! J
  15. Ooooooh, that looks nice! I've seen a couple of SNA413 models on line with off white face and blue dials. I love the slightly left field look and something that one won't see often on another wrist, but the hands just some seem to be that visible against the pale dial. How visible are the hands on yours in day-to-day use? J