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  1. Sudden Crisis...

    We need a “WIS Function”, similar to the “Google Goggles” function that was introduced a few years back; where you get an automatic 12 hour freeze on all internet and computer activity that you might have partaken in the night before so, in the cold and sober light of day, you can re-evaluate your uploads/downloads and delete accordingly. I would suggest you pause, consume a few drinks of your choice and re-evaluate in the morning. J PS, I’ve had straps like that, as well as ones soooooooooo long that the free end pretty much wrapped all the way around my wrist and back to the watch head.
  2. Saturday watch parade 24th

    Ooooooh, someone has been practicing with their camera then? Very nick pictures, Sir! J
  3. Rolex oyster royal

    True, some lovely looking watches at some tempting prices. I think though the “moderate” pricing is down to a number of factors. Smaller case sizes are not that desirable for many (although do it for me!) and older watches do bring the added uncertainty of service history etc. The big block for me buying one though is the hand wind and screw-down crown combination. I would feel very uncomfortable having to unscrew it every time I wanted to repower the watch; too much of a risk of crossthreading for my liking! J
  4. The difference a simple strap change makes

    Swapping straps about is something I find myself doing on a regular basis, especially with my daily wearers. My more “speciality” watches tend to stay on one strap/bracelet, but the ones in my regular rotation do get their straps changed whenever I need a different look, need to match the strap to my outfit or activity, or if I just feel like a change One of my favourite for swapping... J
  5. 21st

    Some good value, good reputation and a movement that, while it won’t set the world on fire, will be reliable, easy to service and last years. Do you have a maximum budget in mind? J
  6. Saturday watch parade 24th

    Starting my weekend with this Keep warm out there folks! J
  7. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Art gallery and theatre visit today, this should be ok I think Something a bit tougher needed for rugby training later though ;/) J
  8. New arrival!

    Fell in love with this when I first saw it posted in here. Unfortunately I could not pull off the case size; on you though it looks to wear well. Enjoy! J
  9. Quartz Wednesday (Feb 21)

    I’ll start this one off, my mid-week best... J
  10. Strap suggestions

    How about a “heavy” mesh bracelet? Not one of the thin, whappy ones, but the 3mm thick ones? I put one on my Breitling and it went straight from everyday to dressy... J
  11. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    LOVELY dial! Enjoy, J
  12. Steinhart Ocean One Vintage

    Ah, SpeckSavers here I come... J
  13. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    Ah, my apologies. I could not open the link on my phone so was reacting to other post images that could be displayed. I retract my comments. J
  14. The Postman

    ...a hole in the goround with water at the bottom. Of course, if it has oil at the bottom then the drinks are on you :-) J
  15. Lost and Found

    That must have been one HELL of a night! We have countless millions of brain cells, what wrong with killing off a few hundred every so often? LOL! J

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