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  1. Yep. Good point! They can quite easily pop if too tight.... normally when you flex your wrist.
  2. Perfect strap already. If it’s popping loose then check the clasp and maybe upgrade it for a more robust deployant. If you want a change though I think ostrich would suit that well :0
  3. Thursday timepieces.

    Thanks Pete! Just an iPhone pic but when the light conditions are right its amazing how well they come out
  4. Nothing hits the spot.

    If you weren't completely giving it the beans you might be able to pay for a speed awareness course Rog. It's a lovely day out. Not.
  5. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    I’m not sure that my tastes have changed all that much. Still love a diver watch and don’t do dress watches… I’ve come to embrace rubber straps though! I'm more conscious of buying something that is different from my other watches though.
  6. Holiday watch?

    https://www.watchgecko.com/metal-watch-straps/mesh-metal-watch-straps @Jason89 expensive but high quality - might even suit your Breitling after the holiday?
  7. Thursday timepieces.

  8. I know! Imagine what they'll cost in 2060
  9. I missed that one but will have a read
  10. I've just read this article somewhere else and thought it was worth a share http://wornandwound.com/the-px-watches-of-vietnam-a-survey-of-non-issued-popular-military-watches-of-the-vietnam-war/
  11. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    I've never bought a Hirsch strap but as you - I'd have expected fairly high quality. Did it come from somewhere reputable?
  12. I'm back :)

    Welcome back
  13. When buying a Vostok I always stick it on a NATO and swap the bezel (easiest job ever. Pop off, click on)

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