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  1. Acquired today Omega content

    No date, no lume, run of the mill stuff... Just kidding lol, lovely piece
  2. Quartz battery change

    Thank @Davey P I'll see what she wants to do and get back to you. She does have other watches so might just be a bin job.
  3. I've just received this watch from a friend who asked if I could check it over as it's not working. It's an ICE watch so I thought new battery in it and it should fire right up. No, nothing, tried another battery just incase but still nothing. Anyone any ideas?
  4. Is anybody having or had a bid on this?
  5. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    Kids had a lie-in this morning so thought I might as well too
  6. A 1956 Swiss Senignol manual wind

    Very nice Senignol indeed Steve, I did try to read the heading lol
  7. The weekend is nearly here, have a good'un all
  8. Morning campers, back to the sumo for me
  9. Software Update

    Glad you posted Roy as I was about too, looks slightly different and I just saw your other post about likes.
  10. Screw for Zenith bracelet

    Cheers Roy, appreciated
  11. 2nd quartz day in a row....? Well I'm wearing this for the 2nd day in a row....
  12. Watch Book Reviews

    Thanks Scott, just ordered the wristwatch annual off eBay for £18 odd, should be here at the end of the week
  13. Can you post a link please? Other members might be interested in this too.
  14. Tuesday quartz

    Quartz Tuesday??? Whatever next? Wear what you want Wednesday? Changed to this to join in
  15. Screw for Zenith bracelet

    Thanks Roy, dimensions, length and thickness as below