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  1. Old pic but this one today
  2. Think I'd stick to a Stienhart if I wanted a Sub homage - look forward to your review though
  3. I quite like the Ploprof - looks pretty cool imo. Anyone else or am I all alone? Guess not ^^^^
  4. I heard about a bloke that built a boat in his garage and his wife only found out when he had to knock the garage down to get it out!
  5. What he said ^^^
  6. Mine are all keepers for their own reasons so guess I'll just have to add to it
  7. OP, how much abuse do you give your watches if your most important consideration when choosing one is the type of glass in it?
  8. Sounds like a good way to burn $300 a year. I'd rather save it up and buy something I fancy instead... then again... you could be a luck Rolex winner
  9. Cool - I'll be checking that out for something in the NE ***edit*** bah, thought it might have been a national thing Think I'll have a google though as I've always fancied having at look at something like this.
  10. Ahh, see what you mean - that looks pretty good
  11. The one I had was a bright Orange one so maybe limited on strap choice! Which straps do you recommend... might get myself another one
  12. I always wanted one but just couldn’t get along with the uncomfy strap so it had to go... which was a bit of a shame. Living next to the sea I think the tidal indicator would have been a great little addition.
  13. Have I missed something?
  14. £6K tops. Even if I had the money I just don't think I could do it... Unless I won the lottery then £15K on a watch would be fitting with my lifestyle so no problemo!