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  1. Swim training I think. I know my watch of choice (GShock) will be waterproof, but I also know the chlorine is pretty unfriendly to its plastic strap and case. Also plenty of hard pool sides to knock it on. J
  2. Oh really! Call that a challenge? Nothing could be more simple... One of a kind, no other in the world like it, totally unique. All made by my own fair hand ;-) Hope that still counts? J
  3. To me they are a good enough watch - good size for me, can be dressed up or down with a simple strap switch, and seem to have a reliable enough movement in them. Personally though I would go for the 033 and a black face, but that is my choice on aesthetics and not to do with your suggested seller. As for the seller, having two listed outlets, or two locations for where the watch comes from, does not ring true to me. I'd probably seek another seller, or possibly contact eBay or PayPal in advance and seek their advice on where you stood if the watch went south in a few months...? J
  4. The Rotary is the London Legend ("Sherlock") model, number GS02424/22. Just search for Sherlock Watch and you'll find it. The design had changed a bit over the last couple of years with the seconds sub-dial moving up/down a millimetre or so. J
  5. I'd add these from my collection... Or Or But then I also have my Steinhart Marine, Speedbird and even my O&W M4 and A120 pieces that would probably fall into this category as well. I do seem to prefer older looks, aesthetics and, of course, the smaller sizes of retro pieces. But modern internals and materials, best of both worlds? J
  6. I have a friend's memorial service to attend this morning. Hoping this will be suitable... J
  7. 48:18 is my favoured ratio; did 5,000 miles on it last year as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge. Ok, so Suffolk is not known for its hills, but hey ho! J
  8. Great, always a relief to know that these old things get another lease of life and can be loved again. Enjoy, J
  9. UP - CW Trident arrived a day early over the Easter weekend. Royal Mail does deliver. Occasionally... The watch is a gem and getting a lot of wrist time, mainly thanks to its accuracy. UP - Geting a few more miles in on the bike. Fitness is getting there, health is taking a while longer... UP/DOWN - new term started, back to work. Mixed feelings; the pupils I have are hard work, but work colleagues make it all worth while :-) J
  10. Nike ride done. Showered. Time for a change in wrist wear... Seiko Gen2 on homemade leather bund J
  11. Old pic Im out under pedal power again this morning, hope to get another 50+ mile ride done as part of the build up to the 100mile one planned next month. I'll therefore be sticking to something robust and sweat-proof... J
  12. "...find the right one and enjoy it." Oh, how true! J
  13. Very nice, and a fair bit off your usual taste in "oddity" watches? Good to have variety in the collection though. J
  14. It will look just fine after you've cleaned it up I'm sure. I like the current strap though? J
  15. In desperate need of caffeine today! Im leaving the Trident alone to test its power reserve today so the Marine 38 gets an outing... J