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  1. Seiko 7002 today
  2. Have you tried cousinsuk ?
  3. Have you tried one of these Andy I am thinking of buying one but wondered if they are worth it or not
  4. If you can try and get an auto one with the Seiko NH35 movement they are really great watches here is my modded one
  5. I can play this game as I got a few in this week I just need to try and source a new bracelet for the last Lorus as the one on it is too tight
  6. I killed an Adidas digi swimming but the very generous Davey P stepped in and sent me this I havent tried it swimming as yet but have wore it to the gym a few times
  7. I was given this watch by a good friend as a possible worker or non runner so as one does when given a watch I wanted to see if it it just needed a fresh battery but no nothing it was dead . I made a note of the movement and after a quick internet search saw that it was obsolete but not to worry as an alternative was found which arrived today. Luckily I did not have any plans today so replaced the dead movement with the new one a fresh battery and mesh bracelet and all is good
  8. Oops sorry but too late to edit my post
  9. I like mine to be a little loose so they have the freedom to move about.
  10. Hey well done
  11. Newly acquired Seiko 7002
  12. I dont quite understand sorry .. is this a 2015 phone that is getting a firmware upgrade making it better or is it a 2015 phone that is getting rereleased ? Cheees John
  13. If I have a new one incomming then that gets worn for quite a few days until I see my watch box staring at me saying "open me .. open me " then I will change to whatever picks my eye , but then another new one arrives and the cycle starts all over again
  14. Definitely decided to wait till July for end of vodafone contract then it is off to Tesco mobile as I can get a great deal with them. Two moto G5's 1gb data 5000 text 500 mins for £25 all in (after a couple of promos added)
  15. Have a great Birthday