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  1. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    Vintage Longines are very good watches. In the same league with Omegas as well. The Longines above has wrong hands by the way, not sure if everything else is alright.
  2. It is confession time

    Here's what I do when I work on really small and fragile watch parts that have a habit of jumping around. I place the movement + movement holder inside a transparent plastic ziplock bag. It's a bit more complicated to work the tweezers and screwdriver but if the parts jump around they'll remain in the bag. Alternatively you can slightly puncture the bag with the tweezer tip or screw driver tips for a better grip. If you don't have large enough bags you can use smaller ones or something else that is plastic and transparent and place it OVER the movement while working on it. The parts will no longer jump around or at most will be in the vicinity of the movement (if you do things the right way, that is).
  3. Alignment help

    I don't see anything...
  4. The seconds hand can be aligned with the minute markers by removing it and reinstalling it.
  5. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    Definitely good and beautiful watches. I've seen them go for a tad lower but also higher so...
  6. Lost and Found

    Some people find a lost sock, some find a Tag Heuer...
  7. Send him to the gallows!
  8. Hi everyone!

    Welcome Rob. It's amazing that a magpie joined the forums and we can communicate with it via text messages.
  9. Funny

    My only problem is with the fact that he smashed it with a hammer INSIDE HIS SINK and the watch was also wet which made it even more slippery. Couldn't he had found a freaking rock and really f*** it up with the hammer ?
  10. How good are CW watches?

    CW is a good quality brand because you don't pay as much for the brand like with other, more expensive, watches. So, for the same money, you'll get more out of them than with other brands. They look good and seem to be of solid quality to me.
  11. Omega buckle

    Wish I could help but I'm no expert. See if this info below will help, it's very thorough. https://omegaforums.net/threads/about-omega-buckles.37347/
  12. Omega buckle

    ebay. Careful for fakes and also try to get the correct one for the strap/watch.
  13. Dress watches?

    This is a dress watch. This is NOT. You can wear both on a suit, perhaps, but there's a difference in style and the way they look and what they project. A dress watch is a simple, elegant and subtle watch. Not something that CAN be worn with a suit.
  14. It cant just be me ?

    Most of the time I actually just look at it because I like to see the seconds hand move.
  15. Zenith El Primero 'Pacific'

    Gents, have a look at this beautiful and rare Zenith with a Rainbow Mango dial as it's called. Zenith are well established and they continue to maintain a solid level of craftsmanship. Only had a vintage one so far... Hope I'll get to touch a modern one one day...
  16. I had a chance to buy one like this a few months ago for probably 30-40% of its price and I hesitated...
  17. Tax in the U.K.

    Surely you'll have buyers from Canada and/or the US as well and maybe other parts of the world, right ? Some might be worth selling locally perhaps. On a sidenote @BlueKnight are you by any chance a member of the canadian watch collector forum ? I'd need some help setting up an account. Instead of getting approved it gets deleted for unknown reason.
  18. What watch is it ? Most crystals are cheap though...
  19. Speedy Restoration

    Damn fine job!
  20. Radio Control Glitch

  21. Picture posting

    I too use it on forums because it's easier than the whole "upload attachment" crap that takes far too long. The image copy paste problem is not Windows related but browser related, I believe. I use firefox and it's a known issue with them. Some forums also don't allow copy pasting images so you have to upload it using their attachment option or post image.
  22. Picture posting

    I don't have an account on postimage and there are photos that I've uploaded over a year ago still there...
  23. Picture posting

    I think the photos last longer than 31 days. Does it say that they only keep them for 31 days ? Mine have been kept uploaded for more...
  24. Picture posting

  25. Talking Watches

    Loved the time pieces in the video. Paid no attention to the talking.

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