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  1. Seamaster 300 on leather or rubber ?

    Got to be a rubber Omega strap for me
  2. Friday 24th November watches

    This again!
  3. Antique watches

    I’d research the movements and make sure there’s a chance of buying parts. Omega seems a bit easier than Rolex if you’re going ‘vintage’.
  4. ...just when you think you know something about watches! I never knew that was one.
  5. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Little do they all know... one day @JayDeep will come knocking at your door and you’ll have you do his evil bidding. You’re all in his pocket now! Argh... he gave me a Parnis DeepSea homage too. Noooooo!
  6. moped gangs

    It's all wrong when the only thing that will get the coppers out to see you is when you use hurty words on the internet!
  7. Sailing watch

    I'm not a fan of sailing watches in general but if I did get one it'd be the quite rare Omega Seamaster 2269
  8. moped gangs

    The moped is the tool of choice nowadays because they're so easy to steal. Most scooters are stolen simply by grabbing the handle bars and twisting them to break the steering lock. Then they just wheel it away. Maybe leave it for a few hours to see if there is a tracker and someone comes to find it. Otherwise they’ll open it up, take out the ignition barrel, cross the wires and they’re away.
  9. Some tempting Vostok's.

    good find @WRENCH
  10. Tudor reborn......

    One of the best bracelets out there and very comfy too - I can't wear mine on anything else. My Tudor Nato is on an old Seiko and probably worth more than the watch
  11. Hublot vs Ulysse Nardin

    Some great advice here @Erlin and I'd agree with all of it. My main concern would be losing a massive amount of money on either of your choices. For me neither brand are even close to the likes of Audemars Piguet, JLC or Vacheron - this is where I'd be looking.
  12. Avatar Pics

    I’d like to say I’d painted it myself but I just ran a selfie through an iPhone app and cheated
  13. Looks good... reminds me of a certain Tudor
  14. Any update?

    Welcome back Simon. Glad you’re doing ok

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