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  1. Daveyboyz

    Leaving things behind.

    No chance of me buying a Timex, Seconda or Invicta but as I have said on other threads there are times when you don't need a high end watch... so thete is a chancr I will buy something around the £100 mark, an Orient or Seiko is definately a possibility.
  2. Daveyboyz

    Spending Choices

    Its all dead money but nice to have such things.
  3. Daveyboyz

    Choose a single Seiko

    Given the variety of watches they produce in all sizes and styles across every price point I don't honestly know how you can say they all look the same. I understand Japanese isn't exciting for some but they are absolute value for money... there is a reason why people end up with dozens of them, I just want one to be represented and as a matter of practicality because there are some situations you don't want to wear a high end watch.
  4. Daveyboyz

    Things that don’t mix well.

    Stretchy bracelet + any watch except an easy read Timex for the over 70's.
  5. Daveyboyz

    Complications - a personal view

    When I go for a swim I park the car and pay for two hours... I go in and change, swim 32 lengths, go in the Sauna and then do a few more lengths...I usually grab some food before returning to the car. This requires some element of timing if I don't want a ticket... hence the desire for a watch which is waterproof.
  6. Daveyboyz

    Watches....show and tell.

    Yeah mine all get threads... but given the amount of mountains I have to scale and all the raging torrents I have to cross to get them they don't come around so quickly.
  7. Daveyboyz

    Choose a single Seiko

    Yeah, given that my only diver in my collection has a black bezel and dial this is why a Pepsi sprung to mind... if I get another diver it has to be anything but black.
  8. Daveyboyz

    Brass/Steel, the choice

    I would be unlikely to touch the bargepole touching them with a bargepole... Even in the example of the silver gilt tank and other watches with a thick plating and regardless of the quality of material used I would simply have my reservations about any non-solid material. It puts you in a fix if damaged it cannot be pollished or rebuilt without significant headaches and is all the more likely to suffer damage because of this construction. For that reason I'm out!
  9. Daveyboyz

    Choose a single Seiko

    I am aware of that, having sold Seikos I know how good they are but I don't want to end up like RWP buried under a sea of watches and having to sell my soul for watch batteries. I am determined to limit myself to a single Seiko... and though I need a cheaper diver/beater I am getting drawn to the Presage Cocktail time. So I could always do a diver from a different brand... I am thinking maybe I should just get a box which holds a dozen watches and that way I can get a mechanical alarm too ^^
  10. Daveyboyz

    Choose a single Seiko

    Below £1000 but with Seiko I know £300 will probably cover it and if less all the better. The aim is to buy the perfect representative of the brand.
  11. Daveyboyz

    Choose a single Seiko

    Realising I need a cheaper sports watch and don't have a Seiko has me thinking on this fact. I could get a SKX009 and be done with it or get an Oris or Certina or something and a Seiko dress watch (Presage, Coctail Time or something) Limiting the budget to below the heights of Grand Seiko and preferably nothing bigger than 42mm if you could choose one Seiko in your collection which would it be? A photo and your sales pitch if you please.
  12. Daveyboyz

    Watch Winders Recommendations

    I have a single winder from Dulwich Designs and don't have anything bad to say about it but nor will I claim its the best, I think I would prefer wood finish to leather perhaps. I know they do a triple for about £500. Ahh I will say one bad word but I don't know if its really an issue...the leather cusions you put the watch on seem a bit robust and if you have a bracelet watch and small wrist it might be tough sqeezing them on.
  13. Daveyboyz

    Who supplies the dealers?

    This book (a previous version which used to sit on my desk) is good for giving a ball park when something you haven't seen comes through the door but there's no substitute for experience.
  14. Daveyboyz

    Who supplies the dealers?

    Yes there is a book, but the prices change so fast that really knowing the market is more useful. Items pawned and reclaimed bring in heaps of profit... typically 6%-8% per month so at the end of a 6 month period a healthy profit on the loan. Pawnbrokers want customers to reclaim their items, that is one reason they try not to lend too much (otherwise the stuff gets left) because if a customer reclaims something you make money and have the chance of repeat business. There is also a legal stipulation that any profit above and beyond the loan+interest much be returned to the customer. In the old days they used to sell to their sister company (the retail side of the business) for peanuts but now I don't think private sale is accepted and the items go to public auction.

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