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  1. Walking into that high end dealers

    I'd say you're more lightly getting the complimentary menu handed to you and walking out with a catalogue if you go in looking smart. ....They're often snobby in Argos
  2. A kind of blue…

    Nice and different
  3. IMG_0614.JPG

    From the album Relaxer7

  4. IMG_0606.JPG

    From the album Relaxer7

  5. IMG_0581.JPG

    From the album Relaxer7

  6. IMG_0554.JPG

    From the album Relaxer7

  7. IMG_0532.JPG

    From the album Relaxer7

  8. DC's new Auto.

    £110 - it's worth getting one and just having the movement out!
  9. Buying a rolex

    Depends how much you buy it for . In all seriousness though, I think they’re a bit overvalued when compared to a standard black ceramic sub but that's just my opinion.
  10. Forsining Fun

    Looks alright that Roger, a whiff of AP about it
  11. New arrivals

    Look at it this way... would you rather have a fake Oris or a fake Omega?
  12. 'Big thank you to Christopher Ward'

    Result! To be honest, I've only heard good stuff about their customer service.