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  1. TWF on tour

    The Apeks has left the building, Graceland today
  2. Delta

    Bits and Pieces
  3. TWF on tour

    Leaving the skyline of Nashville for Memphis today
  4. I thought that I'd take TWF on my US road trip
  5. Watch prices in USA?

    Snap, gave up drag racing big yanks a couple of years ago Thanks for the information, I'll bear it in mind
  6. Off for a road trip in the US tomorrow and just wondered if there are any particular watch bargains to be had or how the prices compare anyway? Not that I'll be looking at watches of course but I generally get dragged into a mall at some point
  7. I've just noticed a 'Made in China' sticker on my recent purchase Seiko, I didn't realise they were made in China I always thought they were made in Japan. Is this usual?
  8. Tuesday WRUW

    My recent Seiko today
  9. Invicta

  10. Invicta

    Here's mine, nice size and quality and can be found at a good price too
  11. Sunday Young Guns (after 1990)

    Off to watch the wife in 2 bowls championship finals today so might need this diver
  12. Looks better on my tablet I think
  13. Saturday Wrist Parade 09.09.17

    A for Alpha today
  14. Hear that tick?

    I wore this pin pallet watch to work and I could hear the tick all day.

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