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  1. Correct. "DOH!!" T'was a user problem. SMT was not on auto. Now on auto and all times are correct. This really helped. even has a video step by step for thicko' me. Thanks all.
  2. It's on BST already so should take the readings from that. I'm going by the TWF "". I'll try a couple of the other countries. ETA.....Just tried LA, correct. Moscow, wrong. Tokyo, wrong.
  3. This seems to be my beater at the moment. Keeps spot on time as it should, being RC. However, when I set it to the New York time, it shows a six hour difference instead of five hours. Any ideas as to why?
  4. I think that's the one I sold to mistake. (Meaning I should have kept it). By the time I saw it in the classifieds it was too late.
  5. Not valuable tricks but the quartz Seiko "dancing hands" watch is quite amusing.
  6. Not exactly a "bull head" but more of a "unicorn head".
  7. Old photo. 1964 hummer today.
  8. I think you've said in the past that your max price for a watch for yourself is about £250. So does that mean a £750 watch for the prize?..............Excellent, Davey. Well done for being so generous.
  9. So? Do you eat the outer casing? The mini breakfast pack may be a bit ripe now.
  10. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Personally, I would buy the watch I like the best. Not the name I like the best. Good hunting.
  11. I have a lid for the " goblins toilet sea" as well but being a man........I don't use it.
  12. Trying this today. Strange! Surprisingly comfortable. but strange!
  13. Sinn. Tudor BB, now as common as muck...........almost. The world and his wife want/have one. IMHO. Enjoy whichever one you get. And, congratulations.
  14. Sorry wrong word. Crown...........needed to adjust the hands.
  15. Just had a measure and it may be just over 12mm but as you say it does look more.