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  1. opinions only , can anyone tell me please which is the higher quality brand in terms of overall build quality , lorus or pulsar , I really struggle with these 2 as a spin off from Seiko which is the better brand ?
  2. tissot pr 50 pics

    I cant work this de tomaso brand watch out, is it ok , I bought it about 3 years ago not really knowing if it was low end basic entry level
  3. just a basic question really , how often do you purchase a watch ? I myself really struggle with how to pace purchases , sometimes I feel like bagging an e bay bargain on e bay , sometimes I think save up a bit and don't buy that cheaper piece, I'm dropping into that federico do and don't of don't buy too many cheap watches when you could have a much better piece , if I add up the 3 or 4 watches ive bought plus the Olympic swatch set I'm in it for £240 , I'm sure I could have had a better Seiko piece ch ward or orient for that money , this hobby arghhhhhhh
  4. tissot pr 50 pics

    i know im on a very slippery slope , but taking the tissot pr 50 out of the mix , how much fun can you get for under £100 for all 4
  5. tissot pr 50 pics

    few more from collection
  6. 044.JPG

  7. 046.JPG

  8. 045.JPG

  9. tissot pr 50 pics

    next up is the sekonda everyday which
  10. 038.JPG

  11. 039.JPG

  12. tissot pr 50 pics

    just paid to upgrade photos so will be posting a few from now on , still cant fathom this upside down thing out , but you get the idea my mother bought this i think for my 40th will resize future pics a bit smaller
  13. craig12

    my tissot present from my mum
  14. a tip ive heard

    heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a watch repairer , that if you put lighter fluid in a cup etc and put a vintage watch over the top once the back is removed , the fumes from the lighter fluid lubricates the mechanism in manual wind watches ( it apparently frees and degreases them ) cant vouch for if it works but it sounds logical , maybe worth trying on a none running under £50 piece to try out regards

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