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  1. What a difference a few mm makes!

    The beauty of watches, they come in a range of sizes to suit everybody, small medium or lardge
  2. Higuchi shipping & handling question re Sumo

    In my experience Higuchi will under declare the value of the watch and Seiya will declare full value
  3. Used Omega Seamaster

    You should be able to get a very nice auto full size SMP for 1.5k (2531.80 etc)
  4. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    I know what you mean but I honestly can wear this watch without worry (for some reason) maybe its the value or perhaps it is because it already has patina so I am just adding to it If it suddenly rocketed in value like the 6105 (unlikely) it may be different, if I am doing anything too harsh I simply pop it in my pocket There is something about wearing the real thing, for value you cannot beat one of these Good luck
  5. Cheap, vintage inspired dive watches

    Instead of a reissue etc perhaps consider a 70's 6309, a beautiful watch with modern proportions and a classic design Mine feels special as it is older than me and all original but it could pass as a watch bought a few months ago All for a couple of hundred pounds and the value is only going to go one way
  6. My first Rolex watch purchase

    Not as far as I know, the link purchase is the cheapest option as far as I know
  7. My first Rolex watch purchase

    As far as I know by buying a link the AD will check the serial number etc and and if it us fake/stolen it will be identified
  8. Pillaging the Past? Discuss

    I never really understood the Seiko Turtle reissues (although I had a PADI) when you can buy a lovely original 6309 for similar money
  9. My first Rolex watch purchase

    There are some amazing fakes out there for this watch Perhaps it may be best to take it in to a Rolex AD and purchase a bracelet link for peace of mind before purchase
  10. flippers you dont lose much on

    Timefactors watches bought used will normally retain most/all of their value, getting hold of them can be difficult though (try TZ)
  11. How good are CW watches?

    They are very very good, as good as my old SMP good
  12. Yeah that wont happen but as long as you buy well you should be able to enjoy some great pieces without losing money
  13. It happened with me constantly, best to sell the rest and enjoy 'the one' you may get bored but you just start looking again I cant see the point of having loads of meh watches
  14. Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    Seiko 6309 7049 same age as me (1979) and jaw droppingly gorgeous (in my opinion)
  15. Omega Speedmaster Professional.

    I have one although it goes on Saturday, I cant get on with winding and the crown im afraid I find it really awkward to wind and it bugs me so much I am going back to autos beautiful watch though and extremely comfortable

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