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  1. Fantastic plastic

    The brand is "Gouda"... yeah, me to! Had it off Roys NOS sales and put it on a strap that I thought was more suited (was on black leather), some beauties here http://rltwatches.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=62
  2. Automatically Thursday...19.10.17.

  3. Favourite Second Hands.... ..

    Don't own a Mondaine (yet!) but you've gotta love this simple combination...
  4. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    have 11, box holds 12. 12 is my max so will shift out before I get more in.... though there is currently a space for one more!* *(that Smiths in the FS section could have been #12 but luckily it got sold before I checked it out!)
  5. All the holiday watch I needed

    Just remembered I've got a watch roll too (came free with the Ventus Mori)
  6. Armida A1 Brass on new strap

    for the record, i love marmite
  7. Armida A1 Brass on new strap

    sit down before reading this RWP... I like my watches to look worn I can even live with the odd scratch! I might even take some emery cloth to the strap!
  8. All the holiday watch I needed

    I never thought id be considering which watches to take abroad but its happened... A week in the Algarve with the kids; I'm thinking Scurfa diver one on SS bracelet - day / pool watch Armida Brass - evenings Either 007 on leather nato or bertucci a2t on canvas nato for a bit of variety.
  9. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

    I still want to see a full on side , cross section view (fully horizontal!)...
  10. Fantastic plastic

    mid to late 60s I believe, manual wind... think the new cheap **** brown perlon suits it down to the ground!
  11. min £3 delivered, max £45. I did order a £80 stingray but chickened out.
  12. Going Deep: The First Fifty Fathoms'

    I love the helson attempt...
  13. Armida A1 Brass on new strap

    My favourite watch at the moment.... Very substantial but not too big; think it looks awesome myself, everyting about it; domed sapphire, lume, hands, crown, markers, bezel, buckle, specs.... (the bezel is like a ratchet!). I know this will probably be a marmite watch, even more on this strap but it works for me and will only improve with time as the strap frays and the brass "rusts"
  14. Fantastic plastic

    I think this is almost all plastic and I love it!

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