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  1. Lug gaps

    Never had an issue, looks fine to me only time I dislike it is watches with long lugs, but then I don't like watches like that anyway. I'd much rather a lug gap than one of those god awful leather straps with end links.
  2. Going Green

    Feel free to ban me, but if someone starts making personal attacks for me pointing out a simple fact, and then starts making insinuations about my parents then I will defend myself. Sorry.
  3. Going Green

    If you insist Roger "No comment on the strap, but that is one cracking watch! Might have to be next on the list.” So yet another of your famously accurate posts ;)
  4. Going Green

    I rest my case
  5. Just another kick starter?

    They're certainly not the worst looking, but I've an issue with companies who bang on about history and then chuck a quartz movement in it. At least they were willing to list the movement though, you know a watch isn't worth owning when they're scared to tell you what the move!entire actually is.
  6. Going Green

    Shame you can't keep your personal attacks to PM ;)
  7. Doesn't Get Worn Enough

    It is a very well made and high quality watch, which depending on taste, looks fantastic, and can be had for a very reasonable price given the brand. I don't think they have a status beyond any other divers from the well known Swiss brands. The bond connection means little to me, I mean it wasn't even a very good film! I love mine because it oozes quality. Just don't let @mach 0.0013137 see this thread, a life in the medical field seems to have given him an irrational fear of warts :D Oh, and the bracelet. Many argue it is dated, but I have yet to come across one that is so darn comfortable. My Rolex or speedmaster bracelets don't compare.
  8. Le Jour brand?

    I like that Jay, rather similar to my mk 40. Just a shame it has hidden lugs or whatever it's called (like the speedy mk2).
  9. Doesn't Get Worn Enough

    One of the best value watches I've bought. Won't be going anywhere other than off for a service one day.
  10. Tuesday WRUW

    No comment on the strap, but that is one cracking watch! Might have to be next on the list.
  11. Going Green

    I thought you said there was no variation in price? I even quote you on it. Seems to be lots of variation, almost all of it beneath what you paid. Don't go getting upset because you paid over the ods, or do you genuinely belive that I'm an unplesant weirdo, creep, and full of crap for pointing out a simple proven fact?
  12. Going Green

    Yeah, no variation whatsoever.. Try doing your research before being your usual unpleasant self
  13. Going Green

    Would be more attractive when it was selling at £20. Based on its price history, you're being fobbed off if you pay £50 for it.
  14. Citizen Orca

    It seems to get missed because it's one of 4 watches in one sale thread. Unworn full set. Seller is oldhookey. Granted its near twice the price at £400, but seems a good price for what is offered. It's still there, so maybe a small haggle is possible.
  15. Citizen Orca

    I'd have just spent the extra and bought the full set blue one also for sale. Not a fan of it on the rubber at all. I imagine that you'll be hard pressed to find a strap for it unless you go custom through Pav etc given the scarcity of the model.

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