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  1. get a military pocket watch WITH military markings. at least R.A. and broad arrow.
  2. married a cracked jewel ? that might explain why you are have trouble with main spring winding.
  3. ah ha ! another problem with automatic winding watches. bone damage to the wrist ( rotater cuff ?). vinn
  4. very interesting !
  5. its hard to spot a cracked jewel. vinn
  6. it looks like the braclet is proper.,but not the crown.
  7. flag nailed to the mast
  8. is int the date stamped on the back side of the case back, a 3 didgt code? or, is there any way to tell if its the original back?
  9. yes there was a date code,but I think the last acutrons did not follow that code.
  10. its a German military pocket watch, ill post it in the gallery when i find it.
  11. very interesting, i think i have one
  12. that is better than a draft notice.
  13. i use a razor blade and then a dubbed knife.