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  1. Any Art collectors?

    A great collection you have there Biker, love the Clyde Estuary piece
  2. Will we save the planet ?

    Buying this on Saturday means I can no longer afford fuel for my car so yeah
  3. Any Art collectors?

    Cant wait to see it, we are new to the world of art and so far have been playing safe with prints that we love but looking to add some original work in the future. I really like some work from Kris Hardy so watch this space!
  4. Any Art collectors?

    The first sketch/study is a of a very small dog with 'flip' and 'add to balloon art' written on it called 'sky high' This was produced during the development of the original artwork of the same name, in the 'sky high' original a balloon is in the forefront of the artwork showing that it was floating away, there is a small dog in the background showing the height perspective/difference, the dog is flipped/mirror image in the original hence 'flip' on the top of the study and the wording 'add to balloon art' has been included to indicate its inclusion to the 'sky high' original artwork, 'sky high' at this time has not been released as a run of limited edition prints the next sketch is called 'making wishes' Doug Hyde explained that when another piece (now in a run of LE prints) 'make a wish' was in its development stage I produced a couple of sketches of fairies to include in the original, I decided that the fairy in 'Making wishes' was too special and deserved to be a stand alone piece, the 'making wishes' original artwork was produced and it has been very popular during a recent tour so it is possible that a limited edition run of prints will be launched in the future. Finally our latest purchase is another LE print on canvas by the artist 'Ryder' and it is called 'waiting for daddy' the appeal of this piece is the overall atmosphere along with the sky detail which is incredible, for me it is like looking through a window into another world hope you like it
  5. Any Art collectors?

    The art we own is quite commercial and I look forward to researching many other artists, my girlfriend and I have always been a big fan of Doug Hydes work and being a dog lover his pieces tend to appeal our first print was 'catnap 2' closely followed by 'catch of the day' pictured below we also have another LE print 'daisy trail' which was an impulse buy, the dog in the pic (Monty funnily enough) reminds me so much of William my elderly St Bernard Our next piece was 'Summertime' love this piece, such good fun and brings back great memories of summer holidays, ice cream vans etc We have a couple of his sketches too which I love, they have wonderful stories behind them and I have been lucky enough to meet Doug Hyde and discuss them, he has also dedicated some of the pieces which is really good of him I will get pics of the sketches plus my latest piece from the artist 'Ryder' hopefully some on here will be able to shes some light on this mysterious artist
  6. Just wondered if anybody on here has any interest in art? I have a few limited edition prints and a few original sketches/studies I tend to go for more humourous pieces but appreciate lots of different artists work I will post pics of my collection if there is any interest
  7. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

  8. Struggling to decide

    Its a no brainer for me but I am not you The Explorer is a very special watch
  9. Latest Incomming...

    No secret on here how much I like my CW's, congratulations!
  10. Members 49 or under WRUW

    Cheers, enjoying the watch very much and was never going to move very far from my old Sub as they just work for me proud member of the LV club
  11. Have to get this right!

    A big thread resurrection as I suppose I can look back and answer my own question At the time I put my name down for a LV and a BLNR, and a little while later I decided to buy a 114060, it was a wonderful watch and absolutely loved it, during ownership I went completely cold on the BLNR, the PCL's, lack of glidelock, the bezel design, GMT hand all started to grate on me so I dismissed this the LV however was a different story I never got it out of my head and as worthy as the SubC was I knew I had to go green eventually, so I did! I wouldnt say I got bored of the Sub but I was at a country show in the summer, the guy behind me had a BLNR on the wrist and although it wasnt a watch I wanted to own the flash of colour and the bit of exclusivity/rarity made me hanker even more for the LV Anyway the call came 10 months later and it us now in the wrist Hopefully this thread (and conclusion) will help anyone in a similar position in the future
  12. Members 49 or under WRUW

    38 yesterday so just squeezed in
  13. Thanks all, was yesterday but got the cake last night
  14. Does it count that I will be eating this?
  15. Realize what I like about this watch

    No similar stories I am afraid but I am so with you on Proplofs, on mesh such a gorgeous watch that I would love to own but would probably never get worn hope to see one on your wrist one day Jay

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