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  1. brummie1875


    Congratulations to @bridgeman and thank you to all that entered. Many thanks to @Roy and all those that make this forum an enjoyable place to be.
  2. brummie1875


    Giveaway Winners [[Template raffles/front/view/memberRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]  
  3. brummie1875

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    This today, old picture though. GG Chrononaut by Paul, on Flickr
  4. Congratulations @chris l and many thanks to @Roy for putting up another great prize in another fund raising raffle.
  5. brummie1875

    New Arrival

    And very nice too, enjoy your new time teller.
  6. brummie1875

    Friday's here again...

    Spork today. Seiko Spork. by Paul, on Flickr Seiko Spork. by Paul, on Flickr HAGWE.
  7. brummie1875

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    This today. RLT by Paul, on Flickr RLT by Paul, on Flickr DSC_1018 by Paul, on Flickr
  8. brummie1875

    Fresh in today

    What a beauty! Congratulations on your new timepiece purchase.
  9. brummie1875

    Monday wrist attire

    This today for me. CWC RN DIVER MkII by Paul, on Flickr
  10. brummie1875


    Of course you can.
  11. brummie1875

    Roger's Great 15000 Post Giveaway.

    Now now @Roger the Dodger and @Davey P we don't want this turning into this kind of gang warfare do we?
  12. brummie1875

    Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990) 17/06/18

    Sunday's pick from the dwindling box of delights. PRS 18Q COSC by Paul, on Flickr PRS 18Q COSC by Paul, on Flickr
  13. brummie1875

    New Arrival - Great Scott!

    Another good looking Casio retro. Nice buy! '85' The year I got married. I think the watch will have a longer partnership but probably be less calculating than my ex.
  14. brummie1875

    Saturday attire

    Saturdays choice. GRUPPO GAMMA CHRONONAUT. by Paul, on Flickr
  15. brummie1875


    Have a nice relaxing break.

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