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  1. The Trouble With Rubber.

    There are around 2 types of rubber straps. Actual rubber straps (a lot tougher but a bit less elastic) and silicone or silicone made to look/feel like rubber that isn't as strong as genuine rubber and is a lot softer. Some of the latter ones also discolorate. The rubber ones are also more expensive than the silicone ones. I had a Citizen Diver watch (not the cheapest ones...) and it had a heavy duty genuine rubber strap. That thing could probably hold a weight of at least 50-60 kilograms.
  2. I believe I've used 5x and 10x but recently got a 15x loupe. Haven't used it though... Can't afford a quality microscope but I've ordered one of those small 60x pocket microscopes just to check jewel bearings and potential cracks and stuff that can't be seen with a normal loupe.
  3. Montblanc

    Well OK but they're not known for just watches and I would say that out there in the non-WIS world people knows Cartier for jewelry and other accessories.
  4. Montblanc

    There are plenty of brands out there that don't specialize mainly in watches but make really good quality watches. Montblanc is one of them. Cartier is another...
  5. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    34 GBP is quite a lot of money I would say... You can get better quality buckles for 3-5$ from China...
  6. I can't name any of them but they don't look like today's "men"...
  7. Single Crown Compressor info

    What exactly would you like to know ? While technically the compressor and super-compressor type watches were advertised as being diving watches (more or less) and the sole purpose of these types of cases were to withstand more pressure I'd say it was a bit of a marketing gimmick as well since most "diving" watches in the vintage era didn't even have screw down crown unless we're talking about Panerai, Rolex and more expensive brands. Compressors and super compressors were made with both 1 and 2 crowns. In the end, the 2nd crown was simply there to rotate the inner bezel. Some watches didn't have a bezel at all which is kind of necessary when diving... It's true that the iconic model is the one with 2 crowns and an inner rotating bezel (and a screw down crown) but some probably strayed away from the original design. Your watch looks to be indeed a 1970s one and the acrylic crystal is probably genuine... Not sure if some had glass crystals. I had a single crown super compressor and it also had an acrylic crystal but also a screw down case back.
  8. Well I don't know how things are there in the UK but I guess the fastest way for you to get an official confirmation would be to somehow link your case to the police and the Rolex AD. Perhaps go to an AD with someone from law enforcement and have them confirm and hand out a paperwork that the watch is fake as proven by the AD. Might be worth giving a call to the local precinct or something and ask them how would they normally handle such a case and how long it would take.
  9. To be honest I did need something like this a week or so ago but I didn't have a Speedmaster so I had to use the oven's little clock/timer thing (which is not the best)... How do I get the funds to get a speedmaster ?
  10. Longines sub brands - what order?

    I would call these collections or ranges (product range) or series. A Longines sub-brand would be Record watches for example...
  11. A Little Raketa

    Pics don't work for me. Is it this one ?
  12. Camera phone pics

    Beautiful shots! Wish my phone took such photos. Hoping to upgrade soon... But even that one is gonna be a mid-range. Is the first one in the UK ? The colors of the water are giving it a very mediterranean vibe. You didn't mention your phone model. :P
  13. New watch: low power reserve?

    Honestly a power reserve of 43 hours should mean just that. 43 hours of power give or take an hour or so... 38 is too little... The movement of this watch is based on Peseux 7001 which has a PR of 42 hours.
  14. Wow that place is really nice...
  15. Is this pre-owned ? If I got it at a good price I wouldn't mind that thing...

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