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  1. Tuesday timepieces

    My namesake
  2. Blue Monday 19-02-2018

    Orient Ray II
  3. Friday watches 16/2

    Went to the theatre yesterday so put my Sunday best on, sticking with it today
  4. Tuesday wristwear

    I’m being a little monster today
  5. Plummeting to new depths today
  6. Up This arrived Down Been ill with a rotten cold all week (not flu though). Like most men, I just hate being ill.
  7. It's Friday again!

    Sticking with my latest incoming .
  8. Blue dials

    The experience was very good, Long Island Watch shipped my watch next day and it was in this country within 3 days. It then took 6 days to get to me. Watch was $165 and I had to pay £31 duty and VAT. You have to way up if it is worth it.
  9. Blue dials

    Well after all your help in choosing a new blue dial watch, how could I not buy one. Orient Ray II from Long Island Watch
  10. Monday Wrist Attire 05.02.18

    I’m keeping my head down
  11. How the other half lives

    Just stood waiting to cross the road was an experience with all the exotic cars going past. It was actually a good watch collector's experience to see such top end merchandise.

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