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  1. How Useful are Watches

    Useful only if you need to connect with the world around you, turn up for appointments, go to and from work in a manner that coincides with the opening hours of the business, wish not to miss the first act or turn up after the main course has been delivered or sit on a beach when the tide has gone out. If you only have yourself to worry about then no use at all.
  2. Help.....I have no taste.

    Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks? They say its unhealthy to deny ones true nature, so just keep hoarding...
  3. Sympathetic Restoration How Do You Feel?

    Most of us prefer "original unmolested condition" and second to that is restored but with the original parts included. Restored is what it is, if its honestly declared and priced accordingly I guess its acceptable, but I wouldn't be looking to invest any serious money into a refurb as its a bit of a liability, could be tricky to sell etc.
  4. Purchase Advice

    Firstly if value retention is your prime concern pre-owned offers a head start since the transition from new to secondhand creates an initial loss. Secondly you need to go for something iconic and saleable, Bremont is neither of these things. Sports Rolex are the most obvious since they all hold well due to the brand. The only other brand that holds similar is Patek Phillippe but also other brands only in certain iconic models (AP-Royal Oak, JLC steel reverso, Omega moonwatch etc) these must always be mechanical/automatic (there is only one gents watch I can think of which is more desirable in quartz, quartz is for ladies)
  5. Buying my first watch

    Obviously he cannot see it since there is no access to the sales section till probation is passed. I always recommend Seiko on that budget... good bang for buck.
  6. Help me decide!

    Omega for me. Its the better looking in my opinion and its a fantastic watch.
  7. 100 - 200 quid spend, recommendations please!

    Skx009 pepsi Seiko appeals to me as a good buy in that price range.
  8. Not square not round.

    Cushion shaped
  9. Are you happy with your Watches?

    Yes, out of a box of 8 theres really only one weak one and 5 are proper amazeballs.
  10. In Defence of T W Steel

    Not sure I am.strong enough to pick one up.
  11. Lets see THIN

    Not saying this is the slimmest but as automatics go it is nicely proportioned.
  12. Definately something up. My phone just asked me to sign in (hasn't done that since I joined...causing me to get my account locked trying to remember my password) and my computer signed me out (again first time thats happened)
  13. Downside of autos.

    Put them down for too long and they stop... Aside from that can't think of any downsides...
  14. Advertising Watches.

    "We're no ordinary watch brand but a pioneer with a passion for horology, we combine the entrepreneurial spirit of the British with the precise functional mind-set of the Swiss" Or some other **** about prestigious history from a company founded in the last decade or two...
  15. An essay in overindulgence

    I wouldn't have to see this in the flesh to recognise its a winner in the game of horology. Gratz.