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  1. No running seconds

    For quartz its a no-no IMO since you cannot tell if its going without waiting.. and nobody likes to wait. Mechanical you can hear it ticking away... Only one in my stable with no seconds
  2. Immediate Action or Wait and See.

    Depends on the watch, £2500+ or 50 years+ and everything stops...cheaper, modern and robust gets either a quick glance or worry about it later.
  3. Why so many mistakes?

    I am an enthusiast but theres only a handful of watches that I could quote calibre numbers for, I even forget model numbers for half my watches. Firstly as a jeweller/pawnbroker with hundreds of watches on display its a tall order to memorise or even look up all that info but more important than the number is knowing what it is and if its any good... Secondly most customers just aren't WIS till you are spending big money.
  4. No preference, whatever they chose to use should be fine. None of mine has marked from plexiglass, chrystal, saphire or whatever else they used that I didn't pay attention to.
  5. Why so many mistakes?

    With many of these big chains they aren't proffessional jewellers working there they are just bodies who don't know what they are looking at but just know how to look up a stock number. This may not be true in all cases but explains a lot... As for movement calibre I can tell you that in seven years in a jewellers shop I waa only asked such a question 2 or 3 times, you are in a minority there that is unlikely to be catered to except right at the high end of the market.
  6. Watch box packaging

    Timex always used a cardboard box which took the plastic stand that the watch was displayed on. I guess its one way to wring extra value out by avoiding unnecessary expense on anything but the watch. On the opposite front we used to sell fashion watches (gold plated, bejewelled, no name nonsense that would look tatty within a month of wearing) and these came in faux leather velvet display boxes to try and draw in buyers. At the top end some of the boxes are more expensive than a mid-tier watch I am guessing.
  7. Watches and debt.

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
  8. Collectors always like first and lasts...
  9. With the benefit of hindsight...?

    Avo, I learned your lesson vicariously through observing others... even so theres a couple of decisions I would reverse... I wouldn't have sold my seamaster or bought an Ebel (I like the Ebel but need the space for another watch) In general I don't think I would do anything much differently.
  10. Tag hatred?

    I am a self confessed TAG hater. It comes from 7 years in a jeweller/pawnbroker in the 90's till early 2000's. At that time we would buy Tags that retailed for £700+ for £50 a time... this level of depreciation coupled with a following of people who really knew nothing about watches gave the brand a terrible image of just being the worst thing to spend your money on next to Gucci watches. I agree that since then the brand has improved but then they have also got more expensive, they are pretty much the last brand I would go for new but I can see a bit of value pre-owned as a sports watch or beater. Just my opinion and a bit of a clue to why it formed... no malice.
  11. What's wrong with your Collection?

    Mines close to perfect in my opinion. I would get rid of my one remaining quartz and replace with a triple date moonphase with exhibition back... then I think everything is covered perfectly.
  12. Magnetism

    This Vacheron Overseas is deliberately designed to be quite resistant to magnetism and it proudly boasted as such on the dial... not sure why they removed it but the very earliest on had it written in the sub dial. When I bought my 1932 Patek which I have since parted with it had been magnetised and wasn't keeping time but somehow my watchmaker had some technique for reversing that and it eventually was corrected.
  13. How's it go?

    Everybody knows better than to give me a watch as a present... they might make contribution towards one but none of my watches are outright gifts.
  14. Omega rumour - would you buy an Omega Quartz ?

    A Cartier Santos with a generic circuit board is no longer a Cartier Santos... if I was buying a watch and the movement wasn't original spec I wouldn't want to buy it. A bit like if you can't repair your engine in your car, fine to put a different one in buy you try and sell a car where the chassis number doesn't match the block.
  15. Omega rumour - would you buy an Omega Quartz ?

    I am unlikely to ever buy new, if I do its only going to be at near cost price so lets take that out of the equation. Quartz is another topic... I would never but a super high end quartz, I am not into it except for one instance the sports diver. I had a seamaster quartz which I probably should have hung onto... it served a purpose. Super durable, convenient and I would swim in it. I kind of look down on quartz having lost a few to discontinued circuit boards but they have their strengths too.

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