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  1. 2000 Posts

    Come on RWP, even a schoolboy knows the French for work... as to the grammar Je travaille sur ca.
  2. 2000 Posts

    Tres bon travail, felicitations.
  3. Selling watches - Emotional!

    I think I have only regretted selling one (because the replacement though more "desirable" doesn't have the same functionality) which was a seamaster I upgraded to a speedmaster. Usually if I sell it is with a view to an upgrade of some sort, so if I was selling several rather than lamenting the loss I would be getting excited about what I was going to get next which would probably be something more substantial than was leaving.
  4. help please

    I am not sure of your budget (these are a few thousand) but I would go for a mid-size JLC reverso, preferably pre-owned manual wind.
  5. Rare Watches

    Depends what you mean by rare... if you look at the numbers that manufacturers produce Audermars only make about 40k a year, and very few are of the sort that Yokel presents. Some of those brands near the top of the pyramid are pretty uncommon. For me if you cannot find prior examples which have been sold or similar currently for sale then you can say its rare. I think my 1924 Rolex Extra-Prima qualifies, only two auction records I could find were broken and trashed sales for parts/repair.
  6. Collections with Quartz watches

    It isn't that common really... I would follow stated advice but out of thousands of batteries changed I think only a handful have had battery leakage.
  7. Collections with Quartz watches

    Battery costs really are no concern in my opinion, not just because batteries cost me literally nothing but because what you spend on batteries is saved in service costs (quartz services being cheaper and much less necessary to obtain on any sort of regular basis) My issue with quartz is twofold. Firstly because I have fallen victim to circuitboard issues where the original circuit is discontinued. Though a replacemen movement is possible you want the correct movement for the watch in the case of higher end brands. Secondly I think generally you will lose money collecting quartz pieces over the long term whereas mechanical should wipe their faces longterm in my experience. I think no collection would be complete without a quartz in it but I wouldn't concentrate too heavily on them from a collecting standpoint, maybe for wearing but not for collecting.
  8. In 2000 I had a Cartier Santos steel and gold (sold at a small loss with a broken and discontinued circuitboard) an Omega seamaster Pre-Bond (sold here regretably since nothing fills its role) and a Yves-Saint Laurent which was surprisingly good banf for buck (bought from the pawnbrokers for £150 as a beater and sold on for £300 a few years later)
  9. Ahh, the second question... what watch have I had more than once? I have had 3 Cartier Santos, I started with the mch cheaper 50 pence shape which was traded up for Steel then a Steel and gold Galbee. Still a watch I love...
  10. Maybe but its just a case of practicality... I can't really get excited about a smart watch or cheap diver to swim in or use as a beater... I am reluctant in this regard but in the absence of any grails or pieces that need saving for I guess I may add a couple of them. I almost wont see them as part of the collection.
  11. I feel like I am close. I am not desperate for anything and only plan one last major purchase (The JLC I keep harping on about and a few cheapies following that) then anything I want is just not going to happen without a lottery win (Since I will basically be missing a Patek Nautilus and Lange/Moser type gear out of my purchasing power)
  12. The Term "Fashion Watch"

    I define fashion watch in two ways. 1. A cheap watch imitating gold and precious stones... usually unbranded. 2. A watch made by a fashion/designer clothing company. It does annoy me when people try to pidgeonhole Cartier in such a respect. They have historically been a jeweller/watchmaker and virtually invented the wristwatch. They may have added leather goods and luxury items to their stock but they are still predominantly in the jewellery and watch sector. Definately not a fashion watch, a fashionable watch is something quite different.
  13. Beginning my watch obsession, need advice please

    The Seiko solar watches (and Citizen Ecodrive) watches are really solid choices, reliable and good value.
  14. My Collection - Photo

    Oris are decent, 50% Oris still seems a bit strong to me though. Seamaster and Breitling are pucka, I am not a fan of Tag but that one is an iconic model and adds some variety. I'd say you are doing pretty well, you have a couple of chronographs, some on leather and some on bracelets. Good job so far.
  15. Ultra Thin Watches: The New Kings of Slim

    I think the Octo is one of the nicest watches Bulgari has produced and you are well aware that I love the Royal Oak too and part of the reason for that is its thinness. Having said that there is a price for everything, and the price paid in many instances is a fragility of movement that you don't get with an over engineered and chunky movement. JLC produced some tiny movements, both the 101 type to go inside rings and cocktail watches and some real thin ones but these were typically wind up. The rotor has always been a feature which fattens up the auto's but now with the micro rotor type movements this has not got to be the case any longer and to mount the components to the case was and is a logical step too. Like anything else I think that moderation is the thing, no need to go as thin as that Piaget in my opinion but certainly my preference is that this is a good move compared to the oversized and overly chunky watches we have been exposed to in recent decades.

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