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  1. Didnt know these got faked a lot?! A real should make a great watch OP
  2. Odd taste in hats too
  3. As Roy Walker used to say... "Say what you see"
  4. OP's a wind up for sure.
  5. Not me but I'd have been all over that a fat lad in Greggs.
  6. I always wind the hands forwards until the date changes then use the quick set...
  7. I reckon that's the one you want and seen by many as the classic Seiko diver
  8. About 15m SCUBA'ing in the Red Sea. What did I have on? A 150m rated Seiko of course!
  9. If that one ever needs a new home just let me know
  10. My thoughts exactly but 40-42mm lol. As if 1mm even matters. But it does though!