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  1. For me a diving watch (talking minimum 200m WR here) is more of an all-arounder. I don't live in a country surrounded by water, I don't get chased by albanian mobsters somewhere off the coat of Spain nor do I jump out of the helicopter into the Indian Ocean but I do like to know that my watch MIGHT withstand any of these tasks. Oh, and the fact that I COULD (but I don't) shower with it, wash my hands, walk through the rain, etc. Diving watches are also tough and robust and I like that as I see it as a kind of a beater/tool watch. Hit it against a wall, drop it, get some liquid on it and it'll still be fine, more or less. It's like driving a jeep/off-road/SUV. Most people don't actually use such cars on BAD terrain nor do they participate in competitions. They just like the look and feel of it. Then there's added safety and plenty of room to store and transport stuff.
  2. I think it was 2 months or so. Terrible but, hey, it happens...
  3. Oh boy. I would strongly suggest that you NEVER do this again. Maybe you got it going (maybe) but it was just beginner's luck. This can end badly on so many levels. Be more delicate next time and NO MORE rubbing alcohol (if that's what you used) or vacuum cleaner. Also, never blow inside a watch. It contains water/moisture among other things and you don't want that inside a watch. Buy one of these tools. It helps a lot with watches but other items as well.
  4. Venice, Italy ? Watch out for pickpockets and the like. I like that Mido but how big is it ?
  5. Honestly, if I had a limited budget I would actually seek for pre-owned/vintage bargains. You might be surprised what awesome stuff you can snatch, for example, on eBay. Swiss, german, russian, japanese, divers, dress watches, quartz, mechanical, etc. Some are listed as broken or for parts but require a service or a battery change. I'm not criticizing your watches or your tastes. Just offering a potential alternative.
  6. Did it came with a manual ? You might have to sync the digi with the ana manually.
  7. Are you sure that it was successfully demagnetized ? Do you have a compass to test it ?
  8. 1) Never saw a gasket that is different on each side but I won't contest that it's not possible. I would say, most likely, that yours is a standard gasket and can be fitted each way since you said it looks the same on each side. 2) Gaskets should be replaced only if they're damaged or worn out. One should last for quite a few years. I believe the red/green ones are slightly better quality than the standard black ones.
  9. Is the crown the problem or the threaded crown tube attached to the case ? If the problem is with the crown you should be able to simply replace it, right ?
  10. Nice, the Japan model too. Good job!
  11. Are you talking about the dial feet ? The ones that go into the movement and secure the dial in place ? You know they can get soldered... There are ways to do it without damaging the paint on the front too.
  12. You should buy Swiss springbars. I'm not sure if cousins has them but you'll find them on ottofrei/ofrei/esslinger.
  13. Hello and welcome Simon. I like you! Nice collection choice too! Had an identical Omega in gold-plate and date at 3 o'clock.