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  1. a tip ive heard

    Good God NO ! g
  2. Bernhardt Flying Dutchman WUS F71

    "limited editions" are very interesting. I avoid them in several "collectables" as they often "re issue" again later - at a reduced privce. vin
  3. low dome crystols look better, but you must "set the hands" just right.
  4. yes, i have a pocket altimeter, i'll have to find it. vin
  5. calibre is an old measurement. i think it could be replaced with inches or mili meters. vin
  6. Fero; good show on the re assembly ! i find buying a donor watch, for parts the easyest route. studying "balance staff" posts on this forum. vin
  7. why din't timex have advertisment for the "Lenard Spinx" watch? "takes a licking - never stops ticking" ?
  8. Wyler: The Whys and Wherefores

    perhaps, some one could make a fortune writing a book ( re - visiting wyler watch history). vin
  9. I have seen this occur by novices that don't understand "screw down crown" or during a sale, " insert jack knife under the crown to set the time". vin
  10. My 'new' Timex Electric

    a few years ago, I bought 2 timex quartz chronographs (black dial and white dial). they have an expensive battery, but they switch off when you pull the stem. vin
  11. how about the Lewis, Shmelling fight of 1939?
  12. Speedmaster automatic winding question.

    Movoto had the patent on the " main spring clutch ". many later watches incorporated this in there design. a very good idea till "the clutch starts slipping". vin
  13. with electric and quarts watches, one needs to know which ones "switch off the power" when the stem is snapped out. on early timex electrics, you should remove the battery when in storage. vin
  14. The Garand M1 Rifle

    the .276, an "envisaged round" lucky - was not used. a .30 caliber springfield was in use as an infantry rifle. a knock down round, common in ww 11. the .267 or a .223 only "wound" as used in Vetnam. vin
  15. Memorable motorcycles.

    cx500, Aeriel square four, and Harley knuckle head 80. vin

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