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  1. My mistake. When i read vintage and classic i think of something old (and at least 30 years old). Can a new watch even be called a classic? Surely a good bit of time has to pass so that it obtains the reputation that makes it a classic.
  2. Why not buy him/her a modern watch so that it becomes a birthyear watch? And if possible, buy it on the day you're expecting so that the papers are dated on their birthday.
  3. anchors were never designed to be i dont know the watch, but if it is named after davey, then i imagine that it is on the large side?
  4. Yup I'm a social failure. I meant it simply as a joke. I can't take a photo worth a damn. I stopped buying new cameras because nothing changed. Almost always use my 4mp phone now.
  5. Weight, quality. Titanium? Sum of its whole is greater than sum of its parts
  6. The bezel is naturally done supposedly. Came from a highly respected TZ member. If I didn't have the option to remove the Cyclops, I wouldn't have bought it. Why I originally went for a sea dweller. Cyclops serve no purpose unless you're of an age where you need glasses just to turn the oven on :D
  7. My eyes seem to work just fine for macro details ;) didn't buy it to photograph it. And @Damo516 damn right. I had originally put a WTB up with the intention of buying and having a replacement crystal, and a blue bezel insert that was on sale at the time. Then I got this offer. Bezel insert was an extra £350, but worth it imo. Don't think I'll ever struggle to sell this down the line.
  8. you know you're going to have a fun day when the error is too large :/ seems oddly worded.
  9. I was a bit surprised myself, given that the watch has no box. It was like playing lucky dip at the fair trying to find the thing among the packing peanuts.
  10. Damn, my cover is blown! scalpels are sharp
  11. Ok, I'll stop teasing. 16800 with matte dial and "ghost" bezel from around 1981/1982
  12. But I'm supposed to be showing more humility
  13. Brilliant post, and photos. Can't stand them myself though. Probably better on thicker wrists