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  1. I can fully understand the chevy, its a dream car.... but the truck is just horrid, makes my old navara feel like a greenpeace role model!
  2. @Nigelp£400 / week on fuel, surely you jest? That's 4+ tanks per week... do you turn it off at night? I've done 3.5 k miles in my Skoda in a month (190bhp diesel) and I'd guess its under £500 in fuel for this. Bet you wish you still had that 635... stunning! My first car was a Hyundia pony 1.3 on a G plate :D
  3. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    I love mine!
  4. watches for london

    if its any comfort, ive been here 4 hrs and I'm still alive.
  5. watches for london

    Down there now working for a couple of days (again) ☹️ As a northerner myself it feels like a foreign planet, I don't like most areas but I'll happily walk round alone day or night, not really any worse than any other city for "crime". Worth a wander round tower bridge / castle / shad and also isle of dogs. I'm in Blakheath, I'll stay in the pub! 007 on leatjer NATO by the way for me
  6. Kronaby Watches - Thoughts?

    Love the look of the first one, especially the all brushed look with exaggerated chapter ring. If I ever feel the need to be told how many steps I do in any given period (I wont!) then I'd much prefer one of these over any Samsung / fitbit / apple / garmin etc...
  7. New in - KarlsKrona Nordic Shield

    Its back on the rubber, despite my initial thoughts, they grey / black nato didn't quite do it; might try plain black nato next...
  8. The most iconic hour hand

    Not iconic (yet!) but this takes some beating. I also like to see a nice fat sword.
  9. Damasko Buy. New or S/H

    I have absolutely no qualms with buying used, 6 of my 13 have been used, all purchased off here.... Whilst eBay is full of sharks, there are also lots of genuine sellers and protection from eBay / PayPal means you shouldn't really ever lose out as long as you're vigilant.
  10. Damasko Buy. New or S/H

    Just looked at what is possibly the watch on ebay... Seller seems genuine and has good feedback; I'd be asking for more info & closer up pics, is it a possibility for you to meet the seller to view the watch and agree a deal?
  11. New arrival... Vestal Canteen

    still got this; I still like it, I still wear it BUT it sometimes (often) gets overlooked and I don't really know why... What I'm trying to say is although I like it, and its perfectly good it somehow feels like a cheap watch (I know it is!) but why do some watches feel cheap? Its got a good weight, nice strap, the materials are good, ticks along just nicely, nice detailing, nice quirks, nice caseback, enamelled canteen crown... is it subliminal?
  12. Dress watches?

    I don't own a dress watch, as in a traditional dress watch but on the rare occasion that I suit up, this is surprisingly versatile.... It looks clean ,neat and surprisingly simple; has a nice presence on the wrist too
  13. New in - KarlsKrona Nordic Shield

    lume is good (shakey hand!) but surely they should have gone for blue?
  14. New in - KarlsKrona Nordic Shield

    so I'm already the 3rd forum owner and card is only from may 2017... there must be something that disagrees; a cursed watch maybe?
  15. MHD Watches - CR1 Panda

    Price on website is excl vat so £300, I got it with 15% discount in Jan sales (think they only discount once or twice per year). Second hand is RHS subdial and it ticks, so small its not an issue (to me anyway), large / usual second hand is the timer and moves twice per second so not exactly a sweep not is it a notable tick.

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