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  1. New Winder And SOTC

    This was the item number: 142060886479 try that J
  2. New Winder And SOTC

    ...and a week or so down the line... All is good. In fact, I am more than a little chuffed with my winder/box. The winder itself functions very well indeed. I have had it running all week in option #3 (2mins rotation clockwise, 6min rest, 2min anti-clockwise, 6min rest, repeat) and my four primary autos have all wound up well. NOTE - I gave them all a minimal wind before installing them in the winder, just enough to set the time/date, and have all but left them there ever since (Black Bay and SuperOcean got a few hours wrist time at the weekend, but that was it!). All four have held a charge, so this setting seems to keep them nicely topped up. Over the next few days I intend to wear one from the four until it flattens and see how much power reserve they actually got. Timekeeping for the four was also remarkable. Over 8 days my Explorer gained a total of 12sec, Black Bay gained 5sec, SuperOcean gained 18sec and my little Tudor Prince gained just 4sec. Happy days :-) It is good to know that I now seem to be able to put each to "rest" for a while, be able to keep it toppped up, and not need to worry excessively about having to re-set the time when I choose to put it on the wrist again. No more fighting screw in crowns! As for the others in the box, they have all been very happy. The 3 manual winders have been easy to grab, wind for a few seconds and pop back in again. Quartz options have, of course, been worry free. Lastly, noise is acceptably low. It is not totally silent, but it is whisper quiet. Bearing in mind it is less than a food from my head when I sleep, and I am generally a light sleeper, it has not woken me. Nor has it excessively bothered me if I have woken from other causes in the night. Yes, I can hear it for the 2min it turns, but this is just a gentle hum, and actually quit calming. Overall, very impressed. I've got a safe, easy maintenance storage unit for not too much cash. J
  3. New arrival.

    Very nice choice. The more I see of the new logo layout, the more I seem to be drawn to it. Enjoy! J
  4. Postman has been.

    Nice one, both of you. Wear and enjoy :-) J
  5. Warranties?

    Christopher Ward do transfer their 5 year warranty to new owners. I have bought a couple of pre-owned CW watches off eBay and have had both their warranties transferred into my name with just a simple phone call to their customer service department. All I needed was the watch serial number and original invoice number. I have also sold on a couple of other CW models and the new owners have been able to transfer the warranty into their names Warranties mentioned have been in relation to any future repairs needed, not their 60 day refund policy. J
  6. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    Ditto. Ive been up close to 20 and just not wearing some of them. I've always promised myself that none of my colllection would languish in their boxes, but that each should get worn and appreciates as often as possible. Better to list some of the excess in the Classifieds/eBay and let someone else enjoy them. J
  7. Customer complaint

    See when his "negative" feedback is left and, if possible, get a time/date stamp for each piece. Try to match it with his working hours in the US and report to his company that he is taking his personal vendettas out in their company time. We have very strong rules for this sort of thing at work, hopefully his workplace does too. J
  8. Confused Help!!

    If you are looking for something purely analogue, then I'd second the above suggestions of Christopher Ward or Steinhart. I have both and they are good watches. If you want digital (or ani-digi) then GShock is good. For CW vs Steinhart, IMHO, I'd say that CW has the lead for overall quality, longer warranty/easier customer services as well as having more original designs. Both manufacturers though use the same type of stainless steel for their cases, both use sapphire crystals with AR coating and both use variants of the same movement. They both also now offer different sizes for some models (38/42mm for CW and 39/42-43mm for Steinhart) as well as some choice of aluminium and ceramic for their diver bezels. However, comparing my Ocean One to my Trident C60 600 (Vintage Version) , the Trident has the better made strap and bezel. The clasp on the Ocean One feels comparatively tinny and rattily and likewise for the bezel. Don't get me wrong, it is still good, but not as good as the CW versions. But, saying that, new prices for a Trident a chunk more than for a new Ocean One. Pays your money, takes your choice...? So, if cost is your ultimate factor, go for an Ocean 1 with aluminium bezel, or scour eBay for a pre-owned Trident (there are plenty out there and warranties can be transferred into your own name for peace of mind). Or, wait for another CW sale and pick one up there? If you need time to make a decision, then save a bit more cash and go for a new Trident. CW have a boutique in London where you can make an appointment and view their range, might be a nice day out to tempt you? J
  9. The Tutor Black Bay Heritage Fabric Strap is.....

    My 36mm came with the grey cameo version (original owner had sold on the original bracelet) so that is what I started wearing it on. True, it's not a true NATO, but it will still do some of what the original straps were meant to do, i.e., keep your watch on your wrist if a spring bar breaks. Actually, I quite like my NATO. I do have small wrists and I find it a useful size for me - I can go a hole up or down on my regular size if my wrists swell/shrink over the course of a day. The buckle is good enough and does exactly what it is meant to. No, it is not as hefty or as robust as the leather straps, or the bracelet, but I happily wear it when I need something that is comfortable and will not be fazed by getting wet. J
  10. Starting today with this one The love affair continues... J
  11. Breitling on strap or bracelet?

    I flip and flop between a mesh and black leather on mine - mesh for smarter tims, black leather for more relaxed Sometimes even a brown strap too... J
  12. Steinhart 39mm

    True snowflakes, no two are the same... Northern Lapland, February 2012. Air temperature was about -45C, not including windchill. In the UK, when you breath out on a cold day you see "steam". In these temperatures the water vapour in your breath crystallises instantly and you breath out snowflakes. It is utterly beautiful :-) This pic was a closeup on my jacket, no photoshopping. Frostbite sucks though, take it from me... J
  13. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Taking Her Ladyship out for the evening, a "Fawlty Towers" dinner. Time for a change I think I'll try not to mention any aggressive conflicts between nations with differing political views ;-) J
  14. Incoming prize

    Nice one! Congrats to both you and our host :-) J
  15. Inebriated Incoming

    Some of my best buys were under the affluence of incahol, but my preferred intake is Merlot/Scotch. One example... J

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