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  1. Tax in the U.K.

    Lol I am about list a unworn 2016 on ebay this weekend! Brought from fraser hart. I waited 18 months for it
  2. Tax in the U.K.

    All depends how big the saving is after all the above mentioned. Also consider the risk factor being a grail watch and the list you have mentioned you would need to sell to fund it. Credibilty of the seller etc. What is the grail watch if not a secret?
  3. Surprisingly affordable....

    New date just 2 I say no more....
  4. Daniel Hodge Watches

    https://28daysearlier.com He is an independent watch maker
  5. Daniel Hodge Watches

    I made some subtle changes with Dan
  6. Daniel Hodge Watches

    Here's mine!! '1016' diver. Awesome build quality and Dan regulates to COSC standard. Highly recommended
  7. As per heads up

    Rwp I think it's about time you do a 'state of collection' post.
  8. Watches Anonymous

    Hi! I am Crafty and I am watchaholic. I have been purchase free for 38 days now, since my withdrawal I feel a sense emptiness, anxiety and my bank balance has tipped towards the black. My credit card company keeps sending me seductively tempting offers to lure me back into the seedy world of watch buying but to date I have resisted. Thank you for listening....
  9. Fifty fathoms style watches

    I can certainly recommend Dan! I brought a watch of him few months back and not looked since. Look forward to another this year.
  10. COSC

    Accuracy, testing in extreme condition, water proofing tested oh and a bluePeter badge!
  11. DIDUN ????

    Boring! lets move on with our lives. Roy Shut down the comments on this post. RWP get threading! lol
  12. DIDUN ????

    Wow! People so hung up on the fake/homage row. It has been going on for years and certainly won't be resolved on this forum or life time. Who bloody cares! Buy what you like, when you like and just enjoy it while it lasts that is what I say. If you can afford the real thing great! If not then great you still have a watch that you like and enioy.
  13. DIDUN ????

    They didun! Did they?
  14. DIDUN ????

    The finish looks better on the 2nd one.
  15. Lots to look at not buy.

    Anything that would help a fellow member. Remember preparation is the key. Melting issue I can't help sorry I'm out!

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