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  1. Seiko 5 sport diver

    If it's new I would have no issues using it in the pool, if it is used and not certified beware I have had one that did get a little wet when I just cleaned it in water.
  2. I have heard the sea urchin called baby sumo could well be one of the reasons
  3. I started my apprenticeship in the mid 80's and have only used that method a couple of times but with the rit skills it does work.
  4. Well done Davey and Roy the generosity of the forum once more
  5. Horological Rip Offs

    Been lucky so far Only time I nearly got caught was when I had a new watch arrive and unwrapped the parcel on my way out to town. Took it with me thinking I would get it resized in town after they told me they wanted £25 I decided i should not be a lazy arse and it could wait until I got home. It also confirmed that I am tight.
  6. Don't bother making sure that it's to the second I don't need that type of accuracy to run my life if its within a few seconds then that is good enough for me.
  7. Nice little collection, your story is so similar to many of ours enjoy your watches and the journey.
  8. Double incoming

    Nice, white one for me, enjoy them
  9. Seiko SNXS77 Price War

    Competition is good for the consumer as long as it lasts
  10. I buy my daughter watches as she is mad on them, she is 10 and often wears a HMT auto on a striped nato to school. she loves them all however my wife has very little if any interest. would you believe she uses a phone to tell the time
  11. The old time sparks would use a hole in a piece of wood to bend the conduit you would need to be careful of kinking the tube wall if you needed tight bends mind
  12. Seiko SNXS77 Price War

    Had one for a little while and very happy with it. great price, as you say how low can they go?
  13. Autos under One Hundred

    Different colour same story
  14. 13th Dr Who

    Well my gut feeling is it should be a male but will see what happens with the first episode.