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  1. These are excellent. Great (blue) lume. Note the fit between the bezel and the case.
  2. I thought import duty was 20%. It must be down to luck. I've had a few from Creation via DHL (Don't Hurry Lads) and despite costing between £70 and £350, the most they asked for was £3.33. I've had to pay £40 for (?) from the States. Three from Japan for nowt.
  3. Citizen by far.
  4. Given two identical watches but only one has a presentation engraving on the back, I know that some collectors will choose the engraved one because of the provenance.
  5. A bit of sparkle today.
  6. I totally agree! Roger, you are going to have to mess with his head. When he is there, take any visitors for a looksee.
  7. You're welcome.
  8. Here you go @Denzil Cook I couldn't be arsed to write it out so I took a photo.
  9. Time to sell to 'Johnny Foreigner' methinks.
  10. Can't say I'm impressed with either. Especially the fit between the bezel and could nearly drive a bus through there. Surely they could do better, like the lowly Citizen. Can't even get a fag paper through. I know, I've tried and it turns as smooth as silk. All imho of course.
  11. Old photo but this today, to match my eyes, after last night.
  12. And the logo where it should be.