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  1. "thick-ish oil" Hmmm. oil thickend with axle grease and a dab of petrol?, with oat meal?, or there was an engine oil invented in Germany that was as thick as honey ( don't recall the brand name) but in due time, all the "thick" settled into the oil pan looking like tar. it was a jury rig repair. cheers
  2. there is a site on the net - dating watch cases. also check for pocket watch sizes. I don't think 6 is right. good luck, vinn
  3. welcome kum; if you can work on a car, why not try watch repair? the tools are much smaller. vinn
  4. old watch drmagnetizer
  5. great piece of history. I have a parker fountain pen made from silver of the galion Atrocia. vinn
  6. correct me if i'm wrong, the intro. was a movie - I did not like it, but , as a series on TV, it was great, vinn
  7. welcome to the forum.
  8. pix is in the gallery
  9. 1940's military pocket watch. the "H" at the end of the nails it. i have one as you discribe - its a zenith. ill try to get a pix into the gallery. mine has a gold colored finish on the mvt., and 3 notches for the case wrench.
  10. get a military pocket watch WITH military markings. at least R.A. and broad arrow.