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  1. It doesn't say Panerai or Swiss Made on the dial... No crown guard.. Oh well, it'll do I guess...
  2. Lovely shot.
  3. This right here. It's also worth mentioning that sapphire isn't the best crystal for a watch (watchmakers and marketers try to make it so) just as how hardlex/mineral glass isn't the worst just because you'll find it on cheaper watches. Most people don't know that EACH type of crystal has both upsides and downsides depending on how they're used. Hardlex, sapphire and acrylic crystals have DIFFERENT elasticity rating (very important and often overlooked), scratch rating and cracking/shattering rating. This basically means that each type of glass is suited for certain situations (daily wear, diving, wearing at high-altitude, tool watch prone to get hit by parts, metals, etc.).
  4. Vintage Rolex. Best Rolex.
  5. There are settings in the ebay account options section that help prevent such things such as requiring the buyer to instantly pay once he bought the item or not allowing users to see your listings or buy from you unless they meet certain criteria (positive/negative feedback ratio, country, etc.).
  6. Expensive watches and crappy leaders, just as I expected. *cough* Romania *cough* Shinzo Abe also has a lovely Omega Constellation which he also wore at the Tokyo Olympics (some said it might be related to the fact that Omega was a major sponsor). Putin is a huge Blancpain fan.
  7. The rare Limited Edition Sunflower Citizen...
  8. It can depend on the quality of the watch (materials being used). Also, what is its Water Resistance ?
  9. I actually tried impulse buying in the past few weeks a couple of times and it wasn't well so not for me, especially when you buy pre-owned/vintage watches. (the fact that I might buy from people that aren't always fully honest also doesn't help...)
  10. Just thought I'd mention that you asked this question a few weeks ago.
  11. Improving... Is that your car ? Why do you always wash it ? And where's the f***in snow ??
  12. I'm one of the few that actually prefers the Breitling huh ? The Hublot look like toys to me, Breitling all the way.
  13. Only official military issued watches have the engravings.They were added during production (an order made by the government/ministry of defence). I'm not sure if there are cases of markings being added at a later time but it's a possibility. Although they'd have to have some specific tools to do that and I'm not sure if the armed forces would burden themselves with such thing. There are watches that were ONLY military issued but also watches that were both civilian AND military issued. I'd say yours is the 2nd variant. Basically a vintage diver watch, and a really cool one I might add... Military issued watches are usually quite expensive especially if in good condition.
  14. Does it have engravings on the caseback ? Other than those made by the manufacturer ?