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  1. New Winder And SOTC

    good looking winder. i use my rocking chair.
  2. paper and pencil [not ink] still is the safest storage. i am waiting for "tech." to replace photbucket. vinn
  3. Affordable Divers.

    would a vintage Doxa diver watch be a good investment today?
  4. the M1 A made an improvement on the m1  by adding a 30 round  magazine and the ability to go full automatic ("no m1 thumb"). i looked much the same.  vin

  5. ETA. Just a quickie.

    many automatics can hand wound also. i have about 4 different watches such. some collectors prefer it, but, one more thing to bind up.
  6. Watch stops when turned over

    Jimmy USA; welcome to the forum. there is something broken in the watch. may be the lower balance jewel . a repair manual would be help full. vin
  7. The Garand M1 Rifle

    i was in an older army. the food was in little tin cans ; and you were issued a can opener. if you lost the can opener, use your bayonet.
  8. The Garand M1 Rifle

    i guess you don't know much about the U S Army!
  9. The Garand M1 Rifle

    check out the "M1A" or M14 . the best infantry rifle, .308 Nato round, best infantry rifle. vin
  10. Macro photography

    extension tubes pre date "macro lenses" and are easy to use. it is the lighting that is most important.
  11. The Garand M1 Rifle

    guns have their place. better than a bow and arrow. good as an equalizer.
  12. New to me Spaceview

    mvt,s were changed - out often, accutron, by bulova trained ( 2 week ) sellers.
  13. Re Well I'll Be.

    is that a factory mod.?
  14. any bikers here?

    several good old Harleys and Indians. one sad Ariel square 4.

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