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  1. Stuck on one again.......

    I feel your pain Rwp! Currently on rotation after a long time sitting in it's box. Now I cannot seem to take off my Breitling superocean.
  2. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Rip Mr Levity my condolences to your family.
  3. G shock £34.99 argos ebay

    Thanks for heads up Mr P!. You were spot on. I didn't think it would be so bad but unfortunately the display was poor so returned it. Real shame as was looking to having a G shock in my collection.
  4. Passed by this today whilst surfing the net. Looks pretty decent spec to pound basis. Enjoy https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/made-in-germany-luxury-watches#/
  5. Why black out serial numbers

    Mainly to stop the serial numbers being used on fake watches. The likes of Rolex, Omega and various other luxurious brands have a whole market of knock off's unfortunately and if one of those is being sold as a real watch with a legit serial number someone may end getting stung!. Buyer might just check the serial with the manufacturer and they will confirm it is correct but watch is still fake.
  6. Car/Racing inspired watches

    https://www.bremont.com/watch/mkii/18252 https://www.christopherward.co.uk/watches/motorsport/c7-rapide-automatic-range http://www.baume-et-mercier.co.uk/capeland-10282.html Few teasers for you
  7. Right or Wrong

    It may not be morally right but then you might end up opening an argument about mp expenses, google/amazon tax rows, bank bailouts, royal weddings. Tv/movie/sports tax havens..... let me know when you want to stop!. I appreciate law as good as the next law abiding citizen but when it is one rule 4 one and another rule for another then my moral compass tends to go south a little. That's my take (but still pay my taxes)
  8. G shock £34.99 argos ebay

    Probably won't even get worn tbh just will sit with a collection of new watches still boxed! Lol
  9. G shock £34.99 argos ebay

    Oh definitely! ordered as was eyeing up a G-Shock for a while now but at this price they are practically giving them away
  10. G shock £34.99 argos ebay

    Need I say anymore...... 352157608546
  11. Alpina arrived today

    Fortunately before making the purchase and checking prices, I anticipated paying the duty. But with the deal the Germination doing a huge reduction on the Alpina promotion just meant the savings were just too good to pass.
  12. Alpina arrived today

    You might still get a letter Fedex for duty! Mine came £95 due for my Alpina. Still works out over 40% over UK so still not complaining.
  13. And only 1 remains

    You will always love you 1st over other's! Ask any mother although she may at 1st not admit to it. For us it is the same for watches....
  14. Tissot Outlet Website

    Authorised dealer
  15. Tudor pelagos has arrived

    Welcome to the club my friend!

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