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  1. All of mine are worn, in fairness the vintage ones are more fragile and therefore I am more selective about when to wear them. I could easily buy an old pocket watch just to own it without intention to wear it... Regarding pens I have some wet noodles used for copperplate style which hadly get used, loading with ink and cleaning out afterwards just being too much trouble unless a significant amount of writing is required. I also have a Montblanc starwalker which I had to buy twice...the first one went missing within a week, the second I have managed to retain fot 15 years.
  2. If you trade on international markets it can be useful too... Personally not high on my list of complications but no hardline against it.
  3. I approve... quality rather than quantity...move on the ones you don't love and replace with something you will etc etc.
  4. @JayDeep
  5. My preference is for a date, though I can understand its a pain to set it. I prefer not to have a cyclops...but can live with that too...would prefer a duel disk grand date.
  6. Can't see anything obvious to set alarm bells ringing (regarding the general look of the case, I don't really know what the movement should look like) thats not to garuntee anything as I am not overly familiar with this model...I would look into the reputation of the seller. Generally an introduction is considered good manners before asking such questions though.
  7. They will take more wear on the winder than stopped but if stopped for long periods the oil could settle and dry up in the position they stopped. My advice is that its ok either way but let them stop is probably better especially if you let them run a little on a monthly basis...
  8. The double shoulder type second down can be bought with the central sleeve much narrower but with the ends the same width. This was my prefered type since they are the most flexible.
  9. Also depends on the pins... some can retract/extend a long way which allows them to be used on quite a wide number of sizes and others only have a couple of mm movement in the ends and are therefore quite restricted to the correct sized watch. The general idea that they should be a bit wider than the lug width is right, too long and they may not go on and too short allows them to come out if any sideways movement is put on the strap.
  10. I don't like either that much, but the first with the squares looks very unfriendly to me... I recently renovated a house and had a good look at front doors, and found a couple I liked but was horrified by the prices of them... I can't honestly give a recommendation or suggestion on the subject other than possibly architectural salvage. The solution we used was to build a porch on outside and then move the original door, but not buy another internal door (which increases the floor area of the dwelling so is against regulations but was a practical solution saving the cost of a second door)
  11. I agree with Stan and somewhat disagree with Blinger... or maybe I am not really a sales person? I never saw customers merely in terms of revenue, I would seek to match them with their ideal product, steer them towards one that I believed in and advise them honestly. Thus I built good relations and they became repeat customers. True that we like to make that big sale and pressures are often put on us to hit figures (when working for particular kinds of businesses) but for independants often have you are on an OK hourly rate and it isn't about giving a hard sell. A hard sell often see's me dig my heels in...and I don't think I am alone in that. I want staff to be available and accomodating without being a nuisance...I want them to answer any questions but not be too overbaring. Just being friendly, knowing their stock and not breaking my balls is the way they get a sale...and possibly return business. Maybe I am in a minority that theres nothing a salesman can say that will make me buy something I don't want but as a salesperson I want customers to spend money accept I wouldn't like them to buy something they don't want. The principles of honesty, integrity and good service are more important than "get a sale at any price" attitudes that I see some sales people addopt. I genuinely think this generates more revenue long term too because that keeps people coming back.
  12. I knew the basics of that but you filled out one or two small details... I remember frequently seeing 17 or 21 jewelled watches around but I never particularly associated jewel number with quality... in actual fact the advertisment of such an obscure fact on a dial seemed quite the opposite...like fashion watches that claim "mineral glass" on the dial. Good write up ^^
  13. I mainly browse second-hand sections... I don't linger long in front of the bread and butter displays but study the more aspirational, or anything that I am not so familiar with (it doesn't mean I want to buy it but if there is a Bovet display or something I will be asking "what's this brand all about?" and looking through their models.)
  14. I thought it was going to be about us ^^ like which of us hates Rolex or loves Seiko etc... who collects high end and who likes low end... quartz vs auto lovers. Good luck if anyone wants to open that can of worms.
  15. Maybe Roy knows how many different members have logged in so far this year...I imagine 10% of the membership would be high. Also maybe people don't wish to put their address...a general area is OK but anything specific is an unnecessary liability.