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  1. welcome to the forum. your watch has a very interesting dial. can you find a watch maker to appraise it?
  2. is this a "knob wind and set, with a second hand stop" ?
  3. german made arlen pen set clock
  4. very good stuff ! I will post a car clock in the gallery.
  5. welcome to this great forum. have you seen any old watches in a pair case? later vin
  6. welcome to the forum. you probably know the formula for hull speed. nice watch collection! Gods' speed. cheers, vinn
  7. 17 jewel, auto-wind plus, manual wind, clockwise only. problem; bad stem. reassembled and running.
  8. I wonder what mvt. is in this watch case?
  9. neva two piece wrist watch case
  10. this mini alarm clock, by junkhans, is two inches high and runs.
  11. junghans miniature travel alarm
  12. I have several, mostly wind-up. somewhere on this forum, is a conversation on "car clocks fitted to nicely wooden desk top mounts. my oldest car clock is 1933. I also have a few of the early 6 volt, powered by a solenoid winder. vinn