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  1. Atlantic Owners Club

    as promised
  2. Atlantic Owners Club

    All pips on the links are rised, i didn't wear it from a long time, have to put it on tomorrow. Will share more pics.
  3. im in , my favorite type of watches
  4. Cleaning Bracelets

    If remove bracelet from watch you can also boil it in water with backing soda. But ultrasonic is the best choice
  5. -1 for nato, zulu is better if thicker but also don't like much, but that Steinhart is great on nato here my 2 cents
  6. JayDeep giveaway

    This seems fun, made this picture in the morning today, wondered where to post it. Well this like the perfect thread.
  7. Watch Styles.....Your Style

    I like diver style and vintagio that style
  8. Hard to use watches.

    Double trouble
  9. Friday watch you wearing?

    Bronze Hornlug
  10. Edges of Leather Straps

    Its not wax.. its like rubber paint as i say you can't put wax on chrome tanned leather, it ain't gonna happen. Than is why such straps are finished with edge cote. Wax is ok with vegetable tan leather, apply wax / saddle soap (glycerine) / or even only wather and then burnish with wood, bone, cloth.... Some literature https://www.leather-moccasins.com/blogs/moccasins-slippers/vegetable-vs-chemical-tanning best explained on this video
  11. Nice watch enjoy it, citizen makes so many cool models. One of my favorite brand is all styles - diver, pilot, classy dress BUT, The echo drive made me laugh so hard :D
  12. Why.

    All of the screws on the Ancon are real functional ofcourse, ones hold the crown gard, other the besel, how come you have this magnificent watch and you don't know basic stuff. Really nice watch by the way. in addition offtopic Ancon is one of the homages of Rare vintage Panerai Mille Metri there are some other microbrands with similar model njoy and one from me moded maranez bangla
  13. Why.

    Breitling screws hold besel indexes which are saparate, i have atlantic similar way. I personaly like screws real or not, give some rugged vision of the watch, if you like big ugly watches . Cheers

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