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  1. the opener (or knife) has to be very sharp to enter that slit. there are no points for getting "blood on the bench", on the back or inside the watch. good luck, vin
  2. member's owners clubs

    just searching for the "Seikos owners club".
  3. Movement CAL 7013

    if you look up "hudson watch" and got no results, it may be an "after market" watch. post a pix. of the mvt. for the forum experts. vin
  4. “Exploring” My Options...?

    leaving your initials on the dial, would be a good thing. vin
  5. Red Barron has arrived

    good looking watch. vin
  6. FAR OUT, great post, how much does it cost? are bronz watch cases easier to engrave?
  7. Ultrasonic cleaners.

    there is many posts on this subject. here is my opinion; soap and water only for watches - except plastic or metal braclets (or metal parts). vin
  8. good looking watch! is that a seiko crystal or an aftermarket? at one time you could 3 different domes in the aftermarket. vin
  9. Hello from Austria!

    welcome to the forum RS. i inherited a bunch of engraving hand tools, never used them. vin
  10. Lost and found!!

    that is always a lucky event. cheers
  11. the good thing about a second hand, it says the watch is running
  12. Dating A Watch by its Dial

    I don't think the dial will date a watch. its a style, they come and go. vin
  13. Howdo!

    welcome to the forum A. Lurker. the experts on watch pix are here. vin
  14. i believe you have posted a very good article of " how the bolchivics purchaced a failing U.S. watchmaker", vin
  15. Mod Codes On Watches....

    Yes, the forum has done a good (great} job at decoding serial numbers, has any one tried to decode the "the watchmaker dates and codes scratched into the case backs"? vin

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