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  1. Robden

    New trend?????

    "Oh for God's/Allah's sake!" I thought that we were a Christian country? So when I go to a predominately Muslim country, will they not mention Allah, in case they offend me?..................Yeah right.
  2. Robden

    New trend?????

    Quite right Streety. I tried driving on the right the other day..............it's bloody dangerous. (I'll get my coat on the way out.)
  3. Robden

    Looks good from behind !!

    Close Alan..........but no cigar.
  4. Robden

    Looks good from behind !!

    Nope! Nothing come close yet, to the above.
  5. Robden

    New trend?????

    Is this a new thing? I've noticed that a lot of companies are now using a different date format, like this. 2018-05-25. If so, why?
  6. Robden

    Looks good from behind !!

    And the winner is.............................
  7. Robden

    Five forgotten watches

    Not saying you M'lady but us old f&rts do forget things which can work in our favour. Bought a watch years ago, forgot about it, find it and it's like a new one for the collection. Also we can re-watch films that we've forgotten about. The best thing though is, I forgot that I said I wouldn't buy anymore.
  8. Robden

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    Hamilton KhAKi auto?
  9. Robden

    A new watch on the way...

    Strange. I seem to remember someone (not a million miles from here) saying, "I don't like Tridents or diver style watches." Funny old world....innit.
  10. I have some 'hummers' but this is still one of my favourites.
  11. Robden

    Beater Arrived

    That's a good looker. Have you a model number for that please?
  12. Robden

    A first for me... New arrival

    "Apres moi le deluge" M'lady, as Del would have said, had he been a Seiko 5. Looking good and feeling good (?). Enjoy.
  13. Robden

    What is/was this???

    @WRENCH "Hey Wrenchy!" Could that be, one of them there prehistoric Haggis' (haggi)?
  14. Robden

    Is it just me?.....

    Okay here as well. Running an Acer lappy with Chrome.

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