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  1. Mafws Game

    I despise ignorant oratory twaddle SPEAK
  2. Mafws Game

    Political unrest regularly gets encouraged RIOTS
  3. Mafws Game

    Corrupt regime is making enemies KRAYS (See, I'm sneaking in Proper names in the 5 letter bit!)
  4. Hot sweaty tight watches?

    Mis-read the OP's thread title as :- "Hot sweaty tight women" Then I put on my glasses...........
  5. Mafws Game

    Proper (names) are still to (be) avoided !!!! [ref.post # 3681].......[emoji41] RULES - ( as recently amended/ suggested ! )
  6. Mafws Game

    Suddenly let out woeful sigh GROAN
  7. Mafws Game

    Nobody observed unilateral name suppression NOBBY
  8. Mafws Game

    Bad reputation is definitely exposed CHEAT
  9. [Reposted to insert missing text] I meant to say the Bulova has gained less than 0.5 sec since I received it !
  10. Isn't "Spot-on accuracy" the grail for many mechanical watch manufacturers? If not, why are developments / refinements to movements still being persued? (BTW - the Accutron II Snorkel that you so generously gifted me a couple of months ago has gained To say that I am happy would be an understatement. Thanks again!)
  11. Mafws Game

    Lately impotence makes partner sulk SLEEP
  12. Mafws Game

    Which hussy offered licentious experiences? SUCKS
  13. Mafws Game

    Desperately rubbing oil on p€nis.... LUBES
  14. Mafws Game

    Getting undressed now- great expectations! BONER
  15. Mafws Game

    Skinned Koala is delicious sautéed YUMMY