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  1. Don't get there much but that could be worth a look
  2. Nice collection Don't worry about the smaller wrist... it opens up a whole new world of vintage watches to you!
  3. People tend to favour the J models because of the perceived higher quality workmanship in the factory.
  4. That one^^^ but that's because it's my favourite Rolex
  5. Wrong. African Dictator!
  6. Still this one!
  7. I like it now but in twenty years time will it still look cool?
  8. Yes! I've just had a 25m2 patio put in and half the garden turfed. Could have had at least a Speedie Pro :0
  9. What a watch!! I love it mate, the crystal is really cool and the whole thing makes a statement. Much like your outfit You're too cool for school Rafy
  10. Thanks Davey, I've had my eye on a Favre for a while now. They seem slightly underrated to me and I just wondered why? It's started to grow on me... but I'm still convinced Ostrich is the way to go Thanks Gimli, that makes sense
  11. Cheers Gimli, I'll have another bash tomorrow How should I attempt to clean the dial up? Was thinking a damp cotton bud?
  12. Ahh, cool thanks for that... just didn't dare do it Was going for formal rather than casual The strap it came on was way past it's best so used a leather NATO which only just squeezed on That said Jimbo, think I'm warming to the NATO now:)