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    It's just as well really, Deano. It's given me chance to hire a fork-lift.
  2. Seamaster 300 on leather or rubber ?

    As do most watches.
  3. Seamaster 300 on leather or rubber ?

    Natos and Zuloooooooos are the devil's spawn.
  4. Seamaster 300 on leather or rubber ?

    I am not a Rolex fan boy at all but even I wouldn't put it on a Nato. In fact I would only use a Nato to tie two turds together, to float them out to sea. Even then I'd still feel sorry for the jobbies.

    Had to go out for a few hours. Just got back to find that I've been "red carded!" The relief postie doesn't know the rules about signing it for me and leaving it in the secret place ( You know. Under the bush behind the small wall). The consignment number ends with U S. So it's probably from "The Deep" Thanks Jay @JayDeep. Have to go get it tomorrow now..........if they're open. Bl@@dy post persons don't understand the stress they cause or the sleepless nights.
  6. TBH I don't give a brownish smelly thing. No matter what size, if I like the watch.........end of.
  7. Chr. Ward coupons in the mail

    There are some "chancers" that try selling these on ebay, when all you need do, is put in the code to get the discount.
  8. Oddities. Seiko's "Watch with the dancing hands." Citizen watch where a red light (led) flashes every time the seconds hand passes 12. Tissot/Longines, When setting, seconds hand automatically goes to 12, ready to hack. There are quite a few watches around that do some strange things............not really for improvements but just because they can.
  9. How to wake up a dormant Forum member

    Have a look at their profile to see when they were last active. Maybe in hospital.................or worse. They may have you on "ignore".
  10. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Thou shalt not covet watches, but give them all away.
  11. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Camped out by the letter-box as we speak Jay.
  12. Massive thanks to JayDeep

  13. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    He may run off at the mouth sometimes (often quite amusing though) but this kind of gesture shows what sort of person he really is.
  14. Auto Obsessed!

    Try having a look at the "engineering" of a good quality quartz watch.
  15. How did they know?

    "Whoa!" "Not so hasty dear boy." I think you should consider working longer..................you'll only get bored otherwise. Don't forget, we have a lot of experience at doing this.............it's not easy you know, not going to work everyday.

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