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  1. Omega Symbol Range

    On the other side they'd have stuck it on SC by now loved the last photos. Are these all vintage books, or do omega keep material available for those in the trade?
  2. Saturday watch parade 24th

    Just seeing if I want to have Pav make up one if these in 22mm
  3. 2 Forgotten Speedies !? Reduced and MK40 !?

    Fun Slightly more casual Dressier
  4. 2 Forgotten Speedies !? Reduced and MK40 !?

    What if you live in the arctic circle? I agree though, while things like that can look good (like with a pepsi GMT insert) it doesn't really serve much purpose. To me it is a bit like the rainbow zenith. Sure, it looks a little bit too "fun" for the price point, but hey, it's fun! I've the mk40 for some fun, and more sensible white/blue/black for if I feel like being mr sensible I've said it many times, but just because a watch is expensive doesn't mean it has to match the board room.
  5. 2 Forgotten Speedies !? Reduced and MK40 !?

    A well known chap on the other side argues that there is nothing inherently difficult about servicing the chrono module, and that for him the issue is simply that any replacement parts (be it because they're broken, or lost during the strip down) are incredibly hard to source.
  6. 2 Forgotten Speedies !? Reduced and MK40 !?

    The reduced is popular because of the size, but most, myself included, still want to full moon experience. The subdials are also slightly awkwardly placed in comparison. The mk40 and other triple dates are fantastic watches, look, and are well put together bits of kit, but I think a lot of people may consider them a little too busy.
  7. Everything looks better on brown leather won't find any black leather in my box. This is however why I like to have a few spare good quality straps. Nice to be able to try a new watch on alternatives instead of just returning or selling because it doesn't quite work on the one it came with. If I kept one of my seamasters on the strap it came with, it would have been moved on a good while ago, but now it is one of my favourite watches.
  8. But Mel is also right in that Kickstarter is largely just a place where people can have a go at something using other people's money instead of their own because they're not confident enough in their product to get a loan commit
  9. Alas I guess that it is the unfortunate nature of the beast who produce a million different lines. You end up with companies like Seiko discontinuing popular lines, because in the grand scheme.. And the flip side of the coin is those afraid to offer anything but a core line because that's what they know will sell.
  10. £100 spare in wages

    If put it in a savings account, and the do that about another ten times, and instead if having a vulva I'd get myself an SMP that's a personal example, but there is something g about saving for what you want VS buying what you can currently afford.
  11. Vintage Omega ID please

    Not enough. It's far from worthless, but not of a value that should require it to be named on a policy.
  12. Vintage Omega ID please

    No enough that any decent insurer would need it specified on the policy.
  13. Hello

    Welcome to the forum peter. As above, absolutely nothing wrong with a Seiko 5 whether you're just starting out, or someone with a hefty collection. I might wear a Rolex or an omega, but I've no complaints about this old thing (other than lack of hand winding..) Get some pictures uo and show us what you've got. One of the great things about the Seiko 5 is there are a million variants. Something for everyone and everything, be it a diver, a dress watch, something military inspired etc.
  14. I'm beginning to get the idea that Nigel might be this guy, he's only missing the speedy. Nigel sounds as much a lawyer as Christian Wolff is an accountant
  15. It is confession time

    stick a bit of cloth over the nozzle of the hoover, much easier than a magnet ;) And it might get you brownie points with the missus if she thinks you're doing some house work

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