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  1. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    What's not to like about a brown fade dial and a yellow second hand? Inspired me to wear this...
  2. Try wearing it for an hour or so might just be wound right down. Wearing it might warm up the lubricant oil too (Might be talking c**P here), won't do any harm to try. If it does need a service I think that seems to cost about £150, which is not worth it (in purely financial terms) for a watch that would only be worth about £60 once it's working. If you want to take a gamble. There's a guy on ebay who services Russian mostly but who does service non-Russians too. I had a an old Sekonda day date, which had a stuck date wheel, service by him to my satisfaction. Sending a watch to the Ukraine is not something I'd normally recommend, but if you like it and it's low value it should cost under £40 all in. Before I get kicked off the forum, I'd have to say that I only gave this a shot because I had a duplicate watch and they were going for about £26 on the bay at the time, there is a real watchmaker on this forum you should really ask.
  3. Great article thanks! This has obvious implications for vintage watch collectors, if the process of servicing watches is "deskilled" or the practice of simply replacing watch movements becomes the norm, there will be even fewer watchmakers in the future, despite there being plenty of mechanical watches. On the system of deskilling, this could be made to work if the team were rotated through the skill sequence slowly gaining competence in all areas, culminating in a short comprehensive course allowing them to "join up" their skills.
  4. Yeah! Fair enough, that was a bit rude, please accept my apology. Good luck getting your cash back.
  5. Dieting/losing weight.

    Cool bike!
  6. Yeah! Stop virtue signaling get your money back and buy a watch you're happy with.
  7. Oops! Terminology fail. Quarter of an inch would be an improvement, (don't do it, don't do it) I've orderd a cheapy from China to try out. I've ordered a 16mil clasp for an 18mil tapered strap, hope that's right size.
  8. Do you or don't you?

    Hmmm... how do I get the pin back into this hand grenade?
  9. Before I knew anything about watches I cleaned the "funny dust" on a watch (Licita) dial and then licked a cottonbud and gave the dial a wipe, I did return the bud to my mouth. It wasn't even one of the new environmentaly friendly paper buds! On the plus side I did give the area around a good hoover afterwards.
  10. Do you or don't you?

    Yet another reason why mechanical watches are superior
  11. Is the day wheel in Japanese characters (kanji) ? That would make it more collectable and cooler. I like it BTW
  12. Do you or don't you?

    I've ordered watch batteries through ebay posted no problem, must be one of these things that people ignore? My local PO is in an ASDA, they are really friendly and helpful; I was just wondering why they asked...age related paranoia I expect.
  13. Do you or don't you?

    Wonder why they ask then?
  14. New in today

    That's a nice looking watch, wasn't expecting that when I read "less than a tenner".
  15. Hi! This might be a dumb/obtuse question, but I have six and half inch wrists, I don't like extra length of strap that sticks out when I wear normal length watch straps, so most of my watches are on Hirsch Medium length straps (and very nice they are too). I fancy extending my repetoire 'tho and was wondering if fitting deployment clasps, because they look like they add bulk to the back of the strap, effectively shorten leather straps? Appreciate any input.

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