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  1. Day off today as my son has his school play
  2. Intrigued about the price as mentioned above? Size? Very nice whatever the price and size
  3. Just heading out the door to work but have grabbed this one today from 1974
  4. Same boat here, I PM'd Paul a week ago. Last week his website said the middle of April, it now reads the end. Always plenty of praise for him, seems to be plenty of good feedback on his website too.
  5. Interesting, that never even occurred to me. So, movement out and retest, if the same results then happy days or slight readjustment if needed Thank you
  6. Thanks PC, now showing about 220 degrees after its been on my wrist all day
  7. There is a nice Hamilton in the SC with a 2824 movement, worth the price just for the movement me thinks?
  8. Managed to get some time with the timegrapher. The 1st pic is of a Seiko 5, I intentionally left it dial down for ease of access to make the micro adjustments easier As I had the spork on over the weekend and I noticed it was running a bit slow (roughly 1 min over the 24 hours, not on the timegrapher but against the eco drive) I thought I'd also have a go at increasing the accuracy. Wish I had taken a before pic before messing with it. Amplitude is a bit on the low side but it has been lying in the watch box overnight so suspect it doesn't have a full charge. Back on the wrist now and I'll recheck later tonight. Other reasons for a low amplitude anyone?
  9. How about we point out to @RWP there are other sub-sections other than this one Richy - your turn...
  10. Congrats Teg and thanks for the comp Davey P
  11. Maybe just me Caller. but I can't see any pics...
  12. Is it Amazon selling it? Was it Amazon you bought it from or a third party? I bet they also bought it for more now than they did 2 years ago! They are a business after all RWP...
  13. @Davey P - don't forget the petrol, followed by your takeaway
  14. Ditto, done a bit more research on the watch before end of auction. Also checked completed and there has been a couple around the 1000 mark!
  15. Can I have number 01 please Dave? Congrats on the 7K posts