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  1. Happy birthday RWP

    Happy Birthday Roger
  2. Saturday 24 June Watch Parade

    Orient Mako XL
  3. Android Camera App

    I think this has been covered before on the forum but I could not find it , I have recently changed from using an Iphone to using an Android phone. On the Iphone I used Camera+ for my photographs and it was really good my question is can members please suggest any Camera apps for an android phone . There are literally thousands of camera apps and I would like to use one that has been recommended . cheers in advance John
  4. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    Orient Mako XL today
  5. Blue faced seiko

    H Samuels have this one http://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/d/5252849/seiko+special+edition+prospex+men's+stainless+steel+watch/?utm_medium=blar&cm_mmc=google-_-HS_PLA_Watches_NB-_-Seiko-_-keyword&rmatt=tsid:1014013|cid:682804494|agid:36677735178|tid:pla-276771319815|crid:151660373220|nw:g|rnd:13302045913886318695|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhu2H2ebR1AIVRLftCh2Zzgj1EAQYASABEgIihPD_BwE
  6. Are you happy with your Watches?

    Pretty hard to put my finger on what it was that I did not like , the built quality was brilliant and as a Seiko I should love it but it just left me feeling a bit "meh" so struck a deal with Faze for his Flightmaster which I really like .
  7. Are you happy with your Watches?

    I am now I parted with my Kinetic as I just did not bond with it. A few strap changes to alter the appearance of one or two and all will be good.
  8. Wednesday 21st June quartz!

    Fresh in from Faze
  9. Invicta 8926 modded

    Ha ha ha it just so happens I do have some orange hands but no squiggles
  10. Invicta 8926 modded

    I may see what other hands I have as I am not entirely convinced with the look of them but the black dial is staying I really think the black looks better than blue
  11. Invicta 8926 modded

    Me thinks it may be stopping black
  12. Invicta 8926 modded

    I like your way if thinking
  13. Invicta 8926 modded

    All change yet again with a new dial from Dagaz , not sure if I should leave the blue bezel insert on or go back black ?
  14. Ups and down on TWF W/E 18-6-17

    I thought I had corrected that
  15. Ups and down on TWF W/E 18-6-17

    Up's Been a brilliant watch week for me with three incoming Down's No downs really except this laptop is playing up so I am about to reset and reinstall everything which should be fun.