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  1. deano1956

    Heinz Ketchup Scandal (UK)

    its only business john , hope they leave my hp brown sauce alone ! deano
  2. deano1956

    Thanks John

    nice gesture there, rog now watches look far better than scattered on the bedside table , they are easily seen to make a choice they appeal to my sense of organisation and display deano
  3. deano1956

    Vertex M100B

    hi rob, got to admit not a fan myself of DLC, that said the red strap really makes it sing for me , that together with block numerals of superluminova and its exclusivity must make it a keeper and a winner . deano
  4. deano1956

    New trend?????

    or is it some more blood* EU dictation ( guess which way I voted ) deano
  5. deano1956

    Watch Winders Recommendations

    for me my winder is like having 12 cars to chose from, you get one out and run it up to get warm and ensure its good to go before a 500 mile run , deano
  6. deano1956

    Watch Winders Recommendations

    there is only one!!(and wish I could afford it ! one day) , none of the Roundy Roundy stuff, and if you get one I demand to give it a trial deano check theses out https://www.bernardfavre.com/
  7. deano1956

    Where do you rate yourself?

    between 3-4 and don't envisage any change till 11 deano
  8. deano1956


    well was not going to admit this but I have lost one of the tiny/ tiny screws from removing a link on the gs , it pinged from my tweezers its on the floor some were in my office , think of a spec of dust and you will surmise how small it is and how lost it is, !! think most have been there mac , more speed . lest haste ! deano
  9. deano1956

    Sell or not Sell.

    in life I am a hoarder( that why I still have the same car after 44 years + !) BUT I will sell/ exchange /deal my way to something better than I have till I reach what I consider to be the best I can have , and if I cant sell/ buy my way there I will make it the best I can with the limited skills I have . deano
  10. deano1956

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    AH great minds think alike , deano I will resist the mine says hello post
  11. deano1956

    SOTC - where to go from here

    me sell the edsel I mean Ebel but like the edsel ( car) its a mismatch for the current models/ collection and if you can get one how about a tudor pepsi from Bw this year Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft)? deano he who has too many white dials so feel free to ignore
  12. on my recent visit two month ago ? seems like a life time toured most best and most receptive even offing me the opportunity to go on the list for a sub date, even though I told them I lived in Yorkshire ! were Bucherer 1888 in Covent garden square, lady let me try on a few with full knowledge I was not going to buy there & then will add a proviso I did wander in wearing my Cartier and had my datejust in my pocket for the weekend visit did get offered champers in watches of Switzerland but declined @ 10 am in a morning. oh and I got blanked in the omega store in bond street deano
  13. deano1956

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    my only contribution to this conversation is if buying a mx5 buy a uk one not a import. deano
  14. deano1956

    JLC landed

    only one thing to say deano
  15. deano1956

    A new watch on the way...

    half right with CW , nice one like to see it on, deano

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