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  1. Sum Up Good Friday

    Hope the old ticker holds out Wrench
  2. Blue Face Watch Options

    No experience other than a good reputation
  3. Blue Face Watch Options

    IMHO Ingersoll are just expensive Chinese powered watches. Not great quality and silly prices. Just me.
  4. As a matter of interest who got what or ordered what in the last few days? Be interesting to see if the fuss we deride worked Please add anything bought under Black Friday Influence Personally T W Steel dual time Volante. Blenheim Navigator times two. Pulsar Chrono. Can't say I didn't fall for it but I didn't spend a lot. Did you buy anything, if not why not Cheers
  5. In all this hoo ha about Black Friday I have hardly seen a watch advert on the goggle box, everything else including Black Friday plumbing supplies ( really). The only TV add I have seen was for a Citizen Ladies Watch. Don't watch buyers watch telly? I have had the usual barage of internet offers, usually for watches I have bought in the last six moths ( why is that?) Anybody seen any watch adverts or has the focus shifted to the interweb? Cheers
  6. Black Friday Luck

    Still cyber Monday Davey and T W Steels you don't have
  7. All good things come to he who waits
  8. Little out of the way jeweller, display stock, no box. 25 quid. Now of course I didn’t need it, What has that got to do with WIS At that price with a new battery and ex display it would be rude to say no Nicce chunky Steel Watch, pressed bracelet but fairly good, very hard to spot. Running centre seconds, good lume, Seiko Movement. Mineral glass. 43 mm. Couldn’t let the day go unmarked Cheers
  9. Woulnt say no.......,
  10. Ditto.....bit clunky even for me
  11. https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-gb/shop/tissot-v8-quartz-1.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAo9_QBRACEiwASknDweoPcA9UUgDE5yOjoTpc1OQ4jsrWxBi6asNINJm0P9igEbRZMM7c1xoCCs8QAvD_BwE 195 from 325. Got one, love it Cheers
  12. I Noticed

    Aha.......not if you want to reduce the subdials being obstructed
  13. Watching flog it last week a bloke turned up with a 9ct gold Rolex from the 40s found in a SKIP about twenty years ago. The sub dial second hand was loose and so was the crown but otherwise good nick. He spent 127 quid on it twenty years ago getting it fixed and I believe it went for over 4K. Have you ever had a lucky find. Nearest I got was a year or two after my old Mum died I found a Raymond Weil in the bottom of her old hand bag. Any finds anyone
  14. moped gangs

    Does depend on the city Wrench. Exeter is a small county town, no big sink estates, no high rises, and yes, little Immigration or poverty. It's why parents send their kids in large numbers to the university......it's safe.
  15. Thoughts; MHD Watches

    Very nice, but as has been said mineral crystal. Never scratched a mineral anyway so maybe no big deal.

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