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  1. Speed posting

    Too many posts broke it...
  2. So Tell Me

    Screws show a level of attention that pins do not. Its obviously much more labour intensive for them to thread each link than stuff a split pin into it and you are less likely to have a problem with a screw in (they are stronger, less likely to come out and never break in two or go loose in the resizing process)
  3. Speed posting

  4. NOA watch strap / Buckle

    Theres a thing called google. Type in noa watches and look at the top entry... its NOA and they have a menu including straps ect.
  5. What's Preying on Your Mind?

    A watch I always loved... I have owned 3 of them.
  6. If you’ve got money to burn.....

    I dont like much there but they have made one or two acceptable ones...
  7. The situation you don't want is that which used to exist for a number of brands where they advertise the prices high but are always having a sale or knocking large chunks off on a consistent basis. It undermines the brand... Rolex doesn't have sales and may offer some discount (I would imagine you aren't talking 30% and the like) on some of their less saleable models... you try to get chunks off a steel sports Rolex and you won't get a significant reduction, hence they maintain their value.
  8. News to me, not being au fait with the customs in that part of the world.
  9. What's Preying on Your Mind?

    I am a bit resistant to such things but I believe the one I have seen... A) Looks OK B) Is practical (waterproof etc) C) Tracks heartrate etc which is interesting info if you do cardio activities etc. D) Is something a bit different. I don't know if I will get on well with one and I am guessing you dont know unless you try. Good luck m8!
  10. What's Preying on Your Mind?

    The only substantial one is this JLC but I I do think long term I would add some practical everyday wearers... Seiko being a prime candidate for a diver and a possibility of a smartwatch (Ionic maybe) also maybe some more vintage possibly a GP alarm watch.
  11. Some footballers own an AP, thats really not a problem and doesn't diminish the hundreds of years of heritage of that brand. It's not a case of them being thick (though I find it hard to think of a less intelligent demographic) it's a case they have loads of money and therefore buy expensive things on a whim without necessarily having any insight. When it comes to expensive stuff which has no merit except for in-your-face bling footballers make the ideal candidate because their money is disposable. I guess that is the insinuation of it being a footballers watch not that every watch a footballer wears is rubbish but the only people you can sell overpriced rubbish to is a footballer. That they offer a very generous discount is a mark against the brand... solid brands simply don't give chunks off because doing so softens the brand, lessens the retention and makes it look like they simply priced too high in the first place.
  12. Hello everyone and a beware

    Welcome, I just have to note there are rather a lot of sellers on Ebay and we could do without a post berating every bad one. It stands to reason when buying blind you will win some and lose some...
  13. I remember you didnt see so many Hublots in the 1990's... I cant remember when I first became aware of the brand but I saw it on someones arm and thought "Is that an AP?" Then I realised it was not... At that point I believe Hublot had decided to jump on the whole "portal" design and couldn't in my opinion match the Nautilus/Royal Oak/Overseas or even that Bulgari Octo-thingy. Not only that for a poor imitation it seemed a lot of money, lacking in heritage and entirely worn by the wrong sort. Its pretty rare to find people in the trade who like them... maybe watch dealers are a bit safe favouring blue chip dependable brands and models but they do know a thing or two... for me I dont particularly hate Hublot but I cant see anybody who knows very much buying one.
  14. Wanted to post a new arrival

    Jaeger Le Coutre triple date master calendar moonphase... I have gone on about this watch for too long. Saw the white gold with the hinged back... if they wanted £1000 less and it had box and papers I would have left a deposit.
  15. The first thing you think of...

    1. Expensive heirlooms 2. Royal Oak jumbo in Rose gold I was offered once for £5000 3.Vacheron Constantine that President Trump wears. 4. Depriatiation and chavs 5. Dependable and great value watches 6. Class, cocktails and flappers. 7. Investment potential and yuppies 8.Footballers 9.Luxury watch wannabes. 10. Pass 11. A quality brand of yester-year still serving up budget Swiss 12. Style and busted circuitboards 13.Under the radar 14.Seiko but cheaper 15.Ugly indestructability 16.Ugly but keeping good time at 8 G-force. 17.Man on the moon! 18.Can I borrow a pen?

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