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  1. Watch Movement Choices...?

    You should be able to find a 2836-2 pre-owned for 50$ or so and new for around 100$ more or less.
  2. The battery is good, yes. I did try and adjust the time but still the same thing. I didn't touch the movement at all but now I have removed the center plate pictured below and everything seems to be in order. I did install the battery without that plate and at times the gears would move but usually it doesn't. I'll try and lubricate it and see if it fixed the problem. I'm just having a hard time reassembling that plate as the gears won't stay in place... Don't worry about it. I'll get it going, eventually.
  3. Hello @simon2 hope you're feeling better, first of all. I have a Seiko with a quartz 8229 movement. It was working fine but I had to strip it all down to clean it and perform some TLC on the case, replace the glass, etc. Now that I have everything finished I placed the battery back into the movement and the seconds hand stutters in place. Am I missing something ?
  4. Gold plating

    I've heard of some folks in Canada that do an amazing job at replating, basically it's as if you had the original plating, but I don't know if they do gold plating as well. I imagine that they do... Unfortunately I don't remember the website name. Be careful who you send your watch to, try to look at their previous projects' photos. I've seen some awful replatings made by some "professionals".
  5. D Hodges '1016' Diver Arrives tomorrow!

    Very nice looking piece. The color of the dial and bezel are spot on. The markers and hands are also very nice. This is a sort of a homage of the vintage Rolex big crown type watches. Wish there was some writing on the lower half of the dial such as Automatic and 200/300m water resistant or so...
  6. Gonna get one of these rare beauties real soon if I'm lucky.
  7. Mondaine watches

    As has been said careful of the size, the quartz models also have smaller crowns (not all of them, just the cheaper ones). They are good quality in my opinion and well worth if you buy the right one. And they look good!
  8. Damn you RWP

    Same here... God this is a little embarrassing... Citizen Orca
  9. Pick me a Seiko

    At this level, you should pick from these 2 watches solely on what you like. Design and aesthetics.
  10. Interesting gizmos

    This "thing"...
  11. Pick me a Seiko

    Come on man! It even has the red white and blue on it for crying out loud...
  12. Bezel Types

    Seiko Bell Matic. Pic off the net as I'm not done with mine. The inner bezel is for the alarm. You charge a separate alarm spring, set the alarm and pull the crown so that it goes into alarm mode and when it goes off it sounds like a couple of mechanical crickets on steroids going off at the same time.
  13. that time of year again

    I don't know at the moment but you can find these for as little as 225-250$ but in Europe they might be a bit more expensive... They seem to be out of stock on a few websites...
  14. Rolex.

    At least it says Rolex on it and not TW STEEL.

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