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  1. H2O Kalmar 2

    Boring Feck this forum and its whinging old has been keyboard warriors. I'm off!!
  2. H2O Kalmar 2

    Still going on about this?. Fecking hell I think some people need to get a life!!! now who's being pathetic?
  3. Good Evening

    Apologies for private message but just to say thank you for your comments regarding the appalling events over the last couple of day's.

    However, if this behaviour goes unheeded by admin I'm off, I thought I had left this sort of behaviour behind in primary school....totally unacceptable from supposed adults!

    Wishing you well.



    1. Craftycockney



      Yes I too am sorry. I joined only last December and these spats pop up every now and then by some of our so called reputable members. Unfortunately I don't think much will be done about it as you can see no interventions throughout the saga by admin. I kept my cool up till now but tbh I couldn't just keep quiet and allow such childish behaviour to continue especially towards a new member. If he turns out to be a fraud so what. He will soon be forgotten about and everyone will wonder what it was all about. 

      Its just a forum and I too can live without it as I proved before but I certainly will not go without knocking a few heads straight.

      Good night


  4. H2O Kalmar 2

    He is forum a different part of the world hence my babble over tolerance. 'He is the one making threats'. After being set upon by the hounds. 'Let's see what his greater contribution is Crafty........only time will tell' This should have been your approach in the 1st instance but better late than never. Good night to you RWP and yes certainly no grudges held. I went away from the forum for a few months as I got fed up with the whole Bruce thing. At the time, although mighty pissed about the situation I stayed out of it. I came back over the past few weeks and again here we are all over. I think we need to get back to basics and remember what this forum is actually about. A mutual passion for watches amongst a bunch of old/young men from all walks of life. Anything else is a bonus.
  5. H2O Kalmar 2

    Who respect? yours RWP?. Who are you that you demand respect from people?. Like I previously stated, I would have certainly expected a much more mature approach from you given your contributions to the forum. But it seems to me that the common courtesy that is almost extended to you in every post you simply cannot return in kind. I think you getting ahead of yourself fella. I have never had a bad word to say about you but today I am dumbfound with your backward mentality and ignorance you have shown by simply jumping on a bandwagon. Shame on you.
  6. H2O Kalmar 2

    Sorry Richy maybe you are not reading what I'm writing. All I'm saying is to give Rafy a fair crack at the whip and not to shoot him down in flames within 2 posts because of ignorance. Yes you are it is getting out control and childish but I simply do believe in injustice with sufficient proof it is justified.
  7. H2O Kalmar 2

    I would like to point out the following from H20 website: We have a clear cut vision:CUSTOM MADE AND UNIQUE! Fully customizable high tech mechanical dive watches, that are tailor-made and built to the customer’s own and exacting specifications. Making them as individual as you are! The use of unique and exotic materials the likes of which the watch industry has yet to see. An industry first! CUSTOMIZATION is EVERYTHING! Unlike anyone else in the field of dive watches with the sheer flexibility and versatility of their customizable watches; H2O give you a whole new experience in self customization. We offer handmade exotic materials, such as Mokume Gane, Damascus Steel, combinations of Stainless Steel and Titanium, allowing H2O to create one of a kind watches. All H2O watches created from handmade materials are in every single aspect unique and extremely rare as real workmanship is involved in the welding and forging of each metal blocks used for the construction of our cases and components. This naturally limits our production quantity ensuring even more exclusivity for our customers.Creating individual customer configured watches withexceptional customer service is our vision 2011: Founding H2O watch The fact that H2O has no watch building history or traditions can be turned to our advantage; allowing us to develop products according to the requirements of our customers, regardless of any past design philosophies or traditions. We will bring fresh ideas, creative designs and exciting and exotic case and dial materials into the watch market. Our first product, the customizable H2O Kalmar with its fully interchangeable case parts such as bezels, crown guards and case backs, allows our customers to create their own unique watch configuration letting them modify the original design by interchanging watch parts even after purchase. CONTACTS H2O WATCH GMBH, NEUBAUER HEIDE 23 D-27367 SOTTRUM GERMANY EMAIL: CONTACT(AT]H2O-WATCH.COM TEL: +49(0)4264-836795 CEO: Clemens Helberg DID NOT TAKE A GENIUS TO WORK OUT THAT THE COMPANY IS GERMAN. ESTABLISHED IN 2011. RAFY IS BASED IN DUBAI AND JUST JOINED THE FORUM. THE CEO IS CLEMENS HELBERG (VERY MIDDLE EASTERN). SO i HAVE PUT MY NEW FOUND PET DETECTIVE SKILLS TO THE TEST AND LOOK WHAT i ACHIEVED. AMAZING RESULTS i BELIEVE. i HOPE THIS CAN PUT AN END TO THE MATTER AND WE CAN MOVE ON TO BIGGER AND BRIGHTER HORIZONS.
  8. H2O Kalmar 2

    Just a question is H20 a kick starter campaign? No Are members not allowed to like just 1 brand? Hugh not only are you are part time CID but now you seem to be showing off your mystic meg powers!. Wow your talents continue to amaze me. I mean you have predicted what Rafy is all about just from a couple of posts!. That is astonishing is there anything you can't do? Does your crystal ball show you anything else? Perhaps a reflection of how pathetic you actually being??? Grow up
  9. H2O Kalmar 2

    Why did he need to be accused of lying? Before his retaliation what did he actually do wrong RWP? Did he actually break any forum guidelines RWP?. I think this questions need to addressed 1st otherwise we are back in the playground. Grow up!
  10. H2O Kalmar 2

    Appreciated but clearly rafy does not like to be accused of lying and I am of the same opinion. There would simply have been no inflammation of this situation at all if people actually gave the benefit of doubt. That is the point I'm getting at. Suspicion? Over what? It's a fecking watch forum not crime watch!. Some on here have actually let off the kick starters easier then this poor bloke. What a warm and wonderful welcome he received from our prestigious and respected members. You should give yourselves all a pat on the back. Let's hope some more newbies will read the forum rules and then start posting. Then we can all become judge and jury then just lay into them however feel like. It's clearly not a free forum as rafy has found out the hard way by posting the same brand of watch more than once. Maybe that is his real world. One man's freedom is another man's oppression.
  11. H2O Kalmar 2

    Didn't really expect this from you RWP!. I thought better of you honestly. What has this chap done really ask yourself? He has simply post some watches that he likes on a 'WATCH FORUM'!!!. They happened to be of the same brand and all of a sudden he has been demonised. So he then defends himself from barage of accusations they way he sees fit and get jumped for doing that too. I have always been taught that you start at the beginning of a problem not the end. Who is pushing around who? Is your behaviour democratic?. Rafy too has a right to free speech without being accused of the rubbish you lot have made up. Roy?!. Admin?! Anyone going to say something or are the forum rules just for some and not for others.
  12. H2O Kalmar 2

    Clearly hugh, Rafy is not English so it was an easy mistake to say 'for' to state he will continue posting his h20 watches. I mean everyone makes mistakes right? You assumed he posted on a German website another language misinterpreted. Granted you apologised so credit where credit is due but to continue to put the digs in pointless really. You tell him to stay away from the internet when he has joined a watch forum to share a common passion for watches. I have never read anywhere that it against TWF law to post on multiple sites but have read something about keeping it courtious towards other members. Maybe time to put the big boy pants on now!.
  13. That would probably count same for most dive watches based on your analysis. I mean how many everyday divers do you know go past 200 meters?. I would put it down to the watch maker showing there craftsmanship and of course bragging rights.
  14. That is definitely a monster of a watch.
  15. Hello

    Welcome to the jungle