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  1. Guess what And for Americas big day..
  2. I have a few Vintage Mechanicals and very pleasing they are too. I'm just scared to use them too much . I think what they've been through and don't want to be the one to mess them up Alan
  3. Engrave PEN knives!!!!!!!!
  4. Victorinox and Wenger both make well respected knives, so what is the consensus on their watches? Have they made a successful transition, and do many here own or have opinions on them I really rate both, Victorinox a little more than Wenger, but I do wish they wouldn't engrave pennies on the case backs I really think there are some bargains to be had in these lesser known Swiss watches, with simple three handed quartz starting at not much over 100. Some of mine.............. Victorinox Quartz, ETA G10. Wenger Battalion. ETA G10 quartz. Wenger quartz......ETA G10 Victorinox ETA Alpnach Auto. Anyone have any opinions? It seems to me that people coming onto TWF looking for watches overlook them. Prices of the ones pictured.........200 or so for the quartz if you get lucky, 400 start for autos. Would you consider them? Thanks for reading
  5. An eye out for the best bet Hugh
  6. Yes......Custers last stand. JayDeep will be over run by Seiko 5 fans a imho Alan
  7. The last person to make this kind of stand was Custer. I doubt there are many here who haven't got/ had a Seiko 5 and enjoyed them.
  8. Made for the job
  9. Without fear or favour
  10. Mad as a box of frogs......nice little watch
  11. A couple of quid with postage Quartz from China
  12. Nice Wrench.....and Swiss
  13. Seem nice for the price Honour