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  1. hughlle

    Sunday Moderns

    Sunday funday
  2. hughlle

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    Could you share the sales figures with us?
  3. hughlle

    Where do you rate yourself?

    Closer to 10, although not with one watch. I just don't get excited about watches, and havnt bought one in well over 6 months and have no real desire to buy any more for a long time. Just happy with what I have. But then I like watches for being watches, I'd never call it a hobby (it's like saying my hobby is t shirts because I have a draw full)
  4. hughlle

    Sell or not Sell.

    Both. I'll happily sell my more expe stove watches because it's silly money to have sat unloved. But I'll also hoard because I really can't be faffed with the effort of selling a watch for a tenner. So these days I just don't buy cheap watches.
  5. hughlle

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    Very nice. Although certainly strange for the date to be via pusher. Perhaps they just wanted to use up old stock of cases so set it up that way.
  6. hughlle

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    Meanwhile, Omega seem to enjoy great success in the marketplace, current flawed marketing and all.
  7. hughlle

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    Whichever you want. Or do you subscribe to the idea that if the moonwatch was stated as a womans watch you wouldn't therefore wear it? They have a number of style options, some more suited to female tastes (oval sub dials) and some more towards mens tastes (black and toolish). Nothing to stop you just buying what you like though.
  8. hughlle

    Ridiculous watch marketing by Omega.....

    What has a clueless goldsmiths employee have to do with Omega marketing?
  9. All butterflies are deployants, not all deployants are butterflies.
  10. hughlle

    JLC landed

    Very nice indeed. How do you find the legibility due to lack of contrast between hands and dial?
  11. hughlle

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    King khaki field to be exact?
  12. The Speedmaster reduced uses a DD piggy back chronograph module. It's not especially hard to service, but apparently very hard for independents to gain parts, so you're rather limited in choice come service time. Of course, it's not an issue if you just send it to omega, but they're hardly the cheapest for servicing.
  13. hughlle

    Jump Watch

    Moved the last of my furniture, took a while as no car so carried it all to new place, so celebrated by cracking open a few bottles and pulled the wings off a pigeon

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