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  1. wr!ghty200

    It's Friday again!

    Last day of my holiday, so the 007 gets another run out. Back to sunny Staffordshire tomorrow.
  2. wr!ghty200

    Which one

    There are a few Seiko's in our sales corner currently. A samurai and a couple of turtles, that may fit the bill?!
  3. wr!ghty200

    The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    I agree. Some of my friends who live and swear by apple, all say to me that they wish they would make a 'round' version. My brother has another make round smart watch which I only saw him wear a handful of times. He showed me skins you can download, like the all the famous dials from all the famous brands, and you can change them in a matter of seconds, some did look really good. But like someone said on this thread, its more of a toy in my opinion.
  4. wr!ghty200

    The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    Interesting for me this thread. I am from the generation which has grew up with the internet and the many mobile devices which are always connected to some type of internet. So reading the bad press the apple watch receives I can't understand fully. Apple knock up some decent tech albeit overpriced. I am writing this on an Iphone so I like most of their products, but their 'watch' I do not like. I wore my friends when they were released. Not for me. Don't understand why I would need one when I have a better version of that device 30cm away in my pocket?! Its just another piece of tech, a gadget, a gimmick that tech giants will use to create more sales. Maybe its a generation thing why it gets so much grief on this thread? Im still in my 20's and use my smart phone more as a computer than I device to speak to people. I don't think I have ever been on this forum on anything else than my iphone. I hardly use my desktop pc now. The apple watch is a watch, but not the proper watch that we all know and enjoy in this parish.
  5. wr!ghty200

    Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990)

    Still away from home so wearing the dependable 007J.
  6. wr!ghty200

    Thursday Auto's 17th Aug, 2017.

    This again as still on my jollies.
  7. wr!ghty200

    Sunday Newbies (Post 1990)

    This today.
  8. wr!ghty200

    The "beater" debate.... to beat or not to beat

    I have two beaters I wear in rotation at work and for doing jobs around the house etc. I care about them just as much as my non beater watches, I'd be gutted if I really damaged one of them. They probably get most of my wrist time compared to my more expensive and less scratched/knocked up pieces. I'd love to wear one of my non beater watches at work, but sometimes I like to look at and wear my other watches without scratch marks etc.
  9. wr!ghty200

    Friday watches 21.07.2017

    This today!
  10. wr!ghty200


    Beater on at work today.
  11. wr!ghty200

    Saturday 15th July watch parade

    That's what I have just done. Will swap it later though.
  12. wr!ghty200

    Serious watch face colours.

    I difficult one for me this. I mainly stick to white and black where possible. But I really like the green on the Alpinist, orange on the Monsters and the blue on the Seamasters. There are some exceptions definitely.
  13. wr!ghty200

    What can I get for less than 10 Euros...?

    A 3 year warranty you say Davey!? Is there a name on it anywhere?
  14. wr!ghty200

    Seiko Modern Classics

    Here are my only two.
  15. wr!ghty200

    Retro Anyone?

    I love that hinged case back!

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