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  1. It's a Seiko! They're made to be worn everyday The example above would stand up to daily wear for a lifetime - even more so with the brushed finish. What's the worst that can happen? A few knocks or scrapes? Once it's beaten up enough take it for a well deserved service and hey presto... back to new!
  2. Any 21yr old that opens a watch for their birthday and sees a Rolex staring back at them will over the moon and be more than excited about showing their friends. Which at that age, is the first thing they'll want to do after saying thanks Dad that's awesome!
  3. It's easy enough to do it yourself but you'll need a few bits and pieces - if you're not going to do it very often then I'd take it in to any watch shop and get them to change the battery and seal.
  4. A year ago I didn't think I could afford a decent watch... now I've got 10 or so
  5. That's a very good point... you may want to check out 'Hello Kitty'
  6. My choice would be any Seiko SKX model or a Vostok Amphibia if you want something cheap but solid.
  7. Rolex Sub seems the sensible choice and at the moment you could get a 16610LV for under your budget. This model has gained quite a following over the last few years and god only knows what one will be worth in 21 years time!
  8. Beat me to it
  9. swiss

    No worries - you can buy a pre-owned Omega Seamaster now!
  10. Certainly is! It's holds a lot of sentimental value and for me that's priceless.
  11. Looks the biz Hugh
  12. I'd go with whichever one you're hoping deep down we recommend. That'll be the one
  13. The last one I had didn't have a date quick set and it was a pain in the ass. Eventually I just accepted that the date would always be wrong! Very decent watches for the money and robust to say the least
  14. Ahh... gutted for you Mike