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  1. At the moment I am definitely "Lite". However, every day I learn something new, and I love this part of the hobby. Give me enough time and I'll get into more "serious" grounds... J
  2. Ups - I have had the pleasure to try on more watches in the last couple of days that I have ever tried before. It has also been quite fun to haggle and bargain with various shops and dealers, content in the fact that I will buy for the right price and all the balls are pretty much in my court. The problem (all be it a happy problem to have) is to decide which one to treat myself to... Downs - which ever watch I decide on must be "the one" or else I will be hankering after the others... Bummer. J
  3. Thank you for the support and advice, Chaps. I was able to get into town today and try (re-try) a few from the list above on; Black Bay 36, a full sized Black Bay, and a re-try of the Oris 65. The full sized BB totally swamped me and, as far as I now, it is the only version available with the inhouse movement. To be honest though, inhouse or ETA does not really bother me that much, I would rather go for something that fits comfortably and suits my wrist. If I have to "sacrifice" the movement and go for the smaller size then, for me, it is a no brainier. Anyway, my Prince has the ETA, is probably the most accurate of my watches and should be relatively cheap/easy to service (recent events not withstanding!) The Oris was a similar problem. Although its case is thinner than the BB block it still wore big on the wrist. Bummer, I was hypnotised by the blue dial! I was not able to try a vintage Datejust. As I think about it though, this option is slipping down the list; whatever I choose I want to be my favourite wear, if not my daily wear. I want this buy to be special, and I want to enjoy it as often as I can. After all, I think I deserve it! The Datejust is less likely to fit in with my daily life than the others. I am thinking it will be a bit too dressy, less reliable and more fragile? Scott, your comment on pricing in the cost of a service is taken in board! So, Black Bay 36 is still top. I need to try a Speedy Reduced and the Sinn back to back next... J
  4. I'm starting the weekend with this combo Have a great weekend everyone :-) J
  5. It is certainly a beautiful piece, and within budget In fact, I did have one on the wrist just last weekend but, although it is the same 41mm diameter as the Sinn, it seemed to wear much bigger/taller and swamped my wrist. It is not totally ruled out, but I will try to arrange to try both at the same time in a couple of weeks J
  6. If I had saved the loot and had something special and particular in mind than I would wait. It would be torture, but if it really was that special then it would be worth it. J
  7. I feel the need to celebrate. I've just secured a new job with a significant promotion and I have a semi-significant birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. Also, I'm hoping to sell on a few watches to further boost the funds. All in all, I plan to drop around 1K on something a bit special as a treat to myself. If the sales go well, and if I add another couple of items in, I might be able to add half of that again... So, the options. Top of the list will be a Tudor Black Bay 36. That will be right at the very, very top of my budget (I'll probably have to buy new as they are about as common as rocking-horse poop pre-owned) but the size, quality and aesthetics is also right at the top of my desires. Second will be a Sinn 104 (STSA-I version with no numerals). This will be a bit of an unknown as I rarely go for watches over 40mm, but a colleague of mine wears one and has let me try it for a bit; it's slim profile and relatively short lug length means it wears a lot smaller than I expected. Also, I really love the look of it, and its versatility if I chuck a few different straps on it. Again, I'll probably look at a new buy, or a very, very good pre-owned one, but either will be well within budget. My last two choices will definitely have to be be pre-owned. I'm thinking of either a Speedmaster Reduced, or possibly a vintage Rolex Datejust (ref 1601, blue or champagne dial, stainless and engine turn case/bezel, tan strap...). Thiughts and comments J
  8. I hate hot weather. Hate, hate, despise, loath, detest and then a bit more hating for good measure. Give me ten-below-freezing and a blizzard and I'm as happy as a sand boy. Personally, I prefer a smaller watch on a NATO strap in the heat, it just seems to keep me cooler J
  9. Looks great, very elegant J
  10. This was my wrist wear for most of the day Its been nearly a week since returning from its non-service, but it has been ticking away perfectly. J
  11. A pretty bland week for me, but just one BIG up - I was able to pick up my Tudor Pricce from the jewellers (it was taken in due to a windmilling rotor when hand-winding but I refused the service as they were trying to add loads of "extras" on, see linked thread). It does not windmill any more, and I was not charged a penny! Now, I have no idea exactly what Rolex/Tudor did when they opened it for inspection, or if I can expect the windmilling to start again in the future, but it is getting plenty of wrist time so no need to hand wind so happy days :-) J
  12. My offering (from earlier this morning) to keep me company on the bike J
  13. Fingerprints in crystals. For some reason I can live with minor scratches on my crystals (heaven knows, the acrylic ones in my vintage pieces have enough) and I think they can even add to the charm of an older watch. Likewise for scratches on the case and lugs. Fingerprints just look dirty to me. I wipe them as soon as I see them, even if I'm driving... J
  14. Lovely, clean and simple. I'd go for the 36mm myself, but that is because I have such skinny wrists. Hope you get to enjoy this one :-) J
  15. Quick change of watch, but similar theme of strap Just picked it up from its "service". Thankfully there was no charge as no work was carried out Oddly enough the windmilling rotor issue is no longer there - it now hand winds fine and seems to auto wind well too J