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  1. nice.
  2. Worth waiting for......enjoy
  3. Seiko branded bubble wrap? Kewl
  4. Lots of uses for leather then Davey
  5. You've see some of my watches I actually don't give a monkeys.....however I might shave tomorrow, supposed to take her ladyship to lunch The odd thing is that if I had my way I'd drive somewhere close to eat...plenty of choice. Nothing under 25 miles for the Boz. Come on Davey you don't do you
  6. The parcel I sent to member in Kent turned up after over a week.....HURRAH It was back through my letter box. ...,...BOO I had the address one digit out......I mean really, I have had letters for completely different roads and bothered to find the correct recipient. So thanks for returning it Royal Mail, and neighbour I hope your lawn dies. Cheers
  7. I don't do pay pal or e bay myself so that is a very kind offer and much appreciated My brother and daughter do e bay but I'll bear that kind offer in mind. Thanks I have had Silicone snap as well. Don't want to look like the oldest swinger in town
  8. Yup........sort of limited my choice I could have bought a replacement strap for 60 quid, but no way as it snapped.
  9. Ooooooo thanks......thirty quid too late One thing I do like is that the strap doesn't taper, same width at the buckle as the lugs. Couldn't fit the fancy buckle back on though
  10. Danglier..... a fine word
  11. I'd think it was the Grim Reaper come for me No thanks.
  12. I am not normally given to changing straps but the one that was on the Velatura snapped ON THE SHELF. I took it into D C Watch makers and had the rubber changed to leather. I'm stuck with it now but is it better than the rubbber New Leather old rubber. Any preferences I know the watch is a bit marmite but at the price it was it stays. At least the leather shouldn't snap Cheers
  13. You think 36180 accurately reflects even semi dormant figures for members. I am not disputing Roy's efforts just that meaningless membership figures are pointless.
  14. Too many Bulovas Hide some and start again