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  1. Lycra!?! "Ooh! Suit you sir!"
  2. No way..Jay!
  3. I really don't know why I read these threads. I always end up with wet eyes. Over the years I have lost a number of pets and it never gets any easier. Tears were even shed over three chickens. The worse is when you have to make the decision (Three times for me), at least you were spared that. It sounds like she enjoyed her, all too short time with you. Bless you and all the best. Rob....
  4. The end of a rotary file?
  5. It belongs to the winner's watch........Me!! Get in!
  6. Part of a fishing reel? LED bulb? Derailleur Gears
  7. If only you had said earlier.
  8. Hey! @JayDeep, while I'm on a roll, PM me your address and you can have that Rotary pocket watch...........but it will be by snail mail. Well, you did send me that lump of a red anchor. Rob....
  9. Another CW. To brighten up a dull grey wet day,
  10. Very pleased for the "Dodger" and very pleased they've done away with the condom like hour hand. Enjoy.
  11. HHhuummmmmmmmmmmer! Seastar with the cool minute hand adjustment.
  12. Mine are usually fecal errors.
  13. Of course! Cooked with my own fair hands. Methi chicken and pilau rice. MMmmmmmmmm!
  14. A few years ago, a young nephew of mine, shut down his family's computer and was looking very sheepish. Eventually he admitted that he was doing something on it, when up popped a box saying that "You've performed an illegal operation." He then panicked, thinking that the police would be knocking at the door very soon........Bless him!
  15. @Karrusel The font of all knowledge. What am I having for dinner tonight then?