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  1. gimli

    Any help to identify very old watch

    Should be a pretty cheap no-name generic Swiss contract brand. Age is perhaps 1920s-1930s...
  2. gimli

    Oi Oi

    I did not read this. Welcome Liam.
  3. Your MONTBLANC Timewalker ? You mean OUR MONTBLANC Timewalker... Sir this is a close-knit community. We share (almost) everything between... Some might say that we're just a bunch of communists but they're just a bunch of envious hating fascists. Now who wants to swap their Omega for a plastic Casio ?
  4. The italians have always had a very strong and rich watch wearing culture. Very nice. Except for that one loser with the Timex...
  5. gimli

    great talkingwatches - Beyer

    Is that a (pretty) cheap Mondaine quartz ? Time to completely disregard this individual...
  6. gimli


  7. CousinsUK has some 19mm straps of various qualities.
  8. gimli

    It’s about time I bought a camera.

    Best simplest/cheapest route is to get a good pro point and shoot compact camera. Here's a few suggestions. Sony HX90V, Sony RX100 series (goes from I to VI or so... these are considered the best point and shoot/compact cameras out there), Canon G series (G9, G7, etc.), Panasonix Lumix TZ series (also considered very good). If you know a bit about photography and you seem like you do, you'll be able to take really good photos with all of these cameras above. I believe they all shoot RAW and they all have manual controls for setting apperture, shutter speed, etc. If you have a budget of at least 300 GBP I'll suggest the Sony RX series, then Panasonic, then the Canon ones. Canon ones are great but they offer less for the money than the other two, sadly... Obviously you can go the DSLR route but that means buying a lot of types of lenses and switching them around all the time which I find annoying and unnecessary nowadays...
  9. gimli

    This day in history.

    Very beautiful building. Do authorities rebuild various landmarks in Britain or are they left as history "left" them ? Would be interesting to see it the way it used to be but I guess that would be pretty expensive and, maybe, counterproductive. Although I'm not a religious person I think that modern churches are so boring and bland as opposed to the old ones...
  10. gimli

    PSA -- Victorinox

    What kind of a website is that where you're not allowed access unless you make an account ?
  11. It could be possible to stay below 1000 GBP but I'm not aware of Swiss watches with PR or I just can't remember any at the moment. It's the japanese that usually like PR indicators...
  12. gimli

    New Arrival - Great Scott!

    Are you sure you have your dates checked ? 1985 is going to be two years from now. How could you get a watch that hasn't been produced yet ?
  13. gimli

    1915 Zenith

    A piece of history right there... Lovely.
  14. gimli

    Small winding wheel.

    Well you're going to have to tell us the caliber/movement first and foremost. I would say that some of them are interchangeable (probably by chance) but you'd have to have a couple of gears in front of you and just test them out one by one. Often the same manufacturer would produce the same part for various other entities.
  15. gimli

    Zenith, which colour?

    Blue because it matches the moonphase and the indexes which are also blueish (?).

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