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  1. Lugs with a difference.

    Hmmmm.........the strap snapped taking it off What are the chances. Not my day. I mean really, it’s been around since 2011 , you mention the strap.............
  2. Lugs with a difference.

    First time I’ve seen it for years........so shouldn’t be a problem.......Breil specialise in straps like that
  3. Dufrane.

    Oh well then............
  4. Nothing complicated, but lugs tend to be errrrrr lugs. Anyone got anything a bit different? My Offering Breil Tribe. Maybe designers could do more with lugs? Cheers
  5. Dufrane.

  6. Nothing hits the spot.

    I don’t remember setting a camera off. I tend to be a bit cavalier about speed limits.
  7. I have had week of not much fancying any of my many watches. Dissatisfaction with them all looms. If I wasn’t sure a new one wouldn’t make much difference I’d buy one , of some sort. Big , small, cheap, expensive ( for me) , nothing hits the spot Any fellow sufferers , and what’s the answer I know what would do it, a plain three hand 43 mm blueface titanium and sapphire watch with a precisionist movement but much longer battery life No bezel internal or external and an interesting face......no void in the middle.....second sub dial would be nice. I think I’ll have to wait! PS .......my mood wasn’t helped by getting a speeding ticket I can’t even remember happening. Seems screw the motorist has raised the price from 80 to 100. **** Cheers
  8. New Arrival

    Swish......and I do like Victorinox . Enjoy its great
  9. The New C60 Trident Yellow LE

    I’ve got a couple of yellow face watches and I like them........just don’t seem to wear them. That’s nice and simple
  10. My new satelite receiver

    Very nice indeed........ enjoy
  11. Thursday timepieces.

    I'm travelling your road in the opposite direction. Busy watches to simple, could just be a phase but the simpler without actually being dress watches the better ( at the moment).
  12. Watch / Car analogies .

    Hmmmm.......lot of bonnet and cab not much camper
  13. My first custom modded Seiko

    Ok......I’ll unlock my door now......phew
  14. My first custom modded Seiko

    Good looking mod......nice I worry about you and rubber straps Davey, I really do

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