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  1. Young Guns (Post - 1990)

    PRS 18Q is the choice of wear today.
  2. Saturday 22nd July watch parade

    Today clad in new black leather strap with proper shaped holes for flat pin (flat buckle pins round strap holes! WHY!???) Gruppo Divemaster D-01N.
  3. Conundrum. New or requiring work?

    So finally found time to try again and get the back off with a bigger nut, came off easily this time revealing a ETA/ESA 955.414 movement that looks in decent nick. Sent for new battery so fingers crossed it works then I'll bang in a new crystal, new strap and Bob's yer Uncle, Fannie's yer Aunt. 2017-20-07-10-56-24 by paul miller, on Flickr
  4. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    A bit of 'Sia' on the wrist today minus the obligatory wig of course.
  5. Thursday Automatics

    So todays choice of watch is the one I left a bid on last week before I purchased the Divemaster. Never expected to win the auction thought I would be pipped to the post in the last few hours. But I did indeed win and here is the: Gruppo Gamma Ascent A-31M . 44mm brushed brass case. Seiko NH 35A automatic hand winding/ hacking movement. Double domed sapphire crystal with sapphire crystal insert to case back. Water resistant to 10ATM. Brown soft leather strap 24x24mm with brass fittings. IMG_20170719_113645 by paul miller, on Flickr IMG_20170719_114331 by paul miller, on Flickr IMG_20170719_115736 by paul miller, on Flickr 2017-20-07-11-50-12 by paul miller, on Flickr
  6. Welcome @ChrisjW may your experience here be a) informative, b) helpful, c) enjoyable and d) not too expensive (as if D's gonna be right... )

    CHRWARD C8-Flyer quartz today. IMG_20170719_142125 by paul miller, on Flickr
  8. Mondaine for me today, whoo whoo all aboard !! IMG_20170718_122248 by paul miller, on Flickr
  9. Quartz convert. .

    @ 44mm dia 47mm lug-lug 12mm deep 22mm strap/bracelet
  10. Quartz convert. .

    Exactly the same as the DiveX is the Apeks, either 200m- 500m - or 1000m @ £78-£91-£97 new! respectively all great VFM in my opinion. Mikes Divestore in the links directory. Great service. https://www.mikesdivestore.com/collections/dive-watches
  11. Watch arrival

    Very nice indeed, enjoy your new timepiece in the sunshine today.
  12. Conundrum. New or requiring work?

    First attempt failed. Quick clean up before attempt #2 . You will come off! You will come off! You will come off! IMG_20170717_120801 by paul miller, on Flickr
  13. Conundrum. New or requiring work?

    With a case back that seems welded on sometimes extreme measures are warranted.
  14. Conundrum. New or requiring work?

    Will try it after lunch, the only problem I can forsee is that the center of the watchback is quite heavily embossed right under the nut and the glue may not have taken. Will post a picture either way.
  15. Conundrum. New or requiring work?

    I have two requiring work atm one will be off on its holidays soon too sunny Eastbourne hopefully, new movement required but decent enough watch to warrant it being done by someone more experienced than myself. The other just waiting for the glue to dry on the nut I've stuck on the back so I can open it and have a look if I can do it myself or not bother with. IMG_20170717_103023 by paul miller, on Flickr