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  1. relaxer7


    Plus one for the Longines! You ever though about swapping the bezel over on your Vostok? Easiest job ever and will make the world of difference if you fancy a change
  2. relaxer7

    Friday's here again...

  3. They all look great but no. 1 is my favourite. Really think you need to take Military Style off though, it kinda cheapens the whole thing. Well done!
  4. relaxer7

    Oi Oi

    Welcome along Liam - there's a few us from the NE on here. You got many watches? We all like a pic or two :0
  5. relaxer7

    'Karrusel' Deed Poll

    Mine is just a doodle I did at work once. I'll have to get round to changing it to be honest!
  6. relaxer7

    Fresh in today

    A good solid watch and will fly right under the radar until somebody in the know spots it and gives you a nod .
  7. relaxer7

    IWC to challenge Rolex ?

    I like IWC but as people have said - the average Joe will say IW Who? Like it or not, Rolex always has been and always will be what the majority of the watch buying public have heard of, aspire to and want. Most of it comes down to epic amounts of advertising / sponsorship money over decades and IWC have a long way to go in that respect.
  8. relaxer7

    Song Titles Game

    Rocky - Jay Stevens
  9. What Hugh said but just o for a 20mm in most cases (unless you need a bracelet) - rubber should squeeze in no probs, leather will it you wet it slightly and a NATO always goes. A spring bar tool and 20mm straps will give you much more options!
  10. relaxer7

    Monday wrist attire

  11. Did anyone find the OP a watch then?
  12. relaxer7

    Saturday attire

    That must take some mowing! Do you have some help or an awesome sit on mower [pics please!]

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