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  1. I like brands being associated with stuff (Motorsport/Golf/Olympics) but not people.
  2. Bloody Hell @Nigelp wait till Bond see’s that
  3. Lost and Found

    What a find!
  4. The most iconic hour hand

    Hear what you’re saying Hugh, how about the regulator style? I saw an Oris type the other day.... Think it could have been one of Scott’s actually.
  5. The most iconic hour hand

    Yup. Probably the Merc hand. Sword hand is an excellent option for lume though
  6. London Mayfair

    I didn’t but I took a stroll down Bond Street which had every watch shop you could imagine! It was worth the trip alone
  7. new in today

    Congrats! Love the Orca
  8. Speedy Restoration

    looks like a fantastic job How did you do the bracelet? Tape off the polished links?
  9. Seiko 62MAS Padi Diver Special Edition Diver

    Pitchforks at the ready....but... ever since Seiko started on with putting "X" and "Padi" on the dial I've gone right off them.
  10. The Watch You Desired Most

    Probably the Bond Seamaster.... I wanted one for 10years or so then saw the 2254 and thought it was even more special
  11. Surprisingly affordable....

    I love a classic AirKing but as above, just too small for me...

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