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  1. Thanks for that! Will the replacement seals fit vintage watches? I thought the cases were different sizes now?
  2. Your watch is losing time because it needs serviced. You might be able to keep time by playing with the regulator, but it will hasten the death of your watch. You can probably find an exact duplicate of your watch on ebay or etsy for cheaper than a service and keep your present watch for spare parts. If you want to mess with the regulator here you go...
  3. Hi! Quick question regarding Vostok Amphibia: Will a vintage Amphibia dial fit a modern Amphibia watch? Basically I want a vintage Amphibia, but I want it to be waterproof.
  4. Always seemed like an absolute charmer in interviews, etc. One of the last English gentlemen, RIP Roger.
  5. Haggis is no longer cased in sheep's stomach because it falls foul of the revised health and safety regulations that were introduced in the wake of the BSE scare. Funnily enough, haggis is now cased in pig's caul, the membrane that surrounds the exterior of the the stomach and internal organs of the pig, which is exempt because it's the traditional casing for sausages. Pig's caul adds flavour, but since haggis is boiled or cooked in the oven rather than fried or grilled, the caul is a bit stringier so I wouldn't eat it.
  6. Probably sell better to the hipster crowd than watch geeks. Nailed the size, and the sweep quartz is awesome, domed crystal is great too, but, to be honest I agree that the case dial markers and hands are a bit so so. Has the germs of a great watch tho. No offense intended, I admire your initiative and wish you the best of success.
  7. Although it has an open ended strap, it looks like it might still have springbars. One of the lugs has a small chip that looks like it could have been caused by a springbar tool.
  8. I wear my Seiko 007 at night because I like the lume. It's a bit uncomfy tho, so I'm thinking about buying a watch specifically for wearing in bed. That might be a bit odd now that I think about it.
  9. Thanks for that! These catalogues are unexpectedly charming. The Soviet era graphics have given me a bout of ostalgia.
  10. What an outstanding resuscitation! That's now a very cool watch. Great work.
  11. My most expensive watch is a Seiko Sarb, most of my watches are under £100 Russians, Seikos, stuff like that, so my modest watch ambition is a nice sixties Omega.
  12. My first Poljot! £65 on ebay, from Ukraine, usual story. Automatic, handwinds, very accurate, great condition...I'm very impressed. Anyone know if this is kosher? Also, the rubber gasket is stiff and dry, can a replacement be bought anywhere? I'd be interested in any opinion on the movement quality. I was surprised to see a studded balance wheel, although I don't know if that's a mark of superiority or not. Thanks in advance for any info. PS This is a small watch, looks to be 33mm on my super accurate wooden school ruler.
  13. "Overwind" ? I've read somewhere else that it's virtually impossible to overwind a watch? Never take your watch off in the tiled bathroom when you could have taken it off in the carpeted bedroom.
  14. Any chance of posting a link to the YT account of"rat faced git"? I keep getting a Monty Python sketch? I look at it this way, these bargain Russian and Japanese watches from India and Ukraine aren't going to last forever. The good ones will be winnowed out and prices will rise. If USSR watches ever become retro-trendy in Russia, Soviets watches won't get anywhere near Western Europe. This is the golden age for vintage Seiko, Poljot, Vostock, etc collectors...enjoy it to the full while you can. The big brands will still be there in 10 to 20 years time.