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  1. Ass - then the stupid spelling in the tag line - then the watch last
  2. I don't know whether it would be the same but in the instruction manual for my solar Casio Pro Trek it says that for a mostly empty charge watch it will take around 31 hours to charge fully in direct sunlight through a window, how long was yours charging do you think? It seems it can take a surprisingly long time to charge when they get really low
  3. wow its amazing how a thread can go so wrong Perhaps an apology to Rog is in order for hi-jacking his thread in order to settle what seems to be a personal difference you two are having?
  4. Took my Air Arms along to the gunsmith I rang the other day but left the springer at home as it's always good to have a 'Ratter' gun Guy was more than willing to buy it for £200 - so I then went to Oxford and bought one of these -
  5. If you want someone to verify whether it's a fake I would be more than happy to double check it for you - I would just need to borrow it for 12 months or so (to make very thorough checks) I would be happy with any of the watches in your collection
  6. I think I recognise that haha Looks good on you Rog
  7. This post has had the reverse effect on me - after saying about my air rifle I decided to ring up a local gunsmith to see if he would potentially want to buy it - apparently yes if it's in good condition which it is (£200 he reckons, and that's without including the Hawke scope as I forgot to mention that), going to take it along Saturday with the springer (which I also didn't mention) and see what he offers me
  8. No I wouldn't - I don't do credit And if you are thinking about putting a watch or similar item on a credit card to spread the cost don't forget that there is usually (not sure if it's always) a clause in the agreement that the lender can ask for for the account to be settled in full at any time given X amount of notice. Someone I knew a few years ago had a simple philosophy when it came to most purchases - if he wanted to buy something for X amount he would save three times that amount before he bought said item! Not sure if he applied that to the biggest purchases (can't see that working when buying a house ) but whatever way he did it worked as he was one of the richest guys I've ever met
  9. Actually yes I can thank you I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying @Karrusel I wasn't saying you should post the correspondence up here or that I want to see it just that it is hard for an outsider to make a full judgement when they can only see one side of the argument (for whatever reason) - I don't think that is an unreasonable point to make especially when a thread can have the potential to impact on someones business - deservedly or not, there's always two sides to a story and we always have to remember that. @RWP True it doesn't look good when one party doesn't try to defend themselves, but again there may be a reason? Who knows (and that was kind of my point - perhaps not made very well ) Hopefully it all gets sorted one way or another
  10. If you get a PCP it's good to have a springer as a back up in case you forget to fill the other with gas
  11. I think it would be good to have the full picture, I don't disbelieve @Karrusel but it's hard to make a judgement with only half the story.
  12. I have an Air Arms S200 PCP (.22 Calibre) and a springer rifle .177 calibre, used to do a bit of target shooting on a range and rabbiting/ ratting with the Air Arms but haven't used it for a few years, probably should sell it. Air rifles can be an enjoyable hobby and once you have the rifle not too expensive either
  13. You know whose number that is don't you?? - Worst competition ever Only joking congratulations
  14. ????????
  15. I'm not a fan of gold watches, I keep trying but I just can't fall in love with them. But I absolutely love the styling of this watch Rog, I like the hour markers, the styling of the face and it's a gorgeous shape, with as you say a smattering of retro thrown in as well. A very nice addition