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  1. First it was the member map, then the country flags... Time to buy some tin foil...
  2. This forum is losing it's homogeneity. Someone call Nigel! No, not @Nigelp. The other one. Welcome Friis.
  3. Look at this beauty. Look at it!
  4. But does it tell the date ? WiFi ? Sorry mate...
  5. Selling more watches to have less ? You, sir, should be hanged in the public square!
  6. Nice "catch. The rubber ball won't work on that type of case back. You're gonna need a better tool for it.
  7. Jesus... Snow hasn't even melted here in Romania...
  8. As I got more into watches I actually diversified my tastes. I like ALL sorts of watch types.
  9. I agree that it's not a vintage watch but 90s or even 2000s... Should be able to tell the date by looking for the release date of that model. Still a nice watch.
  10. I don't like it purely from an aesthetic reason. I honestly believe that most of the modern watches with roman numerals are ugly. There are good looking watches with roman numerals both modern and vintage, but most don't fall into that category. Here are some positive examples of good looking roman numeral watches (in my opinion). Can't copy photos so here's the links.
  11. Not all Rotary watches are Swiss (sadly). They outsource to Asia and produce non-swiss watches as well.
  12. My choice to live in the sea would be that exact Rolex. Does that mean that I can have it once I chose to become one of the new age aquatic humans ?
  13. @jsud2002 You could buy an external HDD. 1TB 2TB 3TB depending on how many photos you have. Just plug it in whenever you have new photos to transfer from the computer and use it for storage. A slightly more complicated way is to permanently connect it to a router/wireless router and just transfer photos from any device you have onto the HDD at any time via Wifi.
  14. Never heard of any glue. The movement in mine wiggles a bit and I'm slightly worried. I believe the small screw in the back, if you open it up, it'll get you access to removing the stem and crown. Afterwards you can use the air method that you talked about but there is also a pretty simple and cheap tool that can remove the crystal.