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  1. Any hands but white !

    afternoon interesting one looking only pure one colour hand watch in my collection , many with lumen which makes them look partially white , but have one with solid colour, blued & one black deano
  2. Seller of Choice

    anywhere its cheaper , well I am a Yorkshire man, , but seriously, mainly on line , e bay for my sins, and grey dealers too , one from amazon, two direst from manufacture ( micro brands). deano
  3. Making a Profit.

    morning excluding the two obvious which are now selling for more than I paid, the one I consider I would be able to sell for more would be the omega speedmaster yemen, not to high end , never made money on any watch since I came here, did on my previous collection of guccis , strange that deano
  4. One more Eco Drive won't hurt!

    morning two pages of posts on how to cut back on watches thread and you go and buck the trend, , you area proper WIS rog oh and nice catch, await the review deano
  5. window shopping patek

    sadly not
  6. Customer complaint

    tool used his e mail address, spam him to death, that will keep him busy and give him something else to worry about deano
  7. window shopping patek

    honestly blackpool for those who know , a lot of the residents shall we say is benefits by the sea! only streets back from all the hotels and glitz of the prom. and I doubt all the stag and hen parties go that kinda watch shopping. deano
  8. Its Monday WRUW

    well having seen the real thing on Saturday I am wearing my poor imitation of the PP Aquanaut deano
  9. Are these features a bit OTT?

    a case of aesthetics over functionality ? a trait a lot of watches have inc so called high end ? deano
  10. Our cat has been shot

    hi martin, I don't have pets don't want the responsibility, but y sons do and we cat sit for them , but your words , "bleeding and crying when he tries to move" really saddened me , nearly to the tears my self , hope he makes it deano
  11. window shopping patek

    hi had a good weekend, sat blackpool, Sunday in Southport, watching a air show on the front inc Lancaster , spits , ME109 the lot, jets braking sound barrier, oh and they still do tag deano
  12. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    i have currently have 11 and space for one more, the best thing I did was to buy my wall mounted watch case , holds 12, oh and I have a one watch winder I can use for storage , it made me just keep to the amount I could fit into the display case and not have lose watches on window sills ( don't have any solar ) I wear all at least once a month, I do have my faves of course , oh and a interest free credit card played its part too !! deano
  13. window shopping patek

    so evening been away again this weekend with the push bikes to blackpool, very surprised to come across a patek dealer ! did not have opportunity to go in but what window shopping !! going to bed knackered evidence deano pre owned
  14. Friday!

    tonight's attire for beer o'clock (that's 8 pm here) deano
  15. make it up or hours of fun researching current/ past prices deano

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