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  1. Oh poop. Looks as if I might have ordered too (and no pills/booze to blame it in this time either)... J
  2. Very generous, enjoy! J
  3. Thanks chaps. I think it will definitely get a load of wrist wear (it will be on my wrist tomorrow, even if I have to miss out in Quartz Wednesday...). It is the easy nature of its wear that I am falling for. Perfect size, clear and easy to read dial (I really love the little hit of red on the second hand and slim, elegant syringe main hands) and, of course, it looks ideal on leather too. I've got a couple of NATOs and a pair of Perlons on their way just so that I can mix it up a bit, but I think leather will be the favourite. J
  4. Evening all. A while back I declared an interest to add a military genre watch to my collection. A usual, most of my favoured models they were either out of production, out of my budget, or both. Then I get a message from Padders saying that he had an Ollech & Wajs A-120 "gathering dust" and would I be interested in giving it a new home. Well, I've had a couple of OW watches recently, I like their quality and aesthetics and this example certainly ticked the boxes for the style I was after. Oh, and it is now also out of production so it ticks that one too ;-) His asking price was just too hard to resist... It landed today. Paddlers was extremely fair and honest in his description and I am very chuffed with it. 38mm diameter, 11mm thick, 20mm lug spacing and 45mm lug to lug, ideal for my skinny wrist. Inside beats an ETA2801 (hand wind only, hacking and keeping very good time!) and its 30m water resistance and hardened crystal will be robust enough for my day-to-day use I am sure. I really like the crown and hand-winding with no screw down crown a breath of fresh air - no faffing to unscrew the crown and worry of miss-meshing it when I screw it back in! Overall, very happy, and thanks to Padders for such a smooth transaction. Of course, obligatory wrist shot... J
  5. Looks very good to me. The more I see vintage looks in watches, the more I appreciate them. Enjoy, J
  6. For me the final click has usually been after an assurance/proof of either timekeeping accuracy, or service history. I don't bother to look at watches that are out of my specific budget. True, some may be absolutely amazing and "perfect" in every single sense, but if I can't afford it then I don't bother. So, on eBay me searches have specific criteria for price, location (i.e., not paying customs charges usually) and then whatever other features I'm searching for at the time. Plenty if clear images is also good and I then do my research into models that seem to have the right aesthetics. The clincher will be emailing/messaging the seller to ask about its performance accuracy and servicing. This is mainly because these criteria are important to my daily life (work needs an accurate, reliable watch) and also because I feel that someone who knows this information and is willing to share has less to hide, and knows a bit more about horology than your average Joe. Thats just me though. J
  7. No, I don't wear all my watches. I made the mistake of buying something that might have been a grail far too early on in my collection. It did not quite break the bank, but it was at the absolute top of my budget, and I had not factored in servicing etc. I dare not wear it; if I ding it, or lose it I know in my heart of hearts that I won't be able to afford to replace it. As a result I have worn it probably less than a dozen times over the last year and am now seriously considering selling it on. However, I've also learnt from this. My collection is now tending towards a variety of genres (a couple each of divers, vintage, chronos, navigators, smart dress and now looking for a military and field watch) and I have picked these genres because I know I will wear each. Sure, some will get used more than others due to my work and leisure preferences, but each has its job and does it just fine. I also now appreciate the additional costs of servicing and have factored this in with every purchase; none is too "precious" not to get used for its specific niche. Lesson learnt. Watches are now more appreciated! J
  8. ...and this is the joy of this particular forum. Ive had many encouraging replies to my initial question, the amount of information available from members here is better than any encyclopaedia! Also, there have been several PMs with more specific information and ideas, so my sincere thanks to all concerned. The end result is that I've been offered a real beauty by a truly genuine and honest forum member. Funds have been transferred, and I promise to have many photos posted once it arrives J
  9. A quick change for me... Getting some airing of the smaller pieces again ;-) J
  10. Delighted that it got to you ok! Enjoy :-) J
  11. One day, one day soon I promise, I will get lighting, background and setting right to allow me go capture the blue of these hands and the enamel white of the dial in their true glory. Until then I'll just have to keep wearing I I guess ;-) J
  12. Up - a lovely pair of Seiko arrived, plus matching straps, and I'm still having fun mixing and matching them. Up - kindness, manners and generosity are appreciated and reciprocated on the forum. It makes the world a better place I think Up/Down - I have re-homed a couple of watches. I'm pleased that someone else can make use of them and enjoy them. I have some funds to make new purchases. But empty holes in my watch box makes me sad... Downs - back to work on Monday :-( J
  13. PS. Can we decide though if "5" should be represented by "IV" or "IIII". The former is my opinion, how about everyone else? J
  14. Romans have their place - on dress watches only. Black numerals on a white background, or white numerals on a black background is not really important, but it is for dress watches only. Mixing Romans with Arabic is not good, both on watch faces and in the real world... At east, that is my opinion. J
  15. I keep all boxes and paperwork/invoices/receipts for all my watches. These are stored away from the watches themselves (partly for security again, partly due to their bulk). I have notes for most of my watches, especially the vintage ones, on my phone. These we're all bought pre-owned and have a mixed bag of original papers/boxes. My notes contain supporting info - manufacture date, service history, movement type, approx timekeeping accuracy... J