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  1. Young Guns (Post - 1990)

    CW. C7 Rapide Chrono' v-390.
  2. I have approximately 40 watches but the only one I am scared wary of wearing is this 1976 (January) Citizen GX Cosmotron hummer. The reason being is that I often forget to remove my watch when doing anything that could harm it. This has the original, unmarked faceted crystal and I don't want to scratch or chip it. I think it could prove to be very hard to replace it. I'll man-up and show mine. Will you then show yours?
  3. Schaumburg Watches

    Reason......not needed. Just not my taste and nothing that can not be seen (or similar) elsewhere. If you like them, then great. That's what matters.
  4. Schaumburg Watches

    +1. In fact, I actually read it as that, at first glance.
  5. Schaumburg Watches

    I am very easily impressed. I had a look but not impressed at all..........sorry.
  6. Saturday 22nd July watch parade

    Well! That didn't last long (poxy weather). All change to match the sky.............grey. Oh! Oh! Looks like it may have to be a "diver" anytime soon.
  7. Saturday 22nd July watch parade

    Sunny start to the day here (at the moment) so a sunny watch to start.
  8. Ever had to replace a watch?

    Morning M'lady. If you're not keen on a watch, you could try to flip it in the classified section or even raffle it for a bit of fun.
  9. SOTC.....CWs

    It jumped out of that vacant gap into someone else's box. I didn't like it.
  10. moped gangs in london

    A friend of mine who's "ex job" as they say, told me that if you carry, say a baseball bat in the car, it can be classed as an offensive weapon. But if you do, make sure you carry a baseball as well. Then you have a legitimate reason to carry the bat.
  11. DC's new Auto.

    Yeah he's good like that deano. When she had a bad back he put a chair by the sink so she could sit down to wash-up......What a guy!
  12. 'Big thank you to Christopher Ward'

    Same pic' as elsewhere but I've become a CW devotee.
  13. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    Lovely photos.
  14. DC's new Auto.

    Like your style Alan. Get the better half new, while you have to put up with the old tat. Such a gent/hero.
  15. SOTC.....CWs

    My Christopher Ward watches so far. The empty space is reserved for the 2017 FLE due November/December..........hopefully.