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  1. Retainers and preferences.

    Leather is my favourite. As many of you know, I make a lot of my own strap and this style is the version I currently favour Points to note: First, this particular one is a work in progress so the edges are not burnished. Yet. Second, just the one buckle hole. I have measured many different straps that fit/don’t fit and know exactly where to put it. I have also found that I can tweak the final fit with different buckles if I able to. Third, just the one, wide, retainer. One thing I can’t cope with is seeing the tail of the strap peeking around the side of my wrist when I check the time. So, I trim the tail end short and then fit the retainer a little further from the buckle than usual. This way it is easier to tuck the tail through it and the shorter tail length means I don’t see it. The “wide” retainer is actually only about 4mm wide; I have found that this width is a happy medium between being easy to sew in place, yet slender enough to blend in with the aesthetics of the strap/watch combo. Happy days. J
  2. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Very generous, enjoy! J
  3. The fine line between big and too big is 1mm

    Similar for me. My Steinhart is 39mm and that is really about as big as I can go. I’ve tried several 40mm and 41mm watches from a variety of manufacturers and they look, and feel, massive in me. I’ve either sold them on or, if they were tried on in the shop, I chose not to buy. My sweet spot is 36-38mm. J
  4. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    My favourite this week J
  5. Display Backs

    Probably my favourite in my collection J
  6. Time squared? Incoming.

    Definitely stands out! I like the chunkyness of the bolted sandwich case and how that plays off against the more refined and subtle recessed dial markers. Hope you enjoy J
  7. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    This was with me poolside for today, it would be rude not to give my latest incoming a trial run... Being bought pre-owned I was a little dubious about giving it a dunking without getting an independent waterproofing test first. However, the previous owner assured me that he used it for several 28m deep scuba dives himself (someone actually using a diving watch for real diving!) so my mind was out at ease. J
  8. A Cheeky Incoming...

    I spotted this over the weekend on the CW forum. Looked in good nick and a fair price. Postie delivers... In the flesh, and all is good. Very good! Christopher Ward Trident Pro 300. 38mm diameter, quartz movement. It came with all boxes and papers and the previous owner has definitely taken good care of it not a mark anywhere! It actually came in a NATO Strap (CW’s version of the Bond colour scheme) but I have now swapped it into a CW bracelet. Yes, that’s right, I have gone for metal! Now, I like the NATO, but we have our swimming session again tomorrow and it seems a good chance to test it. And it is Quartz Wednesday after all ;-) What I like most though is how the second hand hits all the marks, all the way around. Yes, every last one. You can’t complain about that! And a wrist shot I doubt it will ever fully take over as my default quartz swimmer, but it will do for the time being. J
  9. Watch Movement Choices...?

    As many of you know I am in the process of trying to build myself a “kit” watch - case, dial and hand set has been ordered, I have leather for the strap but I need a movement. The seller that I bought the case from was quite explicit that it was designed specifically for an ETA2836-2 movement, ie the internal diameter and depth of the case is correct for this movement and not the slightly slimmer 2824. I’ve been doing a bit of digging about and have noted that the Sellita SW220 and Seagull 2100 seem to have the same dimensions and specs. Most sellers of these units claim that they are direct replacements and similar in every way.... But are they? Part of me is keen to get the ETA because, to me, I perceive it to be more reliable, trustworthy and better quality. However, costs of the various units mentioned above vary from £70ish for a Seagull imported from Hong Kong, to £400+ for a top grade, Swiss ETA. Im after something with decent timekeeping and easy for local jewellers to service as and when it needs. Thoughts and comments please. J
  10. Tactics

    Most of mine get delivered to work during term time. No one there complains, but I do get the girls in the office trying to hide the occasional delivery from time to time... In the school holidays I can “risk” a delivery to home. I usually stash all the packaging and boxes away somewhere and wear the watch on and off until I am convinced that it is all legitimate and above board (if bought pre-owned) or that I am otherwise happy with it. I keep all my watch boxes out of sight anyway (I like to have them, but don’t like the clutter!) so adding another box to the hoard in the attic is no sweat. If I get a question of, “Which watch is that you have on today?” I give the reply that it is one I have had “for a while”. Techincally that is true, no definition of how long a “while” is... Simples. J
  11. how many is enogh

    I’m tying to stick to eleven. My watch box can hold ten (4 automatics on winders and a further 6 in the lower tray) and I can have another in my wrist. Unfortunately I have about double that number right now so will need a purge (keep your eyes in the sales section, Chaps...) J
  12. Latest incoming

    Lovely. Hope you enjoy it! J
  13. Box and Papers

    A receipt of resent service is most important to me when considering paperwork. Without that I rarely consider buying. Aside from that, the more extra paperwork I can get the better but is not a deal breaker if I don’t have the “original” sales receipt. I also usually try to source a box as close as I can to the original if it comes without one. J
  14. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    Old pic, but this will be with me today J
  15. Sunday Young-Guns (pre1990)

    It will be this one when I get up J

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