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  1. Can he do it?

    Sometimes its best not to overthink it, trim down if you are content if the itch arises then buy again More than happy with my two at the moment but personal circumstances mean I am unlikely to keep to these two for much longer
  2. Wreck Rescue

    apologies for lack of photos (photobucket)
  3. Furthering a Discussion

    Thanks Jay although... you were specific about what you perceive as being junk and numerous other threads you have described watches as ugly etc personally I dont see the need, each to their own,wear/own/drive whatever you like Thats where we differ, it is probably a cultural thing and I respect that
  4. Furthering a Discussion

    Like i said earlier if you like driving junk or wearing junk on your wrist it is all personal choice
  5. Furthering a Discussion

    Just wear what you feel comfortable wearing fake/copy/homage/real thing, whatever Wear what makes you happy, I dont see the point trying to defend your decisions by starting a thread to get reassurance Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Just remember we have seen what you drive
  6. London Mayfair

    Wonderful place, have a great time! Harrods is always an eye opener
  7. Harrods Tudor Black bay

    Not much interest here then
  8. Harrods Tudor Black bay

    I have not seen a thread about this here but things do move quite fast on this forum so apologies if I missed something Harrods have released a special edition Tudor black bay and I think it looks wonderful, green bezel, green accents on the dial and green tipped seconds hand https://www.salonqp.com/updates/new_watches/tudor-harrods-announce-special-edition-heritage-black-bay-green/ This watch seems to be in very high demand and it has been mentioned it is now sold out but with plans for more being released at a later date Anybody lucky enough to be receiving one?
  9. Fear!

    My god! what a horrific story, it obviously wasnt your time mate A reminder to us all to live life to the full everyday
  10. Love it! I found the jubilee suits the 019 much better than the 017 (for some reason) with the 017 the oyster seems to work better I had the strapcode SEL jubilee on my 019 but stupidly decided to move it on!
  11. Fear!

    Ouch! what happened?
  12. Seamaster 300 on leather or rubber ?

    You could go for a cousins black rubber strap designed for Rolex (Rubber B copy) it fits perfectly (it did my 2531.80) and was very cheap/great quality
  13. Good looking G-Shocks

    Love my G shock, still £75 in Argos and I think everyone should buy one
  14. For the love of watches

    Its ok over there, no more cliquey than around here
  15. Its a beautiful watch but looking at yours it does make you wonder if its worth the £

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