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  1. Do you find G Shocks too big.

    Do you find G Shocks too big? Yes, and twice as ugly per mm than most watches
  2. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    A rather dark and drizzly day here on the Kent coast (I took this picture to prove it, it's not a WAUW post) since it's Tuesday and we don't do a WAUW thread on Tuesday.
  3. WRUR (What are you reading)

    I've read several of his, not that one
  4. New arrival!

    Brown, brown, brown and brown Great watch enjoy
  5. Acquired today Omega content

    That's superb Andy
  6. An update...and thanks to all.

    This is all very good news Rog has your taste in watches improved as well?
  7. Up or Down

    It's best represented in this way
  8. Has anyone really realised yet?

    Will they round them all up at once, and if so will it be televised?
  9. My perfect watch

    I would go through hell and back with this one
  10. Gentleman's Watches.

    You Rog are so far beyond the pale , you are transparent in your socialist leanings...Really to suggest a gentleman have but one watch. Do you sir have any inkling of the difference between morning, afternoon and evening. I think not let alone the social events one must attend. One watch indeed.
  11. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Change over to this
  12. Surprise Hits

    I guess this one for the small amount I paid for it
  13. A 1956 Swiss Senignol manual wind

    Someone had to
  14. A 1956 Swiss Senignol manual wind

    37mm without the crown