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  1. Automatic with a date and a bracelet for me please ^^ If its worn everyday it won't run out of charge, won't need setting all the time and an every day watch the straps get tired quick so better to be on a bracelet. I also think that waterproof is handy but not absolutely necessary.
  2. Vintage-Watches-Collection.com

    I think I have heard horror stories too.
  3. This is Strange.....

    I guess like an alcoholic you are never really cured, just in recovery. Hope you feel OK.
  4. Orient watches

    Seem to be universally praised as great bang per buck. I haven't owned one but am impressed by what I have seen.
  5. Why, oh why, oh why????

    There's relatively few I fee bad about passing on but then one or two I miss terribly... also one or two I wonder why I bought in the first place. The thing is if you are selling to upgrade the glee of having something better offsets the pain. I can understand the mentality of never selling (it is my default mentality) but in truth if you are a flipper you get to experience a far larger number of watches than you otherwise would, which is nice.
  6. Unrealistic Expectations

    They set it to Ceefax or the chimes on the 10 o'clock news and the next day its out by some seconds... then they panic :P
  7. Unrealistic Expectations

    There are plonkers everywhere... can't think of any particular examples but timewasters and idiots are plentiful. I think maybe the most common example is people returning Seiko 5 Automatics (which we used to sell for £47.50 each) because they would lose or gain a few seconds per day. You can't expect quartz accuracy from a mechanical at this price point.
  8. Wanted - 1953 gold watch

    You would have to check with the seller which it is... of its gold filled forget it but if its 14ct it looks good. Do your due diligence always, I can't recommend the seller since I haven't done business with them. So worth seeing if theres negative feedback on them online etc but its a pretty watch. I had it on my radar already because I like the style of the lugs... https://www.chrono24.co.uk/jaegerlecoultre/1953-vintage-mens-powermatic-power-reserve-watch---14k-gold--id6484406.htm Not sure what others reckon? Also if you have a large wrist probably not for you.
  9. Wanted - 1953 gold watch

    There's a JLC powermatic 14ct yellow 1953 on Chrono24 with amazing lugs. Black dial with date. Might be worth checking out, negatives are 33mm case and US seller but its got style. Actually I am not sure about the advert, says its 14ct and that its 10kt gold filled... (think they made a mistake...looks like they tried to include loads of info)
  10. New to the forum but not to watches!

    Well we could chat about historique prices... I ruled out the Submariner when it went above £2000 yet bought one last year for £4000. I turned down a yellow gold AP Royal Oak Jumbo for £5000 and now they are more like £18,000. That Seamaster auto chronograph I sold for £800 and I remember buying Gucci's and Raymond Weils for £25 to £50 a piece.
  11. New to the forum but not to watches!

    I was a pawnbroker for a while in the late 1990's and I formed some emotional attachments to different brands then which have tended to stick with me. We retailed watches too and I chopped and changed a few on my wrist around that period. Omega Seamaster blue wavey dial was one I have fond memories of (though I had the mechanical chronograph and actually found it a bit big) Oris I really bonded with (I really liked the date pointers for some reason) and felt they were excellent quality. The Orients I never had dealings with but can see that they are cool watches for the money, and that Tudor is sweet as a nut. Still I am set in my ways that certain things I just resist instinctively...I am polarised love/hate on many watches and luke warm on just a few. Gimli no I am no longer in the business and many of my contacts are retired by now, I still have some on the jewellery side of things and have a friendly watchmaker etc. I am half tempted to go back into the business because the boss of one of the shops I worked at will retire soon... I could take the store over and pay the stock off over time but I am really torn on it. I know there is a living there but its a big commitment to be there day in day out for the next twenty years...I am not so sure its worth it just for money. As for insights not sure I know anything more than you good people here. The computer design and materials innovations mean we are going to see longer service intervals on watches (50+ years) and more interesting movement designs. I think some brands are going to get chewed up, like Darwinian evolution only the fit and strong will survive. Something in my gut tells me that they cannot keep producing watches and selling them at current rates indefinitely, its not like the vintage pieces are going to disappear and they often offer something better value for money and more interesting. Which is why the top brands are trying to kill them IMO, suffocating the parts availability, trying to charge silly money for maintenance and for instance Rolex withdrawing the hotline (a feature ran at the cost of a lady in an office with a laptop and a phone which used to offer absolute security) can only be moves designed to discourage the second-hand market. Pure speculation on my part, but I think the trend is that we will be losing quite a lot of the independent guys over here over the coming decades.
  12. First post - 70s sports Rotary

    Its quite a good looker, I'd get it serviced since sometimes it seems to be our duty to care for such things. As for the glass its possible it can just be given a buff, worth asking.
  13. Secure Watch Display

    There's no intonation in text... someone might have thought it a good idea ^^ I am not planning on taking orders, really its not economic with the price of hard woods if you had to pay for labour it would cost way too much. Best thing is not to advertise you have these things though, sad as it is people are always jealous. I made the mistake of making a comment on a Rolex post that came up on Facebook recently... took a flaming from a bunch of guys after saying that there's other brands I preferred and then they were saying "you don't have any of those watches" and I realised what they hell am I doing drawing attention to myself here? So maybe you need a nice watch box and a small safe bolted to a wall inside a cupboard or something. Just take them out and admire them occasionally and only leave a couple out at a time.
  14. New Omega fan

    Can't go wrong with the classics... welcome
  15. New to the forum but not to watches!

    The four you have pictured so far are the stand out watches from your list IMO. (I am kind of an old guy not receptive to the likes of Frederique Constant, Steinhart and CW... don't let that worry you we all like different stuff here) We have a good mixed bag here on the forum as you probably gathered, all price points and styles catered for. Welcome and enjoy