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  1. Dial removal...I'm stuck...

    Just out of curiosity is that a genuine Oris dial or some of that indian stuff ? The white etching looks a little iffy but it could be the light and angle and back then Oris wasn't as high quality as nowadays too...
  2. Make a forum post about it with some pics.
  3. If I win I want to service it and put it back up here one day.
  4. Well then... I guess we have quite a lot of romanian members around... Quite impressed by Christoper Ward... Hadn't even heard of them until joining this forum. They're pretty underappreciated.
  5. Wow I just checked a video of this watch because I was intrigued by the "breathing" second hand and I have to admit that that is a very cool idea. I'd actually love to have a watch that is nautical themed and had some of these alternate "contraptions" instead of the classic stuff. Would be nice if there was a watch with even more such features. I actually find it very soothing to watch that disc rotate around, haha. Yeah I guess I'm weird...
  6. Female Approval.

    What about the younger unlucky members ? How must they cope with this lack of female approval ?
  7. Given The Chance......

    Wow, now this is a good and difficult one to answer. I would chose a low or mid level Swiss watch brand and try to come up with our own movements and watches for almost all pockets. Cheaper, mid level, high level, etc. Don't know what brand. Maybe something like Certina, Glycine, Hamilton...
  8. Selling the forum

    @Roy we don't deserve you sir! I bet those guys would have turned it into a terrible thing and most would just leave. What you've built here is truly something to be proud of! Congratulations for that! To you and many other members here. And again I'd like to remind people that there is a really nice watch up for a raffle at the link below made by Roy. It's just 1£ minimum to enter so come on you scallywags!
  9. Dial removal...I'm stuck...

    The plastic ones are good but mostly when working on the case or the movement is inside the case. You can try to work on a movement on a plastic holder especially if you really don't want metal holding against the movement or the dial but often time it's just for light stuff that don't need forcing, pulling, pushing, rotating, etc.
  10. Is this only payable by Paypal ? I'm assuming many people don't have it... Don't know...
  11. Dial removal...I'm stuck...

    Also, when working on a movement, regardless if it has the dial and hands or not, with the dial side down, try to use one of those movement holders. By placing he movement dial side down on wood, metal, even leather like that cushion that you have in the picture you can damage various components such as the center wheel pivot which in some movements is the same one that moves the second hand and is very thin and fragile (not sure if I used the right name for it). They cost less than 5$ and are just as good as the more expensive ones.
  12. Help with identification and data

    I'm not sure if the first one is 140 years old but it could be from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Don't know if it's Swiss or not but it's nothing too special so not very valuable. The movement itself is not that great as far as I know. The 2nd one, the Longines is probably the most valuable of them all and it has a nice art deco vibe. Can't tell the age, especially without the movement but maybe it's 1940s. 3rd one is some unknown obscure swiss watch brand. Again not very valuable. 4th is even less interesting given the fact that it's a russian ladies watch.
  13. You know what.. I wanted to make a reminder thread just for this alone. Is it possible to make some sort of a system where you bump the raffle/thread every day or a few times per week ? I have a feeling some people simple didn't know about it and don't know about the raffle system/button and all...
  14. Venus from the Netherlands

    Huge as in 32-34mm ?