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  1. Well since the submariner in January I haven't bought anything and am not intending to in the near future either, my next watch will be a JLC and much saving needs to be done but I am not hard on the case chasing down the pound notes at present. My longest between purchases was about 12 years, after I bought the AP Royal Oak I didn't buy another watch for over a decade but it didn't mean I had stopped loving watches ^^
  2. I have hovered my mouse over that button a few times, its one of my favourite Seiko models.
  3. Well its got novelty value but I prefer something without batteries.
  4. Snooker, chess and poker... no special demands needed but if the gaff is a dive leave the expensive ones at home. Gym, leave it in the locker...
  5. Well I looked first at Chrono24 to give me some idea, here you find what the retail price of second-hand watches is, when you offer yours to somebody in the trade they will likely wish to pay no more than half these prices... so on that basis (sight unseen) your watch is probably worth just over £1000 to them which means you could do much better selling it privately hoping for more like £2500. Having said that they want your money, this £1000 or £1200 that they would want to pay for your watch could be softened by a discount on the watch they are selling you making it appear like its more. Be aware though that with handfuls of cash you might be able to secure the discount anyway though. Bottom line is you can usually do better to sell you watch yourself and go in and haggle hard with cash, but if you have a hard to sell watch (Breitling aren't the most saleable but no means the least) sometimes you simply cannot make a sale at any half decent price in which case part exchange is just convenient to get rid of the thing. A good point made by relacer7 about jewellers selling on commissions basis.... if you are friendly with a local jeweller you might ask them to put it in their window and let them have a commission on the sale but it may sit there for a while. Ebay can be a good way to get rid of things but the fee's are a killer and given how vulnerable you are as a seller of this sort of item (possible scams ect) I think it is a last resort personally.
  6. I'd say Oris, really considering how good they are they are very under the radar with the general public. Of course we know all about them but any non-watch person doesn't have a clue that they are good quality.
  7. Excellent, and the only thing that might offend me is the price... better not knowing ^^
  8. swiss

    Without a discussion of what the word "worth" actually means, given that the link you supplied has a buy it now for £44.81 I would say that's about as much as can be expected, if it was worth more the sharp eyed would snap it up to resell. I mean typically vendors can ask any price they like but they tend not to get it if somebody else is selling for less money. My guess is these aren't easy to sell though, I doubt there is any queue of people eager to get their hands on one.
  9. A leather strap won't look pristine in ten years time. I guess you are looking for a stainless steel watch (not base metal, not gold plated) on a stainless steel bracelet or thick rubber strap. Pollished cases may show marks more so brushed metal is probably the way to go. Really any Lorus or Avia should be OK, you can really go quite cheap on your criteria but as said it depends how much you bash it around.
  10. Fighting outside a nightclub on a Saturday night.
  11. swiss

    Yeah, one small tip regarding gold watches...if the back is steel you can bet your house that it is gold plated. I have yet to come across a watch which is made of gold with a steel back.
  12. https://www.watchcsa.com/ Allegedly thats the site they use...
  13. I take a different view. A Seiko gauruntee is rather worthless in my view because you have as much chance of winning the lottery as of a Seiko going wrong. It is a little disconcerting that the seller has 65 negative feedbacks, but he has had over 61,000 feedbacks so had probably made 100,000+ sales. Looking through those negative feedbacks only 1 seems to be regarding a watch, most are for slow delivery and one was because import duties were applied after he shipped incorrectly. With those odd's it Is worth a punt in my opinion if you aren't in a hurry...
  14. I think they are quite reliable but if it does go wrong you're shafted.
  15. Racing driver/film star. Footballer / rapper