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  1. I'm a hoarder so my views on this mattere bear little importance When it comes to watches are items of peripheral spending like winders, literature, DVD, smart storage solutions, tools ,just as important to you as the watches? I'm afraid anything peripheral like that has been given to me as my spend will always be a watch, even cheapies. Bit unbalanced I know but thats me. Do you view the peripherals as fun or just costly essentials? Cheers PS.......what’s your WIS must have other than watches
  2. RWP

    Itch to be scratched ?

    A Valjoux shaped itchy spot
  3. I notice some members introducing lovely new watches in WRUW but not as a thread. As a member who makes a thread of the date changing I can't understand this Surely every new watch deserves a thread.... do all yours get one. Yay or Nay? Cheers
  4. A bit of success looking around charity shops for watches, depending on your point of view. This brand new and boxed......never worn. OK it’s not exactly upper end but for a fiver I had to have it...... All steel as well, dark charcoal face and because it’s new with no links removed......it fits Have to give it a wear. Cheers
  5. Nice clean clear watch
  6. A title idle speculation led me to thinking of things about watches that don’t mix Siver face, chromed hands and indeces. Similarly dark hands and dark face. IMHO brown bracelets unless on Black pvd cases, or something with a blue face. Day sub dials with date subdial. Bezels dwarfing faces. Too many pushers ( I’m talking about you G Shock). Onion crowns unless on classic watches. Just a few imho Anyone playing with anymore no no’s. Cheers
  7. RWP

    Oceanaught Spada

    Good job....not a shape I’ve seen before
  8. Batteries and automatics
  9. RWP

    Watch Modding Query

    Nice and original imho Maybe a Strapcode bracelet is all .
  10. Watches and bank accounts
  11. RWP

    Thanks John

    I'm working on it ASAP.
  12. RWP

    Thanks John

    John ( JSud) saw the my SOTC thread and took pity. He sent me fourteen watch stands as a gift I am very grateful for his kindness, now I have no excuses for more disorder, Thank you John. Very kind indeed and much appreciated, must have taken ages to pack. A great weekend to you and Ruth
  13. You tried it? Desperate
  14. RWP

    Watches....show and tell.

    Sorting through my bundle I find the evidence compelling and interesting
  15. RWP

    Dornblüth 99.1

    Splendid Yokel, essential timepiece for an Horological Sybarite. Go for it
  16. A thorough look at complications AVO, vying with Honour for articles with substantial content. Some complication are imho more interesting in the concept than on the wrist Other than retrograde day, chronos, and a Yachting timer, and compass and tide watches ( frivolous complications) I am fairly complication free. Nice write up
  17. RWP

    Dornblüth 99.1

    Can’t see anything, sounds like a Luftwaffe bomber
  18. RWP

    Watches....show and tell.

    Utterly remiss of you. Dare I suggest that to general approbation you rectify the matter, PICS
  19. RWP

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    Thanks to John I now have stands On my wrist..... BFK
  20. RWP

    Watches....show and tell.

    True enough, by the same standard watches would only get one WRUW. If it’s new to you flaunt it
  21. RWP

    Watches....show and tell.

    Oh Chromey you CARE Is that Reggies cat.
  22. Not much I wouldnt consider. Those are some I wouldn't. Look like kids drawings of watches.
  23. RWP

    North East GTG

    Bond suggesting a boozer? Like fish suggesting an aquarium

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