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  1. JimboJames1972

    Reverse Panda Speedy?

    @it’salivejim and everyone else. Yes, I’m sorry too. I do admit that I did dabble, but have given up Appologies if any offence was caused J
  2. JimboJames1972

    Reverse Panda Speedy?

    Some more advice and opinions needed here please... For pretty much as long as I’ve been a member here I have hankered after a specific Sturmanskie 31681 chrono and an Omega Speedmaster Reduced. The Sturmanskie really caught my attention with its reverse panda sub-dials and clean looks, but at 41mm diameter and 14mm or so think I fear it will be way too big for my wrist. On the other hand, the reduced Speedy is a good fit on me (I tried a pair at a watch fair and they sat just about right), but I found the black sub-dials dials looked a bit lost on the black dial. So, a bit of recent browsing and I came across this listing - 222923951370 Speedy Reduced so a good size. Reverse panda sub-dials so nice and clear. The best of both worlds perhaps? I like the dial layout and date option, and the fact that it is auto wind, obviously. I’ve had a good discussion with the seller who has been pretty open and upfront about it. The price is good (I think?) but the lack of box, papers or any recent service does play on my mind a bit. The lack of a bracelet is clearly reflected in the price, but I’d probably end up with it in leather anyway... Thoughts and opinions welcome... J
  3. JimboJames1972

    Another for the collection

    Good choice, everyone needs an SKX at some point in their life. Enjoy! J
  4. JimboJames1972

    Sunday Newbies~ Post 1990

    I think I’ll start with this... J
  5. JimboJames1972

    Saturday 21st April - WRUW

    Lovely weather, time for another training ride; aiming for 100km before lunch... HAGWE J
  6. JimboJames1972

    Funtime Friday.

    Back to the home-build with a ColaReb leather strap, super comfortable! J
  7. JimboJames1972

    Thursday timepieces.

    I’ve been trying this one back on its bracelet; not so good in the hot weather!
  8. JimboJames1972

    Is less more?

    Less definitely is more, here are my two extremes Sterile home-build Explorer homage vs Seiko SNA. One so plain it does not even have a brand logo, the other with all hell breaking loose on the dial.... Don’t get me wrong, the Seiko is a great watch and definitely has its uses, but I know which one gets ten times the wrist time of the other ;-) J
  9. JimboJames1972

    My first custom modded Seiko

    The best mod is the tan leather strap, a fantastic choice in my eyes! J
  10. JimboJames1972

    Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    Not had this on for a while so testing it on a CW leather strap J
  11. JimboJames1972

    A kind thought..........

    Nice that someone considered your tastes and interests when giving a gift. I got a fancy, “hipster” slate cheeseboard from a distant cousin at Christmas a few years back. I can’t do lactose, and therefore rarely consume “decent” cheeses so this was pretty pointless really. Added to that the fact that we have tiles on the roof, not slates, and it was even useless when we lost a few in last winter’s storms... J
  12. JimboJames1972

    I'm back :)

    Always good to see a familiar Avitar and sign-in pop up in the threads. Welcome back! J
  13. ...in a sock, with half a brick to keep it company...? J
  14. Perhaps it looks different in the blue of the water? I’ve heard it can make a difference... J
  15. JimboJames1972

    Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    I saw the black/yellow one of these featured a few days back and that inspired me to give my white/blue version an airing... Looks like I need to set the date right... J

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