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  1. How Amazon gets wealthy.

    When does thinking it is a rip off at 40 make me a grumpy old fart? And don't worry, the feeling is mutual
  2. How Amazon gets wealthy.

    Grumpy old git for thinking a plastic fashion quartz is a waste of money at £40. Sorry for having an opinion you don't like. And you seem the grumpy old fart who's more upset about what the watch is currently selling for than just being happy that you got it at the price you did..
  3. How Amazon gets wealthy.

    I'd say £40 for a plastic quartz fashion watch is profiteering
  4. Some nice straps there, but there is something very wrong with a buckle that is larger than the watch.. I assume that you sell these?
  5. No need for that Rog, there is a search function for a reason Most punishing task for me would be working at my dining table. Glass tables and bracelets make for swirlies.
  6. I would hate it if I didn't meet your expectations Roger, so here is one from earlier in the month Do I win a virtual raspberry?
  7. Liquid watch anyone ?

    I think at that kind of price point,the design and features become irrelevant, it all becomes about exclusivity and nothing more. Just look at the prices utter POS artwork goes for purely because it was done by X and is a one of a kind. I do find it fascinating how artists, watch makers etc, they spend their whole life reaching a zenith through undeniable skill and taste, and once reached, they can just turn out utter nonsense and receive praise for it and sell it for untold sums of money. Stick a fashion logo on the same watch and it would be a £4.99 Amazon lightning deal.
  8. Liquid watch anyone ?

    Should be relegated to a prototype, put in a glass case, and generally forgotten. Clearly money can't buy style, class, or even a legible watch.
  9. Watches and Occupations.

    I'm sure it was
  10. Watches and Occupations.

    Bazinga! Good to see people can take a joke Do you work in canary wharf by any chance?
  11. Watches and Occupations.

    I'd rather play in traffic
  12. Watches and Occupations.

    Canary wharf look-at-me shyster? (it's just a joke, don't go getting upset!)
  13. Omega Jacques Mayol

    Nope, ebay make it a routine to email you about most everything you click on. I think it must be based on how long you stay on the page for. I'm forever getting "this item is no longer available, but you might be interested in this.." emails. Here is one I got a few days ago from simply viewing a listing. I think these kinds of sales tactics are BS, and I even quit a job for being asked to email customers who put something in their basket but didn't buy it, asking why, and if I could help them.
  14. So did flag semaphore but I see you've opted for a computer instead Not quite sure what this debate is about though. You don't care about punctuality, I do. There is no universal right or wrong.
  15. I do it more for myself than for other people. Especially at this moment in time. There will most certainly be another bus, but unfortunately it will arrive after the exam has started and the doors closed. As silly as it may or may not be, I take pride in knowing I am reliable and dependable.