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  1. Just as a matter of interest a Pilot friend of mine is staying with me for a week to go on an instrument flying course at Exeter airport ( snow free). He was looking at my watches and came across a Pilot bezel and shrugged his shoulders. He wears a Seiko three hander So Pilots don't use Pilots watches, now I'm wondering why astronauts had their watches? Maybe all astronauts are WIS . Apart from telling the time what use had astronauts for watches........ or Pilots come to that. Any answers Cheers
  2. An object lesson in not being too hasty to ring your insurance company I was in the left hand lane at a set of lights moving at about 5mph when some even older fart than me decided he wanted to be in my lane......on top of me. Much clashing of mirrors and frantic swerving on my part and the old git drove off. I couldn’t follow him because I was half on the pavement Got out and found blue paint scrape on the wing, door,and mirror so I rang the insurance company and put in a claim......excess 100. In short a bloke in a body shop polished the paint off free and I spent thirty quid getting the tracking done, and it needed it. Good news I thought.....NO CLAIM. I rang them to give them the good news only to told it will be noted as an “ incident” but no claim Shouldnt have rung them . No call no “incident.”
  3. Divers with leather straps.

    Most leather aren’t what I would use in water, not that I do, ever
  4. Sending me a message.....

    To be fair Alan I picked it up and glanced at it. I think whatever happened did so with me. Also there was no charge........nobodies fault really, I was chatting with him as he worked. By the culprit I mean the tool who used his car as a dodgem No they’re fine Deano, it really is just one of those things. He had no reason to suspect the crystal would fall out
  5. Being a lazy so n so I took a Watch in to have the crown fixed instead of using my tools and having a go myself as I said I would. Got home......no second hand. Got back to D C Watchmakers......no second hand....no crystal. Cheats never prosper
  6. An update...and thanks to all.

    Must take courage getting through it
  7. Sending me a message.....

    Not connected......got that polished out and fixed, just waiting to see the culprit again, he owe me a lot of hassle and thirty quid
  8. A test of celebrity WIS knowledge, how many celebs and their watches can you name, and show a pic of, men and women for the MysteryBidders sake Frankly I don't know any, how about Wrench and Vostok ( he's a celeb isn't he?) for wearing pink clothes. Have a go, you know you want to Cheers
  9. Sending me a message.....

    D C Watchmaker has the watch and we are looking fo the minute hand and crystal. Could be in his workshop.....I can’t find it
  10. Gone full China again

    Very hard to resist that Josh
  11. Grandson decided maybe he wanted a watch for Christmas, I was quite pleased. He then said he wanted a smooth sweep hand so I explained automatics to him. Not for him apparently. I explained precisionist to him but he wants a gold coloured watch with a gold coloured bracelet, not more than 40 mm max and I can't find a precisionist to fit that. At a push a sub 40 mm gold coloured auto on a solid steel gold tone bracelet would do. Up to a couple of hundred or so. Can I find anything? Noooooooooooo. Help please and no sub u likes, I got him the Blenheim. Night......sleep well
  12. Aha........I have a good loupe from coin collecting
  13. As I posted a couple of days ago that I was about to set the watch repair world alight with my inexpensive tool set, without too much derision Now I understand these are tinkerers tools and a lot of money can be spent on professional tools. I would be interested and unoffended to know two things. What the shortcomings of these are for a tinkerer. What have you spent decent money on in terms of tools and why. Be nice to see them Humour me Cheers
  14. In my search ( and your with your help) I have had a great deal of difficulty in finding a suitable gold coloured watch for my Grandson. It's like browsing for hens teeth I have couple of modern Gold PVD watches but half my vintage ones are gold plated. You certainly can't say half men's watches are now. What happened? Cheers
  15. Thanks for a very nice tinkerer, except it’s a bit good to tak to pieces A very nice gesture. All ticking over nicely.....day date needs a look at but I might just leave it. Thanks
  16. At home in the shires or socialising in the Alps Davey
  17. Thanks to Rob.B

    It only needs a little loctite on the crown.......job done . Forgive me if with this one I nip into my watchmaker and let him have five minutes with it. It is very pretty with the steel face and blue second hand. I'll practice on something else PROMISE
  18. What are the downsides to WISery ? It can’t all be plain sailing, what are the hard bits for you. For Me Enough is never enough. A sometimes misplaced fondness for useless cheapies ( ok Bond stop grinning). A predilection for buying watches I won’t bond with. Why do they look different online but more particularly in the jewellers? An inability to downsize. What are WISery Downs for you Cheers
  19. Get it Off Your Chest.

    It’s about not condemning other people’s choice. Put simply it’s rude to condemn other people’s choice although clearly they wouldn’t be yours. You are thoroughly entitled to your opinion and so are people who will pick up anything Watch shaped with joy. Best we coexist and try to understand. Nobody is calling you wrong but a bit of live and let live would go a long way. I just received an Indian Seiko from Rob B and I’m happily playing with it, checking the time and formulating plans for it. As to Rolex very good luck to all Rolex owners, lovely watches, I just couldn’t spend that much on a watch as a principle. A sapphire glass solid link homage for me. I was pleased with it
  20. Thanks to Rob.B

    One for the team Kev
  21. Thanks to Rob.B

    Give me a day or two to work up the nerve.....please
  22. Thanks to Rob.B

    Thanks for that John, will do
  23. Get it Off Your Chest.

    Your impeccable reputation is in tact sir Fret ye not.

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