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  1. just got myself a casio f91-w as id seen loads of reviews on line, and I fell for it , did get an original one with the casio symbol when pressing the right button , but its so much smaller than the you tube videos make it look and as I now need glasses to see tiny stuff , I can bearly make out the lcd display without putting specs on .. ah well only £7 but wish id have bought summat else................todays lesson buy a watch that's easy to read
  2. pen and cufflinks , I'm not sure I'm right here but aren't watches that offer these add on items always naff quality ? I mean c,,mon the watch sells itself if its any good , why would you need to add 2 totally unrelated items
  3. craig12

    Things That Just Aren't The Same

    don't forget alan kilby the deaf wrestler and les kellet , and who can forget dial a disk from a phone boxes , and those telephone a-z files where you pressed r and got w , my all time favourite was the k tel red brush for clothes and the readers digest flimsy record that actually played
  4. craig12

    kit cars

    i had 2 gibern invaders before wish I hadn't sold them , that red ford pop reminds me of old school custom show at Doncaster racecourse and the steel city cruisers , wonderful memories jack up kits , side pipes and metalflake
  5. craig12

    Going "carless"

    I'm getting back into the old cars I'm going to buy a ginetta , so I can buy parts at an old school parts shop , on the other hand I'm getting rid of the 11 plate Octavia and getting an old lexus is200 debt free yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. craig12

    kit cars

    anyone into ginetta cars ? I'm fancying a g32 or g26
  7. while I was bored today I was searching limited edition watches on the cheap and came across the Makita power tools limited edition, sports , I know its only a gimmiky sort of thing and but I do like it , prices are all over the place from £24.95 at some tool shops to past prices on e bay from £35 upwards , its the greeny/aqua face that drew me straight away , I don't have a link , I'm sure someone can help me out please , as I say its not special in anyway just a nice item regards
  8. opinions only , can anyone tell me please which is the higher quality brand in terms of overall build quality , lorus or pulsar , I really struggle with these 2 as a spin off from Seiko which is the better brand ?
  9. craig12

    tissot pr 50 pics

    I cant work this de tomaso brand watch out, is it ok , I bought it about 3 years ago not really knowing if it was low end basic entry level
  10. just a basic question really , how often do you purchase a watch ? I myself really struggle with how to pace purchases , sometimes I feel like bagging an e bay bargain on e bay , sometimes I think save up a bit and don't buy that cheaper piece, I'm dropping into that federico do and don't of don't buy too many cheap watches when you could have a much better piece , if I add up the 3 or 4 watches ive bought plus the Olympic swatch set I'm in it for £240 , I'm sure I could have had a better Seiko piece ch ward or orient for that money , this hobby arghhhhhhh
  11. craig12

    tissot pr 50 pics

    i know im on a very slippery slope , but taking the tissot pr 50 out of the mix , how much fun can you get for under £100 for all 4
  12. craig12

    tissot pr 50 pics

    few more from collection
  13. craig12


  14. craig12


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