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  1. Shanghai.

    It's quite a cool watch though.
  2. Your Most Retro Watch?

    I love it, right up my street. Can you tell us more about it, looks like a seventies electronic. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Winter watches

    Classic! I love seeing the guy in the watch lighting up a ciggy. I've got delicate lungs from childhood rheumatic fever and have always regretted not being able to enjoy the manly pleasure of smoking. Nice looking watch too.
  4. Stupid, but I want it

    I think the the classic bond era (blue wavy dial etc) Omega Seamaster would look even more stunning on an oyster bracelect, it's stupid but I want to see it.
  5. Today's new addition. ☺

    A true classic and it looks superb on your wrist. Lovely!
  6. Watch Rescue

    You did a great job, well done.
  7. Saturday Watch Parade

    Lovely watch, looks brand new. Ebay has its moments.
  8. Saturday Watch Parade

    Bloody hell! I thought that I was an early riser...
  9. Add Your Latest USSR Editions

    The Soviets had a very different mindset in terms of design and innovation, but nevertheless, despite coldwar propaganda, the Soviets made some brilliant technical innovations and were often ahead of the West; corneal surgery to correct poor eyesight springs to mind. Before lasers were widely used, the Russians surgeons made precise radial incisions in the cornea to alter and, correct the shape of the lens, basically the precursor to laser eye surgery. It is claimed that, although they perfected the procedure, Soviet razor blades were too shoddy for use in the operation and had to be imported from the west, which sort of sums up Communism I suppose.
  10. Your Most Retro Watch?

    We have a winner! I totally love that, well played.
  11. Your Most Retro Watch?

    "Quote. " Retro. Something that is basically outdated and out of style. By calling it "retro" the seller hopes to assign sentimental or historical value to something that is simply no longer cool. Or, the "retro" item may actually be quite new but is "preloved" (i.e., pretty beat up). " Lol! And if it's also repulsively ugly it becomes "kitsch". That Shanghai is a classic not retro.
  12. Your Most Retro Watch?

    Cool! I think they call that "retro-futurist".
  13. New arrival

    That is a thing of flawless beauty.
  14. Finding out from my niece that my old (but cherished) G-plan dining room furniture has suddenly become hip and sought after, "mid-century modern" inspired this watch purchase...any excuse. I'm liking the retro vibe a lot more than I think I should be. Anyone else drawn to watches from the decade that taste forgot?
  15. Amphibia question

    Thanks very much for that Lampoc, unfortunately/fortunately I bought another Russian watch so the Vostok is on hold at the moment. I did find the seals for cheap on mermanon's (sp?) so many thanks. PS. Been offline sorting out my back garden, sorry for late response. ATB.

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