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  1. Walking into that high end dealers

    It's fine I believe, the more watches to look at the better
  2. Walking into that high end dealers

    Never judge a book by its cover
  3. On feeling the love?

    If you use them for most of your Watch needs they will look after you. Good ones are worth supporting
  4. On feeling the love?

    Had it done by D C Watchmakers in Exeter, was about 50 quid all in. Not able to do it myself, too clumsy and don't know enough
  5. Ideal World Vostok Europe

    Vostok Europe are a hell of a price for Miyota movements, No thanks
  6. Watches with retrograde anything......for the sake of it Retrograde day. Anyone playing ? Cheers
  7. Time for a bit off good luck.....nice one Bob
  8. Comp prize

    Congratulations....nice win and Brownie points SinceDavey is absent Worst raffle ever
  9. in the dog house....again

    Can't be far surely.....down a,sofa or in the fridge or something
  10. Small collection

    Nice variety of the same make, nice
  11. I am not renowned for working on old watches but this was an exception..... Picked up for a tenner in a junk shop, scratched to hell but I decided to get a light refurb done. New Crystal, light polish, and unknown to me it has a screw down crown on a 100m watch, that HAD to be replaced. I find I have stayed attached to it in a way I have not with some new purchases.....I think this is because of the care put into it Anyhow have you any worked on watches you have special feelings for?? Pics please Cheers
  12. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    Lightly received Citizen.
  13. Citizen sky hawk

    Can't speak for the specific watch, but manual reception takes time, and the correct procedure, and to be in range of the German signal. Citizen watches don't always work in parts of the UK. Google the instructions and have a good read . Most Citizen RC watches have an indicator to show if the signal is/ was received.