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  1. Well the Jeweller/Pawnbroker that I used to work at in Leyton, which has been there since 1908 only has another year to run and then the owner is retiring. I half thought about taking the business over or it will disappear but the watchmaker will retire too and its not as busy as it used to be. As much as I would like to keep it open I am not sure it is worth the commitment and effort. After this I will have to go into the middle of London, and will need to grease palms rather than get staff treatment.
  2. That Seiko will make you popular around these parts. Welcome
  3. All jewellers sell what they have on display, they aren't considered display items they are considered stock. Its worth asking an independant jeweller and offering cash, the worst they will say is no...and in theory they shouldn't match an online source which has half their costs but it can't hurt to ask and many will give a discount, especially on a substantial item.
  4. In fairness the batteries are all 3v silver oxide in the main... even if it is fitted with the wrong battery it isn't the end of the world provided its not too fat to snap the back on or too slim to make contact. Not that I would encourage using the wrong batteries but after a while of changing batteries many people just recognise the common sizes like the 364 etc and don't bother looking at what came out...just seeing the size where it fits is enough. I like the movements with the 5 second skip on the second hand to let you know when they battery is on its way out, and think this should be widespread as it saves waiting for the battery to completely die.
  5. I am ridiculously punctual. Firstly I don't like to rush and secondly I expect everything to take far longer than it does. I am always well early, but that's OK because I can sit and have a cup of tea
  6. Ee-by-gum ^^ ecky-thump, that be reet tidy.
  7. Impossible to turn down for an ill octopus (Sick Squid) Congrats
  8. If you had taken it in a reputable independent jeweller they would just change the battery while you wait. If you took it to an independent watchmaker he would do the same but pressure test it. Why a watch needs to go back to the manufacturer for a battery is beyond my comprehension and why they think that would be licence to do anything more than the battery is crazy talk. I just saw £122 for a battery, divide that by ten.
  9. I bet you were well chuffed, hard to turn down that kind of discount. Franck Muller recieves much hate for ETAs etc but I think they have some of the nicest dials of any watch, I always had a fondness for some of these (mainly the smaller case sizes) but not a brand I have ever owned, just admired other peoples. Congrats, I am looking forwards to the photos.
  10. When I was in pawnbroking about 20 years ago really the only convincing fakes were Breitlings and some were so good we wouldn't lend on them unless we were allowed to open them up. Roll on and they have improved all around, particularly Panerai which has been hurt badly by it. The high end watches aren't easy to copy, if they could it would cost them a fortune in tooling and they still would have issues with the serial numbers...like banknotes each number is individual and there is a paper trail. I keep hearing talk about the immorality of cost...as if people shouldn't earn a living...or everything should be done through economic slavery in the far east. Is it immorral for a shop with rent and rates, staff and utility bills, insurance costs etc to sell something he bought for 1000 for 2000? After the tax is taken out he recieves 1600 and pays those expenses...and what about the factory that supplied the watch? If you owned a factory and had it all on the line would you not expect a profit? It is not immorral, it is legitimate that products that have as much research, development, man hours and marketing be highly valued...and if you don't want to pay the money buy it second hand so that someone else payed the tax and some of that profit for you. A fake is immorral, if you built up a business like Panerai wouldn't you be put out that someone stole your intellectual property and was hurting your business and the value of your watches? Also similar to when you worked towards your first car or build your own house the physical object represents more than just what it is. You value something more if you work to achieve it rather than it is just given to you. A fake therefore is a poor cop out regardless how convincing it may be. Not only that when you are talking decent well bought watches (secondhand sports Rolex in mind here) the copy may cost more than the original because the copy won't rise in value where as in a few years you could get your money back from the real thing. So it isn't even good economics!
  11. I precisely do know the mark up an invoice. Hence the post.
  12. 4 auto's and no attempts to keep them going. I do have a watch winder but I dont use it...
  13. It isn't immoral at all. The real thing was researched, designed, crafted, revised, recrafted, critiqued and refined, developed and eventually produced... probably by a painstaking process including testing and quality control, hand assembly and advertised, then retailed again with staff and overheads and then the taxman had his cut along the way too. Or you could have an item copied and assembled with inferior parts on the black market. A diamond costs considerably more than a cubic zirconia but they don't look too different to the untrained eye. Would you give your loved one a fake ring? Do you understand that the diamond has value because it was hard to find, hard to cut and pollish etc? The real watch has value for the time that went into it, the materials used and because it has value...the fake has none of these attributes.
  14. The funny thing is I know that at least half of my watches have beautifully decorated movements, gold rotors and patterns across them but none have a display back so this beauty remains hidden. I am not going to get a screwdriver out to prove it to you though :-p It would be a bonus if my next watch had an exhibition back though, then I'd join your club!
  15. Good choice, looks like a clean example. You can't go wrong.