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  1. Sorry if i have may have missed this, as I skim read the thread at work. But have you looked into the passplus course? It's a further set of lessons, without a test. Whne I did mine 15+ years ago my quote on my 1989 1.1 fiesta was a little of £2k (I was 17), but after completing the passplus couse it was £850. Something to look into.
  2. That's a good looking buy RWP Never gave that brand much thought before, off to have a little look around online now.
  3. Very nice, I spent at least 40 minutes staring at that very same watch in the window of Hinds yesterday. They have a great precisionist display that mesmerises me.
  4. I must admit, I'm fascinated by nice pens. But since I use a computer all day for work, I only have had cheapie parker. Would love a Mont blanc meisterstuk(?) But can't justify the cost. @carlgulliver any pics of your new pen??
  5. I to disagree here.......Matalan is passable, I'd say it's more like peacocks.
  6. Very nice, particularly that Seiko
  7. Great pic!! I used to carp fish, although I was more enamored with the tench I would inevitably catch- beautiful fish. Those days are long gone now, as I have an immune system disorder and dirty water and lack of immune system are a recipe for disaster. Keep the pics coming, love seeing those type of shots I'll see if I can dig a few of mine out.
  8. The police watch bottom right is really nice
  9. Here you go....
  10. This today;
  11. Out at the rye watching the little one burn some energy, before heading to the local for dinner.......
  12. I only have the one; But would definitely add a few more to the collection....marine star and the accutron space view being of particular interest.
  13. Stunning......
  14. That's the one I be honest, it will probably be used a handful of times when using my own brute force to snap the case back on doesn't work. And I have a Seiko 5 that could do with a new crystal, so might be brave and try and replace it.
  15. Sorted...metal die version ordered. Cheers gents.