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  1. Baume & Mercier Opinions?

    Thanks to all for the suggestions and advice. The bottom line is that I don't think I will pull the trigger on this one. It does seem over-priced, especially for the amount of wearing I don't think it will get. Sure, it is a beauty, and it will definitely get admiration, but I'm not just after that. I like to be able to use all my watches on a regular basis is and I don't think this will fit in with my current lifestyle. I could get a lot more wrist time for the same cash someplace else. Thinking about it, if I had really fallen in love I would have left the dealer with it on my wrist. I did not, so I think that tells me enough...? J
  2. Baume & Mercier Opinions?

    For a similar spend (give or take my trade-in) I could get a Speedmaster Reduced - basically the same size and function but a bit more conservative and everyday? J
  3. Baume & Mercier Opinions?

    Gents, I visited a great watch dealer in Cambridge this afternoon; not looking for anything particularly specific, but this chap does a great line in pre-owned watches and I always pop in whenever I am in town. He had a version of this model for me to try... This is the same model, but not the actual watch - the one I tried had a deeper patina on the bezel, had never been polished and came in its original B&M leather deployment strap. It was utterly, hypnotically beautiful. The ceramic dial was a fantastic snow white with just the tiniest hint of pearl. It was deep too, the date looked to be sunken almost to the bottom of the watch! Chrono worked perfectly, 39mm diameter so perfect for my wrist, and a beautiful coin-edge effect on the case sides. The whole thing looked so unique, a definite eye-catcher, but definitely not brash, gairish, or bling. With a trade in of my O&W Valjoux military chrono I would be parting with about £1K and would get box, original receipt and a basic check/oil/lube by their in-house chap. My problem is two-fold. Firstly, I know very little about the B&M brand, have never owned one or even tried one on in the past, and have no idea about the accuracy or reliability of the movement in this model. Secondly, when would I wear it? It definitely would not be appropriate for when I'm on my bike, hiking, or my camping trips that I have planned for the next few weeks, I might be able to pull it off occasionally at work, but I'm thinking it would be for smart/casual evenings out. So, just occasional use then. Would this give me value? I was so, so close to pulling the trigger, but thought I'd ask opinion on here first. Has anyone ever had this model? What is accuracy/reliability like? Reputation of the brand? Any suggestions appreciated... J
  4. Saturday 22nd July watch parade

    I've made another strap so looking for a watch to try it on, This will do :-) J
  5. 'Big thank you to Christopher Ward'

    CW customer services has always done me proud whenever I have needed to call on them, other manufacturers could learn a thing or two perhaps. J
  6. New Breitling arrival!

    Looks good, I've got my own sights on a Colt perhaps...? J
  7. I Pulled The Trigger, But Will I Be Lucky, Punk?

    Thanks, Chaps. Thankfully, all funds have been returned and I have lost nothing except a bit of time. Yes, I probably have too much faith in the human spirit, and am ready to trust too easily. However, I have also learnt from previous mistakes and now cover myself better. Zero feedabck is a hazard, but everyone has to start somewhere...? No matter, nothing lost, nothing ventured, nothing gained. J
  8. First off, sorry for the mangling of Clint Eastwood's best lines, but it was the best I could do... Second, this is a tale of "if it is too good to be true, then it probably is". But I still have my fingers crossed. About a month ago I spotted this wee beauty on eBay I had been half-thinking of adding one to my collection for smart/casual wear (probably on a smart leather strap) and was specifically after this day/date arrangement, gold bezel and cream or champagne dial. This was priced at a bit over £500 and had all boxes, hang tag, original dealer receipt and recent service receipt too. Fueled by Merlot I asked only a few basic questions and hit the Buy it Now option before it got snapped up. The seller did reply to my first question (so he/she does actually exist) but then I heard nothing for a few days. Looking at their profile I saw that they had zero feedback (eeeek!) and so guessed that this was probably their first sale. Being the kind soul I am, I send another handful of eBay messages to reassure them and guide them through the postage notification and adding tracking information steps. Three days later I got notification it had been posted (standard delivery from Austria) but there was no tracking info. Bummer. So, another few messages to further guide and assist... A week or so later and still nothing. Starting to get worried, another message to the seller to please pull his/her finger out and confirm postage by adding tracking info. Another week and a bit of a shock - this listing had vanished from my "Auction Ended" list. eBay notifications said it had been removed and was no longer available. So, straight into the phone to eBay to further question. Thankfully, they were exceptionally helpful and explained that the seller had violated some of their more detailed policies, had had their account terminated and would not be welcome back as a trader. So, where did I stand? By now it was several weeks after I had sent my PayPal payment so I was advised to open a "non delivery of item" claim. Naturally I did, and I also sent the seller a final message to inform them of this and request proof of postage/tracking. A week later, no reply from the seller and no delivery of the watch. eBay immediately refunded the full cost, and shipping. So. It has taken a month or so. I have paid, but I have got every penny back. Technically the watch might actually be on its way, perhaps going over land rather than by air, perhaps being held up in Customs, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Or, the seller was trying a scam? Either way I am hoping that Mr Postie drops something off to me; I will, of course immediately contact eBay and the seller and seek advice on what to do with what will effectively be a free watch.... Moral of the story - pay through PayPal, screenshot every invoice, payment and message, only use eBay messages for communication, get your PayPal account fully verified. Cover your a**e at every turn... J
  9. Enjoying the sun.

    ...and I thought I was being subtle...? J
  10. Enjoying the sun.

    No. I hate the hot weather. Actually, scratch that. I loathe, dispise, detest and abhore the hot weather. Betty Swollocks is the least of my worries, it just makes me cross, irritable and fed up. On the flip side, give me ten below and a blizzard and I'm as happy as a sand-boy :-) Nice watch though, J
  11. Conundrum. New or requiring work?

    For me, the answer is, "it depends." I like my watchs to function, to tell the time accurately (to within a handful of seconds each day). I need to be able to read the time quickly and easily, and to be able to rely on then for consistency. So, if the movement is not accurate, I get it serviced. If possible I hope to get genuine parts replaced for more genuine parts, but cost is the ultimate determining factor here. If it has had a full, manufacturer based service history with genuine parts through out then I would hate to be the first to deviate from this originality. However, if service history is not proven then, to me, overall functionality is more important than originality. As for dirt/patina on the dial then I would go on a case by case basis - a bit of character is fine, but if it is unlegible then I would have it cleaned. Same applies with crystal and case. Dont get me wrong, I have a few vintage pieces in my collection and love them dearly, but I have chosen examples that fit my needs for function over form from the outset. J
  12. Watch arrival

    Looks great, I love that shade of blue :-) Personally, I'd rather have the hour hand in orange (I think I'd get very confused with mistaking it for a GMT hand) but I understand why divers need the min hand more visible. Enjoy! J
  13. Would like to be considered for this one please :-) J
  14. Sunday Old watch (made before 1990)

    Morning all Going to start with this one I think... J