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  1. vesire

    Friday timepieces

  2. vesire

    Wednesday watch'cha got?

    You just can't start wednesday without an ecozilla or two :D
  3. vesire

    Which SEIKO model you love best

    Now that i had the Sumo i can say that is very lovely watch, the turtle padi is perfect also
  4. vesire

    Tuesday tickers

  5. vesire

    TFI Friday 23.03.18

  6. check this place, have from 12mm, 14..... http://www.watch-band-center.com/shop2/index.php/user/watchstrap/suche/1/ i make straps, but not small and dress
  7. vesire

    Monday 19th March Wristwear

    i laid my hands on a mint ecozilla with adapters, but this baby stayed in a dark place for a long time it seems, needs to charge the battery so i can put it on, finaly :D
  8. Those look very like chinese made, and not by hand, let us know after few months. They are made from few layers thin leather and something in between, you can't expect handmade to look like this for 16gbp. I've dismanteled similar like this, they look good though and can last 1 year perhaps.
  9. vesire

    Budget Thursday

    budget homage build rivet dial and blue hands, mmmm
  10. vesire

    Tuesday timepieces

  11. vesire

    Blue Monday 19-02-2018

    im blue too , da bu deee da bu daaa
  12. vesire

    Tuesday wristwear

    Sumo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. vesire

    Thursday Automatics~8th. February.

    this big boy

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