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  1. A modern winder for me.....Bob
  2. Kinetic day for me (5M62).....Bob
  3. Here you go.......induction charging......Bob.
  4. For me today, a Sawtooth.......Bob.
  5. Many many years old, had from new, it had loudest tick of any watch I have owned......Bob. Forgot my dig Timex.............Bob.
  6. Sound about right if it's been left for uncharged for sometime, there are companies charging £60 + for a battery change, it not that difficult to replace the cell have a look on You Tube, cost DIY well have a look ebay.......Bob
  7. I see what you mean, the point of this discussion is a way to keep your Kinetic watch battery in good condition, if like most of us don't wear our Kinetics on 24/7. a top up now and again will keep your Kinetic happy and healthy .......Bob.
  8. Not to sure what you mean........
  9. 1st hide the candle's 2nd Tell some old bloke in Devon sent you the watch and charger too test them out......Bob.
  10. Glad it worked out for you, enjoy your candles.........Bob.
  11. Hi Rod, There a high possibility that your watch will be ok, don't worry if after you get the watch to full charge (30 sec) then drops to 20sec after a few days if not worn this is how I found most of my Kinetic appear to operate, if worn for a week or so it does return to the 30sec mark.....Bob.
  12. Can't argue with that, me love them all..........Bob.
  13. Both the chargers work, but I must say the Phillips charger is the most convenient, the heavy cased divers take a bit longer to charge, the main point is to have the watch upright so that the oscillating weight does not cover the charging coil.....let us know how you get on.....Bob.
  14. Hi, Glad it worked out for you, just a bit of time needed too find the best position, well done......Bob.
  15. Hi Mark, As you say most small coils will do the job, the one in the photo was from a damaged timer, meter set at AC and off you go........Bob.