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  1. Victor In Coming Knox

    That is a nice bit of kit!. Well done.
  2. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Will get a pic up soon bud.
  3. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Man I was slowly trying to work my way up towards to wearable Rolex and was doing pretty well to resist my temptation at the same time. Then one Saturday morning with a little too much time on my hands, I started window shopping in Croydon and came accross Lyons Jewellers. Next thing I know I went from just wanting to a pic of the datejust to sitting down and trying it on. The rhodium dial just blew me away!. 41mm case was a perfect size as my preference is upto 42mm. New movement with 70 hour reserve and 10 years between services, the positives just kept on coming and in the end I folded. But with a big smile on my face. I not a fan of metal straps so got them to throw in a beautiful Hirsh grey leather strap. Even the staff were surprised how well it looked on leather. So there you have it my 1st daily lex.
  4. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Yup! But never had a problem with Rafi1 or his watches. I was pissed with people laying into him and saying he was trying to promote a brand that he may have been affiliated with. Lots of people casting of conspiracy theories without giving the chap a chance. That was all. I guess I was right though as Rafi is still here! Good on him.
  5. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Gree spirit me. Lol
  6. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Thanks. No particular thought process just like what I see. Love divers but when trying subs almost went off watches!. I then realised that when it came Rolex I was looking at the wrong style until I spotted the datejust. The rest is history.
  7. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Thanks Bud!. 8k posts I see you did'nt go anywhere lool
  8. At work the other day

    I thought it was going to be a typical Monday!. Then this showed up. Lift up your bottom lip boys!
  9. I'm Back! My latest Acquisitions

    Thanks RWP! Its been a tough year what can I say.......
  10. Evening Gents, I am back!, for how long who knows but whilst I am here I thought I'd share:
  11. H2O Kalmar 2

    Boring Feck this forum and its whinging old has been keyboard warriors. I'm off!!
  12. H2O Kalmar 2

    Still going on about this?. Fecking hell I think some people need to get a life!!! now who's being pathetic?
  13. Good Evening

    Apologies for private message but just to say thank you for your comments regarding the appalling events over the last couple of day's.

    However, if this behaviour goes unheeded by admin I'm off, I thought I had left this sort of behaviour behind in primary school....totally unacceptable from supposed adults!

    Wishing you well.



    1. Craftycockney



      Yes I too am sorry. I joined only last December and these spats pop up every now and then by some of our so called reputable members. Unfortunately I don't think much will be done about it as you can see no interventions throughout the saga by admin. I kept my cool up till now but tbh I couldn't just keep quiet and allow such childish behaviour to continue especially towards a new member. If he turns out to be a fraud so what. He will soon be forgotten about and everyone will wonder what it was all about. 

      Its just a forum and I too can live without it as I proved before but I certainly will not go without knocking a few heads straight.

      Good night


  14. H2O Kalmar 2

    He is forum a different part of the world hence my babble over tolerance. 'He is the one making threats'. After being set upon by the hounds. 'Let's see what his greater contribution is Crafty........only time will tell' This should have been your approach in the 1st instance but better late than never. Good night to you RWP and yes certainly no grudges held. I went away from the forum for a few months as I got fed up with the whole Bruce thing. At the time, although mighty pissed about the situation I stayed out of it. I came back over the past few weeks and again here we are all over. I think we need to get back to basics and remember what this forum is actually about. A mutual passion for watches amongst a bunch of old/young men from all walks of life. Anything else is a bonus.

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