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  1. I like it. I just wish the dial wasn't that deep into the crown... Maybe a tension ring would have been nice.
  2. I am obsessively punctual and try to be always on time.
  3. For those that don't know yet Omega is, sadly, know to do such things and also, when it comes to vintage watches most experienced watch enthusiasts steer clear from them as they often replace many of the original parts for the sake of "servicing a watch".
  4. Sometimes the weight itself is attached to another plate along with all the wheels/bearings so you really should post a picture or at least provide us the movement model.
  5. Wow what a beauty! Can't help you there but I'm hoping someone chimes in. Period should be 1920s I believe...
  6. What are you guys arguing about this time ?
  7. Mathey-Tissot. Amateurs...
  8. Like a Rolex...
  9. Although, unfortunately, ebay is kind of in it on this whole scheme because they make money out of it, I do feel it would be nice if people received little incentives like fee discounts/reductions or vouchers for reporting actual fake items... PS: Yes it's a fake. One can easily tell if they're familiar with Omegas. The guys has over 400 feedback an already 19 bids... Jesus Christ.
  10. Please post a link or item number. I can't find it...
  11. One of the top french brands, especially in the vintage period. You'll find plenty of dress and sports/diver watches from them. Quality is average at most but some look really nice.
  12. Since I'm not entirely sure that it is original (and I'm leaning that here and there it has been refurbished) I would say that the price is more or less good. I will say that such a watch can also fetch 300-400 as well. Omegas sell like crazy, even redialed, frankened or fake ones sadly.
  13. Crown and case are period correct, so is the movement although I wonder if it may have had any parts replaced throughout time. Caseback markings on the inside look a little weird but it could be just bad lighting and/or angle. Dial is redialed I believe, also it could be incorrect for that period. Same goes for the hands...
  14. Pretty much yes, if you have one.