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  1. the saying goes "buy the watch not the man / woman" , or something like that deano
  2. £100 spare in wages

    craig you on the TSF too? tissot £125 ? deano
  3. watches for london

    cheers guys, mind is a bit more at ease, although it does not help with a two page spread in the daily mirror to day about scooter gangs in London and no fear of being caught! will report back next week to say how it all went deano
  4. Longines Lindbergh

    MMMM, can I ask what does the small button/ pusher/screw do below the crown? does it rotate the inner dial? and why does the red markings on the inner only go to 15? some thing to do with time in the air ?? just curious deano
  5. How good are CW watches?

    well after 4 pages of debate, I have nothing constructive to add , except I don't own a CW never owned a CW , could not care less re new logo/ old logo ,not a CW fanboy but I do like a couple of their models, both in the £1000 + bracket but would not buy one as I would always feel I had overpaid ! no logical reason for this other than I perceive they are always having sales which makes me suspicious of any rrp or advertised price, that said the ones I like I have never seen in the sales! just a observation of a ordinary punter who likes watches. deano
  6. watches for london

    thanks guys , yes the 710 will be with me so no cheap day return ladies allowed deano
  7. watches for london

    Ok this is a tenuous link to a watch discussion , but being a simple country boy from Yorkshire I am heading to the big bad city (London) for a long week end going Friday back Sunday, taking a theatre play in on Saturday night , train to kings cross , staying at the crowne plaza kings cross, now what watches do I take ?? what is it safe to walk round down there with? now I like wearing my watches for special occasion such as a night at the theatre , but what about waking in the day , either a datejust, speedy, Cartier, breitling (very blingy) or Tudor OR play safe and take my orient and mondine ? oh and I might as well ask watch shops near kings cross ?? deano
  8. Chronos without three sub dials

    to be honest I would have stuck with the sin , it great in its clarity & simplicity to read, nothing comes to mind that's as nice ? over to you people deano
  9. Lost and Found

    no cant say I have lost a watch for that long , but I can say I have a night of excess and threw up on my mates stair carpet was not my finest hour ( still going put on the beer with the same mate 30 years later so I guess he forgave me ) deano
  10. Putting watches into perspective.

    don't know your circumstances stairpost, but if you have children , then your watches become their memories ( a few generations down the line your dads watch wont hold the same sentiment value) , so buy the watch you want and it will become a memory of you , hopefully not for a few more years yet oh and treasure your dads watch while you can . deano
  11. The Postman

    get a picture up alan, and we will tell you if you like it or not deano
  12. Ram raid in Leeds ( Rolex AD )

    I am surprised they chose the Rolex AD if you believe all the hype, the dealer's don't have any sock of Rolexes especially SS to steal, clearly not watch enthusiasts or may be the AD just put a BLNR in the window and they did not want to wait ! deano
  13. End of part one

    morning, this sums up my stage of watch addition nicley deano
  14. Is it always going to be like this...?

    welcome to our world, not all of us are experts in movements, know what model numbers are or how the dam things work, but we are keen to learn and can enjoy a wide variety of watch's simply by being here! and as you have found we discover watches we did not know existed or we wanted . deano
  15. Scratches,

    evening rog, nope cant do with marks, scratches, desk diving marks, I know it adds character and all that , but just cant do with them so if I find marks etc, its out with the cape cod cloth, scotch pad fine & rough, dremmel & buffing wheel with jewellers compound, and its sorted , I even wipe my watches down with a wet wipe before they go back in the case to remove the ( a term I heard here ) wrist cheese AKKK deano

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