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  1. Friday Fun

    Now that's a whole new level of spelling mistakes waiting to happen.
  2. Friday Fun

    Pharmacy is harder to spell, and wasn't written on the side of the bag as I was writing the post. And drugstore is an Americanism I believe, and ere in the countryside we loik chemists. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  3. Friday Fun

    Down to the chemists for me prescription and now they do the flu jab too! Tree mans lopped some limbs and cut me bush down to the roots. Stew and chips for tea. And the reliable Apeks on the wrist. Lost me badge on the bus though! APEKS-500m by Paul, on Flickr
  4. Wednesday 20th Sept quartz parade

    Prestica PRS-18Q today. PRS-18Q by Paul, on PRS-18Q by Paul, on Flickr
  5. Tuesday 19.09.17

    Mondaine Swiss Railway today with an added forestry commission sized hair at 7. Pfft . Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  6. Distressed strap help (Armida A1)

    I recently had a canvass strap from this guy for our kids Gruppo Vanguard Mk IV. All handmade and will make to your own specifications. https://diaboliqstraps.jimdo.com/ https://diaboliqstraps.jimdo.com/gallery/
  7. Our cat has been shot

    Sadly becoming a regular thing nowadays. These big brave boys shooting defenceless pets, more prevalent now since the loss of the good old fashioned larruping doled out by the local bobby, neighbour, teacher or parent. A board rubber bounced skilfully off my head from 5 foot for talking to the feared white massive plimmsole of Mr Derry the PE teacher across my butt all outlawed. This namby pamby mollycoddeling time out on the step *bs* really boils ma pish. Seems finally the lunatics really have taken over the asylum!!
  8. Seiko Raffle

    MPD still over a week away some more will go around then I would think.
  9. Confused Help!!

    I wouldn't be taking any watch in the region of £500 anywhere near a mountain bike, mechanical, quartz or whatever.
  10. Refurb advice

    IMAG2798-small by Paul, on Flickr There you go buddy.
  11. Gruppo Vanguard Bronze today for me. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  12. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 17-9-17

    Sorry buddy you live in the home of the pork pie there are no downs whatever!
  13. hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum, two incoming in a couple of months? I say it'll be four be New Year and double figures "by this time next year” . It's a steep slippery slope but hell it's good here. Enjoy!!!
  14. Friday!

    Nice strap, great watch! I do love my Gruppo's.

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