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  1. The Perfect Collection

    A great big cabinet full of Seiko
  2. Rather than setting myself free Rog I have added to my collection and just bought myself a Seiko 007 and a Yobokies dial and A new set of hands all ready to mod it once they all arrive .
  3. Dropping a Watch

    This one is simple for me , pick it up , any obvious signs of damage , is it still working put it onto a wrist to wear
  4. I often go days without wearing a watch sometimes the freedom is a good feeling. Not really a ridiculous reason though is it
  5. I should not have done that!!

    That is or was a collection worth drooling over .
  6. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    So sorry to hear this sad news Emily my condolences to you and your family
  7. Thanks to Rob.B

    Obviously we will all need photographic proof Rog
  8. Thanks to Rob.B

    Get the back open Rog and remove the stem and movement . Give the case a clean and put it all back together when finished. Here is a youtube video to help you
  9. Monday's timepieces 11/12/2017.

    Just been to pick up my latest addition to the collection skx007
  10. Freebie from Seiko

    I think maybe me sat in my wheelchair outside their shop licking the windows helped
  11. Freebie from Seiko

    We went for a trip out today to the York Designer Outlet ( not my choice but offering to drive my wife and two step daughters got me serious brownie points) after a while of me being staying outside most shops that they visited I saw a Seiko shop and headed straight to it . I had a look at some of the stock ( no Marinemaster though ) and got chatting to the sales assistants one of which to an instant liking to my MM I was wearing , I showed her some of my Seikos and Pulsars from photos on my phone when the other assistant appeared and handed me a bag .... We do not have much in the way of freebies she said but would I like this It is a mini Divers bottle that they use to promote their Prospex dive range .. I thanked them both and wheeled myself out of the shop with a big big grin on my face . This has now taken pride of place in my watch cabinet All in all I am glad I offered to drive everyone to the outlet today
  12. Air Pistol Advice Please

    I would certainly try before you buy , the reason I say this is because some spring powered pistols can be difficult power up ( I was thinking of your Arthritic arms/shoulders) . Have you had a search for a local club ? I would arrange with the club secretary to have a visit to the club and try some of the air pistols and air rifles that the club may own also some members may let you try their pistols under supervision. I owned a Crossman 2300 Co2 pistol which was good but then i got into the whole modding scene and converted it into an air rifle , the Crossman 2400 "ratty" is also quite good but that is an air rifle rather than pistol but incredibly light weight. I then decided to change a SMK from Co2 to HPA whcih was rather powerful in fact I think that one is still in my loft somewhere. The only problem with using Co2 is you get less power in cold conditions. I hope you have a steady hand because from experience even the lightest of pistols are quite heavy after a time with the out stretched shooting position. @johnbaz is probably the best to give advice , have you seen his collection ? it is out of this world . Good luck with your search and one final piece of advice I will give is be careful because it starts out being an air pistol and then an air rifle , then you put in for your firearms certificate which opens the door to rimfire rifles and shotguns .... I do miss my Rimfire rifles. cheers John

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