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  1. how about "street legal" big engine cars at the drags?
  2. first you need carboration for top acceleration. fuel injection is designed for good milage and "no smoke" not for racing.
  3. ever had an electric watch slow down in freezing weather?
  4. welcome to the forum Chris. how is the weather down there?
  5. anyone else noticed quartz watch running slow in freezing weather?
  6. good show. if the posters could erase or eliminate their own pix., from the new gallery; this would prolong "the filling up"
  7. welcome sam. wd 40 is dissliked by a lot of mechanics. actually it is a penitrating oil not a lubricant, "not to worry" you will hear more about that. this forum contains m any "posts" on the subject - if you can find them. again, welcome to the forum. vinn
  8. Teg; welcome to the forum. You Scottish chaps have all the good stuff !
  9. i like that half price idea.
  10. Roy; is a PM and an email the same?
  11. welcome to the forum Fins ;! did you open the back yet? might find some info in there.
  12. i wonder if seiko will put out a "donald trump watch"?
  13. very happy honeymoon !
  14. welcome Matt. mech. or elect. engr. ? seiko's are a very good choice. i recently got a "speed timer". we will welcome your help. vinn
  15. i think drinking and driving is better than "pot driving"