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  1. I have used creation a fair amount and will again, never had any issues with them. sorry not used Jet
  2. Happy Birthday Rob, hope you've had a good one
  3. Of cause there is room, you liked them, you bought them, keep them and enjoy them
  4. Purple, not got anything purple. Love to enter please. thanks
  5. I have been wearing this a fair bit since it arrived from Des had trouble with the bucket else I would have posted before, thanks Des
  6. Yours, PM me your details and I will get it to you
  7. Ok up for grabs is this sekonda, never worn or sized, just didn't feel the love.
  8. I don't think I own such a thing, but I will consider this next time I buy a watch in case I should put it up in a future thread
  9. Cheers, PM on the way. will have a look for something to pass forward
  10. Great thread. Rotundus if that DW is still up for grabs I would love to give it a go.
  11. Nice prize, good luck everyone. I don't travel with many watches so won't be entering. thanks for the opertunity
  12. Great idea Roy already thinking of the possibilities
  13. She beats me to the post every time and if it takes her fancy it's gone. but wouldn't have it any other way. Just glad she doesn't like any heavy divers style watches Yes we are very alike
  14. Well stolen may be a bit strong, swiped may be a better word a very nice lapel badge arrived from Roy and was claimed by my 10 year old daughter. she has now started to sort some of her watches out. At least I have someone on my side when the wife asks is that a new watch. i am glad I ordered two badges, thanks Roy.