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  1. Ups - Still alive and still enjoying my watches Downs - My knee seems to be finally totally buggered which is severely limiting my ability to work (not good when you are self employed), waiting to get a letter to go see the Surgeon for probably yet another operation on it. Up - Got six years longer using my knee than I thought I would Up 'ish - Decided to sell my electric Giant bike (because of knee) rang the shop up where I bought it from and they will be willing to buy it back for quite a bit more than I thought I would get it for it
  2. My collecting started probably a year or so a go when my parents bought me the Mighty Pro Trek for Christmas - it was the usual thing at Christmas round here each of us asking what the others would like for Christmas and all of us getting the same answer 'well there's nothing I really want' - Not helpful when trying to choose Christmas presents. Then I happened to stumble across the Casio Pro Trek Range and that was me sorted. Then very soon after (January 2016) I joined here, started really looking at watches and ended up buying my Rolex. Between the Pro Trek, Oyster and the Special Citizen my parents bought me in 2000 I don't want or need anymore watches so my collection is probably going to stay quite static now
  3. Nice win @Davey P - oh wait sorry meant @taffyman It looks a good 'un @taffyman
  4. This 'un today:
  5. Ahh good point Rog, I should start reading posts more carefully
  6. Very nice, a watch suitable for many occasions. You can't go wrong with a Rotary in my opinion (had a few over the years), wear and enjoy
  7. Perhaps your good lady has paid the post office off to 'lose' any watch shaped parcels sent to your address Rog
  8. That is odd, yet strangely hypnotic, I'd definitely wear it
  9. This for movie night tonight (yes I'm a creature of habit, Friday nights are always movie night ):
  10. I'm not sure what you mean @Chromejob about access to your images? You still get the same amount of storage whether you use the free service or pro (1000GB) All you get by upgrading to pro is desktop uploading, no ad's (but I've never really noticed the ad's anyway) and 20% off Photoshop CC for one year. I've never been limited on access or anything
  11. Congratulations on the publication, does that mean you are now going to be rolling in money from photography commissions? But seriously I can see why it was selected for publication, 'tis a nice photo
  12. Welcome @kum, a nice looking collection, descriptions and history of watches always welcomed by other members, it's always interesting to read about other peoples collections When you submit a post there is an edit button at the bottom of the post, but this is only available for a short while then it disappears and you can no longer edit the post. If that happens best thing to do is just make a new post explaining any mistakes you made in the original post. Hope that makes sense?
  13. Flickr, Flickr, Flickr! lol I've used Flickr for years and never had a single problem, used it long before I joined here for my general photography stuff and always found it to be excellent
  14. I'm seriously considering sending you a PM to see if you want to do a swap for this with my Oyster But seriously 'tis a nice looking watch, I do like the day window at the top and the date at the bottom. And it's a decent size, not some humongous monstrosity, a good dress watch. Wear and enjoy Rog So if I'm reading this right they are still a British firm that uses a Japanese movement, I'm actually quite impressed I guess they may be assembled in China, but even so at least the company is British and using Japanese components.
  15. Took a trip to Avebury stonecircle at the weekend, didn't find it as impressive as Stonehenge but only because it is such a big site you can't take it all in visually in one go like you can at Stonehenge. Still an impressive site in it's own right with a lot of history and mysticism surrounding it, I love visiting these ancient sites and the real sense of history and time you get from them.