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  1. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    10 for me and a nice neat full box. For now...
  2. Confused Help!!

    Longines HydroConquest? or maybe an Obris Morgan?
  3. Our cat has been shot

    No doubt it'll be kids with nowt else better to do - really makes me angry. Our cat is part of the family as I'm sure yours is too. I can only imagine what you feel like right now
  4. Summed up well Jonny.
  5. I think it's a super quality strap with great buckle.... imo, definitely not crap... but... it's ridiculously short and hard to put on. Its on an old Seiko at the mo
  6. I've had a few Jonny and would like to think they're one of the better micro brands. What do you reckon they'll do? I've dropped them a polite email and hoping they'll keep up to their usual great standards Will report back :0
  7. Nah, flush on both sides... honestly, it looks and feels the same as ever. Just won't bite.
  8. I'll pop round with the voddy then
  9. Breitling on strap or bracelet?

    Bracelet too but if you like rubber try an Obris Morgan strap.... It's an Iso style and the best I've ever had. Quite unbelievable for the price. The rubber is so soft it bends like a NATO or Perlon... would suit a superocean too
  10. That was my first thought too mate. Don't want to take the back off yet, not until the boys at Geckota have had their say. Anyhow, here's a close up...
  11. Mine used to do a couple of good turns before it stopped, it just won't engage at all now. Just springs back out and says hello!
  12. Real or tribute?........

    Where's the can of worms emoji when you need it When I started off I wanted a Steiny but probably wouldn't now because it looks like a Rolex. I'd have to have the Rolex like the fickle git I am
  13. Nope, looks perfect, feels perfect and felt perfect the last time I unscrewed it. No resistance or any feeling of threading it either...
  14. Pretty pee'd off with this tbh. As some might remember I got the Geckota K3 for my birthday last August and have worn it sparingly in rotation along with the other 10 or in the collection... it'd say it's had a months ware tops. Anyhow, I got it out the box yesterday and set the date and time. Wound it up and went to screw the crown in again and nothing happened, it just wouldn't catch the thread and screw down, just pops back out straight away. No idea what's wrong but I didn't feel any different from any other time I've screwed it in or out... it's always felt perfect. I'm going to drop them a line and ask if they'll see me right given the circumstances and the fact that I've bought a fair bit off them in the past. I was also looking at the C1 chrono but have serious second thoughts now... hoping they'll pull it out of the hat with some good customer service. Any thoughts on the problem, what watch gecko might do and any past experiences with them when things go wrong?
  15. Watch Parade 16.09.17

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