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  1. A Little Disappointed With Cousins

    You can now submit a ticket online on your order and talk to someone about your issue. I ordered some watch tools recently from them and I was pretty disappointed as well as it looked like they were stored in dubious conditions...
  2. Edinburgh Castle

    Some vampires are introverted and asocial and prefer to remain within the confines of their own homes while tinkering with their really old mechanical gizmos.
  3. Don't know about issues but I like the new look. It does run a bit slower though...
  4. Missing Member

    Dealing with some medical issues (which in turn result in psychological issues as well) so I will be off the grid for a while. Hope all is well here! Going to need a calendar wheel for an ETA quartz soon so I'll post a WTB thread at some point.
  5. Not Tue Most Accurate "Quote" For Service

    And they whine that expensive watch sales aren't as good as they used to be. No s*** since the services most of these high-end popular brands offer are crap...
  6. Recommend me a diver.

    I know it was supposed to be a homage from the beginning. I was just saying...
  7. Where to buy Dubois Depraz parts??

    You should definitely be able to find a crystal for it... Is it acrylic ? I've seen hands like these on many watches but I don't know where one could source them and I don't know who makes what when int comes to watch hands. Keep ups updated as I'd like to know. If this was a vintage watch it would have been quite easy to source maybe not identical but similar hands but with modern ones I don't know... Have you tried cousins ?
  8. Where to buy Dubois Depraz parts??

    You can go for a generic glass as only a few brands actually make their own crystals (Rolex, Omega) especially if it's round as they are easy to find. Maybe post a picture ?
  9. New

    Why doesn't it say Rado or Longines on the dial ? Oh well... it'll do I guess... It tells the time doesn't it ?
  10. Custom watch box

    Something like this but don't know if the dimensions fit.
  11. Custom watch box

    Very nice job on that box. You need better pillows though... You should get those hard ones made out of plastic on the inside or something like that...
  12. Sloth and the Post Offic

    There aren't as many Post Offices as there used to be back in the golden age of communism due to cutbacks and the fact that corruption led to them losing money (and they decided to continue pocketing the money and close down offices/fire people rather than stop stealing). If you're unlucky you can even wait in line for 30 minutes or an hour sometimes... I feel VERY lucky and thankful for the fact that I have a Post Office right across the street from where I live so it takes me around 1 minute to get there from my door. There aren't as many booths as there used to be (it had 4-5 now it has 2) and it needs some refurbishing but they recently got a brand new printer and we no longer receive late 90s-early 2000s receipts. Baby steps.
  13. Took the truck out

    We wouldn't have any restrictions like that on this thing. The only deal is that taxes would be quite high due to the fact that it's an older motor (although it might be modern and have euro 3, euro 4, etc.).
  14. Well that narrows it down...
  15. What make was the battery ? You probably don't know this but you would have if you changed them yourself... Maybe it was just past it's due date...