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  1. After you ask the amazon thing to buy you something, doesn't it then ask you to confirm?
  2. I'd call it chilly. Not really cold though.
  3. Lovely photos I'm beginning to get well and truly fed up with this countries weather. December 2015 I went out and bought myself a lovely (and expensive) double breasted overcoat for the cold winter walks through London. Worn the thing about 5 times! Last week we had that severe weather warning, 90 flights cancelled at heathrow etc, and for what, 30 minutes of sleet. Damned glad I didn't pull the triger on some leather winter boots, the way things are going they'd be NOS by the time I reach retirement age.
  4. I have been in one real watch shop in my life, the Rolex AD on old bond street london (not sure of name so forgive me if there are more than one). My experience was that they were condescending expletives who wanted me out of the door as fast as possible so they could sit down with some arabs behind me in the "queue". It does make me wonder what this "dealer experience" is that people harp on about as a reason for buying new. What kind of experience is it when they couldnt give a flying F about you?
  5. Same reason we don't wear smart watches I imagine. More gimmick than anything else. Just manufacturers trying to push a market that is not currently needed or even wanted. Smart homes can bugger off until they serve a meaningful purpose. This is the one that still makes me chuckle. For £3k you get.. - Internal cameras let you see inside your fridge freezer even when you're not at home for easy food management - Watch TV or listen to radio through your appliance to bring entertainment to your kitchen - Create a shopping list and use your app while shopping They're grasping at straws with smart homes right now. Until my house can grill me a steak and bring it to the sofa then I'll just continue to be old fashioned. It's often a case of manufactures entering a market with semi worthless products just so they're ready and established when technology eventually matures and creates real demand. In the interim though, they just look stupid.
  6. Only need 1 grab and go if I did though I'd most likely leave them running just so I'd be sure when a battery was dead and needed removing. I can be forgetful and daft and would probably just tell myself it's stopped because the crown is probably out, forget about it, and come back to a ruined watch some time later.
  7. Depends how much you wear the things. For me, electronic is preferable alternative to the idea of a pick-up-and-go quartz watch, so always leave it running at the right time.
  8. Pretty much this. I've no desire whatsoever to talk to a computer. To me it is just yet another product that costs good money so as to save us a scant few seconds a day. Only reason I'd like to have one would be to piss people off. Wait for significant other to get into shower, "Alexa, turn off bathroom lights"
  9. You can't deny that your obsession is rather sad though. If you dont like hardlex, don't buy a watch with it. Maybe Seiko could get a few extra customers by offering g a sapphire option. Meanwhile it is used in Seiko watches for a reason and people continue to love seiko divers watches for a reason and Seiko look like the last watch company who are worrying about their potential market, their design philosophy seems to be working wonders for them. You've made your opinion abundantly clear, you don't have to make every thread and post about it. People like Seiko, you dont. Boo boo.
  10. Vintage Rolex forums would be your best bet. They know more than anyone in their right mind could possibly need or want to know.
  11. Never shattered any crystal
  12. I see. Just more pointless Seiko hating. We get it already.
  13. Depends what the watches are. And isn't a workhorse movement by definition going to be a proven movement? Poll seems a touch biased ;)