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  1. Stem and crown

    If you had a small and fine vice you might be able to remove the stem. You can actually drop the crown into a certain substance which melts the stem as it's usually made out of a different material than the crown but I can't remember what it is. Simon will chip in... It might also melt plastics/rubber, not sure.
  2. 5 ATM water resistance
  3. Authenticating a Cartier Tank

    The strap in the photos seems to be Cartier... Can't help you out much but maybe someone bought a genuine Cartier leather strap and buckle for it. At first glance it seems genuine. Many Cartier fakes that have seen have a mistype or two on the back. I managed to find a few watches like yours with a leather strap. Here's one. https://www.watchuwant.com/watches/cartier-mens-tank-francaise-automatic-jumbo-mens-largest-automatic-case-size-stainless-steel By the way, very nice watch!
  4. Rado Captain Cook.

    Now this is the type of watch someone that is a connoisseur and cultured wears! Go buy it! The anchor logo moves and it's a Rado trademark thing. It's just like with their vintage watches. It rotates by gravity.
  5. Gold plating

    Fantastic job. Looks like new!
  6. It could, yes, but usually it's the hands that were not installed properly to hit the markers. I can't say that I've encountered a misprinted dial or a wrong positioning of the dial in relation to the movement, unless we'd be talking about a dial that is glued to the movement (one of those cheap plastic chinese quartzes). When I install the seconds hand on the watch I first position it so that it aligns with the markers, and only afterwards I press it down completely with a tool. They can still move around when you do it but there's no other way. Just finished this a few days ago.
  7. Blasphemy! Best not to spread such information.
  8. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    Vintage Longines are very good watches. In the same league with Omegas as well. The Longines above has wrong hands by the way, not sure if everything else is alright.
  9. It is confession time

    Here's what I do when I work on really small and fragile watch parts that have a habit of jumping around. I place the movement + movement holder inside a transparent plastic ziplock bag. It's a bit more complicated to work the tweezers and screwdriver but if the parts jump around they'll remain in the bag. Alternatively you can slightly puncture the bag with the tweezer tip or screw driver tips for a better grip. If you don't have large enough bags you can use smaller ones or something else that is plastic and transparent and place it OVER the movement while working on it. The parts will no longer jump around or at most will be in the vicinity of the movement (if you do things the right way, that is).
  10. Alignment help

    I don't see anything...
  11. The seconds hand can be aligned with the minute markers by removing it and reinstalling it.
  12. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    Definitely good and beautiful watches. I've seen them go for a tad lower but also higher so...
  13. Lost and Found

    Some people find a lost sock, some find a Tag Heuer...
  14. Send him to the gallows!
  15. Hi everyone!

    Welcome Rob. It's amazing that a magpie joined the forums and we can communicate with it via text messages.

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