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  1. Unboxing :)

    If you are interested, there is an in-depth look at this watch here: http://randomfootage.homestead.com/timexmarlin2017.html
  2. 1000 Post Landmark

    Santa is coming early this year! Thank you it's a great price
  3. I use NordVPN. I found it easy to set up with no issues. It lets you choose which country you want the server to be from.
  4. Deal or No Deal

    I am not spamming. I am not the shop owner and nor do I get any affiliate income. I saw what I thought was a good deal and I posted it. The intention was based on a similar post where people were posting deals they had seen on one day of the week.

    Netflix is very good and reliable. I have used Netflix and Amazon Video, and Netflix is definitely better. Ive not tried these but see if any of these codes work on signup: https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/netflix.com#
  6. Deal or No Deal

    I quite enjoy finding deals, although I cant always buy the things that I find! I like the threads where people put up bargains/deals etc so thought I'd put this here. I'm hoping that if any members find any deals (on watches) then just put it up here in case anyone needs that little extra push to buy something else they dont really need!! Anyway, I cam across this deal today - Its a Casio Men's Edifice Watch ERA-600D-1AVUEF from watches2U for £79.99 AFTER you put a CAS79 promo code in. The watch can be found at: https://www.watches2u.com/watches/casio/era-600d-1avuef-mens-edifice-watch.html
  7. Traditional shaving

    @Chromejob I thought it was not too bad an offer - you get a voucher too so 4 replacement blades cost £4. However, I agree in the long term it works out more expensive. Personally I no longer shave. I have a full blown beard going on and just get the edges shaved by a traditional barber with a haircut every fortnight for £6!
  8. Traditional shaving

    I just came across this offer from Gillette. I know its not "traditional" shaving but for anyone that fancies it Gillette are giving away their Fusion 5 Proglide razors (worth £10-£12)You need to pay £2 to cover P&P. Its direct from Gillette: https://www.trygillette.com
  9. The Friday parade~ 3rd November.

    I'm starting to really like this watch. It just seems the right size for me even though it's a quartz!
  10. a couple from my collection,

    Lovely looking watches, especially the top one, I cant put my finger on it but the whole dial just seems to work and its an automatic to boot
  11. Four out - One in!

    A beast of a watch! No wonder the postie was a bit late carrying that! If I had big wrists I'd wear that any day of the week
  12. Well done @niveketak I really wanted to win this but hey ho. Top prize too
  13. What Word Processing Download to Get?

    Open Office and Libre Office are good. Maybe check this link out for a bit of reading up Reviews
  14. Condensation

    It still works, but today I think I've fallen out with it and I dont see the point in spending any money it even if it was my first. Sounds silly as up until now I was fond of it. Its a cheap Ronda movement I think from stuff that I have read and I think I did overpay if I compare it to all the lovely watches I've seen here which are better built and have better movements
  15. Condensation

    I think I am gonna give it a go with the silica and rice thing - then sell it on eBay and get whatever I can for it. I just feel a bit disappointed as it was my first watch and I know now it was a poor choice but I got attached to it. I purchased it from Argento who deal with these brands and have shops too - so i'm guessing I got a bit unlucky with it

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