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  1. You're "DOOMED" I say, "DOOOOOOOMMMED!!!!!!!! Rob....
  2. Me to usually. Thank you. Just tried at max ISO. Good lume (at last) but quite grainy. I'll try again later but with different ISO settings. Thanks again @gimli Rob....
  3. I'm not into and don't want to get into photography. However, I would like to be able to take a decent lume shot. All I have is a light tent, tripod and a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30. Am I asking too much? If it can be done with the above camera, any idea what the settings need to be on? Many thanks for any help/advice. Rob....
  4. I forgot all about King Arthur.
  5. Forgot about this one.
  6. Ya gotta luv this forum. There are some rum characters here. Some are very quick and some not so quick. Rob....
  7. That's better. I saw the Trem's at (the boxer) Billy Walker's club, "The Uppercut" many moons ago. Silence is Golden was No.2.
  8. Could have been due to the weather as snow was forecast.
  9. Starting with this (CW) then later swap to the new G-Shock with better photo.
  10. Nice one. I like the correct size seconds hand. Shame that the crystal is "doomed" though. Rob....
  11. Hi @deano1956 I felt the same as you TBH. To use food as an analogy, I moan at people who say that they don't like something having never tried it, So I pulled the trigger on one. To be honest, I'm glad I did. Would I get another? Probably in the right combination. Colour of dial, strap/bracelet etc. Rob....
  12. As my signature says. I know now. Also I believe it can be one or three seconds.
  13. Seiko "dancing hands".??
  14. Thought it was about time I got I did. Very pleased so far. I like the size and I like the weight. Reminds me a bit of the @Davey P but with more functions. The only downside (at first) was that it was hard to read the three smaller dials. (Sorry about photos but got visitors about to arrive.) So I was really very pleasantly surprised when I found out, that by getting the wrist angle just right, this happens, for about 3 seconds. So this is just as my signature says. Rob....
  15. Yes. Obviously a man of taste.