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  1. That sucks..... Nah happy birthday
  2. wasn't what came to my mind, but I'm sure there is an intelligent woman at the top of those legs I've forgotten what were we were supposed to be talking about?
  3. Coincidentally MrSB was at the tip just the other day and for the life of me I cant find two of my Silver Rolex and an old Bulova. Should I pm you my address?
  4. Your taking up space that other people could be using to compliment my thread
  5. To true, did I mention he only posted this yesterday
  6. On to this for the close of the evening, with thanks to @Davey P
  7. I received my complimentary (for some reason known only to @Davey P it says consolation) prize today for being the ULTIMATE COMPETION WINNER on TWF. And very swanky it is, one very sophisticated Daniel Wellington in stainless steel with what appears to possibly be a soft Corinthean leather watch strap subtlety weaved to look like carbon fiber. Davey pushed the boat out even further by enclosing a superbly hand written grammatically correct thank you letter (although it doesn't actually say thank you for some reason) for my participation in his little competition. The watch looks be about 56mm across the dial (I don't have a ruler, but next to my vintage rotary that seems about right ) with unmarked crystal and knowing Davey I'm sure its a crisp new battery inside. So many thanks to Davey P , One of the worlds finest plankers May his line always be gnar I might also add fantastic addressing on the package... others should take note
  8. ok but make sure you check in when you get back
  9. Maybe your reputation in certain circles , but not on here, well at least not in my eyes and I can think of five other members straight off No six @RWP will wear anything.
  10. We are all about being informed... wait till tomorrow there will be the Why is Wednesday quartz day Should quartz be worn on leather What watch would you wear on Wednesday if it wasn't quartz and my fav Does this quartz look good on a NATO Seriously though Paul/Silverhawk is the guy to sort out your Bulova