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  1. Any one watch people on here.

    I think your on the wrong forum
  2. Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    Correct @IceblueI don' think it will either, neither will the 1 in the UK starting bid of £475.
  3. Almost the weekend again.... Yay! This one for me today...
  4. My usual Wednesday work watch...
  5. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Sad news indeed. So sorry to hear this - my thoughts are with you and your family at this very sad time
  6. Saturday 9th watches

    @Faze - that will look good in my spork collection when you get bored of it Nice to see you got another, between you and @Iceblue I have a kind of guilty feeling...
  7. Watch sericving

    Another vote for @simon2 I'l need to sort out the collection, what I'm keeping and get a couple in for a service soon
  8. Morning all, old pic but this one today
  9. Smiths Astral watches

    Funnily enough I've been having a look at them as well. Some nice watches out there and some rotters, not so much the Astrals but Smith watches in general. I can't remember who but someone on this forum has a lovely Smith's watch that I recall seeing in a weekday/end thread...
  10. The Saturday display thread~2nd December.

    Hi @mach 0.0013137, I believe it's a venus 175 (1950's?) based on my relative inexperience. All works as it should and keeps good time, will need to get it on the timegrapher at some point too. I'm only familiar with the Services brand due to a certain someone on here Do they come with any other movement or are they all 175's? I would be interested to hear what you think of it?

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