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  1. Plastic Watches.

    Had a Nixon time teller P (Sold) Got a casio forester (good for what it is but it'll be given away on here.... if anyone will stoop so low!) This is my favourite, courtesy or RLT watches, a 1960s "Gouda" hand winder; came on a black leather that for me doesn't suit it so its on a cheap brown perlon and I love it! Plastic strap Plastic case Plastic crystal Bi directional plastic bezel
  2. Custom auto diver - latest incarnation

    admirable work; the green combo works best for me, loverly!
  3. Rwp's other give away quiz

    Got 46% by pure guesswork without answering the last 4 questions due to droppin my tablet... it then booted me out!
  4. JayDeep giveaway

    ... and boy do I enjoy being at the top of the food chain..... god makes some tasty creatures!
  5. scuderia ferrari

    ... and its doubtful that the pit crew wear them too!
  6. Lovely looking thing, I've had two tickets.... only takes one to win it so looks like I've wasted a pound!
  7. JayDeep giveaway

    Lifes a bitch sometimes In the past few weeks, my run of misfortune has included.... A broken collar bone, a bump in my car, broken kitchen tap, nail through tyre, fridge freezer fecked and to cap it all off my kettle broke so I couldn't even have a brew
  8. best watch at 4 price points

    can't believe glyciene or sinn aren't mentioned......
  9. What to wear tonight ?

  10. i really like the look of the white dial / tan leather one, not too bad for £60.... half tempted.
  11. does it get much better

    Same for the Ag!
  12. Domed crystal

    not my photo but I own this watch and love it!
  13. Solid Gold

    Not my cup of tea tbh, would much rather have a Krugerand or a hand full of sovereigns.
  14. Sub dial seconds poll

    My only one, not a patch on some of the above hardware but I like it nevertheless!
  15. Sub dial seconds poll

    Cant help thinking that a 4th vote option needs adding!