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  1. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

  2. Just a pocketwatch or watch as well

    looks great John.... not so sure about that waist coat though
  3. Tuesday Timepieces

    1957 Omega automatic "Bumper"
  4. Accurist Clerkenwell

    I would hazard a guess that since this watch is a base metal case and cost was kept to a minimum its a snap on back. The other indicator to me is the perfect placing of the case engraving. Very hard to get a screw down back to sit that parallel.
  5. Wind up

    I have never upon winding a watch moved the crown in a fashion that would be counter to the direction of winding. Perhaps this comes from a childhood that had clockwork toys, which I don't ever remember being able to wind what would be backwards.
  6. If it's a self purchase then wear it at your choosing. If it's a gifted item then it is at the discretion of the gift giver.
  7. The Junkers has landed.

    Lovely 1930's inspired watch . Not overly impressed with the rotor bling. The plain movement ties in nicely with the utilitarian design of the Ju52 pictured on the brochure though I'm sure the motor in the watch won't need servicing as quickly as that aircraft's engines did either.
  8. Any others?

    I hope @badgersdad doesn't mind my using one of his images
  9. Accurist Clerkenwell

    These are lovely watches and a very good way to own a vintage style with more modern sizing

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