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  1. xellos99


    I had a Seiko Monster that would have passed COSC and it cost less than an actual COSC test itself. Bonkers
  2. xellos99

    Seiko Green Monster SZSC005

    Oh why did I sell my monster. Held time like a Rolex my copy did
  3. xellos99

    Watches to "invest" in.

    They can go up in extreme circumstances. A guy my mother knows was given a new Rolex on his 18th birthday and left it in a draw. Now in his old age he sends it for a service and runs and looks like brand new. Only now its worth a big money because the collectors are hunting them.
  4. xellos99

    The Casio G-Shock: A Brief History

    Could not find the rest of the chart
  5. Is there any way to bump an ad with the new sales system. I used to enjoy buying and selling watches on here to try new things and learn more. But now it seems adverts get lost where nobody ever sees them and impossible to sell anything now. Such a pity
  6. xellos99


    A few months back I bought a pressure cooker ( hob type, not the electronic ) I read about how its meant to keep all the flavour and make meat more tender but I thought that was just sales talk. There were three of us and all had eaten countless gammons over the years by various methods. Well all three of us were blown away by how nice it was, how tender and flavourful, No sauce, no additives, no nothing, just a cup of water in the pressure cooker. And to top that it took considerably less time and electricity. I have missed out all my life
  7. xellos99

    Watch enthusiasts? I'm not so sure..

    Don't like any of those brands, especially CW that I hate with a passion
  8. xellos99

    Are you a Watch bore.

    No I keep my mouth shut about it. I know how annoying it could be because my old man goes on about flowers all the time and it drives everyone crazy. Watches would be worse I imagine
  9. xellos99

    ETA 2893-2 GMT

    I`m so stupid. You right. Thank you so much, my watch works yippe.
  10. xellos99

    ETA 2893-2 GMT

    LOL, slow as in it does not cover an hour in an hour. Less, so it is running too slow
  11. xellos99

    ETA 2893-2 GMT

    Have an ETA 2893-2. The GMT hand runs very slow and I would rather keep the watch than have to sell it cheap. And I don't use GMT really so don't want to pay to get it seen. However if anyone knows something I can try then let me know. The person who sold it to me said it was working when he sent it ( and he is honest I believe ) So it either happened in the post or when I first set the watch. Either way not impressed.
  12. xellos99

    Franken watches a no-no?

    I would not touch them myself. I used to see them for sale all the time especially Seiko ones. You just don't know how bodged they are and untested / proven seals etc
  13. xellos99

    Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    1946 Parker 51 Vacumatic. 14K Gold nib. Just been cleaned and is still like a new pen.
  14. xellos99

    Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    I like both
  15. xellos99

    Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    I have another bunch of Parker 51`s in various states of restoration. Its just when you have so many its hard to get motivated to finish them lol.

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