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  1. Making a Profit.

    Kept it I bet
  2. Compressors

    Tartan Time to read.......wishing you all a good night
  3. Compressors

    In a submarine.......
  4. Compressors

    Meet the Kraken time
  5. Polish but not Gerlach

    Not me, never been there, I leave it to Anglo Poles . It's what my daughter Vickie reported today, she likes the grub like the Boz makes for her. When the Boz was in Torun she bought a meal for nine in a good restaurant with a first class chef, and drinks, for 120 quid. Torun isn't a tourist destination which Krakow is
  6. It's 140 in Argos......240 on Amazon. Grab one
  7. Ok who are the clued up WIS who invested wisely and wouldn't lose if they sold? I'd love to know of watches, preferably not high end, that could turn a profit because of scarcity or discontinuation. I think I have two that would show me a profit, one from Wrench because he was generous in his sale ( very), but I would never sell....... And maybe this I got for thirty quid.....needed a battery....... That's the lot out of 150 or whatever. It's not the point of watches for me, but I'm interested to see what members have that could turn a profit Cheers.
  8. Polish but not Gerlach

    I don't know about watches in Krakow, but for food avoid the big restaurants and go to the little Polish ones. Coffee and a slab of cake 1.50, proper meals from 3 or 4 quid . Taxis are cheap as well.
  9. Victorinox do some expensive quartz.....too expensive for quartz ..
  10. Compressors

    Scott is right, deeper you go, up to implosion, the tighter the seal. This is a typical one.....for some reason they seem to look alike.... Golana Aqua Pro Compressor Diver
  11. Little acorns.........
  12. Polish but not Gerlach

    Vickie went round the Jewish quarter today, the old walled ghetto as was. I'll casually drop your info into some future conversation Alan. Gracias Who dares wins or gets a jar of sauerkraut ( concentrated shredded old socks).
  13. Well with a daughter enjoying a freebie in Krakow ( it looks amazing) and having " invested" quite a few Zlotys in her spending money she keeps promising pressies To ask her for a Gerlach is a bit much, if you can find them there, but my question is.............does Poland do anything interesting Watch wise but cheaper than Gerlach If I leave it to her I'd get an Accurist, if I'm lucky Anyone got any Eastern European alternatives that don't break the bank and aren't Vostok ? Thanks
  14. George Daniels

    Just WOW When was it made Alan ?

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