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  1. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    I would really like to see this kind of watch in 10 years or so. I'll gain a bit of patina and will look even better if you ask me. The dial, hands and markers are too shiny for me, now, but it'll look very nice later on.
  2. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    Very nice. It's like a cheaper vintage reissue of the bigger brands (Longines Heritage).
  3. Hello from a Newbi

    Why that specific Michael ? Welcome, by the way!
  4. The Worst Abuse......

    The worst abuse is seeing (rich) people with nice watches not fully appreciating their time pieces.
  5. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    I agree that I like WR to be as high as possible and that 100m (non-screw down crown necessary) should be some sort of a standard but people don't know that 30m doesn't mean s**t and that in reality 30m isn't an actual WR of 30meters depth of water. Professional divers often go for obscure but expensive and highly experienced in the field watch brands. Many use digital watches or diving computers as they're called. G-shocks, seikos, deep blues, suuntos, etc. Oris made some LEs with some diver dude Carlos Coste. Very awesome...
  6. Saw this when someone here posted it. Very cool idea. I've actually seen this before on some really expensive and rare 50s or so watches but can't remember what it was. The seconds hand is the circle that "breaths". Turns blue and white non-stop.
  7. Testing for waterproofing

    Photography ? Or maybe he's into rocks...
  8. Watch Rental

    I was thinking that you just pay to rent it and if scuffs and marks are discovered you get to pay for those (which would probably range in the hundreds for a Rolex...) but yeah an insurance fee sounds good as well...
  9. Watch Rental

    Sounds interesting... You'd have to sign a form or something so you can pay for any damage that you incur to a watch. I do see this as working, mostly, with expensive or popular watches... 50 pounds for a day with a Rolex on your wrist ? Maybe even more ?
  10. I think that there's a standard shape/curve based on the lug width. There are probably exceptions out there, as well, perhaps. They also sell curved spring bars and I don't think that there's a stated curvature... Just the final width of the lugs.
  11. Zodiac Anyone?

    We better alert the Patent Office!
  12. In regards to servicing the movement. Normally one would have to use a couple of types of lubricants to do it right. If you want to keep it simple I would advise you to use both an oil but also some sort of grease/lubricant (at least try to get one that's made to be used on fine mechanisms and such...). You should be able to figure out where to use what... As far as removing the hands I have this very nice and good tool that I use. It's the cheap one, not the expensive Swiss one. Never had any issues with it as it's identical to the expensive one. Not as well made but does the job well, for me at least.
  13. Zodiac Anyone?

    EDIT: Just to clarify... So long as in good bye, not length measurement...
  14. Will we save the planet ?

    I have a low carbon footprint... What about you guys ? I wonder which manufacturing process polutes more ? Quartz or Mechanical ?
  15. An update...and thanks to all.

    If only those that had a real passion for treating and helping people became medics than the world would be a much better and healthier place. Then again, consider yourself lucky for not living in an undeveloped country... Best wishes!

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