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  1. No worries @Leberkäse the link I posted in "Snipers Day Off " will take you to a wealth of old Argos catalogue's that go back to 1973 and though your watch may not be in there it gives you a general idea of the styles of the day. Cheers <--- Link
  2. The 12 and 6 look legit for period to me. Similar in style to recently acquired Smiths below from 1973.
  3. Apeks 500m for my wrist today.
  4. Fishing reel with attached thimble for when taking hooks out?????? Maybe?
  5. After receiving both watches on Wednesday morning setting and taking a few pictures I have been checking randomly and noting the time displayed without anymore winding of the Astralon . It stopped at 05:44 this morning as shown when I checked at 12:01pm today. Measured around 42 hours without the advantage of more sophisticated timing equipment is this a good reserve?
  6. Oh no! I need to avert mine eyes from this bronze brace of delight, both fantastic looking watches IMO but do I really need more bronze distractions in my box? YES of course I do !!!
  7. RLT 77 Spork for me, today sporting yet another strap the Timefactors RAF NATO with deployant clasp.
  8. Tis I here, waiting, always waiting, normally for the postie but here it was for my sons postie before he Bu**#$ed off to Oz.
  9. Try here @Always"watching" there are many to browse. Full screen options, zoom in , flick though the pages.
  10. See that's another snippet of information that will be stored upstairs for the future, it's great here. Cheers @Karrusel.
  11. Ahh I love the knowledge on this fine forum, learning new things every day. 'BRILLIANT '!! Thanks
  12. End of a Thimble?
  13. It appears @Always"watching" that the movement in this watch is made by the 'Agon Watch Corp' which I believe is also the same maker of the Tissot version, interestingly though the case back is also marked inside 'Agon Chromatic Watch Corp' which makes me wonder whether only the dial was Smiths? When zooming in on the pictures of the dial I noticed that either side of the 6 position just above the first markers is the letter 'T' , does anyone know why? Cheers
  14. All products have FREE worldwide shipping via DHL express.. Customs taxes and duties may apply to shipments and Ventus will not be responsible for these fees.
  15. I quiet like the Caspian Vintage and the Type B and with the Seiko movement the same as the Gerlach Submarine it is tempting to say the least.