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  1. Delta

    Significant Saturday 9th June

    Off to Cornwall for a week so
  2. Delta

    Ticking Tuesday 05.06.18

  3. Delta

    New Arrival... holiday watch!

    Not a colour I would have thought of but really like this
  4. Delta

    It's funtime Friday!

    My newly acquired RLT for the next few days
  5. Delta

    Incoming - RLT

    I've been loitering here for a couple of years and thought it appropriate to add this watch to my collection. It's in great condition with a nice bracelet - thanks to @Damo516
  6. Delta

    Thursday's Selection 31/05/2018

    Something completely different for me today, not even a diver - Seiko Lord Master
  7. Delta

    Sunday Moderns

  8. Delta

    Where do you rate yourself?

    I'd say 1, but I do have a Longines so can I jump to 3
  9. Delta

    Thursday timepieces.

    Invicta -. sometimes maligned but I like mine
  10. Delta

    Wednesday watches.

  11. Delta

    Friday timepieces

    Off to the coast today
  12. Delta

    Wednesday watches

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