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  1. moped gangs in london

    the aluminum base ball bats are the best.
  2. A part fell out of my watch

    welcome Jimmy USA ! keep up the good work. vin
  3. welcome to the forum Chris . vin
  4. Old pocket watch

    welcome to the forum. vinn
  5. Antique Market Shopping

    use your cell phone camera and send a pix. to someone who knows watches for your answer. e-bay pricing is crazy ! just buy it if you like it. and - AVOID "buyers regret".
  6. Zenith Pilots with white dials

    the "Hak" (sp) is used to synchronize one watch with others. a military thing. vinn
  7. Flickr hosting help needed.

    its mainly a watch forum, have a look.
  8. Flickr hosting help needed.

    flicker and the bucket are bumps on the same log. the forum gallery is the best thing going.
  9. Swatch group fiasco question

    very interesting
  10. Help dating rolco watch

    always google before you type !
  11. Dipping into Digital: A Seiko C359-5000

    very interesting old seiko ! vinn
  12. Best on Bracelets.

    it seems the older watches allow the "band interchange". swatch watches have a strange band attachment. could you make a band adapter for comfortable wearing? vin
  13. Best on Bracelets.

    i like vintage watches with a bracelet, BUT, only if it will fit a leather, rubber or plastic for wearing. vin
  14. Gallery

    good work Roy
  15. my favorite wood finish is "boiled linseed oil". vinn