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  1. be careful what you do and say around an echo device
  2. I'm retro posh
  3. Finishing off the day with this one. The light has departed so an old pic
  4. A change before the evening sets in
  5. Vintage and Swiss are worth talking about, The more modern Clerkenwell looks nice but seems to be holding silly prices for a quartz in a base metal case.
  6. I am familiar with the device, but just like Siri and Cortana I can't come to terms with giving these things the time of day. Let alone walk around asking an invisible female questions and too dim an change the hue of lights. Now if you could rename them as you choose, like house or idiot. Or perhaps even turdbox, that might be different.
  7. I spied one on Ebay a day or two ago, asking about £200. Not as clean as yours though.
  8. Just a little Jan 2016 Jan 2017
  9. Gorgeous Steve, I am as usual completely jealous
  10. I impulsively drink Love the watch Jay
  11. It's a Certina ... the price is great well done
  12. I've seen sand traps on a golf course but never a booby trap. Well played that woman
  13. It's been maybe 12yrs now, but back then I had one watch. It had been my fathers and it was perhaps my most valuable possession. This is not the watch, but as far as I can recall this is identical . Someone felt they were entitled to forcibly remove it from a changing room locker along with my wallet. And I guess thankfully not my car keys.
  14. I so want this case style Is that a Cal 1342? This one for me on it's new strap At least until I start to move the compost heap this afternoon....