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  1. Divers with leather straps.

    Got a 007 on a tan leather an dthink it looks great; it never gets wet but under a tenner for a replacement strap it doesn't matter if I ever did!
  2. Expensive tools for tinkerers.

    got the same case back removal tool off ebay, stupidly cheap delivered from china. I find that it doesn't open wide enough to remove the back from anything over say 38mm; that said ive used it twice and the cost of the tool and a pack of batteries has already paid for itself!
  3. Stand Out BUCKLES

    Love the buckle anyway but the strap just adds to it IMHO...
  4. Birth year watches

    I get it, its a nice sentiment and I'd be delighted if someone purchased me a watch / relic / anything* from the year I was born. *1978 - so I guess that excludes animals & foodstuff.
  5. Fussy Little Devil.

    Agreed, I try not to spoil my little ones (birtdays xmas eve & boxing day too ).... they don't need material things! Besides, I'm saving for a BMW 535d Tourer :D
  6. Strange glitch?

    Good shout... it was near a strong mangent! Schoolboy error in hindsight Case closed!
  7. Strange glitch?

    I have a Bertucci A2T ( quartz with claimed 10 yr battery life, watch is 2-3 yrs old) and it gets regular use however it had a strange goings on the other day. I was working away and took two watches, the Bertucci was in my work bag / car unworn for a couple of few days, I put it on and noticed it was about 2 hrs slow, set the time correctly and its still as accurate as ever (never seen any issue before). The crown was still fully tightened and, it hasn't had any significant knocks, no extreme temps and as I say, its as good as gold now and always has been except this one instance. What could be the cause? Any similar experiences (I would assume if its the battery it would have lost time again or even stopped)?
  8. It's hip to be square

    can't post pics as I'm on the mobile but i have a nixon murf, nixon rotolog that atmre both square. I also had a 1960s nos off roy that has a squareish case but round bezel makes it look "normal".... I like squares!
  9. Skeleton Watches

    not for me I'm afraid
  10. Hard to believe some people

    Compared to some of my watch pics that's not too bad
  11. Let’s Do CHUNKY

    Would never have guessed...
  12. Monday Watch Show

    A beauty eh... quite like a watch with a quirk to it!
  13. Monday Watch Show

    Havent worn it in months...
  14. Black Friday Thread

    Heinnie Haynes had some great deals on timex, G shock & vostok Europe but I think a lot have sold now....
  15. Thoughts; MHD Watches

    not sure mineral crystal sits well with me on a £300 watch, think sapphire would have tipped me over the edge; but Christ it looks nice and they only discount once a year....

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