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  1. Watch enthusiasts? I'm not so sure..

    Don't like any of those brands, especially CW that I hate with a passion
  2. Are you a Watch bore.

    No I keep my mouth shut about it. I know how annoying it could be because my old man goes on about flowers all the time and it drives everyone crazy. Watches would be worse I imagine
  3. ETA 2893-2 GMT

    I`m so stupid. You right. Thank you so much, my watch works yippe.
  4. ETA 2893-2 GMT

    LOL, slow as in it does not cover an hour in an hour. Less, so it is running too slow
  5. ETA 2893-2 GMT

    Have an ETA 2893-2. The GMT hand runs very slow and I would rather keep the watch than have to sell it cheap. And I don't use GMT really so don't want to pay to get it seen. However if anyone knows something I can try then let me know. The person who sold it to me said it was working when he sent it ( and he is honest I believe ) So it either happened in the post or when I first set the watch. Either way not impressed.
  6. Franken watches a no-no?

    I would not touch them myself. I used to see them for sale all the time especially Seiko ones. You just don't know how bodged they are and untested / proven seals etc
  7. Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    1946 Parker 51 Vacumatic. 14K Gold nib. Just been cleaned and is still like a new pen.
  8. Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    I like both
  9. Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    I have another bunch of Parker 51`s in various states of restoration. Its just when you have so many its hard to get motivated to finish them lol.
  10. Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    Working in the post above ?
  11. Non Chinese Fountain Pens

    Thanks, I will try to fix. Sorry everyone
  12. Left to right : parker 51 x 6. Parker 45 x 3. Parker modern chepos x 2. Visconti Rembrandt. Lamy. Pelikan 800. Pelikan 400. Pelikan 400NN. Pelikan demonstrator M200. Montblanc 149 vintage
  13. Chinese Fountain Pens

    I will have to make a Euro F pens thread. Old ones from 1950 - 1990, that's all I have really
  14. Chinese Fountain Pens

    Or get a vintage Pelikan 400NN. Modern Pelikan nibs fit them in budget steel or gold. Huge near 2 ml capacity, ridiculously reliable piston filler and highly resistant to clogging / drying. Just one of the best fountain pens ever made, I would rank them above Parker 51 personally.
  15. 2017- 118 Formula 1

    Rally cross is the best, full contact, rally cars and some very good drivers like Sébastien Loeb. As for F1, thank god for a challenge from the reds

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