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  1. Early buys

    @niveketak - did RWP not do this recently hahaha just kidding
  2. Old Baltic

    @Old73 - Click me
  3. Well done H and thanks RWP for the comp
  4. Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990)

    This one for me today
  5. Selling the forum

    Didn't know Bruce had his own forum? Well done Roy, it's all too easy in this day and age when £££'s get offered to sell up - as you say, if it was mega money then sod all of us and retire
  6. Yes please Roy and thanks for the opportunity
  7. Not wore this mk1 for a few a weeks
  8. A Forgotten Thank You

    @martinzx - agreed @PC-Magician Martin is definitely one of the gentleman of the forum. PS @martinzx - I'm still waiting on about a dozen watches landing on my doorstep
  9. I've recently had a couple of photos I've taken 'favourited'?? No idea who these people are. Anything I need to worry about or not?
  10. Wrist shots

    Did @RWP not ask this recently?
  11. Friday 18th

    This one again
  12. Damo

  13. 20170817_110444.jpg

    From the album Damo

    Vostok europe red square
  14. Incoming!

    Thank you all Look what I found - while searching for further info, right here on this forum. No pics due to FB though...
  15. RLT Military....

    Lovely looking watch, well worth a save