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  1. This is going to hurt. I’ve just adjusted this for the first time since I had it Welles ago when seconds fast Just thought I’d mention it in passing Oh and some hopeful soul has them up on Amazon for 158! Cheers
  2. Duh

    Just received the second one of these, the first lost 3 minutes in a day. I decided the clasp on the crap one was better than the clasp n the new one. I got both watches together at separate ends of the table and swapped the clasps. Easy. I had a phone call and had to go out for an hour and when I came back the Boz had put both watches in a drawer. Now I have to wait and see which one loss time over 24 hrs because I can’t tell them apart so DUH No I couldn’t tell from the time, I’d set them both just more or less ish to see if the crap one lost time again.
  3. OK let's see two ankles wear. Last one to post is a sissy. In honour of @mach 0.0013137 Old shot, my ankles are older now Cheers
  4. Seiko NH35

    What have you got powered by the Seiko NH35 and is variants? Hacking, non hacking, winding and not. A true workhorse. Anymore for anymore NH35 Cheers
  5. Duh

    Didn’t buy two.....bought one that arrived faulty, the replacement was shipped the same day and well before the thirty days I have to return the faulty one. So I have one I’m keeping and one I’m returning. Except I mixed them up and now I’m fubared.
  6. How good are CW watches?

    No idea how good they are but some people must buy them when they are NOT half price. That good
  7. Ram raid in Leeds ( Rolex AD )

    Bonds next Rollie is safe They didn’t get it.
  8. Funny

    Worth the read.....made me grin.....stick at it Nigel
  9. Seiko NH35

    About the only watch I know that imho looks better in gold PVD.
  10. I bought a cheapie quartz that loses 6/7 seconds a week. Although it’s hardly worth sending it back now what would you say “ fit for purpose” time keeping is in a quartz watch before return or replacement? Just a thought
  11. Both ankle Sunday

    You woke up? If you logged off you wouldn’t be irritated at lightweight content and could dream up some Haute Horologerie threads. Two threads today, and the reason I log in is not for the fun atmosphere on TWF, but to track a missing watch. Youre just not that fascinating.
  12. Both ankle Sunday

    Well at least log off before your next moan......take a break. Pot kettle springs to mind.
  13. Both ankle Sunday

    No Richy Sunday’s are BORING. Thirty replies boring Richy You don’t seem to lack for lurking time, a kind of TWF version of Waldorf in the Muppets.. Do you get out? Can you think of an interesting thread without hallucinogens?
  14. Seiko NH35

    That's interesting Brummie, especially the Gerlach
  15. Both ankle Sunday

    I'm not discussing my socks life It also defeats me that people bother to answer threads negatively or complain . If the forum is too frivolous why don't those who think so CHANGE that. For God's sake you are the only ones who can.
  16. Both ankle Sunday

    Everyone's a critic. Is the forum so full of threads that this does any harm. Whining seems to be the order of the day. OTHERS had fun, thought it was mad, talked boxing, just messed around. Nobody made you read it. It's not the thread that spoils things, it's the whiners. Post something YOURSELVES you do like.
  17. For what you pay, not much, they are ok . Pet for nowt and I only paid thirty or so quid for it, at which price point the Lume has to be the best ever....brilliant.
  18. There was a mention of Astroavia in another thread and it sparked a dim memory After a hunt around I found this boxed, running, unworn. I set the watch right, actually tightened the bracelet and away we go. All steel, screw down back, and amazing lume for something that didn't cost a lot as I remember. Brushed steel case and not badly pressed bracelet. 43 mm ? Dated 2015 on the back which actually has a nicely engraved WW 2 plane, not sure what, on the back. Only 3 atm wr. Nice find to round off the day Anymore Astroavia? Cheers for reading.
  19. Both ankle Sunday

    What......No jokes
  20. Both ankle Sunday

    The account I read Groves had a fine fight Say
  21. Both ankle Sunday

    I don't wear shoes in the house, I paddle around in my socks, no idea why, but certainly puts holes in them I can't remember going sickness outdoors either. A very uninteresting socks life
  22. Both ankle Sunday

    Sunday best socks Avo. Touch of Henry Ford about my socks.....any colour as long as it's grey
  23. Both ankle Sunday

    We certainly produce some class boxers.
  24. For want of anything better to do I just read the instructions for a quartz Chrono........... .it reads Battery life three years running the chronograph for an hour a day. Do they have a bloke sitting with the watch for three years, running the chronograph for an hour a day? Do they do it in shifts? Gis a job
  25. Both ankle Sunday

    Very close indeed. Groves fought the last round with a dislocated shoulder, he claims, and Eubanks with a cut eye. Sounds a hard fight.

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