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  1. Not to sure our friend there is speed posting, since he joined in 2012. Perhaps he's just shy.
  2. I have to look this up every time... Since it doesn't need correcting to often
  3. Good to know
  4. the ebay light tents seem to come with a standard lamp, which have normal yellow household LED's (G10 as was mentioned above) which will improve your pic's. But the cool white ones will make a huge difference with the tent. B&Q carries a cool white bulb. In fact they carry their own and another brand both the same price. One is a mm or two longer (I can't remember which way round it is. The longer has a slightly convex diffuser though). The longer bulb will not allow you to put the lamp shroud back on.... trust me I've tried.
  5. I heard somewhere that the movement in these require some additional specialised knowledge. If true you might need to expect extra costs when it comes to a service. perhaps someone can put me straight on this
  6. Surely @Nigelp does layaway?
  7. I'd rather die.... So I will join the resistance
  8. I remember when you had just one like
  9. it's a good word
  10. I would give them a section, you never know something good might just come out of it. However if they don't contribute, even if it is no more than a progress report for there own product then remove them. You can set guidelines etc.
  11. I was initiating a sneak tickle attack on Mrs SB Which showed in the next snap... unfortunately that has been lost to time
  12. and circa 1980
  13. You need to check your privilege .