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  1. Wood finishing advice required

    Finally got round to applying the first coat of linseed oil and it looks better already . Will leave overnight to dry then give it a light wipe over with wire wool and repeat .
  2. Smoking To Vaping?

    @Kutusov here is the link and if you add the code POTV15 you get 15% discount https://www.vapeinc.com/search?q=Plato
  3. Smoking To Vaping?

    Ignore what is wrote above as I had a look about and found an aspire Plato the same as I have in the sale section in vapeinc and by adding an additional 15% discount code I bought it for £38 . A really good price I thought .
  4. Smoking To Vaping?

    Noooooo my aspire Plato is dying I dropped it and now it has a rattle when I shake it . Luckily though the glass did not break (weird) it still works but I no longer trust it as it has the rattle I need to be buying myself a new vape machine so do I buy the Plato again or try something different , but what ever I buy it needs to take the nautilus coils as I have a new box full and I really like them . Budget I would say between £50-£70 . Also a UK purchase would be better for me . Any ideas guys ??
  5. Saturday newbies post 1990

    Haven't wore this for a while Seiko 5H26
  6. Spending on Watches.

    I am lucky as my wife deals with all our bills but I do get "pocket" money to spend on what I want . Luckily so far I have never gone into debt for a watch not have I had to beg borrow or steal
  7. The One

    Every watch I own until I see the next one I fancy owning
  8. Domed crystal

    A domed sapphire with a yellow tint in my Seiko 007
  9. My Japanese watches..

    One or two good ones I see in your collection .... Who am I kidding they are all awesome well done sir Curious question though do you have a favourite ??
  10. 'New' Car

    That is the one problem that is putting me off getting the Focus Estate I have read that the fuel economy is not as good as stated. Really want the 1.4 FR but a huge backlog on orders means a really long wait Bmax, Cmax Smax are all too high for me I can transfer fine from wheelchair to car when I have my leg on but when I have a bad leg day I have to take it off and use a "patslide" to transfer . @graham1981 sorry I do not mean to hijack your thread
  11. 'New' Car

    My Motability car is due to be changed later this year I am stuck between the Seat Leon estate fr 1.4 or a Ford Focus Estate st line with 1.0 ecoboost engine . I prefer the look of the focus just not sure about the small engine size
  12. What have you most of?

    Seiko diver style watches I got a box full
  13. Prim Factory tour

    Looks like a brilliant place to visit
  14. Ups and down on TWF W/E 6-8-17

    Cheers Rog. Spoke to him earlier today and he feels a lot better. They are waiting for the consultant to do her rounds then they will find out more about what happened.