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  1. Compressors

    Yeah, it is a good way of sealing the back.
  2. Compressors

    Right. So are the Vostok Scuba Dudes compressors, because they claim that the crystal fits tighter, the deeper it goes?
  3. Compressors

    What makes a compressor (watch wise)? Is it just the method of the crystal fitting?
  4. George Daniels

    Beg'in your 'umble pardon Sir.
  5. George Daniels

    Didn't he marry Debbie McGee?...........................Sorry! Couldn't resist. Well it sure looks like magic.
  6. Grand Seiko

    Is the above a homage to an earlier Citizen?
  7. New arrival.

    Their bracelets are very good.
  8. Our cat has been shot

    I have sat here for the last ten minutes thinking about it but I really don't know what to say. These people scum (even scum is to good for them) need finding and taking to the local playing field and given a good beating, even break a bone or two. They did this in a village I once lived in and guess what? No more trouble. I don't like to see or even think of an animal in pain. I can't watch these adverts for animal cruelty either. I know it goes on but they just make me so sad. Cats are quite resilient so hopefully he'll be okay. I can only imagine how effing angry you must be feeling. My best thoughts and wishes to you and Diesel. Martin please keep us informed. Especially if you find the "things" that did this.
  9. 50 Years Old This Year !

    Just over but the nearest I've got to 50. 1964.
  10. It's not the Valjoux you desire Rog but you can't go wrong with a Citizen.......just my opinion.......obviously.
  11. Warranties?

    Don't know about after a service but Chris Ward allow the warranty to be transferred.
  12. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    I'm trying to and about to hit the classifieds.
  13. Its Monday WRUW

    Yesterday's photo but this again today.
  14. Confused Help!!

    CW for me. Well it should be.............I have nine of the blighters.

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