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    You should consider yourselves lucky... The post here only delivers you a ticket/note (they only deliver envelopes or papers) and with it you have to go to the post office and get it. Sometimes you can stay in queue for an hour if you're unlucky...
  2. I get lucky every now and then but not by paying 30$ for something that is worth 500$... Got a nice Zodiac automatic (the half chinese half swiss kind) for 50$. Still don't know how that happened to this day...
  3. Blue Face Watch Options

    Or this one in all blue variant. Both this and he one above are actually within budget. I think they're around 300$ or a tad more if bought from Europe.
  4. Never heard of the brand but bang for buck!

    Why does it say " ETA 2824-2 (11 ½”’) or Sellita SW200 Automatic with date " ? I've seen that before on websites. Which one do you get ? Do you get to chose or just hope that instead of the Sellita you get the proper ETA ?
  5. moped gangs

    Totally agree with that. If the politicians and local administration had some balls then such things would not happen.
  6. Black Friday Thread

    How much is the shipping on watchgecko if outside the UK ? EDIT: Nevermind I found it.
  7. I Noticed

    Usually they have a counterbalance but some don't... I prefer them with a counterbalance to be honest, unless all hands don't have it.
  8. Why no 6R15 outsourced?

    I haven't seen their higher grade stuff in other watches either... I imagine that they want to keep the good stuff for their own watches (branding) and the mass produced cheaper movements for whoever wants them.
  9. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Easy there big fella! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! Green meadows, bunny rabbits running around, skittles rainbow in the sky, lifetime supply of ammunition, etc.
  10. Smiths Astral. Watch strap

    The watch is from the 1950s. I don't think the leather is the original one but I could be wrong... Are you sure it's a V and not a rhombus ? It looks like a rhombus from the first photo. If it's not the original one it's still a vintage strap as it looks to be a few decades old. The crown is also not the genuine one as far as I can tell.
  11. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    I have prepared some suggestions. Just don't let the SJWs see these imperialistic forms of propaganda.
  12. moped gangs

    It also helps to know that if you do bad things and you get caught (and you will get caught as law enforcement and secret services are very efficient here) you end up in here: They probably don't nutritionists and free internet access like in Norway...
  13. Antique watches

    What do you mean by this ? Are you looking specifically at non-functioning/damaged watches in the hopes of buying them and getting them repaired ? As wrench has said you just have to do your research. It should be easy and not necessarily expensive to find parts for Omegas, for example, as there are many out there on the market. Rolex will indeed be more expensive and tricky.
  14. Yes but do take notice that these are asian. I don't know what the quality is to be honest. They're certainly not swiss but perhaps they're not as bad as those thin "fake" amphibia crowns that break easily. https://www.ebay.com/itm/200pcs-Watch-Spare-Crowns-Assorted-Tube-Gasket-Tool-For-Watchmaker-With-Box/132068543820?hash=item1ebfe60d4c:g:o7kAAOSwUKxYfy9Z
  15. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    I like it. He brings an interesting balance around here since most of you are just too courteous. He's a bit explosive like most americans are, yes, but he's the good guy kind. Show respect, get respect. Can't get simpler and better than that. I remember his first posts around here. Boy oh boy! It's as if the leader of the chess club and the crazy frat guy met.
  16. moped gangs

    Don't forget about relaxed and lame laws/rules. I'm sure you have plenty of those...
  17. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Why @JayDeep why ? Did you do something bad and now making amends or something ? Very nice gift... That is a great watch in all aspects!
  18. moped gangs

    I've seen quite a lot of dashcam type videos of these idiots on mopeds and what I find striking is that sometimes they disobey basic traffic rules and don't have license plates (huge red flag??) and they just go by the police and the police does nothing to them. That is pathetic! If they did that here they'd get chased down or something no questions asked...
  19. Tudor reborn......

    The bracelet alone is 600GBP ???
  20. Quartz & alignment issues

    In some cases the misaligned seconds hand can be re-aligned. You just remove it and re-install it again by making it align with the markers. I've had quartzes that are aligned and quartzes that are not aligned but the ones that were aligned were higher quality Swiss... It's annoying but as I said, can be fixed. I'm not gonna post a pic of a pretty cheap 1970s Seiko that I got sometime ago that still hits all the marks as I don't want to piss you off...
  21. I think cousinsUK will have the right size crown but I'm not sure if the exact model is available. Since it's an asian made watch you could also try chinese watch part retailers. You can get 50-100 various crowns for 5-10$ or so... Or maybe get it to a watchmaker and see if they have one that is similar.
  22. Who made this?

    Well one of the hallmarks is that of Britain. The other 2 should tell us the period, maker and/or city of production but I don't know what they are. (google the hallmarks and you should find them) The movement is a verge fusee type. All I know.
  23. Vintage? Rotary Valuation

    It is indeed from the 70s... I believe we're not allowed to give valuations here but at first glance, in it's current state, it'll be under 100GBP.
  24. Who made this?

    I, for one, can't see the photos.
  25. Display Backs

    Wow. You don't get to see glass case backs with chronographs such as this one. Very nice. I would push the buttons and just look at the movement all day long.

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