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  1. Insomniac or disinterested?

    I read each and every night, can be for 15mins up to an hour. Just depends on the book and how tired I am. It's just habit now and I don't feel ready to sleep unless I do.
  2. Vintage Omega Seamaster help

    They were for masters of the Sea, the skippers of yachts etc. Never intended to be dive watches, just watches that were a little more immune to water ingress than the norm. They evolved from there.
  3. Dial removal...I'm stuck...

    I would hazard a guess given that the dial was glued to the movement that it most likely was not. however it could be equally as likely that the movement wasn't
  4. Insomniac or disinterested?

    I struggle to stay awake reading your posts
  5. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

  6. Heads up....Lidl Ultrasonic.

    I just stick a bowl of water over one of my F300's
  7. New Seiko Boutique London

    Not an argument ... you haven't changed my opinion.... regardless of how much I've drunk tonight.
  8. Female Approval.

    The one I sell to fund something she thinks we need
  9. Given The Chance......

    I wish people would stop posting images of @mach 0.0013137 non vegetarian older brother
  10. New Seiko Boutique London

    I agree with @BondandBigM This is why we have Lexus and if in the USA Acura and Infinity, I mean would you pay more for something (albeit of greater quality) if it was know as a Grand Toyota or Grand Mazda etc.