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  1. SBryantgb

    Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Something a little less hurried for the afternoon...
  2. SBryantgb

    Birthday present & SOTC

    Superb gift … love the woven cushions
  3. SBryantgb


    On the whole we collect... it's just another category. I have three. I didn't intend to own three, it just happened that way. PS: sorry about the hijack..... This info is of no use to the OP
  4. SBryantgb

    Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

  5. SBryantgb

    Monsterwatch dial in a SKX007 (Pic heavy)

    Understatement at the very least. You can add modesty to the previous list as well
  6. SBryantgb

    Monsterwatch dial in a SKX007 (Pic heavy)

    You are becoming something of a renaissance man. Whether it be photography DIY watch boxes or watch mods, the list goes on excellent work . Although I don't like any of them The 007 is perfect sans mods
  7. SBryantgb

    Big thanks to Davey P!

    Lovely gesture was the back inscribed?
  8. SBryantgb

    Practice pictures

    I take it that @Roy was unavailable for this shoot
  9. SBryantgb

    Practice pictures

    Some old ones
  10. SBryantgb

    Monday's selection.

  11. SBryantgb

    Things I miss from my former job.

    The free travel
  12. SBryantgb

    Roger's Great 15000 Post Giveaway.

    Where am I supposed to find the time to write 50 posts about this? It is a lovely gesture though Rog
  13. SBryantgb

    Practice pictures

    Pu the watch and the bear together in several shots... you will be surprised
  14. SBryantgb

    Sometimes It'S Better In The Dark

    Seiko's do make the lume shots easier

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