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  1. jsud2002

    Seiko 7T32 repair

  2. jsud2002

    Seiko 7T32 repair

    Your best bet would probably look on ebay for a donor watch with a working 7t32 movement .
  3. jsud2002

    Thanks John

    I wouldn't go that far I just like a bit of order
  4. jsud2002

    Thanks John

    The next thing for you get are some of these tea boxes £6 each and a couple of £ for pipe lagging and you can display your collection
  5. jsud2002

    Thanks John

    Glad they arrived in one piece , now come the hard task deciding which watches to put on them . Good luck
  6. I warched this last night it is so funny.
  7. jsud2002

    Sell or not Sell.

    I fall in to this catagory also
  8. jsud2002

    Where do you rate yourself?

    Yeah its Seiko deffinitely Stage 1 for me
  9. jsud2002

    Big screw Little screw

    @BondandBigM Thought you may be interested Just been to Asda and I noticed they now sell LED light strips that run from the usb input on tvs and come with a remote control to change the settings . Simply stick the led strips to the back of the tv and hey presto yet more lights lol . Bargain price for £8 .
  10. jsud2002

    Reinvigorating a Collection

    Hopefully will be getting the stands off to you by end of the week. How about getting a quote for a cabinet to be built where the shelf is purposely for watches. Add some simple led light strips to add to the display.
  11. jsud2002

    new watch from the other side

    That blue is nice.
  12. jsud2002

    Monday, Monday . . . .

    Back home from our night away , brought back a little piece of Berwick driftwood
  13. jsud2002

    SOTC May 2018

    Close my eyes and reach for one
  14. jsud2002

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    All packed and ready for a night away in Berwick-upon-Tweed.
  15. jsud2002

    SOTC May 2018

    Bought myself a new storage box (tea box style) so thought it about time I created a SOTC but this time it means Some of the collection as a few never made it to these boxes Left to right Top row Seiko 5h26-7a10 , Longines Hydroconquest Quartz , Seiko skx007 ( modded) Middle row left to right Seiko Monster (modded) , Seiko 7002 , Wooden Bewell . Bottom Left to right Seiko skx007 (MM Mod) , Seiko skx007 (Sumo Mod) , Pulsar 7s26-x004 Top Row Left to right Nautica, Invicta 8926ob (modded) , Pulsar 7n36-0ab0, Lorus vd53-x048, Marathon GSAR Middle row Left to right Cressi 500m , Apeks 1000m, Tauchmeister T0151 mil , Apeks 200m, Kirby Morgan 200m Bottom Row left to right Seiko 7s26-03w0 (modded) , Seiko 5, Custom built Quartz, Seiko 7t62-0ap0, Seiko 7t32-7f80 Thanks for looking John

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