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  1. weird, is anyone brave enough to click on the link?
  2. Well the mail app has decide to right itself, everything back to where it ought to be Now I'm the first to admit I know bugger all about computers but I've noticed with Windows you can perform an operation a hundred times fine then on the hundred and first Windows will decide to do something completely random! I've also noticed this Windows phone I've bought seems to be much more stable, perhaps because the OS is a simplified one?
  3. Why do they have to be so stupid? I use the Windows 10 mail app to sync my gmail account, now normally I sync in the inbox view and then sort the emails out from there. Today I made the mistake of syncing the 'all mail' folder - so far it's been syncing for two hours and still hasn't stopped. It seems to be downloading every e-mail I've ever had, including ones I know I have deleted!! (Including all the spam I get rid off everyday) Why is it Microsoft fail to be able to build something (and Google in this case as well) that just does what you ask? I've tried switching the computer off and removing the battery, turn it back on and it starts to sync it all over again I wish I could stop using computers but unfortunately I need it for work :sigh:
  4. Peugeot 206. Bought it secondhand but it was still only 5 years old. The glove box fell off before I even got off the forecourt, then the electric wing mirrors packed up, then the electric front windows *sigh*. The seats felt like a bit of sponge with fabric over it. The interior had more flimsy plastic than a 99p store ... I could go on lol Needless to say I will never buy a Peugeot again!
  5. At the moment I am reading Dragons in the stars: Available on Kindle: This is one of those hidden gems (to me anyway) that you sometimes stumble across and I will definitely be reading the rest in the series The basic storyline is - In order to traverse space captains use 'Riggers' people able to traverse the unseen hyperdimensional flux allowing great distances to be covered. But when one Rigger flies too close to an area shrouded in mysteries about Dragons she finds they are not just a legend. An unlikely friendship forms and I am just into the part of the book where Jael - the main character - is trying to find out what has happened to her unlikely friend and ally. So far an absolutely fantastic read, one I find hard to put down - accept when I get to the parts where I really want to know whats going to happen, but at the same time really don't want to find out in case our heroes don't make it For sci-fi lovers I cant recommend this book enough
  6. Hmmm, unlimited funds what would I have? Well I can't think of anything that I would want funds permitting or otherwise I truly think my collection is now complete I'm not craving after anything at the moment. Although ..... it would be fun to see how much you would have to chuck at someone say like Omega or Rolex to get them to make you a completely one off (not modded current model) watch
  7. Casio, you just can not go wrong with a Casio in their price brackets I've found them to be virtually indestructible
  8. This so far today, having been rained off from my first job of the day, and looking like the second one as well :
  9. Sadly not, never been there. Its from my images of Britain book!
  10. This seemed appropriate on a miserable rainy day here : Haven't post on a WRUW thread for awhile as my daily collection is a lot smaller now and I don't want to bore people with the same few watches over and over again
  11. You've looked at the Rolex website I guess? And was it secondhand the one you saw? The closest Rolex seem to have to your description in their current line up is this:
  12. Nope not jewellery for me, I'm more interested in the engineering side of my autos etc, and definitely do not match my watches to clothes, I wears what I wears and if it don't match that's fine As for all of this 'metrosexual' malarkey I just don't get it, men shouldn't be worried how their nails look or whether they have a hair out of place, get a grip man, toughen up we are supposed to be rugged Which reminds me, there was some bloke at a National Trust property we went to the other day really fussing because it was muddy and his trousers were getting mud splatters on them ffs
  13. Running a business for as long as you have is an achievement to be proud of and applauded Roy Its great running your own business when everything goes right, not so great when things get rough. Hopefully you've had more smooth than rough Oh and just a thought, you did start a lifetime ago, at least for us born in 1981
  14. Hmm that's interesting, when you put in £76.50 into the Bank of England historical inflation calculator (for 1983) it comes out as being £244 in todays money!! If only they did cost that today
  15. I'm racking my brain trying to remember which watch I had in 2000 and I can't remember. Whatever it was it got trashed in the motorbike accident that year (along with my legs ) And then I received my Citizen from my parents This was the only watch (apart from a pos used for work) that I had for a long time.