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  1. Lou61

    Fresh in today

    That is one lovely watch. Wear in good health.
  2. Lou61

    Not been around here for a few days...

    These can be agony. I hope yours 'break on through to the other side' with no issues.
  3. Lou61

    Monday wrist attire

    I'm with ya! Been wearing a Breitling Avenger most of the weekend, so something a bit slimmer and lighter for Monday.
  4. I'm sure there's a strictly observed 'queue' of watches waiting for the TLC...
  5. Ordered from R Goss for collection; far from the prying eyes of the C-in-C.
  6. Ok Simon, thanks for taking a look at it for me. I'd like you go ahead with the work please. Was the AS1710 stem that I put in with it no good?
  7. Many thanks - it's in the post!
  8. Hi Simon, removing the dial is a little beyond my rudimentary tinkering skills and tools. Would you take a look at it for me please? If so, drop me a DM. Lou
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I did manage to find a number (AS logo 1710) under the balance as Andy suggested, so I ordered an AS 1710 stem. The stem doesn't quite fit properly and there seems to be a problem with the stem retaining screw (it just turns freely). I think this one is going to have to go to a watchmaker for repair. Shame it wasn't an easy fix as I really like it. As Wrench suggested, I'll email Rotary anyway to see if they have any information about it. Never seen a Rotary high speed 36000 before and I'm intrigued. Thanks again guys. Lou
  10. Lou61

    What Are You Listening To

    JLH tonight. Might have to have some whiskey to go with that. Or maybe some rum...
  11. Lou61

    band names with one changed letter

    Sporks (you see what I did there?) Desmond Fecker Tina Burner (or Tuna Turner) Men at Pork Thin Jizzy
  12. Lou61

    band names with one changed letter

    Bostin' Canned Meat John Lee Cooker Shag 69 Ded Leppard The Sleet
  13. Title says it all really. This is today's car boot find; I don't know much about Rotary watches but this one needs a new stem. The movement has '309 MD' stamped on it and the caseback has '157 63 45 05 Incabloc Waterproof' written on it. Any advice on sourcing a new stem and crown would be much appreciated. Sorry for the quality of the pictures.
  14. Lou61

    Watches......opinions on TWF

    I only ever buy what I really want, but the problem is this: the forum makes me aware of so many more watches 'that I really want', that the wants list is getting longer and longer.

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