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  1. Yes please, will be a good excuse for buying an Omega now
  2. Avatar Pics

    Life's a drag
  3. Tuesday Wrist Wear 21.11.17

    Seiko Sapphire
  4. Delta

    Bits and Pieces
  5. Just realised I've entered without a big congratulations
  6. I'm right with you
  7. Seiko Service Centre

    I sent my watch directly to the Seiko service centre in Maidenhead. You just have to attach a note of the faults for their reference. Mine was still under guarantee but if not they will contact you with the costs before they do any work.
  8. Just thought I'd tell you about my recent experience with the Seiko service centre. My sons bought me a BFK for my 60th and it was a complete surprise. Lovely watch and very well received. Well, after a couple of months, I managed to pull the crown and stem out of the case. No problem l thought, my sons will have the receipt. I'm sure many of you have been here but to cut a very long story short, it took about 3 months for the three of them to argue who had the receipt but eventually it materialised. Kids? I blame the parents Anyway, packed the BFK up and shipped it off to Seiko by RMSD. Didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks and just as I was about to contact them it turned up. Stem fixed, serviced and pressure tested - all in all great service. It looks brand new again.
  9. Friday 10th Nov watch parade

    A rarely worn for me
  10. Two Years Tomorrow

    Well done @RWP, I'm not far behind you in joining but I'm a millennium behind you in posts
  11. Monday's wrist wear.

    Newly repaired

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