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  1. When you are not absorbed by watches what else competes for your time, money, and affection other than family . I have to say at the moment I wouldn't be without something absorbing to read, but watches are pretty much it. The car I keep well serviced and cleanish, .......couldn't call it a hobby. I have too many pairs of binoculars and stopped adding when I got the grail Zeiss. Perhaps this should be elsewhere on the forum but it is probably too late for the usual suspects to moan A bedtime topic........ Cheers
  2. Really........I suppose the neighbours don't need houses, it's really very selfish of them, there might be complaints, they were refurbished top to bottom a year ago
  3. I haven't got house room for 150 Bulldozers
  4. Sad Wrench....happens a fair bit as you get older....sympathies
  5. Plenty to play with
  6. Collecting Seikos, having a change of heart, and collecting vintage Omegas, and pretending ( I hope) you bought a vintage Longines
  7. After no thought at all I put this thread here because it Is watch discussion. A constant source of differences seems to be WIS light, and WIS very serious. I am content to paddle in the shallows, I love watches, I like to know what I'm getting and something about the quality. The history of watches as illustrated by @Karrusel and others is very interesting when I read detailed posts but the time and research are not for me, a shallower interest really. I think that there will be a disconnect between posts that satisfy both camps and those in the middle. Watch light or watch serious. Opinions? Which are you? Cheers
  8. You ve got to be in it to win it......and Davey was. Good going
  9. Ah.....the man with the cane ....the truth will out
  10. Could be either you fickle fellow But on recent form I'll plump for the Omega
  11. I think they've cleaned up th filth that did that. Hopefully safe for everyone and your daughters at the moment. I remember the IRA bombings, I was close enough to hear one in Birmingham and Woolwich. At least they often gave warnings.
  12. Move onto a four day week in preparation Omg . This time next year you will be joining my moans about tourists
  13. Good catch.
  14. Neat
  15. That's close to trolling.