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  1. Tudor reborn......

    a costly lesson I leant some two year ago now ! with the purchase of what was then my first quality watch the breitling superocean on a leather strap , long search , wait and cost to get a good used pro 111 bracelet ( then I had to get another added link £45 for that alone). so feel the pain deano
  2. hi alan while the English one was a pink 5 speed, , (anorak alert ), its a original ( abate restored) 68-70 American 5 speed in apple green, yanks got 5 speed and 10 speed versions from 68 to 71 ish, as well as girlies ( wife has one of these) through the 70s, then there was the tall frame, 3+2 , and lets not forget the silver jubilee ( with alloy wheels) even English 3 speeds relatively expensive when new hence I never got one in the 70s ! only had to wait 40 years to get one then ended up with three ( well down to three now!) deano
  3. finally managed to get time to enter this magnificent and generous beyond compare give away by a gentlemen of breeding and eloquence personified ok enough creeping I think you'll like this as I know you like things with gears, wheels, chains deano
  4. At my age........

    morning , surely rog the age appropriate long sleeve cardigan covers any inappropriate offerings , I know mine does deano
  5. Waiting in.

    you have to make sure it fits , its the right colour and tells the correct time, cant open it till Christmas , are we children you have to open it its WIS law , then you can re warp it ,and send it to the north pole for santa to deliver on Christmas eve deano
  6. my vote is for endmill or oyster I think would suit very nicely deano
  7. How did they know?

    Oh I think I will safely give it a go, and I know i have always got you two guys of infinite wisdom to guide me through that minefield of retirement of doing nothing every day
  8. Avatar Pics

    ERR mines pretty boring , but its probably the best watch I own or every will own !!! deano
  9. Watch for sub 1000

    hey biker, glad you are well again, nice watch's , were do you get yours from? no prices on the link? deano
  10. How did they know?

    forgive my impertinence sir, I shall return to my daily grind to keep others in the style to which they have become accustomed knowing that in 1095 days and counting I shall join the elite & their lifestyle deano
  11. How did they know?

    now being a grumpy old man in my lunch hour
  12. How did they know?

    Oh there are still some of us oldies still having to earn a crust & funding your watch collections deano deano
  13. Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    mothers metal polish & buffing wheel for deep scratches, then finish with cape cod, masking brushed/ glass areas, staying away for edges , years polishing cars and ally parts gives me confidence , keeps my blingy breitling nice and blingy deano
  14. south of England at night from space deano

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