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  1. That's why they are called "Parcelfarce".
  2. I agree with Davey.....though it hurts to do so.
  3. Yeah I know. I have the same.
  4. Everyone got theirs? Got mine yesterday. Slight damage to the corner of the outer box. And,,,,,,,,,,,,,not on the strap I ordered. Have emailed customer services and am awaiting their reply.
  5. His get a bit grubby.
  6. I take umbrage to your remark! I'm a right shyster........................ and would never wear that.
  7. Nice gesture @Davey P but count me out, thanks. I can't stand around, winding up these old clock-work things with wheels and stuff inside. That would be time I need to ..............other things. Rob....
  8. 4,124.......I think.
  9. Alan, when Chris said that you were 'special', I think he meant "Special Case ".
  10. "GET IN" Just had an email to say 'on way' via DPD next day.
  11. Never had a problem with Imgu but I still use this one the most.
  12. 4 watch forums, 2 boat forums and a Jaaaag forum. They all give me something to do when I can't sleep.
  13. Noticed a lot of CWs on ebay now. Not a bad idea really. Buy ten or so from the sale, put them on ebay, under the normal price and if they haven't sold within a set time, send them back to CW, under their 60-60 warranty.
  14. Anyone? Yet? Ordered mine on the 11th.