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  1. Why would you choose 2 of the same watch if only allowed two?? I'm one to talk, having 5 of the same watch, but that's because i have others i can choose
  2. Nope, purely because of how funny I find it when all the England fans get all optimistic and enthusiastic and then they go out in the inevitable catastrophic failure
  3. I always root for the other team whenever England play football Doesn't look like you've gotten too bad seating though! Having never been to a real stadium (bristol city.. ha!), can you actually get a good view of what's going on? Or is it like watching ants?
  4. Indeed. You've got to love text speech. I thought dumb-phones became obsolete years ago. Even my mother uses it when typing emails
  5. Gloss dial 16660 from 1984 for yet another day at the desk.
  6. what are you wearing
  7. Welcome Whatwhato. That Seiko looks great on the jubilee (?) bracelet.
  8. It could never happen, but if it were legislated, then I think it would have to be these (I've some watches I prefer more, but the vintage nature of them makes them nonviable in a lot of situations. Pretty tough call between the sub and seadweller though. Speedy is good enough to be used as a dress watch when on leather.
  9. I love it. No doubt the car is just as nice. Why shouldn't vehicles have better than a digital read out? No examples of my own I'm afraid, only owned a 2cv and a 1.2 Skoda fabia. Would be cool to see a mechanical that could be automatically winded whilst driving else wound by an electric torque-controlled winder. Sorry, wandering off topic.
  10. Do not get me wrong, CW make great watches, but they have questionable sales tactics (DFS style rrp/sales policy, and some models use daft heritage links). A regular trident pro at around £300 is a great watch for the money, paying full price though and you're just being ripped off.
  11. Never mind Rog. You keep running around misrepresenting what you're wearing. At the end of the day it is fraud though. If someone were to sell me that as having a Kevlar strap, it would be returned else legal action taken.
  12. You're pretty much justifying the forgery industry with your comments
  13. Your SMPc price is not really relevant. All parts of higher end watch brands are significantly more than. Other watches because co!E service, they have to show why they cost what they do. If it cost £50 to replace the crystal, which would be a huge profit for them, people would start asking how the watch cost so much in the first place due to the value of the sum of its parts. Oh, and all of the CW tridents are ceramic, so any change in price cannot be attributed to the bezel insert. Anyone who pays rrp for CW is silly or ignorant of the reality. As scottswatch nicely put it, they have become DFS, and their inability to stick with a brand has given them a pretty crap reputation. Many CW die hards no longer consider them because of the awful new branding.
  14. Yet they can happily sell them on the exact same (but SS) watch for around £300. Not as a one-off, but as a routine "discounted" price. History has shown quite conclusively that the RRP for a CW watch is about as valid as the RRP on Amazon sale products. Pretty !Uch take any of their watches and divide the price by two. Given the unpopularity of their new new branding, maybe it'll be even less. They've done themself no favours.
  15. Buckle, strap, or watch. You have the evidence at your finger tips, posting links which actually contradict your point and then telling people it is something it is not is little different to those showing off their fake Rolex imo. Doubt has been cast as to the natural nature of the bezel insert of my submariner. And so given i can't prove one way or the other, other than from what the seller has said, i wont refer to it as being naturally aged. If you like it then who cares, but you're unable to provide any evidence for it being a Kevlar strap, while both you and I have offered evidence stating it is not. Not sure why you're so willing to consider it. Is it being g Kevlar that much of a selling point?