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  1. I'm sorry for your loss Mike, she was a beautiful looking little lady and I know how much it hurts. One day you will be able to remember the good times without to much pain but it does take time. I have found a memorial in the garden to my lovely Molly has helped me a lot (it just gives me something permanent to remember her buy and I say good morning to her every morning) And always remember your Alice was blessed with a loving home to live in. RIP Alice.
  2. pets every time The only pet we have now is Tommy the stray who turned up on our doorstep about 5 years ago. As you know I lost my lovely Molly last year and it gets so hard to let them go I dont want to go through that again I mainly make a fuss of customers pets now ( i havent become so attached to Tommy as he isnt so cuddly and spends most of his time outdoors.)
  3. I've said before I'm definitely against fakes - it's illegal and just a little bit sad if someone is so shallow and brand orientated that they will resort to fakery in order just to be able to show off to people (and lets face it that is exactly what they will probably do if buying a fake watch - they want the name as that is whats visible, not the engineering, which is invisible, you get with a real version) As for 'homages'/ copies/ in the style of that's a bit more complicated in my book. We all know what these watches are trying to look like, but they are not claiming to be something they aren't, they are clearly marked with their own brands (usually) so you know what you are buying. I don't think it's so bad to buy a watch that mimics/ copies a style of a more expensive watch if you like the style but the original it's copying is out of your budget.
  4. This little beauty at the moment: Just been up the allotment (as per most Sunday mornings when weather is good) and realised I have had the allotment for 10 years this year - doesn't time fly
  5. We to have to much 'stuff'' The problem is even though my sister is married with children (and in a house bigger than this one) we still seem to end up with her 'stuff' here as well. Every time I go into the loft I start muttering about hiring a skip and chucking the whole lot - thats met with 'No we are keeping it ready to do a Car boot in the summer' (This having been the plan for oh I don't know the last five years!!!) My reasoning is if its s***e we don't want it's probably s***e no one else want's either (who really wants an old suitcase with rusty locks anyway??) Last time I tried to clear out I was putting it all in black sacks to take it down the tip and my mum was standing behind me taking it all back out saying 'ohh that'll do for a car boot' ahhh My plan of action is to skip it when the 'oldies' (parents) can't get up into the loft anymore so won't be able to stop me
  6. I'm in an indecisive mood today, I've decided to swap to this as I'm not sure what the weather is going to do (weather station saying possible rain): (old photo)
  7. This to start with I think (and probably the Oyster later as per most my weekends):
  8. Glad it all worked out for you in the end - this time the honest guy came out on top Shame it has to be this way though @Thomasr Just one thing - the letter from Cartier appears to have your name and address on it - probably best to remove that from here (it's not just honest members who can read this after all )
  9. I did start using Adobe photoshop elements 12 organizer which is quite a powerful tool. You can easily label photos, search etc but the organizer shows all your photos not folders and even though it's just reading whats in the files wherever you stored your photos (i.e. you tell it to use your external HD) and doesn't actually save them in the organizer it was painfully slow to load up, I think I have around 20,000 photos and it took forever to load up elements organizer (sort of 10 minutes before all photos were visible). I now just put my photos in individual files on the hard drives i.e. 2016 Italian holiday, and browse through the HD using windows File explorer, much quicker! Although I'm not sure you can add key words/ search by key word using file explorer (although that doesn't bother me so much). One thing I would say is DO NOT rely on any one device - I used to use just one external HD (a Toshiba one) and it died one day - I lost five years worth of photos So whatever drive you look at basically double the cost as you should buy two right from the start.
  10. Does what it says on the tin I guess And Rolex have certainly proved themselves in this arena Didn't Rolex strap a (specially built) watch to the outside of a bathyscape and send it down to the Mariana Trench and back up again (and it was still working when it returned)?
  11. My brain hurts now
  12. I like that a pretty simple/ neat solution to a 24 hour face. The only thing is why is day dark and night white? Oh wait - white easier to see at night, black easier to see in daylight - Doh stupid me
  13. I like the Rolex I'd stick with that - If I had one But I can't swim or breathe underwater so I can't see it being an issue for me any time soon
  14. @jsud2002 I use one of these - Relatively in-expensive in the sense that 1TB (terabyte) will hold around 180,000 photos (low estimate), in fact I actually use two - one as the main drive for photos i.e. I look at/ edit and share the photo's from this drive and the other (identical) drive I use purely to store copies of my photos, I don't access it (only to copy photos to it) or edit the photos on it, it's purely there in case the other one fails. The good thing about these drives is they don't use an external power source your computer powers them, just plug 'em into the USB port and away you go
  15. Welcome Tom! There are quite a few on here that share your love of vintage, I have a couple of vintage wristwatches myself Just because I'm nosey can I ask what sort of work takes you all the way to Bangkok? (if it's an international secret thats fine )