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  1. Speaking of copies aka f@#es

    I'd be very interested to see some numbers and statistics about fakes (not just watches) in the EU and, maybe even, in the world. Is the number rising ? Decreasing ? Are we winning the war on fakes ? It's sad that people don't realize that watch companies have a lot to suffer and therefore increase their prices or even disappear completely from the business because of fakes...
  2. Vintage Watch Market

    Only if you're selling really rare and high quality/famous brand watches or your prices are a lot lower than the competition. Also, people that buy from vintage watch brick and mortar shops and online stores are getting ripped off badly as their prices are highly inflated not to mention that some lie about the fact that their watches are frankens.
  3. Hi from me!

    Welcome. Love the yellow Breitling and the Seiko.
  4. Raymond Weil Authentication Help

    Did the seller have box and papers at least ?
  5. Raymond Weil Authentication Help

    They make replicas of this model so I guess it could not be legit. FYI jomashop has these for around 700$ and ebay might be a bit lower, probably form grey dealers.
  6. Rolex as a beater?

    In the 90s and maybe even early 2000s there used to be a bit of a "fad" among some people to keep their remotes (of any kind of appliance) in their original plastic bag or sticker wrapper. In their defense these were times when people were just starting to get acquainted to stuff that they had not had before due to communism.
  7. Dropping a Watch

    Check: 1. EVERY INCH of it to see if it is damaged cosmetically 2. check EVERY COMPONENT AND COMPLICATION KNOWN TO MAN AND ANIMAL whether something broke or not Fortunately this has rarely happened.
  8. Rolex as a beater?

    If I could afford a Rolex you're god damned right that I'd wear it around on a daily basis, more or less. Why buy an expensive watch and just hold in the safe (like some people do) ?
  9. Jogging wearing vintage manual watch?

    Short answer is, on the long term, don't do it. In time, things will happen inside the movement and that watch is too precious to do this to it.
  10. copies,are you tempted.

    No fakes! Ever!
  11. Rotary Parts

    You will most likely not find it avialable to buy unless you get it from them as has been said or if you manage to find someone that sells such parts which I doubt. Welcome to the "fun" world of sourcing watch parts.
  12. In all seriousness, watchmakers or people that tinker around with watches (or various other gizmos) should be technologically inclined. RWP I have a feeling you're not that kind of fellow. Just saying... Maybe this is not for you. You also have to have a passion and curiosity for these things. Oh and plenty of patience. I've once disassembled and reassembled the same watch for about 20 times in total until I finally got around to the problem.
  13. Vintage Rolex-What to do ?

    If the cost is not that high I would get it fixed (somewhere where people won't butcher your watch in any way or affect its condition) and then put it up for sale on eBay or chrono24 or something like that. Could try watch forums but you're going to need a few more posts to access that feature. A few pics of the watch would be nice, just for the sake of it.
  14. Christmas irritations

    Perhaps the fact that people seem so happy and joyous about it even though most don't actually feel it for real, they just "get into the spirit" of the holiday.

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