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  1. Looks like it's been dug up or something.
  2. That's a bright one
  3. This one. 100% this one... lovely watch too What's the model?
  4. I like it a lot and it's a brand I usually pay zero attention to. The movement is an incredible feat! Shame about the price though Anybody have something close to this level of thinness?
  5. I've just paid £18 on a £60 car spoiler from Taiwan. VAT + "handling fees"
  6. 2 Seiko's and one of everything else!
  7. I bang my bid bid straight in (usually a random number like £67.89) and walk away. I think it disheartens people a bit when they incrementally increase their bid but still don't lead the auction - a lot of the time they seem to move on to something else.
  8. You can get a Rhino umbilical cord strap? Sounds comfy.
  9. I've got man work to attend to this morning so it's Jay's beater for now
  10. Parts Cleaning you say?...Usually in the shower but I do bathe on occasion
  11. I'm not really familiar with FM but that sounds like a very, very good deal
  12. A lot of talk about fakes and replica's lately. Here's my pennies worth which is more of a general statement than a pop at the OP or any other current threads... - Stop thinking about fakes. Save up and buy the real thing, if it takes a year or two then so be it, you'll have a watch that will last a life time (who's going to service your fake - if it lasts that long?). Then bask in the knowledge that you have the real deal and relax - By a quality homage like Steinhart and enjoy owning a very well put together watch. If you buy a fake, you're cheating yourself. You'll know every time you look at it, every time you wear it, every time you lie about it. Can somebody help me off my soapbox now? Ta
  13. This one all week I think!
  14. Nice Nixon on the bottom right :0