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  1. How good are CW watches?

    Nothing wrong with CW. I may have or had one or two............ Oh! Here's some of them.
  2. Things That Just Aren't The Same

    Mars bars seem to be a lot smaller now, as do Durex.
  3. Nope! Moved my one on. For some reason, after the first week, I just couldn't bond with it.
  4. Clay pigeons.

    I've been having some lessons recently (hence no new watches) at my local shooting ground. My tutor has suggested that when I go for a new (to me) gun, he will take me to Mid Wales shooting ground/shop, to tryout a few different guns and see which is the closest fit and won't need too much adjustment. Then have his son, who is a well respected fitter (?) to fine tune it to fit me properly. He also knows that I'm not concerned about the looks or the name of the gun, I just want one that fits and I can hit targets where I aim.
  5. Experiment

    Only three?!? I thought, at least four rounds. Two bacon, one egg and one sausage.
  6. Experiment

    Typical (ex) builder speak. If there's a problem........skim over it. Then no one will see it. If you're up this way Rog, I'll go a couple with ya. .
  7. Experiment

    Just IMHO you see, but I think it's quite amusing. Nothing will come of it though. If they did meet up, I bet they would end up as friends. First day at a new school I had a "row" with another lad. A teacher made us go in the ring after school. The other lad ended up being my best man...years later. Anyway, tried wearing a watch on the right (wrong) wrist for a week. Absolutely hated it.
  8. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    Still the favourite at the moment:
  9. Don't understand why peeps hurl themselves down a mountain on two bits of wood. Anyway, have a wonderful time Davey.
  10. Phenomenal accuracy/CS

    As above, is when wearing it. Re-set the watch two days ago. Not worn but kept it wound.(face up).........now it's +4 secs over two days.
  11. Questions about Eco-Drive?

    Indoor lighting will charge them, no trouble. You could try a RC one. My citizen, I set it to the correct time when I first got it over a year ago, and haven't had to adjust it since. Spends most of the time, in a draw now. Take it out every few months and once it gets the signal it corrects itself. No shaking or winding and no worrying about batteries.
  12. Clay pigeons.

    My local shooting ground said much the same and to include the Miroku MK38.
  13. Who has the best anthem? Ours (England) is such a "dirge" it must get last place...... Shirley.
  14. Pick the One

    Has to be this:
  15. Most Recent Bad Judgement

    @AVO I had the same issue with their FLE so I returned it.

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