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  1. Recommend me

    Skx, Srp, Scurfa, C Ward, Steinhart, Precista, take your pick
  2. This is Strange.....

    Id worry about losing my fingers if I wore a watch that tight for 16 days
  3. I cant see the pic but I assume from reactions on here that there is a fair amount of damage to the watch You cannot be certain that whatever caused the damage didnt affect the movement, look at it from their side they must have a lot if watches come back in a poor state expecting warranty repairs If you want my advice take it on the chin and move on
  4. None actually, sorry TWF
  5. Not sure what I was worried about

    No, they no longer make this particular watch The new range of Tridents have the new logo at 9oclock and no blue version I managed to get hold of this brand new for a good price from someone who bought it in the 50% off sale in July
  6. Which one to go for

    Not really relevant and for that I apologise in advance between the two it would (for me) be the Longines, it is a bit more special and a better size than the Seiko I have owned a Longines Hydroconquest and it was a lovely watch, the three things that put me off 1 was the bracelet had very little micro adjustment and I couldnt get a good fit (no half links??) 2 The bracelet also didnt taper (I believe it was 22mm) and it was not the most comfortable 3 The case was very polished and so was the bracelet (PCL's) and so scratches were inevitable and were an issue for my OCD Now the above issues are subjective and not a huge deal and overall I found it a great watch, looks great (dress diver) easily on par with many more expensive watches I have handled including Omega and Tag Heuer etc I did sell the watch and I have missed it ever since but never bought another due to the above issues, this week I tried a watch I have liked the look of for a while and without really knowing I have found a HC for half price and the best thing is most of the issues do not affect this one The watch is a CW Trident pro 600, it feels/wears very much like my old HC (in the 38mm size) although personally a little better as a touch smaller on the wrist, it has a nicer dial, better bezel, brushed case sides, better tapered bracelet (20mm lugs) ratchet clasp adjustment etc I love it! So basically go for the HC and then consider a CW
  7. To be fair I had bought the car before confirming the sat nav and the later issue was on/after collection, yes I could have walked/backed out but I would have been biting off my nose to spite my face Id like to think it was a couple of honest mistakes although I doubt anything was 'checked' and there is a suspiciously large anount of these extra fitted parts being sold on ebay, how many people dont know or dont double check? The car is a limited edition and it would have been difficult to get a comparable deal but yes not ideal
  8. Obviously these examples are pretty extreme but I do wonder if I would be happier if I took a more relaxed approach to life for example, I just bought a new car and I did a LOT of research before buying (half the fun) when buying I tried to access the sat nav on the screen and the salesman announced it wasnt fitted on this model. Now I am a polite chap so I went away and double checked before letting him know it certainly was fitted and how to access it When I picked it up from the showroom I noticed it had the wrong fuel fillet cap for this version so I asked about this and the air filter (two things that the dealer should fit after delivery from the factory) I was told they were no longer fitted (used to be) Again I went away and researched thoroughly and ended up calling back and asking for this to be double checked, I was told they had checked and they were right so ended up stressing myself out contacting Italy and finally winning/getting the parts fitted My girlfriend said I would have a much better life letting things go and not bejng so anal/obsessed with everything I buy I agree..
  9. 'New' Car

    I have just bought this for my girlfriend, great fun
  10. In Brighton for the day

    another cringeworthy thread
  11. Not sure what I was worried about

    Have to say the pic makes it look bigger than it is, this is probably a bit more realistic
  12. Looking for a Blumo any help on where

    Maybe you can contact the ebay seller to negotiate a deal?
  13. Not sure what I was worried about

    It wears much larger than 38mm, I had a prs-17q at 37mm and that wore much smaller (but still lovely) this is perfection for me
  14. Not sure what I was worried about

    No I was comcerned about it being too small (38mm) I mentioned it on another thread sorry