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  1. Early knock off from work! Early knock off from work!
  2. Time for another update. Things have moved on a bit. I have been very fortunate to, at the ripe old age of 51, have saved enough and had a couple of payouts to splash out a bit. I still have a mixed bag of Seiko, Citizen, Casio, Bulova, Fortis, Sinn an impostor (Merkur) but I have indulged myself with the love them or hate them Rolex stuff. All of these get worn regularly and I will be hard pressed to thin them out.
  3. electorn

    Rolex owners club

    It has taken a long time to go anywhere near a Rolex, I didn't like the stigma that went with them. I was lucky enough to handle one for myself and I fell in love with these two. They cover all the bases for me. I had to sell most of my other watches to get enough funds together, that is the only negative.
  4. electorn

    Which SEIKO model you love best

    Rob, I have the Merkur that I could send if you want to see if the size is OK. Drop me a PM if you are interested.
  5. electorn

    Your Favourite Bulova

    Love the moon watch, the black pvd gets most wrist time though.
  6. I just bought another Casio. I had a Rangeman several months ago but I had to get shot of it. I never trusted the compass or the altimeter functions and it annoyed me that I had feature that I wanted but couldn't use. The thing I missed about it was the atomic time keeping, easy to set my other watches to it. When I went I had to start using my phone, which just seemed another hassle. I was looking for a substitute yesterday and found the GW-7900. Multiband 6, tide and moon features, wears nice and not too bad in the looks department. I am glad to have this in the stable now, and the tide/moon is a nice little gimmick for me to play with. Oh, it was only £83 delivered same day from Argos!
  7. electorn

    How a dome rules the world! SARB029 content

    Little shot with the 51.
  8. electorn

    How a dome rules the world! SARB029 content

    Got it on a Croc style strap, rubbish picture for now.
  9. electorn

    How a dome rules the world! SARB029 content

    Hello Vinn, that is how they were built, I really love the look. I just took my SBDC051 for a test drive and I love that one as well! Dome isn't quite as drastic though.. The overhead view of the SARB
  10. electorn

    How a dome rules the world! SARB029 content

    I tried to capture the beauty of this watch but my photography isn't great. Here it is with an Orient cousin for comparison. When my internet connection starts working properly I will add an overhead shot.
  11. After a long and tortuous wait I finally got my hands, albeit after an expensive purchase, on a SARB029. I fell in love with these from the moment I saw the photos of them on black Croc straps. I don't know for sure when they were discontinued, but since I became watch obsessive a couple of years ago, this was on my want list. One appeared recently and I was either quick enough or stupid enough to pay the asking price for it and I got it yesterday. It is everything I was expecting and more. I love the domed crystal, the 36mm size, dial, markers, I don't know what else, the overall aura really. Anyway, this is the one that made my collection complete. Croc strap inbound!
  12. electorn

    Friday 27th Oct watch parade

    I have gone for the modern vintage look today, although I have had a couple of others on before this one.
  13. Thanks Paul, I had the Samurai but I admit I never jelled with it. First impression out of the box was "WOW" the dial is amazing, then the love died out for some reason. If the style suits you it is a great watch, it just turned out to not be my cup of tea in the end. Keep your eye out around the forums, they do appear now and again. If I see one I will let you know.
  14. Well, I have spent a lot of time recently on my Seiko habit - not sure how long these will be part of the collection but here they are; my Citizens are all safely in their beds!
  15. electorn

    Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Photo taken this morning before we set off for the Isle of Wight. It is my little secret, I never usually admit to owning it! Quartz, narrow case, easy to read dial- as long as I don't need to see the date - comfortable and I can also wear it to the office without any shirt sleeve snagging.

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