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  1. Jonesinamillion

    Looks good from behind !!

  2. Jonesinamillion

    Thursday timepieces.

  3. Jonesinamillion


    Ive maily owned quartz (this has changed) and I've never plled the crown... defeats the point IMHO. Since being here and initially being sceptical, I've had a good few autos and a manual or two; they somehow feel different, a bit more character somehow. Would probably now chose auto over quartz but it depends on what I want from it.
  4. Jonesinamillion

    Cool Wrists.

    leather is the worst possible for me in the summer, rubber is pretty grim too... a nato / canvas / perlon is preferable, never has a problem with a bracelet either when its hot (micro adjustment is a big pluss and it wont soak / hold sweat.
  5. Jonesinamillion

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    this was the perfect watch today... fun run, sunshine, waterfight...
  6. Below is todays writs attire, had it off Roy a while back, added the brown perlon then inexplicably sold it; regretted it as I was posting it! Big thanks therefore to @scottswatches for agreeing to sell it back and despatching it post haste with a no hassle transaction. Happy bunny, great summer watch. Gouda, all plastic, manual wind, bi-directional bezel circa late 60's / early 70's
  7. Jonesinamillion

    SOTC May 2018

    Its a beaut! Lovely quality for the money, quite unique too.... thanks
  8. Jonesinamillion

    SOTC May 2018

    Thanks! but no thanks... the Armida is my favourite watch I've ever owned and cant see anything surpassing it for me regardless of cost; will never part with that one.
  9. Jonesinamillion

    SOTC May 2018

    That's making me wince just looking at them RWP, that would drive me crackers! I've got less to manage but to enjoy them, I want to see them and be able to grab the specific one when required... my problem is I have one slot remaining and two incomings in the coming weeks / months... Very bad!
  10. Jonesinamillion

    Anyone bought a woodwatch before?

    Kept mine and wore it the other day when it was roasting, looked good, felt good too (extremely light).
  11. Jonesinamillion

    CW C65 Trident Diver

    Looks nice but I'd much rather the Oris 65
  12. Jonesinamillion

    Tuesdays wrist adornment

  13. Jonesinamillion

    Too Early?

    been planning my 40th watch since Jan... bday in august.
  14. Jonesinamillion

    Tip for the day ..

    Did exactly the same about an hour ago, with the small end... even managed to stab my thigh
  15. Jonesinamillion

    Спасибо RWP

    The watch wasn't upside down, the camera was

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