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  1. An interesting question on the radio on the way home from work tonight - why do we put our clocks forward in Spring at 01:00, but put them back in Autumn at 02:00? Why the hour difference? My theory (but no time to text in as I was driving) was that they are one and the same time; if we stuck to winter hours and never put the clocks back in Autumn then 02:00 would still be 01:00? J
  2. Nice. Clean and elegant :-) J
  3. Third or fourth for me. NATOs will be cheap enough so you could potentially splash out and get both, but if the watch head is toooooo heavy I have found that NATO options don't offer the support that a leather one will. J
  4. I do pretty much the same. My default search is set to only pick out BIN options, this way I can get a good feel of what a "fair" price is. Obviously I try to take into account condition, service history, box/papers etc... If I see an auction for something that I am interested in I bung it in my "watching" list and usually try to ask a few questions about it (clarify condition/servicing/ box and papers etc). By doing this I try to tell if it is a Joe Public just selling a few cherished items, or a dealer with several dozen going out at the same time. I must admit that I do tend to offer a higher bid for helpful, informative and well-spoken replies. Sorry. If I decide to bid, I work out a "fair" max bid, based on other BIN prices, or how much I think it will be worth to me, place the bid and leave it. So far, this has worked relatively well. I have had a few disappointments (items arriving not as described, or not turning up at all) and needed to use eBay's dispute function to claim some money back, but I have not been left out of pocket at any point. J
  5. Import duty is 20% of total shipping charges (ie, item value, plus postage cost, plus additional insurance (if any)). Parcel force will also charge you approx. £10 extra when they pay these duties on your behalf when they receive the item from customs. A while back I bought an OW watch from the states. It cost me £240 on the website, plus another £40 to ship. Thankfully the distributor wrote up the value on customs declaration as only £200 total so I just had to pay £40 duties (plus ParcelFroce additions). Not great, but not as bad as it could have been. I might have in incoming from Canada, never shipped from there before so no idea what ro expect... J
  6. Watch or strap? Watch came from Time-Design, the strap is a Hirsch that was bought from my local jewellers. Hope this helps, J
  7. I bought this specifically for the warmer months - it fits perfectly on a variety of colourful NATO straps that I have knocking about, and the dial is just easier to read in brighter lights. Roll in summer :-) J
  8. I will always be wearing the watch I post on the forum thread. Sometimes it is a wrist shot. Sometimes, if I have the time, I will take the watch off, choose a decent background to show it off to its best, photograph it, upload to Flikr and then put it back on my wrist. And there is will stay for a respectable amount of time. In some posts I have used my old images, by these are to support another thread, never a "what are you wearing" thread. J
  9. I like it. I've got something similar in a tan colour that goes very well with my Zeno Explorer. It's a great, retro look... J
  10. Keeping the military aesthetic today... J
  11. Ups - loving the warmer (but not hot/sweaty) spring sunshine and a new Speedbird is enjoying the sun too :-) Downs - a really, really good deal, and potential grail, off eBay turned out to be a dud, and I'm now having to go through the dance to get my cash back. Live and learn... J
  12. Where I live, we have three independent jewellers/watch shops. The first sell all sorts - midrange watches (few of which interest me), cameras, telescopes etc, but they do have a very good range of staps, and I have bought these from them a few times. The second has a door-bell system and a security guard/gorilla/bouncer hovering just inside; if you're not dressed in a suit and tie and if your chauffeur has not just dropped you off then you aren't getting in! The there is my shop of choice. They have a resident watch repairer who is always happy to come out from his cave below stairs and discuss my servicing/repair needs. The main team is a father/som combo who I am now on first name terms with (son has just had his first son too and I always ask how long until I see him manning the till...). It's good to keep business local, even if they do charge a few percent more that "official" ADs J
  13. Ditto for me, J
  14. It will be the military aesthetic for me today I think. I hope to chop and change between this trio, perhaps change their straps about too... J
  15. Very nice, and some great photos to show it off at its best. Enjoy! J