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  1. I can smile and I can shave.......infrequently. You'll get told off for posting in this forum
  2. Retired gigolo ( well it was an ambition) and today and for a bit a Vostok
  3. Which bit is the joke Roy, you're being kind If I want a watch resoled it's just the place
  4. Very swish but the brass keeps me from the Bronze
  5. I assure you that by the child's 21st you will be wanting to present a bill not a watch.
  6. I'd chuck in the 40 p and then go to the eye hospital.
  7. Lovely.....a man who appreciates the finer things
  8. I'd give a testicle for the Valjoux
  9. Crown on a watch
  10. Doh....I bet I can squeeze into a dress . I hope you got some Brownie points Teg
  11. I'm not going to mention the well known witticism " much to be modest about."
  12. Your greatness is unappreciated Alan ..... I missed the watchmakers and the faux pas in the original post . I like that Teg......would she miss it
  13. If your baby is a girl ?
  14. Thanks Alan I was thinking of telling the time not going feral. At least it's not Swiss Navy