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  1. Lot of case, not much face and the Chrono dials take up a lot of room. It's a bit marmite imho
  2. The first is classic, lovely, the second maybe an acquired taste
  3. Think of all the DST functions that would become useless Nicer getting dark later.
  4. Don't think you missed's fugly.....sorry. Sounds dodgy anyway
  5. Any watches you would value Members opinions on, maybe ones you are not sure of, or ones you feel need a pat on the back Post them This I like but it doesn't get much wear, maybe a bit plain? I'm hard to please, they're either busy, or too plain Tissot V8. ETA G10 Quartz, solid ( very ) link bracelet, sapphire crystal. Very accurate. Too plain or OK.......what do you think. Put up watches for members to have a say Cheers
  6. Come on Davey Go Davey Back to form soon.
  7. Congrats Davey P.........sorry an old habit ( now wearing thin) Taffyman, and Joeythe Ghost
  8. Errrrrrr Davey......the unfortunate bit is if you DONT get there. Happy 59 th
  9. Very interesting
  10. Both nice .....very hard to choose
  11. Nice entry piece....on leather?
  12. Belated happy birthday Davey.....21 again. Kind of your dad and a nice bright addition to your collection. A summmery watch
  13. I can't afford it asking or not